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TEFL is an abbreviation that represents Teaching English as a Foreign Language and TESOL is Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages. A TEFL/TESOL authentication is the capability needed to show English abroad. With English turning into the language of chance and achievement a developing interest for EFL/ESL educators is prominent all throughout the planet. The TEFL business has developed throughout the long term and the scope of chances in the field of TEFL is developing enormously. 

TEFL/TESOL has ended up being an incredibly remunerating field, which likewise gives you the opportunity to acquire and live in colorful areas yet to do so applicants need to seek after a base 120-hour TEFL course and get confirmed from a rumored TEFL supplier. A TEFL course will give you the abilities, information and familiarize you with the techniques and instruments expected to convey successfully either on the web or in any EFL/ESL homeroom across the globe.

In view of this, what follows is a rundown of Top 20 TEFL Interview Questions and Answers in 2021. Get ready for these and you’ll allow yourself the best opportunity of achievement in your meeting.Here are the three primary regions scouts need to think about: 


  • Your language mindfulness 
  • Your educating and homeroom the board information, abilities and experience 
  • Your inclinations, assumptions and goals 

These are very wide regions, so we should take a gander at some model inquiries and how to approach responding to them. 

TEFL Interview questions concerning language mindfulness 

You’ve completed your TEFL course, gone after your fantasy position and are simply beginning to hear back from every one of those incredible schools you’ve reached. It very well may involve a long time before you’re on that plane heading for your new life instructing abroad – yet first you must expert that TEFL new employee screening! 

However, is the possibility of having questions terminated at you filling you with fear? Quit freezing – it will not be pretty much as terrible as you might suspect it will, and with more than 20 years of TEFL experience, we know some things with regards to interviews. Truth be told, we’ve discovered that there a great deal of managers will in general pose comparative inquiries: all you need to know is which questions they are and you can begin getting ready. As we’re so pleasant at I-to-I, we’ve chosen to impart to you the top 20 TEFL interview questions and answers in 2021.

Begin investigating your answers now, and you can express gratitude toward us later!

Q-1. Reveal to me a Little about Where you Grew up and Where you Went to Class. 

This inquiry gives me an overall thought regarding what your identity is and what your background have been. It’s likewise an approach to make a passionate association with you. For instance, a few group have spent their adolescence moving starting with one country then onto the next, while others have never left their old neighborhood. One experience is not the slightest bit better compared to the next; it simply gives me a perspective in regards to your existence without getting excessively close to home. 

Q-2. What was your Most Likeable Class in School? 

Assuming your answer is English, I can be almost certain that you feel good, maybe even energetic about the language. However, it truly doesn’t make any difference what your #1 subject is. In the event that you have an intrinsic premium in learning new things and you’re energetic about it, ensure you figure out how to allow your interviewer to detect that energy. 

Q3. For What Reason Would You Like to Instruct English? 

All questionnaires will pose you this inquiry, yet remember that they are searching for the appropriate response that will separate you from the remainder of the competitors. You may say you’re a “extrovert” or that you truly like working with kids, yet on the off chance that you don’t raise explicit encounters that demonstrate your assertions, your resume will presumably wind up at the lower part of the heap. Think as per these models: 

I love working with kids! At the point when I was a camp instructor in school it started my advantage in educating on the grounds that… 

Instructing is an incredible fit for me since I’m an extrovert. At the point when I functioned as a mentor in school, I delighted in becoming acquainted with my understudies and seeing their improvement… 

I think learning another dialect sets out open doors for understudies, and as an online English educator, I can put those chances reachable for additional understudies around the world. I learned Spanish on the web, and the experience…

Q-4. What are Your Qualities and Shortcomings as an Educator? 

Try not to be reluctant to sell yourself with your qualities: “I had a decent standing in my past work for having imaginative thoughts for topics for exercises”/”Different educators would regularly ask me for help when they were stuck for a thought, and my own understudies gave the school a great deal of good input about how fun my exercises were.” simultaneously, show that you are human and have shortcomings, yet that you can utilize these shortcomings for your potential benefit, or that you are endeavoring to improve around there: “I’m actually realizing with regards to language, so I ensure that I completely research a sentence structure moment that it comes to instructing it.” 

Q-5. What Parts of Your Educating Have Changed With Experience? 

Perhaps you customize your exercises much more at this point. Maybe you’re more adaptable and arranged to adjust as the exercise goes on (while continually guaranteeing that you accomplish your exercise plan objective obviously!) 

Q-6. What Course Books do you have Experience Utilizing? What’s Your Opinion About Them? 

Try not to be hesitant to offer your fair input of a book: “I’ve utilized Business Result a ton, and I truly like how every unit is organized. However, in the setting where I utilized it in [country] I don’t think it gives sufficient spotlight on the individual punctuation focuses that it presents, so I needed to adjust every unit a considerable amount for that specific educating setting.” 

Q-7. What Sorts of Classes/Levels/Ages Would you Say you are Keen on Instructing? 

Be straightforward! Assuming you truly don’t care for showing kids, don’t say that you’d prefer to have a great deal of children classes. (Assuming that is the situation however, maybe you shouldn’t go after a position including a ton of showing youthful students… ) But scouts need to realize that you’re adaptable as well.

So tell the questioner which sort of class you like, however clarify that you’re set up to attempt various things: “I’d truly like the test to gain some new useful knowledge and perceive how it looks at to the kind of instructing I’ve done a great deal of.”Before the meeting, think about to what exactly are you wanting to land from the position.

What would you be able to offer? In the event that it’s for independent or low maintenance work, what is your accessibility? Having this as the main priority will save you from offering something that you can’t (or don’t have any desire to) convey. 

Q-8. What Have you Done/Would You Say You are doing to Foster Your Instructing? 

In the event that you can show that you’ve gone to some advancement workshops in your present place of employment, or even went to a gathering or buy in to an ELT magazine, that would be preferable. Show your energy to create: “One thing that pulled in me to your school is that you say you offer month to month preparing workshops to instructors. There are a few regions where I’m truly keen on fostering my abilities further, so I’m quick to gain from more experienced educators at [company name].” 

Q-9. Do you Believe it’s Significant for The Entire School to be an English Talking Climate (Not Simply the Home Rooms)? 

Assessment varies on this one so there isn’t actually a set in stone answer. Maybe give the advantages and disadvantages of each or talk about your experience of the two situations on the off chance that you have it. 

Q-10. What Intrigues You About This School? What do You Think About This School? 

Here is the place where, ideally, you will have done your examination about the school, the sort of preparing they offer, their customers, and the way of life of the school where conceivable. What intrigues you could be any of these things: “I like the way that most of the instructing is with Young Learners. This is something I truly delighted in my last work and I’m hoping to foster it further.” 

Q-11. For What Reason Would You Say You are Leaving Your Present Place of Employment? 

Be straightforward. On the off chance that leaving has regrettable underlying meanings, sell it in a positive way: “I understood rapidly that [country] wasn’t for me so had an open conversation with my boss, and they comprehended that I wouldn’t be glad on the off chance that I remained. They were exceptionally steady in assisting me with proceeding onward. I’ve taken in a ton from that point forward about the thing I’m searching for and where I’m fit to, which is the reason I’m going after this position. I’m prepared for another test.” 

Up close and personal and Skype TEFL interviews 

On the off chance that you have a Skype or in-person talk with, you might be approached to give an instructing show. This may include thinking of an exercise in advance, prepared to convey at the meeting. Assuming the meeting is by Skype, the questioner may go about as the understudy. If it’s in person this may likewise be the situation, or you may show one of the school administrator staff, for instance. 

TEFL talk with exercise plans 

Assuming you are approached to give a showing exhibition, my recommendation is to utilize an exercise plan that you’ve effectively utilized before and are accordingly sure with (adjusted obviously to whatever setting you’re approached to instruct). There may be a compulsion to flaunt each ability and movement in your collection.

Assuming you can wow the questioner, that would be preferable obviously, yet what the questioner is truly hoping to see is essentially that you realize how to plan and stage an exercise, convey it and accomplish the exercise objective, and deal with the study hall viably. 

Regardless of whether you’re not approached to get ready and convey an exercise to somebody going about as an understudy, you may in any case be approached to depict a new exercise that you’ve arranged and effectively educated.

Q-12. “Educate me Regarding Your Instructing Experience” 

This is one that most bosses will ask toward the start of the meeting, so ensure you have an incredible answer at your disposal! Most businesses are glad to take on first-time instructors, so don’t stress excessively on the off chance that you haven’t educated previously. Zero in on any pertinent experience you may have from different positions – maybe you used to convey introductions as an aspect of your responsibilities somewhere else. Enlighten them however much as could be expected regarding your TEFL accreditation too.

Talk about the accreditation, the modules and learning results which were covered. Most ensure your answer is applicable to the particular position that you are applying for – assuming it’s a job showing kids, ensure you call attention to that your TEFL course covered showing youthful students. 

Obviously, not all positions will require past educating experience. By the by, it would merit utilizing whatever significant experience – for this situation, working with youngsters (in any event, minding kin). Indeed, you can utilize any previous work insight as proof for your reasonableness – showing isn’t the solitary occupation that expects you to comply with time constraints and hold obligation! 

Q-13. “How Might You Manage a Defiant Kid?” 

Homeroom the board and trying to avoid panicking under tension are key while conveying a fruitful exercise. With this inquiry, the questioner is searching for two things: that you can deal with your group and that you’re not going to lose it if a kid defies the guidelines.

The most ideal approach to answer this is to discuss how you put down rules and stopping points in class and how you would manage an understudy on the off chance that they break them. A convenient tip is to address this inquiry in three sections: talk about the standard you set, how you would manage an understudy who breaks them and afterwards how you would distinguish why the understudy is being problematic. 

Q-14. “For What Reason Would You Like to Show English Abroad?” 

You can respond to this inquiry a couple of various ways, yet your smartest option is to discuss your adoration for movement and finding new societies. Managers are quick to ensure that you’re not liable to get achy to go home and will be focused on educating and paying special mind to your understudies.

In this occasion, talk about your energy for instructing, working with others and adding to helping other people improve their possibilities throughout everyday life. Discussing your TEFL course and your obligation to figuring out how to the most ideal educator also. 

Q-15. “What do You Think About (This Country)?” 

A great many people will in general go after positions in nations that they’re truly quick to work, and this inquiry allows you the opportunity to show that! Businesses will need to see that you have an information on the traditions in the nation you’re hoping to migrate to and that there will not be an excessive amount of culture stun when you show up. Attempt and steer your answer away from religion and governmental issues and recall that praises can see you very far! 

Q-16. For What Reason Would You Like to Instruct English? 

This isn’t an ideal opportunity to clarify how encouraging English is your pass to venturing to the far corners of the planet. Zero in on the reasons you need to instruct English that relate more to connecting with individuals consistently, and your enthusiasm for the English language (and different dialects). Assuming it is a prospective employee meeting for Young Learners, you could toss in something about your adoration for youngsters as well. 

Q-17. For What Reason Would You Like to Show English Abroad? 

Like the past question yet somewhat extraordinary, this is a precarious one. It is enticing to wax expressive pretty much every one of the nations that you need to visit and societies you need to investigate, however, that really can make you appear to be a flight hazard.

It’s likewise not a smart thought to inform them as to whether you are fleeing from a relationship or simply need to move out of your folks’ home! Maybe centre around the instructing viewpoint and talk about the amount you need to educate and clarify that there are preferred showing openings abroad over in your city, or you’d prefer to educate in a drenching setting. 

Q-18. What Training Experience do You Have? 

This one shouldn’t actually be an astonishment. In the event that this isn’t your first showing position, you’re brilliant. Assuming, nonetheless, you have never instructed, don’t let that stress you. As a matter of first importance, in the event that you did any commonsense educating on your TEFL course – showing EFL understudies or your kindred TEFL students or on the web – that considers instructing experience. In the event that you have educated yet not in an EFL setting, you should make reference to that. In the event that you done any mentoring, au matching, sports instructing, or anything which includes dealing with kids (for positions showing Young Learners), inform the questioner concerning it and clarify how it has assisted you with planning show English as a Foreign Language. 

Q-19. What Makes a decent TEFL educator? 

This is like another inquiry you may get posed, What are your qualities and shortcomings? At the point when you answer this inquiry, the questioner will actually want to comprehend your hypotheses around instructing and learning, just as the attributes of your own educating style. At the point when you answer this inquiry, ensure you consider the various obligations of a TEFL instructor other than educating, like homeroom the executives, discipline style, affinity and correspondence.

Thinking about instructing in Europe? Try not to miss this convenient blog entry. 

Q-20. “Do You Have any Questions for us?” 

This is, possibly, the most vital piece of the meeting! Ensure you have a couple of inquiries pre-arranged for the business as not having any may seem to be being unengaged. A couple of models would get some information about the understudies you will instruct: how old would they say they are? How large is the class? What is their degree of capacity? Posing standard inquiries covering what the length of the business contract is, working hours, occasions and pay will imply that you have all the vital data to settle on an educated choice should you be extended to the employment opportunity. 

Questions for Different Educators 

At some stage after the meeting it tends to be a smart thought to converse with/email/visit online with at least one educators at present working at the school. On the off chance that the school is trustworthy they shouldn’t have any issue with you conversing with one of their educators. It is from them that you will become more acquainted with what the school is truly similar to and if there are any issues there. Here are a few inquiries you could pose to different instructors: 

  • How’s the environment in the school? 
  • What training assets are given? 
  • How would you continue ahead with the Director of Studies or potentially School Director?
  • Do you get paid on schedule? 
  • Has the school satisfied their side of the agreement?
  • How’s the city nightlife? 
  • How’s the convenience?
  • Is there web access at the school?
  • Does the printer work? 

TEFL interview Tips 

Here are a couple of different tips to assist you with succeeding your TEFL prospective employee meeting: 

Examine the School 

Prior to the meeting, discover all that you can about the school, the sorts of class offered, the staff, the understudies. This will help set you up for any inquiries you may get posed about this, and may likewise give you a few thoughts for inquiries of your own. Being acquainted with the school in this manner can likewise truly help you feel more great and accordingly sure about the meeting. 

Be keen 

In case you’re having an eye to eye or Skype talk with, Interviewers would prefer not to see you in a shirt and shorts. However, they presumably don’t have any desire to see formal attire either – this can be excessively formal for most instructing settings. 

Behave Like an Instructor 

Recall that you’re going after a showing position, and three significant characteristics in an instructor are benevolence, certainty and being loose. In this way, set the genuine face aside, grin, don’t docilely hold back to be posed an inquiry before you talk, and attempt and show certainty. Actually quite difficult in a meeting I know, however questioners get this. They’re neither expecting nor needing an uproarious, pompous salesman, yet they would like to see that you can show some degree of certainty close by the unavoidable nerves. 

Treat Each Meeting as Though it is For Your Fantasy Work 

Show the questioner that you are energetic and amped up for the chance of working for their organization, regardless of whether it’s just fifth on your waitlist of potential positions. Treat each meeting as though you are going after your fantasy position, showing both the questioner and the screening the regard that they merit. 

In case you’re not at the prospective employee meeting stage yet and still need to get qualified, examine a portion of the offers presently accessible on TEFL courses underneath: 

1. Henry Harvin’s TEFL Academy

The Henry Harvin Academy covers a wide scope of courses where the TEFL course is quite possibly the most obtained courses. This course is an AAEFL affirmed TEFL Certification Course which is uniquely created for everybody 

This online affirmation course is arranged so that you are qualified to give two endeavors each for a test which offers you a superior chance to effectively finishing the assessment. 

This is a 120-hour course that will give you admittance to LMS for an entire year alongside recorded recordings just as week after week catch up on meetings. You additionally get a time of Doubt Solving meetings. 

This course is conveyed by an online entrance that permits you to finish this self-guided course so you can take the course in the solace of your own home. 

This TEFL Certification course covers 42 nations and every one of the seven landmasses, permitting you to exhibit your astonishing showing abilities as an affirmed TEFL Qualified teacher. This course additionally upholds full meeting help, and alumni of the TEFL Certification course are working at associations like Asian Business, English First, 51Talk, QKids, VIP Kids, and others, making this course the main and best TEFL Course


Confirmed by a Trustworthy and Recognized Institute 

Boundless number of vocation openings. 

Truly necessary CV-up-degree with a confirmation. 

A distinct market fragment. 

Foster the abilities by retaining the understudy’s social and social experience to instruct properly. 

You will get a lifetime declaration. There is no compelling reason to stress over expiry dates or recharges.

2. TEFL Institute of Ireland 

The TEFL Institute of Ireland conveys government Regulated Level 5 TEFL preparing. Their group has more than 20 years of EFL preparing and educating experience. They are right now presenting to half off their level 5 on the web and mixture TEFL courses and quick track TEFL courses. You can likewise get an extra 17% off any course with the code ESLBASE17. 

3. OISE University of Toronto TEFL 

The University of Toronto TEFL is the just online TEFL confirmation from a world-driving college, with courses from 100 to 150 hours. In the event that you pursue a free live information meeting, you’ll get a selective rebate on your course. You can likewise get 20% off the entirety of their courses until June fourteenth with the code TEFL20. 

Inquiries you can pose to the questioner: 

  • In the event that you are voyaging abroad, request the lawful prerequisites, your Visa, and so forth 
  • Request their terms and conditions, strategies and time of the agreement assuming any. 
  • What is their implicit rules, hard working attitudes? 
  • What are the educating, exercise arranging assets? Inquire as to whether there are uniquely crafted exercise designs effectively accessible. 
  • What is their leave demand strategy? What will it mean for your compensation? 
  • How might this work profit you? 


On a completion note, be patient and continue to rehearse. 

It may require a long time to even a month for you to hear from the scout even after the development and registration mail. Thus, show restraint. The appropriate response about the enlistment might possibly be in support of yourself in any case, one meeting, positive or negative, doesn’t characterize you. Thus, begin getting ready for your following stage and continue to rehearse. 

Examine your flimsy spots through your meeting, gain from your errors and above all, attempt to ad lib them in your next. Keep in mind, there is consistently space for training. 

Set up your exercise plans, practice them routinely. Keep a report on the TEFL business and occupation enlistment openings. Be dynamic on the entirety of your web-based media stages particularly LinkedIn, continue to make proficient associations. 

Keep in mind, all beneficial things require significant investment. The very best!

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Recommended Reads:

Q-1. What Amount of Time Does it Require to get TEFL Affirmed? 

Ans: In-person TEFL courses are regularly finished throughout the span of various weeks on a fixed timetable and require full-time responsibility, however, some low maintenance courses might be accessible. Online TEFL courses are more advantageous, and can be finished at a self-decided speed (set by the student), and can be finished in just half a month or as long as one year. 


Q-2. Will a TEFL Endorsement Improve My Odds of Finding a Showing Line of Work Abroad? 

Ans: A TEFL certificate is a typical necessity for English showing occupations abroad. Abroad occupation searchers will find that showing position necessities fluctuate in various nations. Indeed, even in circumstances where the employing body has not unequivocally recorded a TEFL accreditation as a prerequisite, it is constantly seen by enlistment organizations and schools and could be the distinctive factor among you and another competitor. Not certain in the event that you ought to get TEFL affirmed prior to instructing abroad? Take our test. 


Q-3. Would it be Advisable For me to Take an on The Web or in-Person TEFL Course? 

Ans: On the web or in-person TEFL courses can offer clear benefits relying upon your timetable and learning style. 


In-person TEFL courses are concentrated and full time, and will expect you to go to face to face preparing at a predetermined time and area. A decent decision for the individuals who like to learn face to face, nearby TEFL courses center around useful encouraging application and legitimate projects will incorporate an educating practicum. Unique note: hours contributed towards an instructing practicum don’t consider full-time showing experience while going after positions. 


Online TEFL courses are helpful to finish and cover similar materials as in-person TEFL courses. On account of their online organization and timetable adaptability, online TEFL courses are a famous decision among those with a bustling timetable and are frequently self-guided, permitting you to acquire your capability close by your present work, school or family plan. Also, online TEFL courses are more reasonable than face to face TEFL courses. Most trustworthy TEFL courses cost +/ – $1,000, while in-person TEFL courses can cost upwards of $2,000. 


Q-4. What do You Realize in a TEFL Course? 

Ans: A TEFL course covers points including showing language abilities, syntax, exercise arranging and study hall the board. A TEFL course will show you how to: 

Show English Language Skills. Train the five significant components of language picking up: perusing, composing, talking, tuning in and articulation. 

Work on English Grammar. Work on complex English sentence structure ideas for ELLs (English Language Learners). 

Plan Lessons. Plan and convey compelling exercises that meet class learning targets and advance useful learning. 

Deal with a Classroom. Deal with your study hall and understudy conduct to establish an inviting and safe learning climate. 

Distinguish Learning Styles. Distinguish distinctive learning styles and adjust exercises to suit understudies and their necessities. 

Fabricate Effective Learning Materials. Find, adjust and customize a wide assortment of text-based and computerized materials for use in the study hall. 

Trustworthy projects will show specific showing methodologies for instructors to tailor their TEFL certificate to their ideal educating position. Specializations could incorporate showing business English, instructing English to small kids, showing test readiness courses and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. 

Analyze the online TEFL courses planned by the University of Toronto OISE. 


Q-5.  Would it Be Advisable for me to Take a TEFL, TESL or TESOL Course? 

Ans: TEFL, TESL and TESOL are generally various kinds of endorsements for instructing English to non-local English speakers. Picking the right course for you relies upon where you might want to educate. In the event that you need to encourage abroad in an outside country where English isn’t the principal language, a TEFL course is the most renowned and globally perceived confirmation. In the event that you are hoping to fit the bill for ESL training occupations in Canada, a TESL endorsement certify by TESL Canada is a typical prerequisite. A TESOL course is significant for instructors wishing to educate in English and non-English talking nations.


120-hours TEFL / TESOL Online Certification Course

Ranked No. 1 Course | 100% interview guaranteed | Live Online Instructor-led TEFL Training & Certification | AAEFL Certified TEFL Course

View Course

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