Medical Laboratory Technology (MLT) deals with the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of diseases. It is a productive and valuable field that helps in ensuring the sustenance of human health.

Lab Technicians use clinical laboratory tests to determine the disease the patient is battling.

The technician’s job entails collecting samples of human tissue and other specimens, preparing slides, and proficiency in using the laboratory equipment.

Becoming a professional in this field can be interesting and challenging; you can be involved in conducting research and experiments with the most recent development in medical technology.

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Students who focus on acquiring a Lab technician’s job, usually opt for a Diploma in Medical Lab technology after their 12th grade. In this internet era, a physical diploma class is not the only way to reach your goal of becoming a laboratory professional.

There are many online courses that have collaborated with experts in the industry to give you an in-depth understanding of the functions of a Laboratory technician.

Here I am going to help you to reach your dream job by pointing out the institutions that offer the best Medical Laboratory Technician Course online.

1. Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin takes the first position on our list owing to the extensive syllabus it covers and the wholesome support it provides.

It offers assistance starting from counselling and registration all the way to job placement. The institution gives priority to the applicant’s needs and wishes.

It boasts a unique Paramedical Academy dedicated to medical profession-related courses.

Henry Harvin Education presents many course options for ease of convenience: self-paced courses, live online sessions, and corporate training classes.

The applicants are provided counselling to check their eligibility for the right batch.

After successful completion of the 12-month course, you will receive a certification from Henry Harvin. 

Medical Laboratory Technician Courses online

Medical Laboratory Technician Course online encompass a total package. It offers both the conceptual knowledge needed to understand the crucial concepts as well as the experiential knowledge on the subject.

This Medical Laboratory Technician Course Covers:

  • The course starts with the most relevant topic: covid 19 general awareness.
  • The students are given an introduction to important Medical terminology.  
  • Students are made to study the anatomy and physiology of the human body.
  • Students are taught about infection control, hand hygiene, and Biohazard management.
  • Students learn about medical emergencies, life support skills, and medical emergency procedures.
  • Students are exposed to medical ethics and law and are introduced to the various types of laboratories and their technicians.
  • Students learn about several types of sample collection and handling, transportation, and disposal.
  • Students are given a detailed view of hematology. They are taught about the various apparatus and procedures used in hematology.
  • Students learn the basics of biochemistry and clinical pathology.
  • Students gain experiential knowledge by taking part in industry projects.

Benefits of attending the course with Henry Harvin Education:

  • The institute harbours highly experienced faculty who have more than 10 years of experience in this field.
  • Henry Harvin offers a 100% guaranteed internship. These internships not only offer experiential knowledge but also add value to your resume.
  • The institution hand holds its students to help acquire their dream job. It provides 100% job placement support to all applicants.  
  • The institute owns world-class technology and one of the best (LMS) Learning management systems.
  • The students get lifetime access to online content such as case studies, study notes, recorded videos, and other useful content.
  • The institute offers 12 plus monthly Bootcamp sessions that help students further engrain the contents learned during the course.

Duration / Cost: This course offers an in-depth dive into the topic and requires a period of 12 months to complete it. The self-paced course cost Rs 76,500 and Live online classrooms cost Rs 85,000. They also offer no-cost EMI options for payment.

Course Types, Benefits, Fees:

To Know More Information about Fee Structure please check it here:-

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Other Courses Provided by Henry Harvin:

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2. Perkins Elmer

Medical Laboratory Technician Courses online

Perkins Elmer is one of the front-runners in Medical technology. The global corporation is committed to scientific innovation and owns over 3,500 patents.

It offers training through both classroom courses and online courses. Many centers are located in various places in America, Europe, India, and Asia.

The institution aims towards focused learning and skill development.

Small groups are maintained for classrooms to ensure each student gets the needed attention from the trainer.

The institution highlights the facilities offered in their classroom training where students spend most of their time in the lab.

The students are made to familiarise themselves with lab equipment and they learn to apply techniques gathered during their theory classes.  

Various training offered:

  • Classroom training is used to impart theory knowledge and to engrain basic concepts into the candidates’ minds.
  • The applicants are also offered sufficient time with the lab equipment to familiarise themselves with the instruments.
  • The classrooms only take a limited number of applicants to ensure each one gets maximum attention from the teacher.
  • The candidates get to form bonds with other companions and get a chance to learn through peer learning.
  • The institute offers basic on-site training.
  • This helps to gather the practical knowledge needed for the real world.
  • Applicants learn the fundamentals to utilize and maintain lab equipment.
  • The organization provides Advanced on-site training.
  • This is a specialisation training that helps the candidates excel in a particular field of application.
  • The candidates receive customised training to gather specific skill sets and overcome individual challenges they face during lab application.

3. Centennial College

Medical Laboratory Technician Course

Centennial is a publicly funded college for applied art and technology. It is a culturally diverse college situated in Toronto, Canada.

It offers online courses, classroom courses, and hybrid courses. The institution provides personality tests and career explorer options.

The personality test is made available to help applicants match their personality to their career.

This helps them to see whether this profession suits their liking and whether they will be able to excel in this field.

Career Explorer is useful in checking for future career options for the course you have chosen.

Applicants can notify their dream job and the career explore will help choose the right kind of education to achieve the same.  

Duration: The course can be completed in one year’s time. The course is divided into 3 semesters and the third semester is dedicated to internships where students acquire experiential knowledge.

This Medical Laboratory Technician Course Covers:

  • Students learn applied anatomy and physiology of the human body. 
  • Students are introduced to applied chemistry used in medical laboratories.
  • Trainers teach clinical computer applications, basic laboratory mathematics, and laboratory techniques.
  • Students are taught hematology and immunohematology.
  • Students are coached about practical and theoretical Microbiology and Histology
  • Students gather an important skill of specimen collection, processing, and disposal.
  • Trainers impart clinical chemistry used in urinalysis.

4. National Institute of Open Schooling

The National Institute of Open Schooling is established by the government of India. The institute is headquartered in Noida, Uttar Pradesh.

To increase the literacy rate in India, the institution focuses on providing education to all segments of the population.

The organization aims at flexible and affordable learning. The students have the luxury to attempt the course at their own pace.

It offers study material in PDF format on its portal. After finishing the knowledge-gathering process, students are required to attempt an examination.

Upon successful completion of the assessment, students receive their certification. Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology course is an in-depth course on the subject.  

Duration: The course is designed to be flexible. The students can attend the course at their own learning pace. 

This Course Covers:  

  • The course begins with a detailed look at hematology and blood bank techniques.
  • Students learn about the composition of blood and blood collection techniques.
  • The study includes how blood is collected from donors and transfusion reactions.
  • Students get an understanding of the formation of platelets and thrombocytopenia.
  • The learners study screening and diagnosing for blood transfusion-transmitted infections.
  • Students learn extensively about histology and cytology.
  • The syllabus meticulously covers microbiology, morphology, and classification of bacteria.
  • Students grasp the common staining techniques.
  • Students undertake crucial learning of laboratory safety and standard precautions and biomedical waste management.
  • Students unravel the elaborate study of biochemistry.
  • Students are exposed to enzymes, vitamins, and minerals needed for the body.
  • They are given an insight into kidney function tests and liver function tests.

5. Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU)

Medical Laboratory Technician Courses

Indira Gandhi National Open University  is located in New Delhi, India. The institute aims to provide quality distance education to the population of India. IGNOU partners with other institutions to provide top-quality education.

The institute has highly experienced personnel who help to handcraft the syllabus, relevant to the recent development in medical technology.

Its online platforms are user-friendly and contain a vast library of content on the subjects it offers.

Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology course is offered as a wholesome package of imparting valuable core concepts and upskilling individuals with the necessary talent for the field. IGNOU offers a 6-month internship program after completion of the course.

This program helps the students to acquaint themselves with the type of grind expected in their workplace.

Theoretical knowledge coupled with experiential knowledge arms the students for real-world problems.

Duration / Cost: The course requires 2 years for completion, but the applicants are given a maximum leeway of up to 4 years to complete this course. The total cost of the course comes to Rs 25,000.

Eligibility: The course demands the applicants to have completed their 12th grade with a min of 45% marks in the science subjects such as physics, chemistry, and biology.

They also accept applicants with high school completion with min 45% marks and vocational background in Medical Laboratory technology.

6. FutureLearn

Medical Laboratory Technician Course

FutureLearn is a British online education platform. The institution has over 250 partners, including international partners, government partners, and industry partners.

This course is offered in partnership with TAIPEI Medical University. Medical Humanity: Engaging Patients and Communities in Healthcare course is an introductory course.

The entire course is delivered through the online portal and can be completed at your own pace.

This course is aimed at undergraduates and postgraduates with some medical healthcare experience.

Duration / Cost: This course requires about 2 hours of effort per week and can be completed in three weeks’ time.

This course is offered for free and is made available for up to 5 weeks from the time of registration.

If you avail for their subscription, you receive lifetime availability of the course content. 

Benefits of learning the course with FutureLearn:

  • The course is made flexible for the student’s convenience. Although the course is sectioned into weeks, one can complete the course quickly or slowly depending on the time availability and their learning pace.
  • This course offers tests to aid in self-assessment.
  • The online portal helps to track your progress and keeps you motivated.
  • Upon completion of 90% of the course and all the assessments, you will become eligible to earn a certificate.
  • The institute offers a system of notifications and progress pages during the attendance of the course to guide your learning process.

7. Teerthanker Mahaveer University 

The Teerthanker Mahaveer University is a private university. It is situated in Moradabad, Uttar Pradesh. The institute boasts a highly experienced group of teachers.

The syllabus is designed by field professionals who aim to impart in-depth knowledge on the subject.

Students are given support starting from registration all the way to job placement. The institute offers a Diploma in Medical Lab Technician.

It is a degree course and one can earn a  certification upon completion. 

Eligibility: The applicants need to complete high school education requiring a major in science stream: physics, chemistry, and biology or a Diploma in Pharm.

Duration and Cost: This course requires a dedicated 2 years of your time. The tuition cost for two years is Rs 1,62,000 and the exam fees are Rs 10,000. This brings us to a total of Rs 1,72,000 to complete the entire course.

8. Udemy

Udemy offers a wide range of courses in varied subjects at an affordable price. Their courses happen frequently and therefore there is little to no wait time.

Udemy is not an accredited institution. Although they offer certification upon completing the course, this may not help to boost your resume.

Become a microbiology laboratory technician course is an introductory course. Anyone with a high school diploma becomes eligible to pursue a career as a lab technician.

To make this course available to new graduates, this course has been designed to be simple. It offers essential resources and training needed for a beginner.

Medical Laboratory Technician Course

Requirement: The course requires the applicants to be familiar with medical terminology.

This Medical Laboratory Technician Course Covers:

  • Students learn about Microbiology.
  • Students are briefed about the laboratory instruments and responsibilities of a lab technician.
  • Students are taught microscopy, staining, and bacterial disease diagnosis.
  • There is an introduction to pathogenesis, cell culture, and viral disease diagnosis.
  • Students are introduced to medical terms and acronyms.
  • There is a quiz at the end of the course that helps you to self-assess.

Duration / Cost: This is a short course that needs just 2 hours of your time. The cost of this course stands at Rs 455.

9. University of West Florida

The University of West Florida is a public university situated in Pensacola, Florida. It offers Clinical Lab Sciences – MLT to MLS online courses.

This is an established program with more than 40 years of experience in training students to become professionals in this field.  

The Course Covers:

  • Students learn to use molecular biology laboratory methods.
  • Students are made to understand the fundamentals of clinical diagnosis and disease management.
  • Trainers teach the human immune system and various immune-related diseases and illnesses.
  • Students are given a detailed lesson on hematology, and interpretation of various parameters of hematology such as blood cell count, platelet count, etc.
  • Students are introduced to various bacteria that affect the human system and the diseases associated with them.
  • Students learn to identify parasites and fungi that affect human health.
  • Students understand the procedure involved in receiving blood from donors and the procedure in blood transfusion.
  • They are taught the fundamentals of clinical chemistry and laboratory management.
  • By the end of the course, the students will be skilled in the full range of clinical laboratory tests and procedures.

This course is useful for:

  • Students aiming for a career as a medical laboratory scientist.
  • Medical laboratory technicians who want to move up in their career ladder.
  • Individuals who are pursuing a career in the medical field.

10. Dr Vyas 

Dr Vysa claims to be one of the first paramedical institutions in Mumbai that have MD doctors as trainers.

It is an institute of paramedical sciences that has set goals of producing well-trained and knowledgeable professionals in the medical field.

It believes in providing quality education to students. By this, it ensures the increase in the number of efficient healthcare workers contributing to society.

The institute offers both classroom training as well as online lectures. Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology course is an introduction to individuals to the medical laboratory. 

The Course Covers:

  • Students learn about pathology technology concerning tests.
  • Students are introduced to chemicals used to analyse biological samples.
  • Trainers teach procedures used in testing specimens collected from patients.
  • Students are made to familiarise themselves with laboratory machines and their functions.
  • The students gain experiential knowledge along with theoretical concepts taught during the course.

Job opportunities for this Course: Many individuals in the field move onto pathologist technician work in testing laboratories after compiling studies. One can easily acquire a job as a hospital pathologist or as a medical examiner. A growing number of job opportunities are opening in the forensic departments. 

Eligibility: The course does not require any prerequisites other than the completion of 10 grade or 12 grade. 

Duration / Cost: The course demands 2 years of dedicated time for the completion of the course.

Role of Medical Lab Technicians in the Medical field:

Medical Lab Technicians help in diagnosing the disease or illness that the patient is suffering from.

They help to identify and determine the microorganism responsible for the patient’s current state of ill health.

These technicians collect various specimens from the patient and use multiple lab equipment and instruments to ascertain the root cause of the disease.

Only by finding the source of the disease will one be able to treat the said disease.

Medical Laboratory Technician Course

Individuals who aim to build their careers on this path have abundant job opportunities. There are well-paid job opportunities in public and private health facilities, hospitals, clinics, commercial laboratories, nursing homes, etc.

The Medical Lab technician job starts with a salary package of Rs 10,000 to Rs 20,000 per month and gradually increases with the years of expertise. A good amount can also be earned as a freelancer.

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Q1. What is a Medical Laboratory Technician Course for?

Ans. The Medical Laboratory Technician Course is aimed at producing talented lab technicians for society.

These professionals are responsible for collecting specimens, and they help determine the root cause of the illness. They need to be well versed with the functions of the lab equipment.

Q2. Who should pursue the Medical Laboratory Technician Course?

Ans. The course can be pursued by anyone who aims for a career in Microbiology. Any individual with a passion for human health and wellbeing can opt to come into this industry.

Backing yourself with a proper understanding of the basics and a certification course with a reputable institution can boost your probability of getting your dream job.

Q3. Are there any prerequisites to take the Medical Laboratory Technician Course?

Ans. There are various levels of courses offered online. Some are beginner-level courses. These do not require any prerequisites other than high school graduation.

There are advanced-level courses that are beneficial for professionals who are already in the field of microbiology and are looking to improve their skill set on the subject.

Q4. Are there any national level entrance exams for the Medical Laboratory Technician Course?

Ans. No, there are no national-level entrance exams for this course. Institutes have their own entrance exams. The online courses do not require you to go through any assessment for you to attend the course.


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