Are you looking for German language courses? If yes, then you are at the right place.

Germany is a dream location, a country famous for its technology and innovation, and developing minds are looking for the perfect place to grow and be the best in this competitive environment. German language is an excellent option because it emphasizes the candidates’ areas of strength, allowing them to be productive enough to not just represent their country, but also benefit the entire world.

In today’s world, more than 200 million people use German as their first language. Nonetheless, after English, German is the world’s second most widely spoken language. It means that if you’re wondering whether this language is useful or not, I’d say it’s perfect for you.

But I understand it is not as easy as it sounds. The most difficult part is choosing the best location where you can learn and achieve the best results. Right? 

Don’t worry, I’m here to resolve your issue. In this article, I’m listing the top 12 German language courses in Noida. 

Why is Noida so famous?

Noida is known for its best institutes, IT parks, shopping malls, universities, and a large pool of entertainment amenities. Many reputed institutes in Noida provide German language courses. If you live in Delhi/ NCR, I strongly advise you to take a German language courses in Noida only.

After completing German Language courses in Noida, you will have access to a huge global market for the world’s best education and jobs.

Let’s check out the Top 12 German Language courses in Noida

1. Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin holds the no. 1 position amongst all the institutes in Noida. It provides the best German language courses in Noida with more than 11+ years of experience. They make sure to improve your abilities and competency levels and secure your dream career. You will also master grammatical ideas to help you improve your German language skills. 

Henry Harvin Best Certification Training and Courses

Henry Harvin Ranks #1

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The organization is well-known for a variety of other courses as well. 

Why Henry Harvin?

This institute has different parameters to provide the best results and thus come up with the 9 in 1 program.

  • Training:  Two-way Live Online Interactive Classroom Sessions with expert trainers
  • Projects:  Benefits of projects in German Language and Implementation, application, and more
  • Internship: Internship assistance to obtain practical mastery of the German language.
  • Certification: Guarantee Certification of German Language Training Course from Henry Harvin.
  • Placement: A one-year 100%r placement guarantee is provided after satisfactory completion.
  • E-Learning: Access to a wide range of tools and techniques, as well as video files, tests, and other resources.
  • Bootcamps: Regular Bootcamps sessions are available throughout the journey of the German Course
  • Hackathons: Free Access
  • Membership: Get a 1-Year Gold Membership

Course levels ad fees

    Levels Training period    Fees
        A1      56 Hours  INR12500/- 
        A2      56 Hours               INR 12500/
        B1      66 Hours             INR15500/- 
        B2      66 Hours            INR15500/-   
        C1      66 Hours  INR17500/- 
        C2      66 Hours  INR 17500/

Henry Harvin also provides these courses

French Language Course

Korean Language Course 

English Writing Course

English Speaking Course

Cities in India where Henry Harvin German Language Course is Provided:

Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Online, Hyderabad, Pune, Gurgaon, Faridabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Noida, Kanpur

2. LanguageNext

Language Next is the second-best option if you’re finding German language courses in Noida. They provide other Foreign language courses and are a leading foreign language institute. This institute is known for delivering the best results in terms of career objective goals. With their effective teaching method and dynamic approach, students will be able to start learning the German language from the very first day of the class. Integrity, responsibility, opportunity, and respect are the four major values on which LanguageNext builds.

Why LanguageNext?

  • Certified teachers
  • Course is well defined and structured
  • highly experienced and skilled staff
  • Well international course designed
  • All types of classes like part-time, Regular, Crash-courses, online lessons, and One-to-one classes do provide.
  • Practical knowledge through in-depth training on live projects and result-oriented placement assistance for all.
  • SWIRL method follow [Speaking, Writing, Intonation, Reading, and Listening].
  • Free study material providers to all our students.
  • Certification upon after the compilation of the course
  • Affordable Fees despite reputed institutions
  • Prepare for the exams as well
  •  Follow SWIRL method (Speaking, Writing,  Intonation (Pronunciation), Reading, Listening). 
  • course contents are designed, developed, and customized as per international standards, curricula, and guidelines like CEFR (Common European Framework for References), DELE, DALF, DELF, TEF, and SIELE, to name a few. 
  •  8-12 students per class 
  •  Ensure a student-centred learning experience


114, Chokhani Square, Sector 18, Noida

3. Institute of German Studies

As the name suggests, the institute of german studies provides the German language courses in Noida along with different cities like Bangalore, New Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, Patna, and Ahmedabad. at different levels. Their courses not only support and encourage students to learn the language quickly but also help them grow into successful individuals who can freely express themselves on a worldwide scale.

Each student receives personalized support in order to make him or her comfortable during the learning process.

Why Institute of German Studies?

  • Focussed on primarily German language only
  • Best trainers both Native and Non-Native
  • Friendly environment
  • Student pace learning
  • Small group 
  • Monitor progress through regular tests.
  • Teaching material provided 

Courses level and fees

Fees differ from location to location

Courses    Duration   Fees
A11.5 monthsRs.13500/-
A22 monthsRs.16000/-
B1.11.5 monthsRs.13500/-
B1.21.5 monthsRs.13500/-
B2.12 monthsRs.18500/-
B2.22 monthsRs.18500/-


B-64, B-Block, Sector 36, Near Golf Course Metro Station, Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201301

4. Krislingua institute

Krislingua institute is the institute of German language courses in Noida provides German language classes to school-aged youngsters, adults, business groups, individuals, office workers, and housewives at all levels (A1 to C2). They offer Offline, online, group and individual classes Krislingua follows The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) and the books followed by Goethe-Institut. 

Why Krislingua Institute?

  • affordable fee structure 
  • One-on-One offline & Online classes
  • enthusiastic and highly qualified teachers.
  • Get a Professional German language certification
  • Prepare the students for Goethe-Institut-exams.

Course level and Fees

Course Level Duration Fees Offline/online
A150 Days { weekdays]17000Offline
A190 Days {weekend]17000Offline
A150 Days14000Online
A190 Days14000Online
A255 Days{ weekdays]17000Offline
A290 Days {weekend]17000Offline
A255 Days14000Online
A290 Days14000Online
B180 Days{ weekdays]18000Offline
B1105 Days[weekend]18000Offline
B180 Days17000Online
B1105 Days17000Online
B280 Days { weekdays]20000Offline
C180 Days { weekdays]22000Offline
C280 Days  {weekdays]20000Offline


Kasana Tower, Office No 802, 8th Floor, 1, Alpha-I Commercial Belt, Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201308

5. L2L International

 L2L International is another online best institute and reputed brand to teach German Language courses in Noida. With its highly skilled and flexible group of professional trainers and specialists, L2L International is the perfect place for training. With its highly skilled and flexible group of professional trainers and specialists, L2L International is the perfect place for training. It has a wide range of courses, varying levels of skill, 24/7 support and guidance,  practical exposure, and an enjoyable approach to learning.

Why L2L International?

  • friendly and agreeing environment.
  • Placement Assistance for Coworking Spaces
  • Placement Support
  • Learning with songs, films, games, and teamwork
  • There is no age limit.
  • Goethe Institut awards internationally recognized certificates
  • They provide audio-visual aids
  • Special courses are available for spouses who are applying for a visa.

Course Levels and Fees

Course levels Duration fees
A11.5 months15000
A22 months16000
B13 months17000
B23 months22000
A1+A2+B16 months30000
A1+A2+B1+B210 Months50000


Metro Station, B-8, 3rd Floor, next to Sector 15, Sector 2, Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201301

6. International Lingua Institute

Their German language courses in Noida offers many other language classes, business training, and translation services Courses have been created with an emphasis on industry requirements, with a special emphasis on the spoken aspect of languages, based on our expertise with corporate training.  They use the most up-to-date learning approaches at ILI, such as audio-visual aids and interactive activities, and we attempt to impart the culture and traditions of a language to our students in order to help them develop their speaking abilities.

Why International Lingua?

  • Flexible, time-bound courses in which the curriculum of the training can be adjusted to the student’s specific fields of interest.
  • Preparation for Visa Interviews
  • Preparation for various language Certification exams
  • Follow a new technology teaching methodology called “Scenario Based’ which helps students to absorb the cultural background of a language.

Fee Structure –

Rs. 9,000 for Basic Level


E-45, Sector 3, Near HCL Technologies, Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201301

7. Amity University

This institute is regarded as one of the best institutes that is always way ahead of the competition when it comes to training students in foreign languages.

Under the authority of Amity University in Uttar Pradesh, the Institute provides bachelor’s degree programs in French, German, and Spanish, as well as a master’s degree program in French. Throughout the program, students will study a variety of courses that have been established with cooperation from important stakeholders and will participate in training sessions that directly address the current needs of the corporate sector. This provides students with good industry exposure and assists them in finding suitable positions

Why Amity?

  • Experienced faculty
  • Asia’s Only Not-for-profit University To Get US Regional Accreditation
  • Amity University has collaborated with LinkedIn, a professional networking site with over 500 million people around the world. Grasping the attention of even a small portion of this community can help you gain internships, employment, and important partnerships.
  • Amity Is India’s First University To Have Mobile Apps For Its Student’s Intranet
  • Amity students connect with the corporate sector more than students at other institutions, which is one of the reasons why Amity is continuously ranked first.

Course fees-

ProgramDuration Fees
Certificate Course6 Months / 5 Hours per week7500 INR
Diploma Course6 Months / 5 Hours per week7500 INR
Advanced Diploma1 Year / 7.5 hours per week7500 per semester
B.A.(Degree)3 Year/15 hours per week (3 Hrs per day)Rs. 25,000 per annum


Amity University Sec-125, Noida

8. YES, Germany 

YES School of Languages is the finest place to learn German language courses in Noida because they have the best professors who are committed to meeting all of their students’ various language learning needs. Our seminars are led by professionals with more than a decade of training expertise. Furthermore, the German Language program is specifically created to include all modules from basic to high level 

It is a reliable institute as it provides all the solutions to student’s queries and thus facilitates the learning process in almost every step and is even prepared with solutions to challenges they may face in the future as students.

IT provides both one and one training and online class.

Why YES Germany?

  •  Professional instructors provide training.
  • All four modules – reading, writing, listening, and speaking 
  • Doubts and questions are answered in specific sessions.
  •  practice dialogue with your batchmates.
  • Provide free study material
  • Friendly environment in which you can learn and communicate freely.
  • Feedback and review on a regular basis to identify and correct mistakes.
  • Certification Language training
  • Visa assistance
  • No age bars restrictions
  • Letter of recommendation also provided


 B11 Ground Floor, Sector-2, Near Sector – 15 Metro Station Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201301

9. SPRACH-AKTIV German Language Academy

Sprach-Aktiv is a well-known German language training institution in Delhi/NCR. They offer the best German language Courses in Noida ranging from Level A1 – to Level C2. It is one of the best institutes that provide distance german language classes all over the world. Courses are designed to fulfill the needs of everyone who wish to learn the language, including students and working professionals.

The major goal of our German Online Training course is to help you develop fluency and expertise in the language and culture so that you may build a name for yourself in German society as an Indian student or professional.


  • High-Quality Instructors
  • Flexibility in Classes
  • Goethe Certificates provided A1 through C2 .

Course level and fees

Course level Fees
A1 – Beginner Level Rs.12,000/INR
A2- Elementry LevelRs.14,000/INR
B1- Intermediate LevelRs.18,000/INR
B2- Upper-intermediate Level Rs. 28,000/INR
C1- Advance level Rs.35,000/INR


 F-504, Grand Ajnara Heritage Rd, Supertech Capetown, Sector 74, Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201304

10. Bigben The Language School

The famous German language courses in Noida, BigBen , The language school is known for its quality training. Under their expert guidance, they give appropriate training for clearing the exams for study abroad. They provide thorough guidance to students in selecting the path that will be best for them to study abroad. 

They have trained over 4000+ students in different courses and are evolving day by day with their special and updated courses. 

Why Bigben?

  • They work on 5 important key areas






  • Provide quality education
  • Strong team- professional trainer along with the passionate team members 
  • Training support to clear an exam
  • Expert guidance
  • You can rely on the assistance of education loan to study abroad
  • Certificate available after the successful completion

Course level and fees

Course level Offline/online Fees
A1 – beginneroffline Rs. 14,000
A1- beginneronlineRs.9,000
A2- IntermediateofflineRs.18,000
B1- AdvancedofflineRs.25,000
B1- AdvancedonlineRs.21,000
B2- IndependencyonlineRs.30,000
C1- SuperioronlineRs.35,000

Address –

 Office No. 318, 3rd Floor, Tower B, The Ithum Building Sector – 62, Noida- 201309

11. LangEcole

LangEcole provides the greatest language training and teaching options for you.  It is another best German Language courses in Noida and has expert trainers and native language teachers, trainers, communication and language experts.

Moreover, they have featured on many platforms like NDTV and Economic times. The course has been designed in a fast-paced environment with the goal of achieving and passing international certifications. Thus, the institute will be the ideal location to accomplish your desires, and you will be able to get additional benefits from it.

Why LangEcole?

  •  Native or Bilingual expert professionals 
  • Certifications after the completion of the course
  • Offline classes during weekdays and weekends both
  • Faster-paced training mode
  • Accustomed to various mock interviews, personal development tests, and so on
  • Get access to unlimited online practice.
  • Sample Questions, practice tests, video resources, a study plan, practice exams, and much more with solutions.
  • Free workshops on interviewing techniques, job placement, brand marketing, and other topics are available.
  • Internship for students

Fee Structure 

 Rs. 1,20,000 for full course


 TOWER-A, Sadarpur, Sector-45, Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201303

12. Delhi school of foreign language [DSFL]

It is one of the best premier institutes that provides German language courses in Noida and helps to cater to your language dreams. They employ a one-of-a-kind blended learning approach that combines custom-designed courses with live classroom learning. Here instructors are well-trained, skilled, and passionate to assist you in succeeding in any language-learning situation

Each level, of course, is well equipped with the necessary tools to enhance their worldwide career and professional development.  This allows them to develop language skills linked to study and examination requirements, and prepare for a study or internship abroad.


  • Covers International syllabus
  • Has Certified Trainer
  • Maintaining a high standard of education Training
  • Focussed on 4 skills i.e. speaking, writing, reading, and listening
  • Weekdays class+ weekend Class training schedule
  • Certification after passing the exam


C-56/21, Sector-62, Noida. (U.P)


To summarize, a German language course is a gateway to numerous opportunities if qualified with the best of the German language institute. After successfully completing the course from one of your favorite institutes, you will have the chance to earn higher salaries and have endless scope in this field. 

Today, there are a plethora of institutes that provide German language courses, out of which I have listed the top 12  GErman language courses in Noida. My personal favorite, Henry Harvin Institute, with its highly rated and experienced language trainers, provides outstanding classes to its students. 

All the best for your new journey. Happy learning!

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1. What is the name of the examinations for the German Language?

The DSH, TestDaf, and Goeth Institut tests are the most generally recognized exams.

2. What job opportunities are available if I am able to communicate fluently in German?

Yes, there are many job opportunities available. Some are Customer service representatives, Translators, Jobs in hotels, Travel, Tourism, and Hospitality industry in India and abroad, and many more

3.Is that really easy to learn German?

It may seem challenging in the beginning. However, it is the simplest language. You require expert advice from the appropriate source.

4. Which certificate is considered the best for the German Language?

The best certificate recognized by German institutions of higher learning is the Test DSH Certificate.

5. Who can do the German language course?

The German Language Course is open to everyone who is interested in learning a new language and has a strong desire to do so. It’s also excellent for people studying German for tests like the DSH, the TestDaF, and the Goethe-Institut Examination.

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