We all know that German is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world, and because of its growing popularity, schools are now providing it as a second language to learn for kids. As a result, there is no better time than now to enrol yourself in a German language course. Therefore, this article is all about top German language course in Delhi.

Let’s Begin

German is an important and booming language that deserves all our attention. Chiefly, it is spoken by 95 million native speakers especially in central Europe, as well as by an additional 10 to 15 million second-language speakers, in Eastern Europe. It is the majority language and an official language in Germany, of course, but also in Austria, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, and the South Tyrol region of Northern Italy. Although not a majority language, German is the official language in Luxembourg and Belgium. So, are you looking for information on top German language course in Delhi? You will find all the details in this article.

Learn the German Language

Finally, let’s move towards the question of what are the best institutes for a German Language course in Delhi? To answer this, we have collated a list of top institutes offering German language course in Delhi with all the details.

Top 10 German Language Courses in Delhi

1. Henry Harvin

The German Language course training offered by Henry Harvin is a comprehensive program organized into six levels that provides students with in-depth knowledge as well as necessary skills in the language. Henry Harvin is a top institute offering German language courses in Delhi with trainers over 15 years of experience. Learners will get a good command of both verbal and written language abilities as a result of the course content. Consequently, thousands of students across Delhi have benefitted in their careers by enrolling themselves in a German language course in Delhi

from Henry Harvin.

Features of the Course –

  1. Expert-led live online interactive classroom training.
  2. Work on German-language projects to get experience.
  3. The opportunity to gain hands-on experience through an internship.
  4. German Language Training course has been recognized by the Indian government.
  5. Access to LMS, video content, boot camps, Hackathons, and 1-year Gold Membership.
  1. Placement support for 1-year post completion of the course.

Course Duration and Fees details

Level                 Duration          Fees

A1                     30 Hours         INR 8,999/-

A2                     30 Hours          INR 8,999/-

B1                     40 Hours          INR 11,999/-

B2                     40 Hours          INR 11,999/-

C1                     40 Hours          INR 14,999/-

C2                     40 Hours          INR 14,999/-

Contact- +91 9015266266

Website – 

Henry Harvin also provides these courses

French Language Course

Spanish Language Course

2. Language Pantheon

Language Pantheon is a language learning academy situated in Delhi that specializes in German language course in Delhi. The course curriculum is extremely thorough and covers every facet of learning German effectively. They also provide dedicated German language specialists, custom-made study materials, and access to e-resources, as well as 100 percent activity-based sessions that involve group discussions, debates, quizzes, and games that encourage participants to speak more German during training sessions. They employ a unique set of training methods and tactics that they have dubbed as “amazing German.”

Duration and fee details

Level                 Duration          Fees

A1                     140 Hours         INR 15,000/-

A2                     120 Hours          INR 15,000/-

B1                     160 Hours          INR 16,000/-

B2.1                  110 Hours          INR 16,000/-

B2.2                  160 Hours          INR 16,000/-

C1.1                  110 Hours          INR 16,000/-

C1.2 160 Hours INR 16,000/-

The course fee for international German certifications will be INR 25000/-.

Phone: 1800 123 1528


3. Max Mueller Bhavan/ Goethe Institute

Max Mueller Bhavan is one of the most well-known venues to learn German language course in Delhi, as they are known for providing the most comprehensive and high-quality German education. It is also known as the Goethe Institute and offers one of the most professional German language classes in Delhi. The sessions are led by native and non-native speakers with extensive experience. The institute offers training at all levels, from beginner to advanced, as well as diploma courses in basic grammar and communication.

Features of the course – 

  • This institute also specializes in film, music, theater, and writing translation.
  • The Goethe Institute also provides tailored libraries with German journals, books, and literature.
  • Regular activities as well as practice sessions to help the individual improve their language skills. 
  • It specializes in standard German language lessons in Delhi (which are further subdivided into a 20-week intensive course and a 12-week intensive course, respectively) as well as specialty courses (conducted for corporates and small groups). 

Duration and Fees Details:

Each module from level A1 to C2 is for 2 months is available in online, offline, weekday, and weekend batches.

The course fee is approx. INR 20,500 to 23, 000 according to the level and duration of the course.

Phone: 011 2332 9604


4. The German Language  School

The German Language School is an ideal institute offering German language course in Delhi, located in a wealthy suburb of Vasant Kunj. Highly qualified teachers, individual attention to each student, regular online assessments, study materials, and the ability to offer weekend German classes in Delhi are all advantages of this college. The institution boasts of 100% results and higher placements for its alumni in disciplines such as art and culture, education, hospitality and aviation, and other miscellaneous sectors all over the world.

Presently, it is offering four levels (A1 – B2) of German language course in Delhi, each with its own set of learning and teaching methods, as well as online enrollment.

Duration and Fees details – 

Level                 Duration          Fees

A1                     60 Hours         INR 15,500/- to INR 16,500/-

A2                     70 Hours          INR 17,500/- to INR 18,500/-

B1                     80 Hours          INR 20,000/- to INR 21,000/-

B2                     90 Hours          INR 25,000/-

Phone: 070653 75752


5. Oracle International Language Institute

Language Pantheon is a language learning academy situated in Delhi that specializes in German language course in Delhi. Through its high-tech, state-of-the-art teaching locations strategically positioned around the country, the Oracle International Language Institute brings together a comprehensive range of international professional and vocational certifications under one roof. It offers unique and innovative programs that combine industry expertise and practical application, making it appealing to academics as well as a variety of other market sectors. 

Features of the course

  • Concentration on comprehensive language comprehension, including fluency, grammar, presentation, and writing.
  • To provide quality education, form small groups of 10-12 pupils.
  • Comprehensive assessments of kids regularly.
  • Activities such as role-play, video case study, and others to aid overall comprehension.
  • A 360-degree feedback system.
  • Batches that are adaptable to the needs of children, professionals, doctors, and engineers.
  • Highly trained and experienced professors that give engaging sessions using basic yet innovative language teaching methods.

Duration of course It is from 3 months to 18 months depending on the module.

Fees – connect to the institute to get the fee details

Phone – 9953988288

Website –

6. Jawaharlal Nehru Academy of Languages

Founded in 1958, Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan’s Jawaharlal Nehru Academy of Languages is one of the oldest universities offering German language training in Delhi. Their highly qualified teachers help learners build their confidence and achieve their goals concerning language speaking, listening, reading, as well as writing skills. They have over 60 years of experience teaching foreign languages and thousands of students each year. 

The Jawaharlal Nehru Academy of Languages at Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan offers 1-year part-time German studies in Delhi. 

Duration of course

It has two five-month semesters. Therefore, students who pass the examination at the end of the second semester will get a certificate.

Fees – INR 18,000 for one semester.

Contact – 011 23382003

Website –

7. YMCA Institute for career studies

The New Delhi YMCA, which was founded in 1927, has established itself as a vibrant youth-centered, service-oriented movement in Delhi. It is one of the leading institutes providing German language course in Delhi. The Institute for Career Studies at YMCA New Delhi is offering a one-year Diploma in the German language. The eligibility to enroll is 10+2. There are 2 semesters in this diploma. The topics covered in the first semesters are phonetics, vocabulary, conversations, grammar, etc. In the second semester, the focus is more on conversation, tenses, expressions, culture as well as literature, use of formal and informal language, interpretation, etc. 

Duration of course – 1 year

Fees details – INR 50,340/-

Contact – 011 – 4364 4000.

Website –

8. Langma School of Languages

Since its inception in 2007, the Langma School of Languages has evolved and expanded to other places, offering knowledge of languages both (international and regional). It has a smart teaching strategy that makes the learning process enjoyable while focusing on excellent education. It also hosts a variety of workshops and seminars. On the list of the Best German Language training in Delhi, it comes on rank first.

Features of course 

  • Best online and classroom training for General English, TOEFL, GRE, SAT, and 150+ other foreign as well as regional languages worldwide.
  • In addition, organize a variety of cultural and social events.
  • Assist to provide thousands of people with jobs depending on their skills.
  • It guarantees personalized lessons, flexible scheduling, high-quality study materials, and job chances.

Duration – 4 weeks to 6 weeks program available in online mode in weekdays and weekend batches.

Contact – 088009 97044

Website  –

9. Swiss School of Language

In reality, studying a foreign language these days is not only for your own development but also for a significant shift in your overall body language for the present and future. Swiss School of Languages offers the greatest solutions for a variety of languages throughout the world. This is a leading institute offering German language course in Delhi with levels ranging from beginner to advanced, ensuring a positive impact on the candidate’s overall personality. On the list of the Best German Language course training in Delhi, it comes on the rank ninth.

Features of course

  • It offers study materials for a variety of courses.
  • It conducts periodical time tests to keep pupils up to speed.
  • In addition, it gives the most up-to-date specialist programs for candidates who need to be fluent in English.
  • There are analytical, practical, and theoretical approaches to training.
  • You can adjust your study hours as needed.

Contact –  01142420724

Website –

10. Edusky Deutschlernen for German Classes

Edusky Deutschlernen offers one-of-a-kind  German language programs that are available in both online and offline formats. Hence, you can enroll in this coaching for comfort education and safety at home, or learn in state-of-the-art Modern classrooms. Thus, on the list of the Best German Language certification course in Delhi, it comes on the rank tenth.

Features of the course –

  • Firstly, the coaching is in charge of all four sessions: writing, speaking, reading, and listening.
  • Secondly, you can learn it in two weeks if you put a practical focus on it.
  • Thirdly, the course materials are according to the Gothe-Institut program.
  • Tests takes place regularly.
  • For interactive learning, audio-video support is available.

Duration – All six levels from A1 to C2 are approx 10 to 12 weeks each.

Contact – 9871300955

Website –

Career Path after German Language Courses in Delhi

German is a global language, spoken by 95 million native speakers, as well as by an additional 10 to 15 million second-language speakers in the world including the United States, which is the world’s fastest-growing economy, technology, business, health, and other sectors. On the internet, the German language is likewise becoming a popular medium for content volume. In India, it is becoming more popular as a foreign language.

Do you have any other questions? How may enrolling in a German language course in Delhi help you advance your career?

Then let’s see what we can find out! We’re going to show you the endless employment opportunities available to you if you know German.

1. Translator

Knowing German in addition to your native tongue will offer you an advantage over others because you will be able to easily obtain a lot more demanding work as a translator in today’s rapidly increasing business. MNCs do business in a variety of nations, and translators’ job is to convert written data from one language to another.

2. Interpreter

While translation primarily involves the conversion of written content, the interpreter serves as a link between two languages. Then, it’s more about translating spoken information between two languages. Assume, two managers with a language barrier meet together for a business meeting to sign a deal, that’s where an interpreter comes in who help in bridging up this communication or language barrier. Thus, you can get work in MNCs, sports arenas, medical industries, public meetings, and many more. 

3. College Lecturer

Because being multilingual is uncommon, you can easily find a respected and well-paying position as a German lecturer at any university in the globe if you have great German language skills and the relevant qualifications.

4. Jobs in an embassy

When you have the right qualifications and a language certification in German, you can work in an embassy in your native country or any German-speaking country. Front desk, IT operations, Office administration, logistics, customer service, Finance, as well as many other positions are available in an embassy. The embassy pays well, and you will be working for your country’s or other foreign embassies, thus it is respectful employment.

5. Content Writer

In today’s digital environment, the content writing profession is in high demand. Apart from writing in your local language, you can also attract foreign clients to write for them if you have German language skills. Adding a foreign language to your CV, such as German, will help you stand out from the crowd. Hence, there are many prospects for you in the corporate sector as a creative thinker with good German language skills for content creation, which are well-paying employment in the business.

Other options –

While, apart from the above-listed jobs, the array is quite big for the German language. You can also work as a Language Youtuber, HR Recruiter, Hotel Manager, Tourism guide, International marketer, and many more in a variety of industries of the world after finishing your German language course in Delhi.

Finally, the Next Step!

Lastly, you should have gathered from this article that there are numerous reasons to begin studying the German language. As a result, learning German language course in Delhi will open up a world of possibilities for you. Then not only will your knowledge increase but so will your personality, confidence, job path, social circle, as well as concentration. Each person may have their reasons for wanting to learn German, but the truth is that learning a new language will only make your life better. So, what do you have to lose? Thus, Simply enroll in a certification course in a German language course at top German language course in Delhi without hesitation and watch your career and personal progress soar.

Why German Language Course?

 It is also one of the widely taught languages in the world with between 75 and 100 million people have studied it as a foreign language. As this article is also about finding the best German language course in Delhi, You can enroll yourself in Henry Harvin German Language Course.

Do you know that one-tenth of the world’s books are published in German? In both the USA and Europe, German is the third most widely taught foreign language as well as the second most widely used scientific language in the world. Do you know that doctors do have some reading knowledge of German? Because so much scientific research has been documented in the German language.

So, are you starting to get an idea of why the German language is so important? If yes, then let’s discuss the importance of getting a certification in the German Language course in Delhi.

Henry Harvin German Language Course

Importance of German Language Course –

Now, let’s discuss what is the importance of getting a certification in the German Language course.

1. Opportunity to study/work in Germany

If you have a certificate in a German Language Course in Delhi and wish to work abroad then there are numerous job prospects available to you. If you want to work in Germany or any other South European country then understanding German will improve your job prospects in any industry.

The work market in these countries is growing, so whether you’re a doctor, engineer, lawyer, or belong to any other profession but have a degree in the German language course in Delhi, it will undoubtedly benefit you. As a result, understanding German will help you gain an advantage over the competition when it comes to landing a lucrative employment offer.

2. Market Dominance and Growth

Don’t you think it would be wonderful for your business if you could promote it in other nations if you are an entrepreneur with a product-selling business when your areas of operations are limited? Yes, when you can succeed in your own nation, you can succeed in other countries as well, and you will be able to do it more effectively if there is no language barrier.

Because German is one of the most widely spoken languages after English, a substantial number of purchasers speak it as well. As a result, enrolling in a German Language Course in Delhi to advertise your business internationally is a fantastic option because you will be able to easily access and communicate with your target market.

3. Understanding of a new culture

Learning a new language provides you access to explore a new culture that you haven’t experienced before. Many things are associated with Germany, including literature, plays, music, movies, dance, and so on, and if you know German, you can take advantage of this cultural gift by effortlessly conversing with new people, making new acquaintances, and thereby expanding your social circle.

4. For a better travel experience

The language barrier is the first thing that comes to mind when we desire to travel to a new place. Therefore, knowing their language makes things a lot easier. As a result, your journey will be easier, and you won’t have to rely on someone for translation every time. If you know German, you can plan a vacation to Austria, Brazil, Belgium, Namibia, Switzerland, Canada, Germany, the USA, North Italy, as well as many other places for fun, learning, or a job.

5. Boost your creativity and knowledge base

Learning a new language allows you to express yourself in new ways as you learn and experiment with new ways of communicating with people. While it stimulates our brain circuits and boosts our inventiveness in terms of how to communicate with new phrases. As a result, completing a certification in a German language course in Delhi will undoubtedly increase your creativity and critical thinking. It will improve your native language understanding since, when learning a new language, you must consider how idioms, conjunctions, verbs, and other grammar rules are used in your original language. You will think in your own language first, then convert to German, which will aid your comprehension of both languages.

Frequently asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Is it required that I have a basic understanding of German before enrolling in a course?

No, even if you are a total beginner with no prior understanding of the German language, you can join this course. The first module of this course is A1, which is Beginner Level, and it will walk you through all of the fundamentals of the German language.

2. How difficult is it to learn the German language?

The level of difficulty for you is determined by a variety of factors such as your mother tongue, age, capacity to understand new concepts, and so on. But, to begin with, German is not a very difficult language to learn. Beginner levels are simple, and you can begin pronouncing in German in a matter of days. The higher tiers, on the other hand, are a bit difficult but you can learn them easily with practice over some time.

3. Is it possible to learn the German language online?

Yes, absolutely. Online learning is proving to be a boon to education in today’s digital environment. You can learn it online using all of the available software tools at your leisure, at any time that is convenient for you. Expert instructors are teaching online programs in weekday and weekend groups all over the world.

4. What are some of the advantages of learning German?

Learning German as a second language will help you advance in your job. You will have access to universities in other nations for education, which will increase your job prospects in other countries. It will sharpen your mind, boost your confidence, and improve your personality. If you have a solid command of the German language, you have a lot of job alternatives. You will be introduced to a whole new world of art, music, culture, and people. You have the option of expanding your current business into other countries.

5. How many levels are there in a German course?

A German language course can be completed at one of six levels, beginning with Beginner to Advanced levels. These are A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, and C2 levels.

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