Are you an aspiring candidate to study at the top universities in Germany? Are you career-driven and passionately searching for some best options? 

Well, then this is the best place for you. This blog will guide you to the top universities in Germany that will accelerate your chances of getting into the best of jobs, and also an incredible enhancement in finances

Why is Germany in demand? 

The first and foremost reason for Germany to take the lead in the popularity among International students is low or no tuition fees. Recent research says that about 400,000 foreign students are now pursuing German qualifications. 

Besides, German universities are offering globally accepted degrees. This allows entry to the job market with power. The degrees offered by the universities are internationally accepted.

The below list comprises the top 10 universities in Germany

1. Technical University of Munich

When considering the top universities in Germany, Technical University is given a lot of attention. The university is popular for its superiority in research, teaching, and talent support. It harbors 15 different faculties with 42,705 students enrolled in the programs. 32% of the total student strength is international students. 

The university believes in “We invest in talent. Knowledge is our gain”.

Course Highlight 

It provides degrees in the following field of study-

a) Chemistry 

b) Architecture

c) Construction Geo Environment

d) Computer Science

e) Electrical and Computer Engineering

f) Mechanical Engineering

g) Sports and Health Sciences

h) Physics

i) Economics

j) Medicine  

2. Ruprecht Karl University of Heidelberg 

The Ruprecht Karl University of Heidelberg has long years of offering multiple disciplines. The university solely focuses on enhancing and broadening the scope of students, enhancing skills, and training them for the future. Moreover, the university is well-recommended for its warm and welcoming environment. 

Furthermore, the university’s priorities are giving equal opportunities and generating a diverse environment.

Course Highlight 

Ruprecht University provides degrees in the following domain-

a) Chemistry and Earth Science

b) Physics and Astronomy

c) Biosciences 

d) Law

e) Behavioral and Cultural Studies 

f) Modern languages

g) Medicine

h) Theology 

3) Humboldt University of Berlin

Next on the list is the Humboldt University of Berlin. It is a highly recognized university with 35,475 students enrolled in the courses out of which 5,610 are international students. 

Humboldt is known for its teaching and research with 420 professors and over 1,900 candidates teaching and pursuing research at the Humboldt University of Berlin. 

Moreover, around 18% of the teaching faculty comes from universities outside Germany. This brings diversity and improved quality in teaching. Furthermore, the graduates will be trained to enter the market with confidence. 

Course Highlight

Humboldt University offers courses degree in the following field-

a) Culture, Social Sciences, and Education

b) Life Sciences

c) Law

d) Mathematics and Natural Sciences

e) Linguistics and Literature

f) Philosophy

g) Theology

h) Business and Economics

i) Medicine 

4) KIT, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

KIT University is another well-known German university. KIT focuses on working on vital problems faced by the industry, society, and the environment these days. 

Primarily, KIT is working towards bridging worldwide knowledge and offering international research projects and cultural diversity. It centers its attention on enhancing unique development perspectives for its candidates by early incorporation into interdisciplinary research projects and international teams. 

Course Highlights 

KIT provides degrees in the following domains-

a) Chemistry and Process Engineering

b) Chemistry and Biosciences

c) Architecture 

d) Civil Engineering, Geo and Environmental Sciences

e) Humanities and Social Science

f) Mechanical Engineering

g) Economics and Management 

h) Mathematics

I) Physics

J) Information

5) Free University of Berlin 

Founded in the year 2007, the Free University of Berlin has formed a strong foundation in the educational spectrum for its diverse work. The university has over 33,000 students out of which 13% are international students enrolled in bachelor programs and 27% of students admitted in the masters program. 

Course Highlights 

The Free University of Berlin offers a degree in 11 departments that include- 

a) Education and Psychology

b) Earth Sciences

c) Biology, Chemistry, and Pharmacy

d) Mathematics and Computer Science

e) History and Cultural Studies 

f) Physics

g) Law  

h) Political and Social Sciences

I) Medicine

J) Veterinary Medicine

k) Business and Economics

l) Philosophy and Social Sciences 

6) Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich 

Located in the heart of Europe, Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich has become a primary research university in Europe. Ludwig University has over 500 years of tradition in providing high-standard teaching and research. 

International students occupy 15 % of the population and constitute around 7,000 in number. Moreover, it has corporations with partner universities over 400 worldwide. This is the key advantage of the university where the students exchange and enjoy degree programs. 

Course Highlight 

The course covers the following domain-

a) Protestant Theology

b) Catholic Theology 

c) Law

d) Economics 

e) Veterinary Medicine 

f) Mathematics, Informatics, and Statistics 

g) Psychology and Educational Sciences 

h) Study of Culture 

I) Language and Literature 

j) Chemistry and Pharmacy 

I) Geosciences

7) RWTH Aachen University 

RWTH is another demanding university offering top education in multiple domains. RWTH is ranked among the top 10 universities where it provides creative solutions to meet global challenges. Moreover, RWTH offers global solutions to the challenges. Furthermore, the university offers students with advanced opportunities to attain the required skills and knowledge to thrive in the global market. 

The university has over 45,628 students with 11,280 international students.

Course Highlight 

RWTH offers degrees in the following domain- 

a) Architecture 

b) Mechanical Engineering

c) Arts and Humanities

d) Geo resources and Material Engineering

e) School of Business and Economics 

f) Medicine 

8) Eberhard Karls University of Tubingen 

Eberhard Karls has been founded for over 500 years gaining a reputation in the field of study and research. The university is recognized for its creative and international courses that constitute 27,196 students with 3,779 International students. 

The university offers a welcoming environment for modern techniques, detailed degree programs, and exceptional academic staff. 

Besides a varied community of aspiring students, students get to acquire qualifications that are useful in today’s world. 

Course Highlights 

Eberhard offers courses in the following domain- 

a) Protestant Theology 

b) Philosophy 

c) Catholic Theology 

d) Law 

e) Philosophy 

f) Medical School

g) Mathematics and Natural Sciences 

h) Medical School 

9) Berlin Institute of Technology 

Berlin Institute of Technology is located in the center of Europe that offers a wide variety of qualitative degree programs. The courses are industry-tailored that helps students achieve their dream career. The university offers an outstanding environment that helps to attain achievements in research and teaching. 

Besides, the students enjoy the welcoming environment.

Course Highlights 

The course covers the following fields of study-

a) Mathematics and Natural Sciences

b) Humanities and Education

c) Process Sciences 

d) Traffic and Machine Systems 

e) Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

f) Traffic and Machine Systems 

g) Economics and Management 

h) Planning Building Environment 

10) Albert Ludwig University of Freiburg

Last but not the least, Albert Ludwig University founded in the year 1475 is now established as a demanding teaching and research institution. The place is ideal for students welcoming open-mindedness, international exchange, and pluralism. 

The institution provides the best working conditions for research, teaching, and administration. It offers a friendly and welcoming environment that defines the University for its Fineness. 

Course Highlight

Albert Ledwig University provides degrees in the following fields of study-

a) Philology 

b) Humanities 

c) Theology

d) Law

e) Economics and Behavioral Sciences 

f) Mathematics and Physics 

g) Medicine

h) Chemistry and Pharmacy

I) Environment and Natural Resources

j) Engineering 

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