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Creative Writing is a unique form of expressing things. Do you want to pen down your thoughts and reach around? Mesmerize the audience with the beautiful essence of every object creatively.

Are you a bit confused about your career prospects as a Creative writer? You will be amazed to know there are plenty of opportunities knocking on the door. As a creative writer, you can have different roles. 

This blog will take you on the right path for Creative writing jobs.

Play with the words professionally.

Creative Writing Jobs for Freshers

What is Creative writing

Creative Writing refers to the art of putting your imagination in front of the world. There are forms such as poetry, scripts, copywriting, and many more. If you want to make a career, you can check the different jobs available as a Creative Writer:

1. Ghostwriting


Ghostwriting refers to giving your creative ideas to the clients without getting any author credits. The Ghostwriter will receive the payment from the clients. Generally, you will find two parties in the ghostwriting:

  • Author-The author is the client in whose name the content publishes. They will take the credits for the article. 
  • Ghost Writer-The freelance writer provides content to the client. He will get the money in return.

Why should you decide to become a Ghostwriter?

The client will have an idea of the plot. Freelancing Ghostwriter helps in providing high-quality writings to clients. They can be available in different roles. Writing books as a co-author if the author agrees to give the credits. Ghosts can work for a large amount of money.

How to Become a Ghostwriter?

 Freelance writers can work on different projects and get experience. They can earn money as a fresher. For getting entry into big ghost projects, the experience will be the key.

The door is never closed for the ghostwriters. You can get Creative writing jobs as a ghostwriter.

2. Creative Copywriting

Creative Copywriter catches the attention of customers by presenting information interestingly. Every word and fact should influence the customer to buy the product from the website. It overlooks the business policy.

Why should you decide to become a Creative Copywriter?

You may fear entering into the marketing environment. But the creative prospects will help you in observing deadlines. You can work with showcasing your creative talent in the business market. One of the best activities is to follow style guidelines. You can think of every product visually. Broader perspective adds to the mind.

How to start working as a Creative copywriter?

You need to identify the story in any campaign. Take any company, whether it’s insurance or startup. Get every detail of it from the campaign. Plot a good story. As a creative copywriter, you can take hints from print copy. You keep writing and visualizing everything. Build an inspiration board and keep regular track of your writeups.

In this form, you can open up to your clients.

Creative copywriting is marketing, but works get tougher as customer happiness grows by the creative stuff. You will be perfect in meeting the deadlines and clients’ requirements. You can perform well in this Creative writing jobs.

3. Script Writing

Scriptwriting is bringing visuals and creative writings to the screens. As a scriptwriter, you’ll write for film, television, and web series. Every character should touch the heart of people. Imagine yourself if you see a movie and what you expect from the directors. The script is the key to entertainment platforms.

Why should you decide to become a Script Writer?

You will be the creator. In other words, you will be the God for the industry. Visualizing things won’t bring attention. Writing and releasing it on the screen changes lives. A scriptwriter can send the message to the world through the scripts.OTT platforms are ruling over the Internet.

How to start working as a Script Writer?

Consistency helps in achieving the goals. As a scriptwriter, start writing upon your imagination. Go to any trade publications and ask for the projects. You can show your sample work. It is necessary to present at the site where the shooting takes place. You can find a mentor and a good job in the film industry.

Build your portfolio to select in the industry. Script Writing is one of the best Creative writing jobs.

4. Short Stories

Short Stories creates the best opportunity for Creative writing jobs. If you love to write stories, then convert the skills professionally. Write down the short stories of 2000-5000 words. Many short stories are available on the Internet company want the short stories as per their niches. They hire short stories writers and pay for it.

Why should you decide to become a Short Story writer?

It reduces the tension of self-publishing. The best way towards becoming a creative writer. An author can get the credit of their name. Many anthology companies are waiting for the short stories writers. 

How to start working as a Short Story writer?

 It may seem challenging at first sight. Believing in yourself will take you to heights. You can check out the best-known market such as Anthology. The Short Story contest will boost your writing career. Freelance Opportunities are also available on platforms like Upwork, Fever, etc.

If you have developed interest and experience, you can self-publish. You will get opportunities if you keep writing as short stories levels up. Creative writing jobs such as short stories build the foundations for creative stories writers.

5. Poetry Writing

Poetry is another form of literature where the poet expresses their thoughts. It is generally for Creative writers who write poems. It follows certain rhythms and sounds. The writer may feel a burden at the start, but poetry is part of happiness for the writers. After steady writing poet can show the collections of poems to the publishers.

Why should you decide to become a Poet?

You can earn decent money from your poetry. A poet makes the world beautiful by expressing his thoughts and emotions. Create your poetry world by a deeper understanding of the language. Breaking the rules and creating your stanza may lead you to be a great writer.

How to start a career as a poet?

A poet never says no to writing. Career path depends on author choice. Freelancing can be where the author can write poems for the clients. It is the best creative writing job. After growing up in the field, the poet can start publishing his books. In the digital world, the poet can get other opportunities. They can sell their poems to DY agencies such as coffee mugs sellers. Taking part in the poetry competitions to reach out to more writers.

It’s high time to write the poem and present them professionally. Poet never leaves the chance to head down and start penning.

6. Column Writing

Column Writing is generally magazine and newspaper writings. The columnist can build trust with the publishers. Regular newspapers readers start knowing about the authors. Your clients ask for your creative ideas.

Why should you decide to become a Columnist?

Your Creative ideas will be available in different publications like:

  • Magazines
  • Newspapers
  • Newsletters
  • Blogs

Newspapers allow such creative writers to keep updating the journals.

How to start a career as a Columnist?

You need to show your work to the publications. Choose the best publications, which is generally a difficult task. Decide which type of publications you want to write. Like in Newspapers, there are creative sections for great writers. Online platforms are giving them more opportunities.

If you are looking for Creative Writing jobs, this can be a good option. Keep writing as per the schedule and meet the deadlines.

7. Freelance Writing

Freelance is self-working. A writer has the opportunity to select the work according to their niche. Many companies hire Freelance writers on their projects. If they want specializations, then select the particular category projects. Freelancing helps creative writers to write topics and earn money.

Why should you decide to become a Freelancer?

Independent is the main reason to become a Freelancer. A writer can get the flexibility in the work and do as per their choice. Even top companies want to hire a freelancer for a particular project. It enhances the knowledge of the writer as well as the client. In today’s world, everyone wants independent and creative ideas. Following the trend is the utmost priority.

How to start a career as a Freelancer?

Freelancer task seems difficult in the beginning. They can ask clients for the projects. Various online websites hire freelancers. Creative writing can achieve success in financial terms.

Creative writing jobs are available in various roles, but the aspect depends on the writer’s choice.

8. Editor

The editor can provide all types of assistants. They can work with senior editors. An editor will get a series of responsibilities from the seniors. They can also suggest corrections to the clients. Editors can provide services to different publications. Books, magazines, newspapers are some of them. Editorial works mainly include:

  • Supporting the editorial teams with all activities. Your creativity writing and the changes contribute to the work.
  • Correcting the scripts
  • Summarising the writing materials 
  • Dealing with clients to know the requirements and make the changes.

Why should you decide to become an Editor?

Promotion is the one key factors that every individual wants. The editor can work with senior editors and enhance their professional skills. It is the step towards the Freelancing journey in the future. Creative writing jobs don’t always include writing. It is broader to get financial stability.

How to start a career as an editor?

Work sample and showcasing the talent work for an editor. For pre-entry, seek advice from the people who are already working in that field. You can submit the applications and ask for the work. Work experience will be the bonus part.

 You can get overseas projects if you get enhancement in this role. Various companies are looking for junior editors.

9. Social Media manager

If you are a creative writer, Social media is the best platform. You can bring out creative ideas which can work for the business. Social media managers operate the online platforms by doing various roles:

  • Timely handling of the page
  • Going with the trend
  • Bringing creative content for the viewers
  • Listening to customer’s grievances
  • Multimedia content adding creative writing

Why should you decide to become a Social Media Manager?

You will sail through the new ideas and trends going into the market. You can bring out your creativity and build a strong portfolio. Writing a quality blog may aspire the readers to reach you. Social media is the heart of society. Creative writers usually search for these platforms.

Creative writing jobs look for those writers who can attract readers by their writing style. 

How to start a career as a Social Media Manager?

Creative writing jobs look for those writers who can attract readers by their writing style. There are various in-house opportunities. You can apply for an agency hiring Social media manager. Keep a track of the company that updates its social media pages. You can reach them and ask for the work. Freelancing is possible here with a knowledge of Digital marketing.

You can go through the various vacancies in bubble jobs, campaigns, marketing week, etc.

10. Writer

Writers cover both fiction and nonfiction writing. Creative writers get various options to write. Writing individual pieces as per the requirements. Tieing up with publications and agents. They can also write novels. Digital copywriting is also one of the roles which writers can perform.

Why should you decide to become a Writer?

Being a passionate writer to professional takes a lot of effort. A writer can understand the creative environment and perform the task. To start working, you need to assign yourself a role. It is the base stone for future projects.

How to start a career as a Writer?

The writer may be do freelancing in the beginning. They can perform part-time or full-time jobs as per their choice. The first step is selecting the niche. Creative writer jobs are plating the word in a creative manner.

The writer has rights in their pockets. They can recreate with words beautifully and get paid.

Familiar Recommendation

If you are thinking of pursuing a Creative Writing course, check out one of the best institutes

Henry Harvin Education

Henry Harvin Education is the foremost Institute to deliver the best Creative writing course online. It concentrates on “Value Creation” and helps you with grammatical concepts. Henry Harvin Education is a Global EdTech Company ranked amongst the top 500 Edtech Companies. It is recognized by the Top Corporate Training Award. One of the best institutes for upskilling and reskilling knowledge.

Benefits of choosing Henry Harvin Education

You will fetch the chance to take the advantage of 9 in 1 course. Bonuses of choosing the Creative writing course:

  • Training sessions – Live Online classroom sessions are held. You can ask your doubts. Sessions act as the best learning platforms
  • Assignments- Students get the facility to undergo projects and do class assignments. They can learn practical experience that plays an important role
  • Internship Opportunity -You can involve in the internships after finishing the live classroom sessions. The internship will assist to achieve knowledge of the course.
  • E-learning portal – You will get entry to learning tools. You can review recordings. A combination of education materials is present in the LMS portal as per your course.
  • Competitions – Free entrance to hackathons and competitions. Results are declared weekly.
  • Membership – You will receive the 1-Year Gold membership from the Henry Harvin academy.
  • Placement guarantee – Once you complete the course, job details are available on the Portal. You will acquire 100% Placement support after 1-year post successful completion.
  • Bootcamps – It is available over the next 12months.
  • Certificate – Henry Harvin will award you the certificate of the Creative writing course. 

Certificates are given for training sessions, internships opportunities as 

well as projects. Both hard copies, as well as soft copies, are available.    

Course structure

Institutes have designed Creative writing courses online by listing into different modules:

  1. Initiating Creative Writing
  2. Literary Elements & Techniques
  3. Creating Stories
  4. Fiction Writing
  5. Script Writing
  6. Poetry Writing

Fee Structure

Fee charges depend upon the type of course selected:

  • Self Paced Courses – INR 8550/-
  • Live Online Classroom- INR 9500/-

You can select the batch at your convenience.

Other courses offered

Henry Harvin consists of different other courses apart from the Creative writing course. Keep a glance at other courses:

  • Digital Marketing
  • Content Writing
  • SAP 
  • Medical Writing
  • Lean Six Sigma
  • Accounting and taxation

Across-the-board centers:

Surat, Bhubaneshwar, Chennai, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Delhi, Mumbai, Chandigarh, Bangalore, etc



Last words, you came across many creative writing jobs. Creative writing involves selecting the niches as per your choice. You can be a freelancer and write in your free time. If you love the Digital Era, then the Social media manager role works for it. Journalist, Blogger are the other roles which a fresher can prefer.

Creative writing is more of writing your piece. If you want to build a career, then give a kickstart to these skills. You may be a learner now but an expert by your creative ideas shortly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What can be the highest salary for Creative writers?

The highest salary for Creative writers is INR 53,166/-per month. The amount may change if the person is doing freelancing.

What are the qualifications requirements for Creative writers?

They should have a proper understanding of the English language, good communications skills, and a creative mind.

 Can I perform the job from home?

Yes, you can build your portfolio and show them to the clients.

 Do I need to go to college to pursue the course?

No, a writer doesn’t need to get a college degree. They can use their creativity and start writing. The certifications course are also available.

Is a Creative writing certificate worth the job?

The certificate will highlight your superior skill in the course. It makes sure that the candidate has a brief understanding of the writing skills.

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