Being multilingual is an asset that permits you to explore new opportunities and career enhancements. Learning the German language opens new paths in the professional and personal life of an individual. Germany is the home to a large number of globally recognised brands. Siemens, Adidas, Volkswagen and Lufthansa are a few of them. Knowing the German language can add that edge to your resume that can open doors to the world of opportunities in various fields.

Learning and speaking German is not a big deal. The german language course in Pune provide the opportunity to learn the language in depth. Learning the German language is beneficial for professionals, students as well as business people. Germany is a gateway to a world-class education. Knowing the German language will be useful for the businessmen as it will helpful for strengthening their business opportunities.

Why Join the German Course in Pune? 

The foreign language institutes in Pune are the pioneers in the field. In this blog, I have included the top institutes in Pune that provides German language course in Pune. The coaching is given by German speakers with multiple years of experience in the field of coaching. The German language coaching includes additional knowledge about the literature art and culture of Germany. This helps the students not only in mastering the language but also in understanding the country and its heritage.

Top 10 German Language courses in Pune

 I have taken the time to go through the resources and tried to present before you the best German language courses in Pune in this blog. There is no one size fit course for all the learners. Your learning styles, interests, past experiences, all will be the deciding factors for each one of you to choose the best course that’s suitable for you.  In the given list  I have highlighted the best about each course for you to choose the one for you.

1. Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin provides the German language course in Pune as a dream come true for the learners. The live online interactive classrooms sessions take you step by step from the basics to the advanced levels. The course includes training, projects, internships, certification, placement, e-learning, boot camps and hackathons. There are 6 levels in the German language course in Pune. Each level clearly identifies learning objectives and provides the relevant instructional materials and worksheets.

The course provides the facility to do projects to implement the German language and the internships for the experience in the language. The placement assistance of Henry Harvin is 87% which shows the chances of getting placements are good. Thousands of students who qualified from Henry Harvin are earning well being placed in reputed firms across the world. Completion of the German language course in Pune will provide various job opportunities as freelancers or full-time professionals. Many students got jobs as translators in Indian Government Organisations, MNCs, NGOs.Learning German opened job opportunities in Germany, Switzerland, Austria and other EU countries.

Course Duration and Fee Structure

level duration fee
A1 56 HoursINR 12500
A256 HoursINR 12500
B166 HoursINR 15500
B266 HoursINR 15500
C166 HoursINR 17500
C266 HoursINR 17500

Each level has mainly 2 modules.

 Contact no: 9891953953

Henry Harvin also provides these courses:

Spanish Language Course

French Language Course

2. ASAP German Language Institute

ASAP German Language Institute in Pune is one of the institutes that is providing world-class training in the German language. This institute has trained hundreds of students. The training is suitable for the international language certification exams. The trainers are German language experts with C1 level certification in German. They teach the students with the easiest and most impressive methods. Their team members are experts in teaching, translating, interpreting across the language, cultural and corporate fields. The institute helps the students in finding the best universities across Germany for studies. The trainers train the students for the competitive exams.

levels duration fee
A150-60 HoursINR 12500
A260 HoursINR 13500
B170 HoursINR 15500

Contact no: 9209203333

3. ZEITGEIST Language Institute (German Language Course in Pune)

ZEITGEIST is the international market leader in German language coaching in Pune. The institute has highly qualified instructors. The institute provides the latest teaching methods, intensive mentoring and advice. The certification is internationally valid. The institute provides a general German language course from A1 to B2 levels. German language course in Pune are designed for specific target groups to develop specific skills. This institute gives training for individual and small groups in addition to company courses and german for business. The course is divided into two levels that are elementary use of language and independent language use. The institute provides German language coaching for school students who have the German language as a part of their Academics.

4. Savithribai Phule University Pune

This university is providing German courses at various levels. The courses start from elementary level to postgraduate courses. The German language course in Pune is conducted at various timings for the convenience of the students. There are morning as well as evening batches at different centres of the university within the city, around 1500 students taking admission for the german course every year.

There are certificates, intensive certificates, diplomas, advanced diplomas, special diploma courses for the German language in this university. The faculties are qualified and are having experience in teaching. There are specialised German courses such as a Special diploma in German Translation and a special diploma in Commercial German. Students passing from this university are getting an international certification that is opening lots of job opportunities in different parts of the world.

certification1 yearINR 8213
intensive certification 4 1/2 months INR 9443
diploma1 yearINR 9443
intensive diploma4 1/2 monthsINR 9880
advanced diploma1 year INR 12043
special diploma1 year INR 13343

Contact no : 020- 25654256

5. Samwaad Language Institute Pune

This institute is offering a German Language course in Pune. The institute provides online as well as physical classes for the students. The timing of the course is convenient for working people also. The timing is decided by the mutual consent of the instructors and the students. The instructors have vast experience in teaching German and other languages. The course is designed in such a way to make learning fun and comprehensive. The instructors make learning an experience to cherish.

Contact no: 9922423833

6. Goethe Institute Pune

This is one of the best institutes in Pune that is providing German language Courses in Pune. The course is online and provides good quality tools for learning. The course includes appealing exercises for the students which help them to strengthen their knowledge of the language. The institute provides study abroad through an international cultural exchange programme.

The institute provides teaching for school students to professionals in the field, it also provides professional development courses for the teachers. The instructors are experienced and provide the learning materials and interesting ideas for the students to improve their language. Along with the language the students are taught about German culture and literature. The institute provides courses from A1 level to C2 levels. The institute provides group learning sessions as well as one on one sessions.

level durationfee
A1 16 weeks INR 24000
A216 weeksINR 24000
B116 weeksINR 24000
B216 weeksINR 24000
C116 weeksINR 24000
C216 weeksINR 24000

Contact no: 91 2066447120

7. German Language School Pune

This institute is one of the best institutes in Pune to learn German. The institute provides interactive online classes for the students. The instructors are pioneers in teaching the language. The course is designed in such a way that the students are given personal attention and trained intensively to prepare for the examination. The course is provided to the students as well as the working people, it is conducted in different levels from A1 to B2 level.

The students after completing the course will be able to converse in German. The course helps the students and also the working people who would like to move to the German-speaking country to pursue their careers. The learning is not only confined to books but beyond that which helps the students to understand the culture and tradition of the country.

level durationfee
A1 1.5 months INR 13500
A22 monthsINR 16000
B11.5 monthsINR 13500
B22 monthsINR 13500

Contact no: 08408010102

8. VCACS Pune

VCACS is one of the colleges in Pune that provides German courses in India. The college has a beautiful campus and the latest technology that helps the students with a better learning experience. The faculties are experienced and provide excellent coaching. The students who completed courses in this college are having good opportunities in their careers.

The German courses provided are diplomas and Certifications in the German language. The students are given certificates of the Savitri bai Phule University. The campus provides on-campus recruitments for the students. Many students are having good careers after finishing the course in this college.

Contact no: 7888076565

9. MIT Pune

This is one of the institutions in Pune that provides German language courses in India. The institute provides a certification programme in German. The course mainly introduces elementary knowledge, grammar and the phonetics of the German language, it also makes the students competent enough in communicative German. The course includes regular classes, assignments, grammar worksheets etc. The 1-year course makes the students confident enough to speak the German language. The faculties of the  German certificate course are experienced and well qualified.

Contact no: 8055350000


SIIFL has been conducting one of the best German language classes in Pune. The courses are conducted in different levels from the basic elementary levels to the intermediate and to the advanced levels. The institute is providing morning, afternoon and evening classes both on weekdays and weekends for the convenience of the students.

The course is designed in such a way that the students can master writing, reading, speaking of the language with confidence. A bunch of experienced and competent teachers is the main pillar of the German course of this institute. The students of this institute include business people and housewives and also the professionals aspiring to go to German-speaking countries. 

Contact no: 91 2025677431 

11. Synergy Foreign Language Institute

This is one of the best institutes in Pune that gives an in-depth knowledge of the language with the help of their dedicated trainer. The institute prepares the students for international certification exams. The institute provides onsite group training and classroom training. The trainers give personal attention to each student. There are different levels of training from the A1 level to the  C2 level. The teachers assure good deliverance of the German language. The students are getting highly benefitted with the German course in the institute both in the professional and their higher studies.

Contact no: 7722048000

German Certification Exam Levels

The German language is taught in six levels. The levels are A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2. One has to pass through all these level exams. At each level, the students are evaluated through all  4 skills

  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Listening
  •  Hearing

The interactive way of teaching is followed in the course. The course is less intensive from basics to intermediate and from intermediate to advanced levels. The course is designed in such a way that the students will gain confidence in using the language by the end of the course.

The Levels of German language Courses in Pune

A1 Level

The basic level teaches the expressions and phrases to communicate. This level makes the student communicate with others and understand them. The student learns to communicate using phrases and small sentences. 

A2 Level

After learning this level the student can introduce themselves and understand the basic expressions of the day to day life. The students can describe matters of immediate need like in the areas of shopping, family and friends circle.

B1 Level

After completing this level the students will be able to text simple words. Describe their dreams, experiences in their own words. The students should be able to communicate at work, school and in travel in a clear manner.

B2 Level

Successful completion of this level makes the students confident enough to communicate with the natives. The students can understand the main content of the complex sentences and respond accordingly.

C1 Level

Mastering this level make you fluent enough to converse in German without referring to the dictionary frequently. The vocabulary is attained which can make you good at understanding and speaking German.

C2 Level

You would have mastered the language in such a way that you can communicate to the native speakers flawlessly. You would be able to understand information from written and spoken sources and can practically understand everything that you see or hear in German.

Scope Of German Language Course in Pune

German language learning will benefit the students for getting admission to German universities. Germany is a land of many international brands which can provide job opportunities for German speakers.

Germany is a country in which medical aspirants can get admission. The government helps by providing education at a lesser cost and also for getting highly paid jobs. Germany is a country where students can study arts, literature and language. The translators and interpreters jobs can also be taken up by the German speakers.


Learning German will open up a lot of opportunities in different fields such as medical, engineering, teachers, translators. Learning a new language will be thrilling. But this can open a new world of opportunities for the students as well as the professionals. German is spoken in many countries other than Germany.

If you learn German you can migrate to the European countries which can give you better job opportunities and a good life. Start the new year with a fresh mind by joining a German language course in Pune which will help you to build a better life ahead. What are you waiting for? Join the Course, learn German and open a world of opportunities.


1. What is the scope of learning the German language?

Learning German can bring numerous rewards to your career and also for higher studies in German-speaking countries.

2. What is the best way to learn German?

The best way to learn German is by joining a German language course.

3. What are the job opportunities for German speakers?

German speakers can get jobs as translators, interpreters, teachers, in the tourism sector.

4. What are the different levels of the German course?

Beginners level, intermediate level and advanced level.

5. Is there German language Diploma and graduation courses in India?

Yes, there are diploma and graduate courses in the German language in India.

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