Indeed, learning a new language is always fun, but sometimes it can be challenging also. Many options are available in the market to learn German language in Saudi Arabia.

However, not having accessibility to the best platform, high fees, and the quality of the German courses are a few challenges in Saudi Arabia. Are you also in search of the best options to learn German in Saudi Arabia? But don’t worry, we have covered it up for you. Here, we have listed the best ways to learn the German language. 

Best Ways to Learn the German Language in Saudi Arabia

There are multiple ways to learn German in Saudi Arabia. However, below are a few of the best ways to learn

1. Enroll in German Language Courses: 

The first best way to learn German is to enroll in reputable online German courses.  You can get structured lessons, interactive exercises, and opportunities for speaking practice. Also, you will receive a certificate for the course completion.

2. Consider Language Apps: 

Many language-learning apps help you to learn foreign languages. For example, Duolingo, Babbel, or Rosetta Stone. These apps provide convenient access to German lessons anytime and anywhere.

3. Engage in Language Exchange: 

The next option is to join language exchange groups or websites where you can connect with native German speakers and practice German.

4. Take Private Tutions: 

You can also choose to go with a private tutor. Choose a tutor who is a native German speaker or fluent in the language. This option will help you get personalized lessons tailored to your learning style and goals.

5. Language Communities: 

Many online forums or social media groups help in learning the language. Here, you can interact with fellow German learners, ask questions, and share resources and tips.

6. Self-Learning: 

The last best option is self-learning. Learn from the free YouTube videos, German textbooks, grammar guides, and audio resources. This will help your learning and understanding of the language.

Why should you Learn the German Language in Saudi Arabia?

Anyone from any background can learn German. Learning German can help you in multiple ways. A few are mentioned below.

Better career scope

The German can open up the doors to numerous career opportunities for you in Germany.  Germany is the homeland of many multinational companies. These companies allow professionals across the globe to stay in Germany and work there. 


Secondly, students across the globe dream of studying in German. Germany offers a wide range of educational programs at a very nominal fee. So learn German and open the doors of these universities.

Travel and Tourism

Learning German is very beneficial for travelers. This will help you understand the local culture and to have communication with the local people of Germany. Enhance your travel experience by learning German. 

Business Relations

Learn German and improve your business relations with German companies. As Germany is one of the key trading partners in Saudi Arabia, you grab many bright opportunities by building good business relationships.

Personality Development

The German language can help you enhance your personality development. As you gain cross-cultural communication skills, you can stand out in the crowd of today’s world. 

Henry Harvin’s German Language Courses

German Language

Henry Harvin is a well-known training and education institute that has been offering the best courses at very affordable prices since 2013. Moreover, they are recognized by the government of India and many other international bodies like AEEFL, MSME, College De Paris, UKCart, and many more. 

There are 460,000+ alumni of Henry Harvin from 96+ countries. Today, there are 1200+ various upskilling and job-oriented courses in different education fields. Furthermore, 900+ B2B clients and 6,700+ reviews on different platforms make it the best choice for students. Henry Harvin’s German language course is one of the best courses in the industry which is of the highest quality and easy to access. 

 Highlights of German Language Courses

  • Duration of the German Classes- A1 and  A2 level – 56 hours however B1, B2, C1, C2 are 66 hours.
  • Mode of the German classes- Online classes
  • Course fees- 3.5k to 4.5 SAR
  • It’s a 10-in-1 course
  • Get a money-back guarantee from Henry Harvin (at specific conditions)
  • Henry Harvin’s German classes follow the CEFR’s requirements.
  • Become ready for the German exams like DSH, TestDaF, etc.
  • Moreover, become industry-ready with the help of this 100% practical course.
  • Learn from the renowned trainers with 15+ years of experience.
  • Also, get access to all learning material, Masterclasses, and Hackathons. 
  • Work on regular assignments and assessments to become more confident.

 Benefits of German Language Courses

  • Firstly, become a certified professional in German. 
  • Secondly, increase exposure to international jobs 
  • Improve your CV or LinkedIn profile 
  • Furthermore, you will also get an assured internship and job placement assistance from Henry Harvin. 
  • Complete German classes at your convenience
  • Attend as many sessions as you want during the membership period. 
  • A well-designed comprehensive German course.

What are the career prospects after taking the German language courses?

The career prospects after completing a German course are bright. There are many options available across different industries. Such as 

  • Translator or Interpreter
  • German Teacher
  • Customer Service Representative
  • Sales Representative
  • International Business Specialist
  • Tour Guide
  • Content Writer or Editor
  • International Relations Specialist
  • Research Assistant
  • Freelancer


The bottom line is that German is one of the foreign languages that have high value in the market. Learning German will have many benefits for you. Such as better job scope, exposure to international universities, etc. German language courses will help you 

explore the global market and enhance your destiny by grabbing an international or high-salary job. Therefore, it is a must to learn German only from the best option. Henry Harvin is the best institute in Saudi Arabia, offering German language courses at a very affordable price. 

German language courses are delivered by committed and expert trainers within the enterprise. So, start learning the German language today and take the first step towards a better future. 

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Q.1 Are online German courses effective?

Ans.  Yes, Henry Harvin’s German classes will help you learn German in a very easy and practical way. This two-way interactive course will clear all your doubts and you will learn by doing practicals.

Q.2 Can I get a certificate after the German language course?

Ans. Yes, Henry Harvin offers a Hallmark certificate to students once they clear the final examination of German classes.

Q.4 How will I practice speaking German after the German classes? 

Ans. Henry Harvin offers very interactive German classes where you can interact with your batch mates. Also, you can look for language exchange partners in your city or online forums along with German courses. 

Q.5 How many levels are there in German language courses?

Ans.  In Henry Harvin’s German classes, there are a total of 6 levels. All levels have syllabi according to the different levels of expertise

Q.5-  What if I can’t pay the full course fee in one go?

Ans. Don’t worry. Henry Harvin gives you the flexibility to pay fees via EMI.

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