Linguistic skills coupled with an excellent educational background provide access to a world of opportunities. While learning a language proves helpful in a career. Alternatively, it helps you become a better person. Of all languages, learning the German language proves beneficial. Firstly, anyone can learn the German language online. Secondly, excellent German language courses are available online. Thirdly, the German language course sessions help to learn at all levels. In the best German language courses race, let us weigh the benefits and review.

Best German-language courses

The players in the German language courses offer an online course. As a matter of fact, choosing the right one gets confusing. A few players, namely Henry Harvin, Udemy, Coursera, and Yes Germany rank on the list. When choosing the right one, German language course reviews become beneficial. In this blog, we shall do a German language course review between Henry Harvin and Yes Germany.

Henry Harvin Language Academy

With a motto of helping learners become masters. Henry Harvin today offers a German language course to those willing to learn the language. Similarly, the language academy brings forth German language courses for various levels. While beginners feel welcomed equally as intermediate or advanced learners. Apparently, Henry Harvin provides the German language course for all. 

German language courses available in duration

Course level  Course  Duration
Beginner level 1 A1 56 Hours
Beginner level 1 A 2 56 Hours
Intermediate level 1 B2 66 Hours
Intermediate level 1 B3 66 Hours
Advanced level C3 66 Hours
Proficiency level  C3 66 Hours

9 in 1 Benefit for the German language courses learners

  • Instructor-led interactive sessions for all levels of the German language courses.
  • Live projects that help in the implementation of the German language. Our trainers help learners with these projects
  • Gain experience and bridge the gap between theory and implementation with an Internship. Internships build confidence in the learner. Particularly those who want to pursue the German language in the future. 
  • Above all, get 100% placement post completion of the German language courses.
  • Access to all techniques and tools. Along with videos, assessments, and much much more. In other words, the learning that lasts a lifetime.
  • Boot camps sharpen the German language course tools. Free access to such boot camps for 1 year. Begin your German language journey with these boot camps.
  • Entry to various competitions, especially #AskHenry hackathons. For one thing, it gives you an edge over peers.
  • 1- year gold membership with all German language courses. As a result, the learner gets access to complimentary sessions on soft skills and resume writing. Thus helping to clear exams like DSH, the TestDaF, Goethe- Institut. Additionally, finding placement becomes easy. 

Trainers of the German language courses

  • Veterans as trainers. In a word, Experienced and industry recognised trainers, backed with 15+ plus of experience.
  • Industry-acclaimed trainers. Selected through a rigorous procedure. Definitely a feather in the cap.
  • 100+ Keynote speaker experience.
  • Altogether have completed more than 350+ lectures in the German language course sessions.
  • Not to mention helping more than 1000 students clear various German language exams like DSH, the TestDaF, and Goethe- Institut successfully. 

Why choose Henry Harvin Language academy for learning the German language courses?

Moreover the other perks of the program:

  • Firstly, the 9 in 1 benefit. We have looked at them in detail previously. 
  • Best curriculum of the German language courses. The courses designed in accordance with CEFR requirements.  Moreover, this curriculum helps in clearing exams like DSH, the TestDaF, and Goethe- Institut. Considered key to German language certifications.
  • 100% practical-oriented German language courses. Based on Popular GCAO Pedagogy.
  • In addition to this learning, Henry Harvin’s German language courses come with a Moodle app. The learner can download the app on the phone. Primarily, get access to the coursework and lectures. Secondarily learn while on the go. 
  • As a result of the Gold membership and Moodle app. The learner gets assistance 24×7. This access includes videos, Live projects, and placement assistance. Interview sessions, career counseling, monthly boot camp access, and weekly job support to name a few more benefits.
  • 100% money back. For instance, despite all the advantages of the German language courses, a learner becomes unhappy. After the first session, they can opt for the money-back policy. 
  • Our hiring partners to name a few. Citi, Coca-Cola, ESPN, Netflix, IBM, Amazon, etc. 

Yes Germany – German language courses

Yes Germany school of language established in the year 2005. Yes Germany helps students with consultancy. Students often seek their advice about pursuing further education in Germany. Additionally, Yes Germany helps in the preparation for competitive exams like IELTS. Knowing the German language and academic background, thus become prerequisites for application. Furthermore, German language levels of proficiency vary. Hence, students seek assistance in learning the German language.

The school offers both online and classroom sessions to learn the German language. Likewise, the institute teaches the German language at all levels. Holding student’s hands from A1 to C2 levels. Personal training, feedback, reviews, and many more features in the German language courses.  The institute through its courses introduces various styles and structures of the German language. Let us know the key features of the German language courses.

  • Classes promote flexibility. Both timing and whether online or offline preference. 
  • Special batches for intercultural training. A mix that is rarely seen.
  • Trainers who give importance to improving reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills.
  • With over a decade of experience in teaching the German language. Trainers become the backbone of the German language courses.
  • All trainers have cleared Goethe certifications
  • 4 modules German language courses. In addition to activity-based learning.
  • Participation across all sessions.
  • Goethe-Zertifikat certification-based German language courses. 
  • Small batches of classroom sessions. Hence personal attention at all times. 
  • Regular speaking sessions so the flaws in speaking get ironed out. A tremendous confidence boost for students. Focus on speaking the language fluently. Special conversation sessions with peers of the program
  • Separate sessions for only solving doubts and difficulties.
  • Feedback and reviews given regularly. Getting guided feedback instills confidence in students.
  • Customisation of classes done as per request. For example on weekend batches or crash course batches etc.
  • Available in many cities across India.
  • The free study material for all learners.
  • Favored by students and professionals. 
  • Demo lectures available for students.
  • Mood of every session becomes upbeat with classmates speaking on topics without hesitation.
  • Nuances of the language get covered due to best practices implementation. Likewise with the language spoken across the globe.
  • Award winning institute with appreciation from the industry.

Henry Harvin vs Yes Germany

Key Features Henry Harvin  Yes Germany
24×7 lifetime assistance Yes  No
Trainer with 15+ years of experience  Yes  No
Presence across all cities  Yes  Yes
Goethe-Zertifikat certification Yes  Yes
Internship program post completion of courses Yes  No
Help in securing admission to German colleges No  Yes
Demo lectures before enrolling Yes  Yes
Certification for the institute  Yes ISO 29990:2010 Yes ISO 9001:2015
Boot camps  Yes  No
Personal review and feedback at one to one basis Yes  Yes
Systematic approach to teaching the German language Yes Yes
Placement assistance after completion of courses Yes No
Age bar for enrollment into the  German language courses No No
Strong Alumni Network spread across the Globe Yes Not mentioned
Complimentary session on soft skills and resume writing Yes  Not mentioned
Activity based learning Yes  Yes
Hackathon held to compete with peers  Yes No
Curriculum at par with Goethe institute Yes Yes
Any specific advantage post completion of courses Yes – Gold membership for 1 year No
Hands on project during the courses Yes  Not mentioned
Career services  Yes  No

Conclusion between Henry Harvin Vs. Yes Germany German language courses

A glance at the above chart helps a student make a decision. While Henry Harvin language academy showers the benefits of a lifetime. In contrast to that Yes Germany German language courses do not have the added benefits that last a lifetime. Henry Harvin’s German language courses give a holistic package for a professional who wants to become a translator/ interpreter.

On the other hand, Yes Germany school of languages helps students who want to migrate to Germany for better educational opportunities. 

Different requirements, thus different choices and different reasons for learning the German language. To summarise, watch, analyse, speak and compare the benefits against your goal. Ultimately, as a learner, you need to know your needs clearly. Articulate it and then make an informed decision.

As seen at a glance the German Language courses from Henry Harvin Vs. Yes Germany. Definitely, the balance tilts in the favor of Henry Harvin. Henry Harvin Vs. Yes Germany answer would be Henry Harvin.

Why study the German language?

  • German language or language of innovators. As a matter of fact, the German language opens doors to skilled jobs. Similarly, you become a global citizen. Since these jobs spread globally.
  • In the same way, opportunities as an interpreter or translator provide a career shift. These kinds of professionals, who are few, open a better career option. Freelancing along with good pay looks like a lucrative option.
  • Government organisations, NGOs, and corporates need translators. 
  • Other than that, the EU, Switzerland, Germany, and Austria require technical support from professionals who also know the German language. Hence good employment chances in these countries. 
  • With an aging population, better infrastructure, and equipped research facilities. Germany attracts students to its shores. Premier institutes offer lucrative incentives like fee waivers to students studying post-graduation in Germany. Proficient knowledge of the German language gets mandatory then.
  • An improved CV comes with many advantages. First, an advantage over peers. Second, better ranking on LinkedIn and other sites. Third, and most important, Employers look at the candidate as a whole package. They pick professionals who understand, interact and speak the German language.
  • Upgrade the skill set to get better opportunities with the current employer.
  • Distinguish your CV from others in the linguistic profile.
  • In the fortune 500 companies segment. 29 companies have a German base or France collaboration. Equally is the startup rate in Berlin. So we need to say more about learning the German language.
  • As a traveler, the advantages speak volumes. Operas, novels as a matter of fact, many treasures in literature and travel finda base in the German language. Enhance your travel experience.

All you want to know the details of the German language courses

First, the level category is 6. Quickly glance at what a learner learns at each level. 

Beginner level A1

Alphabets, introducing oneself in the German language. In addition grammar introduction with pronouns, verbs, adjectives, and prepositions to name a few topics.

Beginner level A2

Begin various conversational topics in the German language. Conversation on buying, telling the past, hobbies, etc. Coupled with these grammar topics like tenses, clauses, The group of nouns, and Verbs + Prepositions covered.

Intermediate level B1

Conversation in the German language becomes proficient on the same topics above. Furthermore brush up on grammar along with learning Indicators of space, Sentence connectives: conjunctions, and verbs to name a few.

Intermediate level B2

Conversational topics like at university, performing activities. Leisure talk. All about History and politics. Crime stories discussion. Equally, important grammar topics covered like The subjunctive II: politeness, unreality, and the subjunctive II in the past. Nouns – Verb – Connections, Prepositions. Position of words in the sentence.

Advanced level C1

Conversational topics become more and more interesting. Sometimes random topics for conversation given to check the readiness of the learner. Relative clauses, Participles, and adjectives as nouns. More topics in grammar like Imperative, Nominalization, and The passive and alternative forms. 

Proficient level C2

The learner can speak on any topic under the sun. His/Her thoughts on a particular topic done with proper choice in vocabulary, tone, and expressions. Passive, Passive replacement forms, and Modal verbs. Moreover, Declination and comparison of adjectives, Adjectives and their complements, and Word formation of the adjectives. Additional topics like Nominal style and Prepositions of the written language improve the written skills.


Learning a language generally speaking showers awards for the learner. If the question like should I learn the German language? Of course, Yes. Compared to just knowing the English language, knowing another language adds a positive factor to the resume. Know all about the German language courses and then enroll in the online classes. A decision made today may go a long way in shaping your future.

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Que 1. I have heard that learning the German language becomes difficult.

Ans: Being patient and diligent. Despite what people tell you, always stick to the schedule of learning. Immersing oneself in learning shows the benefits. Even though it looks difficult initially. Later on, with practice, the conversation becomes easy. An equally important tool like watching TV in the German language. Make up your mind and see the difference in learning the German language.

Que 2. Do Germans speak English? Do they prefer a conversation in English or German?

Ans: First things first. Yes, Germans speak fluent English all the time. Since it’s the language of business. However, the second part of the question sounds tricky. While Germans can speak English. But given a choice, they prefer conversations in German. Simply the fact that presents itself. Speaking in the mother tongue brings comfort and emotional bonding to the speaker. 

Que 3. By just knowing the English language. Would it be possible to survive in Germany?

Ans: Well, the answer definitely Yes. But imagine a situation. Where you need to go to a government office to give or apply for visas or driver’s license. The form and filling them in the German language becomes a problem. Like the proverb says ‘When in Rome stay like a Roman’. We suggest learning the German language while staying or studying in Germany.

Que 4. Can you suggest 5 ways to keep in touch with the German language post completing the German language courses?

Ans: Try to converse with peers in the German language. Each one can help improve the other one. This will make learning fun. From time and again change the language on your phone to German. Sounds fun. So while you read you also brush up on your German reading skills. Making watching TV or OTT platforms fun. Choose the language if the subtitles to German. So perfect your reading and listening skills in one go. Watch German dramas with English subtitles.
Subscribe to a German magazine. Sit long with a dictionary and read. This way not only will you add good words to the vocabulary. Definitely, this improves my reading skills. Many podcasts in the German language prove helpful. Listen to these podcasts that improve your listening and speaking skills. Follow these simple 5 tips and see how you excel in the German language.

Que 5. I want to learn the German language. But I do not want to enroll in German language courses. How can I learn otherwise?

Ans: Learning knows no limitation. Fair enough you do not want to join a German language course. What should you do? You can try books like Hacking German (Benny Lewis) to begin with. In case you become comfortable learning this way. Go to the next levels of learning with books themselves. You can choose to learn via Podcasts or YouTube channels. Apps like Duolingo could also help. Happy learning!

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  1. After reading this blog I got to know a lot about the german language course. It will definitely help me to uplift my foreign language skills.. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Henry Harvin language academy showers the benefits of a lifetime. In contrast to that Yes Germany German language courses do not have the added benefits that last a lifetime. Henry Harvin’s German language courses give a holistic package for a professional who wants to become a translator/ interpreter.

  3. Henry Harvin offers the German language course to the person who is willing to learn the language, the academy offers the German language which is for the beginners and is good for the student who wants to learn the different language

  4. Germans speak fluent English all the time. Since it’s the language of business. However, the second part of the question sounds tricky. While Germans can speak English. But given a choice, they prefer conversations in German. Simply the fact that presents itself. Speaking in the mother tongue brings comfort and emotional bonding to the speaker.

  5. Henry Harvin provides prizewinning courses in many streams. Their German language learning course near me is quite popular for the training and hands-on experience in the language domain. Carefully designed German language course from Henry Harvin dominates other courses in the same genre.

  6. Henry Harvin language academy showers the benefits of a lifetime. In contrast to that Yes Germany German language courses do not have the added benefits that last a lifetime.

  7. Divya udwani Reply

    Please advise me on the best language to study if I want to start learning a new language from scratch, as well as what benefits this course will have for my future education.

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