Top 10 German Language Courses in India with jobs, Levels

German Language Course in India: The German language is an Indo-European language and it is widely spoken across the world. There are around 130 million people in the world who speak the German language and it is the official language in 7 countries. So, learning a foreign language like German is very beneficial in your life and it will help you enhance your growth in multiple aspects like education, work, and traveling abroad. The German language helps you to explore more about the culture, heritage, and people in Germany. Besides, the German Language is one of the easiest languages to learn in the world.

Further, as you are looking for the best institutions to enroll in German Language classes in India. I am here to present to you the top 10 German Language Courses in India with jobs and it also covers language levels, the benefits, and the scope of pursuing German language classes in India.

Let’s begin with the listicles and I hope the below-mentioned institutes will help you end your search and decide to enroll yourself to learn a German Language course.

1. Henry Harvin 

Henry Harvin is a well-known institution and they are popular for their unique way of teaching methodologies and techniques. They offer multiple German Language Courses in India which will help you to improve your skills and competency levels to grab your dream job and As a working professional their courses will help you to improve your productivity and performance in your workplace.

Further, Henry Harvin Education offers a German Language course in India along with Spanish and French language courses. The courses are trained by the best language experts in India who have over 15 years of experience and a few of them are native speakers who are from Germany.

They offer all the courses in a specific sequence which cover all the requirements of candidates who would like to enroll themselves in the course such as pre-planned and organized training sessions, clarification of queries within the session or module. Placement support, career-building boot camp sessions, complementary modules like resume building and soft skills training, training to crack german based language exams. 

The courses are delivered to their individual in a single pack with an assurance of fulfilling their requirements of investment, You will get lifelong access to Henry Harvin LMS management in which you can enjoy sessions conducted in other batches including new and old, you can enjoy ppts and when it comes to mastering language the learning never ends.

Henry harvin  German Language course Fee

Henry Harvin also provides these courses

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Cities in India where Henry Harvin Spanish Language Course is Provided:

DelhiMumbaiKolkataOnline, HyderabadPuneGurgaonFaridabadBangaloreChennaiNoida, Kanpur

2. Language pantheon – German Language Course in India

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Language Pantheon is a Delhi-based language learning academy that exclusively offers only German Language Course in India. The course curriculum is very detailed and it covers every aspect to learn the German Language effectively. 

Further, the services include dedicated german language experts, custom-made s-materials, Access to e materials, they offer 100% activity-based sessions which include group discussions, debates, quizzes, and games which help to speak more in the German language during training sessions. They use a specific method of training methods and techniques and named it as incredible German, 

Language Pantheon has changed into an instructive foundation of global education. The foundation has been moving individuals to acquire and foster their lingual abilities in the German language. They offer all the levels in German i.e, from beginner to advanced. They offer training for international German language certifications.


3. Letstalkindia – German Language Course in India

Letstalkindia is one of the best institutions in India and they are well known for offering multiple language courses including German Language Course in India. They offer traditional classroom training with limited students around 5 or 6 and apart from that one on one online interactive sessions and corporate training are also available.

The sessions include access to e study materials and textbooks for the length of your course. You will likewise approach online course material that involves understanding entries, punctuation, and jargon records, and sound practice. During the training period, you will be given regular practice tests and mock tests which will assist with estimating your advancement and put your insight under serious investigation. 

The mentor will assist you with upgrading your Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking Skills in the German language. Each Level will assist with creating talking, tuning in, perusing, and composing abilities while growing your jargon and information on action words and sentence structure.

Course Duration

A1: 70 hours, A2: 80 hours, B1: 100 hours, B2: 150 hours, C1: 250 hours

The batches are flexible and weekend sessions are available for working professionals

4. Goethe(Max Mueller Bhavans)

The Goethe is a German-based non-profit global organization founded by the government of Germany. The main motive of this organization is to promote its culture and heritage across the world. The organization has around 159 institutes across the world and the institutes are named Max Mueller Bhavans and the same is named after a well-known german philologist Indologist Max Müller.

The sessions are conducted by experienced native and non-native speakers. All the levels from beginner to advanced are available in the institute including some diploma courses to learn basic grammar and basic communication etc. this institute also incorporates the translation of movies, music, theater, and writing. 

Goethe Institute has personalized libraries filled with german magazines, novels, and literature, and regular activities, practice sessions are conducted during sessions which will help the individual to enhance the language skills. The German Language Course in India institutions are located in many parts of India.

5. Udemy

Udemy is an open language learning academy. This German Language Course in India is directed by Everson S and he is a local speaker. The course covers German statements, German language formation, German language course in India structure rules and models, German conversation, and social capacities.

The board and the inscriptions help the visual students and the submersion procedure used for showing the German language up the learning speed, the view conveyed in German, and the commonality.

The pre-recorded videos make it the best choice for English, Spanish, Italian, or a few other non-neighborhood German speakers. The course starts from stray pieces and consolidates free .pdf sponsorship and practice tests/tests.

6. Yes Germany – German Language Course in India

Yes, Germany is one of the best consulting services and their services include career and educational guidance for those who want to study and live in Germany. The institution has the most experienced mentors to impeccably train and persuade the possibility for German Language Course in India. 

There are ordinary classes of the German language in both the online and offline modes. Here at Yes Germany is one of the most mind-blowing German instruction advisors, German language is educated to all, regardless old enough. It is one of the Most incredible German language Institute in Mumbai, Faridabad, Bangalore, Chandigarh, Gurugram, and so forth

At YES Germany students are given Online German language courses with confirmation, which make them officially affirmed and produced using the affiliation.

7. Iteskul

Iteskul is a language learning academy that offers multiple language courses which are on-demand like English, French, Spanish, Chinese, and many more. They also offer German Language Course in India. The institute offers all the courses at the levels in German language i.e, from beginner to advanced. They provide both offline and online classes according to the availability in your location.

They also provide support to attend and crack international German-based language exams. In this institution, you would get a chance to learn under experienced mentors, one-on-one focus during the sessions. Placement support to those who are aspirants to become language instructors or a translator.

8. Prep Storm

Prep Storm logo


Prepstrom is a Bangalore-based language learning academy that offers multiple foreign languages including German Language Course in India and they are focused on arriving at amazing successful correspondence. They are mentors who commit their time and energy in a way that is appropriate for students in that they permit adaptability to conform to students’ conditions. 

Our training and instruction have provoked completely fulfilled customers to prescribe our administrations to those looking for direction. The mentors render an incentive for the cash and affect a few enthusiastic students ‘requesting more’ towards personal development and going past IELTS. They are accomplices in assisting you with arriving at your fantasy objectives.

9. The Language Hub

The Language Hub is a Thane-based consulting firm that offers immigration and study abroad support. They also offer training programs to learn multiple languages like French, German, Spanish, and Sanskrit. The trainers conduct sessions on web-based Language classes utilizing platforms like Zoom or Skype. and give top-quality video and sound, even in those areas with confined data transmission.

Online Language classes are furnished with all necessary usefulness, for example, live visit, screen-sharing, virtual break-out rooms, and asset sharing. Online classes can even be recorded for playback. Coordinated Online classes are ideal for telecommuters, staff in unavailable areas, and individuals who travel often or have unusual timetables.

Online gathering classes are great for huge associations with different destinations. Students can participate from various areas simultaneously, making the potential for incredible economies of scale.

10. Skillshare

The German Language Course in India begins from the start of the language. However, the instructor, Alexander, addresses you straightforwardly (and just) in German, the best strategy for learning an unknown dialect, quickly and simply.

This course covers the accompanying themes: German communicating in, German elocution, German composition, German sentence structure rules and examples, German jargon, German discussion, and relational abilities. The intuitive board helps the visual students and the submersion strategy utilized for showing German speeds up the learning speed, the understanding of the communication in German, and the familiarity.

Standard German Language Levels

A1: Understanding and correspondence of essential natural articulations, self-presentation. Foster capacity to react to straightforward inquiries.

A2: Understanding and correspondence of everyday circumstances connected with individuals and experts. life Can talk momentarily about straightforward regular subjects like visiting a café, a departmental store, voyaging.

B1: Requires a strong comprehension of language subjects shrouded in the past levels. Foster the capacity to impart on all subjects connected with the school, work and relaxation time.

B2: Understanding of abstract texts and articles from papers, magazines. Foster the capacity to unquestionably speak with local speakers and offer viewpoints and feelings on different issues.

C1: Develop a capacity to comprehend complex text covering an assortment of angles including German writing and culture. Capacity to convey suddenly and obviously on the assortment of themes utilizing complex explanations and linguistic constructions.

C2: Your dominance at the C2 level allows you to deliver and see exceptionally complex German. This is near local level German familiarity. Indeed, even accents from various pieces of the German-talking world don’t perplex you.

Jobs and Career Opportunities Post Completion of German Language Classes in India

  • Not very many abilities give you a choice to pick either low maintenance or regular employment. Language experts (German, French, Spanish, Japanese, Dutch, Chinese) for the most part work with correspondence and need not work for a decent regular work constantly.
  • You can decide to function as a German language consultant, and that way work with various German or Indian organizations and gather insight on numerous sorts of tasks. You could be working for a portion of the world’s top organizations as German mediators, German interpreters, German corporate coaches, or guides. This without sitting in the work area all day.
  • German as a language rewards quality experts. Assuming that you are a German language master, then, at that point, be guaranteed a steady vocation and a steady kind of revenue.
  • Gaining German can be extraordinary speculation according to the perspective of having a second type of revenue. Regardless of whether you have a couple of hours that can be overseen from your present occupation into the German necessity, you can bring in a lot of cash.
  • As a German language consultant, you can work effortlessly and at your speed. Accept up German tasks according to your timetable and requirements.
  • Today, work searchers and even work holders need to have significantly more abilities to get by and fill in their particular fields. Assuming you are trying to work with an MNC that is German or has German customers or is going to develop into a German domain, realizing the German language course in India will assist you with standing apart from your friends.
  • Experts who are outfitted with German language abilities regularly beat the normal correspondence boundaries with their far off public bosses, as they can communicate all the more openly and put across their perspectives all the more frankly in the normal language – German, their odds of advancements and more significant level positions get more splendid.
  • When going to the nation, Germany, realizing German will assist you with speaking with the locals in their language.
  • Assuming that you are making a trip to any city in Germany, realizing German will assist you with speaking with the locals there and get everything you might want around particularly during tough spots.
  • When venturing out to a country for schooling, build your business chances there.
  • If you are going to Germany for instruction, realizing German is basic. Realizing the German language will empower better comprehension of the course and educational plan, better correspondence with the educators there. After your course, it will be just about an obligatory necessity at each organization that you will apply for.
  • Not realizing a typical language is an enormous obstruction to making discussions and can contrarily affect your public activity. Talking in German will assist you to have discussions with whoever you need, and that way assist you with making companions
  • Germany has been the birth ground of numerous incredible pioneers, writers, specialists, and skilled workers. Your German language preparation will provide you with a lot of knowledge into the set of experiences and culture of this incredible country.


The soaring relations between India and Germany have brought about promising circumstances and have prompted more students after training in outside nations. This has likewise brought about more candidates joining the German Language Course in India. Numerous candidates learn the German language course in India to further develop their shot at being better in their profession. 

Assuming one chooses to become familiar with an unknown dialect with a ton of chances and prospects, then, at that point, they should pick German. German is the most communicated language in Europe and by 185 million individuals all over the planet. 

Germany is the most crowded country in Europe and is a monetarily solid country. Numerous Indian students like to learn German and study in Germany. The realities have broadened the extent of the German Language course training in India.

Finally, learning the German language will help you explore more opportunities across the world. German is the second most normally involved logical language on the planet. 18% of the world’s books are distributed in German, and moderately not many of these at any point show up in English interpretation. German is the doorway to an elite advanced education.

A significant number of the Western world’s most significant works of reasoning, writing, music, workmanship history, philosophy, brain research, science, physical science, designing, and medication are written in German and keep on being created in German.

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1. What is the average income of a German instructor or translator?

Ans. INR 3.5 lakhs per annum and the salaries may hike up to INR 7 Lakhs.

2. What is the scope for the German language in the future?

Ans. Learning the German language has huge scope in the future as it helps to grab multiple educational and career opportunities abroad.

3. Is Learning the German Language Worthy?

Ans. Yes, Learning German is worth it as it helps you enhance your professional growth if you are seeking a career to work abroad or as a language instructor.

4. How long will it take to learn the basic German language in India?

Ans. On average 3 months to 6 months

5. Name a few international exams to clear German Language Courses in India?

Ans. You need to complete all CEFR levels to apply for these exams and they are DSH, the TestDaF, and the Goethe Institut examinations.


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