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Let’s learn Foreign Languages in India

Globalization has made the world a global village. Any language is a stepping stone to the land of opportunities. The significance of learning Foreign Language Courses in India has taken top priority. Once you possess the skill of any foreign language you will discover a new potential within yourself. Many reputed Universities and Institutes have started foreign language courses, offering certificates, online study materials, internships, and job opportunities. Your search for Foreign Language Training will be helpful with this blog. 


So, Let’s see the best top 18 Foreign Language Courses in India

1. Henry Harvin – Foreign Language Courses in India

Henry Harvin Contact No: +91 9891953953 | Chat on WhatsApp with Henry Harvin


Henry Harvin® Language Academy is established only to boost your resume with the pure goal of acquiring communication skills in Foreign languages. Getting certified in Foreign Language Academy through Henry Harvin proves to be the best institute for learning. This course is well designed to suit the industry requirements.

Foreign Language Courses in India

Course Benefits 

Once enrolled you are entitled to 5 to 6 different levels of training in reading, writing, listening to sentence creation and construction along with vocabulary. In support of the above, the institute offers projects, internships, recorded videos, doubt clearing sessions, mock interviews and boot camps. Placement assistance is offered to trained and certified candidates.

Henry Harvin also provides these courses

Henry Harvin Provides Six Sigma Course in these Cities:

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Stages in Foreign Language Courses in Henry Harvin:

French Language Course

Completion of A1,A2, B1,B2,C1 and C2 levels

 Spanish Language Course –              

  • A1- The Beginners Level, 
  • A2- The Upper Beginners Level,1- 
  • B1- The intermediate Level, 
  • B2- The Upper Intermediate Level  
  • C1- The Advanced Level
  • C2- The Upper Advanced Level                                                                   

German Language Course –  Completion of A1,A2, B1,B2,C1 and C2 levels

Korean Language Course –    Beginners 1 & 2, Intermediate 1 & 2, Advanced 1 & 2

Japanese Language CourseElementary level- N5, Pre-Intermediate level- N4,

                                                Intermediate Level- N3, Pre-Advanced level-N2,

                                                Advanced level-N1.                             

2. IIFLs Bengaluru- Foreign Language Courses in India

Contact No: +1860-267-3000


Foreign language courses in India

Indian Institute of Foreign Languages (IIFLs) hires experts to train foreign language learners and develop their personalities. It offers courses in French, Japanese, German,  and Spanish classes in the institute and online too. Candidates learn the required expertise through writing, reading, listening and oral skills. The candidates can avail the free demo and webinars before joining the course. The students get the training from certified trainers at reasonable prices.

Course benefits at IIFS

  IIFS permits you convenient timings.

  Provides the best study materials both in audio and video.

  Guidance from certified trainers.

  Individual attention was provided.

  Job guidance and assistance

 Visit the official website to know more information-

3. Delhi University – Foreign Language Courses in India

Contact No: +011 2700 6900

This is one of the most popular and standard institutions in New Delhi. This institute offers French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish. In this university, the students need to appear for the entrance examination(70% weightage  ), along with a personal interview (30% weightage). 

A Diploma in Foreign Language Education is a postgraduate course for the creation of language trainers. Theoretical concepts are taught for 116 hours and practical training is given for 90 hours. Thus resulting in a one-year part-time post-graduation diploma course. 

The official website to know more is

4. Fleun C – Foreign Language Training in India

Contact No: +088009 97044


Foreign language courses in India

French, Spanish, and German are offered in Fleun C Bengaluru, India. Study Materials are distributed as per the updated syllabus of Alliance  Français de Bangalore. Practice tests are conducted in DELF for language improvement. To get a certification from  Fleun C, every student has to complete A1, A2, B1, B2.1, and B2.2 levels.

Course benefits at Fleun C

  •   Vocabulary and role-plays are part of everyday activity.
  •   Batch schedules at the convenience of the students.
  •   Tailor-made courses
  •   One to One session offered

    For further information, please do visit their website –

5. World Language Center- Foreign Language Courses in India

Contact No: +070427 06161


Foreign language courses in India

Communication plays a vital role in the workplace for WLC believes in offering the best communication skills through Foreign languages courses. WLC provides 9 Foreign Languages Courses namely, Arabic, Chinese, German, French, Spanish, Japanese, Italian, Russian, and Portuguese. WLC situated in Delhi offers exhaustive courses in different foreign languages in the easiest manner. Learners get associated with various customs, traditions, and cultures of that particular nation. WLC follows  VASUDHAIVA KUTUMBAKAM and treats all its students as one whole family. 

 For details on the course fee and structure please visit the website –

6. EFLU Hyderabad: – Foreign Language Courses in India


Foreign language courses in India

The English and Foreign Languages University (EFLU) offers courses in a variety of teaching styles and makes learning an engaging experience. This institute has its physical presence in Hyderabad, Shillong, and Lucknow. It offers courses in language and digital labs in the form of discussions, tutorials, demonstrations, and oration. This institute offers 10 different Foreign Language courses in Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Persian, Russian, and Spanish. 

Course Details

  •   EFLU offers Certificate/Diploma/Advanced Diploma courses in Foreign Languages.
  •   In every March and August admissions take place.
  •   Three days a week from 3 pm to 5 pm classes are taken for one year.
  •   Study materials like books and CDs are provided.

For information on course fees please visit the website –

7. Indira Gandhi National Open University – Foreign Language Course Training in India


Foreign language courses in India

Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) under the School of Foreign Languages offers Diploma and certificate courses in India to all segments of people. IGNOU offers 8 foreign language certificates and one diploma course from its regional centres located all over India. The Foreign Language course starts with the basics of grammar and learning phonetics. They also acquire the skill of reading, writing, speaking, and listening most accurately. In addition to this Self-learning materials and audio, video CDs are provided to the student.

Aim of the Course

  • Affordable prices for all its programmes
  • Flexible timings for its learners
  • Engaging environment
  • Promotion of communication worldwide 

For more accurate information on duration, you can please visit the website –

8. Cambridge Institute- Mumbai – Foreign Language Courses in India


Foreign language courses

Cambridge Institute provides Foreign language training in 8 various international Languages like  Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Russian, and Spanish. It offers training in languages besides translation and interpretation assistance. It designed its courses to accommodate both individuals and companies. Here certified trainers implement modern learning methods to train students to the best speaking fluency. 

 Course Competence level 

In this institute every Foreign language is defined in their writing,   reading, speaking, Vocabulary, Grammar, and listening.

Ultimately, it develops you to face a Goethe Institute Certification, which evaluates your skills in listening, speaking, writing, and reading.

For enrollment please do visit their website –

9.Dante Institute of Foreign Languages – Foreign Language Courses in India


Foreign language courses in India

DILF offers its courses individually, in groups and on to one thro a skype network. It also provides you with the latest study materials along with audio and video links. Yet  DIFL strongly discourages the use of books or printed materials and focuses more on training the tongue to speak and ears to listen more.


         Here students are dedicatedly trained  for NAT / JLPT- N5, N4, N3,      

         N2, N1. DELF- A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2 levels in every course.

         To get more details to check  their website at

10. Visva Bharati University (West Bengal) – Foreign Language Courses in India


Foreign language courses


Visva Bharati University under the department of Vidya Bhavan conducts Foreign Languages courses. A total of 9 foreign languages are offered Arabic, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Persian, Russian, Tibetan, and Pali. It offers a one-year diploma and 2 years of Advanced diploma courses for all its language learners. A School passing certificate is enough for admission to the language courses. 


The website to get more details –

11. Symbiosis Institute of Indian and Foreign Languages, Pune– Foreign Language Courses in India


Foreign language courses in India

 Symbiosis provides world-class foreign language training in Japanese, Spanish, French, Chinese, Korean, and German standardly. But recently a few more foreign languages have been added to students’ demand. These are Arabic, Russian, and Persian. All courses are offered from basics to the advanced level comprising 90 hours to 180 hours of duration.

Check out their website at

12.ITESKUL – – Foreign Language Courses in India


Foreign language courses

International languages are spoken across the globe and form part of business and career. Keeping this in mind ITESKUL ( pronounced as I T School) started offering Foreign Language courses. A maximum of 6 different foreign language training like Duch, German, French, Spanish, Japanese, and Mandarin are offered to the learners at an affordable price.

Exams in German, French, and Spanish are conducted through ECL (European Consortium of Languages). A Certificate in modern languages is an internationally recognised exam. Exams are conducted from levels A2 to C1 to benefit the students.

For enrolment, details check their website -


13. Ace Global Institute – Foreign Language Courses in India


Foreign language courses in India

Ace Global Institute is providing customized quality training in Foreign Languages, especially French, German, Mandarin, and Spanish languages. Ace global hires expert trainers who train you in 4 modules: Reading, writing, listening and speaking. To make the students fluent in speaking, it conducts assessments and evaluations regularly. More value is given to the latest developments in industry and businesses.

Courses are available from beginners level, Elementary level, Pre-intermediate level, Intermediate level, Superior level and master level for all foreign language learners.

 For details on enrolment, visit their website -

14. Let’s Talk Academy of Foreign Languages – Foreign Language Courses in India


Foreign language courses in India

Let’s talk Academy is right now offering 7 different foreign languages. It specializes in its training in four different ways –

  • Group training
  • One-to-one training
  • Private training
  • Corporate training

This kind of training enhances the student’s Reading, Writing, Listening & Speaking Skills in Foreign languages. In addition to this, two assessments are conducted to measure the progress and the increase in knowledge and skills. All Foreign language training are available from A1 – Elementary level of 70 hours to C1- Advanced level of 250 hours.

 For more information –


15. FLI – Foreign Language Courses in India


Foreign language courses

 Foreign Languages Institute (FLI) right now offers French, Spanish, Italian, Arabic and English for all learners like students, employees and corporates. Basic general knowledge about the particular nation is taught. This promotes interest in the students and they easily learn comprehension, vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar and discussion. Practice exercises like PPTs and interactive group discussions are conducted. You explore being a Poloslot by enrolling in this institute. Worldwide recognized examinations like Zertifikat Deutsch are conducted.

Course Benefits

  •   100 Foreign Language experts are coaching the students.
  •   Offers placement assistance.
  •   One to one career guidance session.
  •   Interactive classes with visual aids.
  •   Association with MNCs and educational institutions.


For more details on the appointment, visit the website –

16. Andhra University Visakhapatnam – Foreign Language Courses in India


Foreign language courses in India

              This university is offering Foreign diploma courses for the past 5 decades. French, German, Spanish, and Japanese languages are offered for 6 months. These classes are conducted every Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday from 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm. The admission is simple with a pass in Pre-university degree ie 12th std. The admission process starts every September and exams are conducted every February. 

  For fee, details contact the website –

17. WE Language institute Kochi – Foreign Language Courses in India


Foreign language courses

              WE Language Institute follows a bilingual approach to training students in French, German, Dutch and English. This approach encourages learners to shift from moderate classrooms to highly dominated foreign language classrooms. WE institute trains learners to attain competence so that many professional opportunities are open to them. The four major competencies are reading, writing, listening and speaking.

 Course details: 

 Courses are graded according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Language Learning (CEFR). This determines six levels of abilities from A1 (beginners) to C2 ( fluency). Every level to pass, exams are conducted. And the best training is provided to successfully attain the worldwide accepted certificate.

 For more details, check their website –

18. Lingua world – Coimbatore-Foreign Language Courses in India


Foreign language courses in India

 Right now it offers 12 foreign languages in the city of Coimbatore. This Institute focuses on producing success designed language courses in  German, French, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Italian, Japanese, Swedish,  Chinese, Norwegian, Arabic, Japanese, Finnish, Danish and English. Intensive training is provided in the form of  Individual Training, Organized Materials, Smart Learning techniques, Audio-Video links, Mock tests, and Multimedia aids. Lingua world also offers crash courses.

 For further details do visit the website –

 Some of the Best Opportunities for Foreign Language learners:

  •   One can become a   Teacher/Trainer to students
  •   Translator and Interpreter in business meetings
  •   Tourism industry guide
  •   Public relations, Advertising manager for marketing products are services.
  •   Content writer/You-tuber/Blogger to spread awareness 
  •   Openings in KPO/BPO to serve back end operations.
  •   Jobs in Embassy to serve international passengers 
  •   Proof-readers for important documents 
  •   The hospitality industry as  a health counsellor
  •   Media, Journalism, as a newsreader
  •   Research analyst – to report discoveries and inventions

19. Bengaluru University

Bangalore University, founded in 1985, features a “Centre for Foreign Languages” department devoted to passionate language learners.

The CGL, administered by the newly established Bengaluru Central University (BCU), enables students to study up to fifteen popular and uncommon languages, such as Thai, Hebrew, Polish, and Dutch.

In numerous Foreign language courses in India, the BCU provides certificates and higher and advanced diplomas (weekday and weekend). Each Foreign language courses is eight months in length.

IT professionals and students are the most common participants in these seminars. In addition, students interested in programs leading to a degree can study German, Japanese, Spanish, and French.

Foreign language courses fees in India: 15000

20. Alliance Francaise

Alliance Francaise de is the most prestigious institution to offer Foreign language courses in India. AFB, founded in 1970, is the preeminent Indo-French cultural institution. It encourages teaching French and organising cultural events, exhibitions, film screenings, and social gatherings.

You can learn French and consistently pass well on the French proficiency tests DELF, DALF, TCF, and TEF Canada if you have experienced teachers.

L’Alliance Francaise is the most incredible place in India due to its modern infrastructure, availability of high-tech audiovisual sources, and ever-expanding library. Therefore, you can begin the process of studying French in India.

They provide a variety of French classes for persons of all ages, Monday through Sunday, all year round. As a result, AFB has the broadest French course catalogue accessible, ranging from entire beginner to advanced levels for school-aged children and adults.

Foreign language courses fees in India: 16500

21. Max Mueller Bhavan

Do you wish to study German?

You should attend their Foreign language courses in India. It is part of the global Goethe-Institut and promotes German language instruction and culture worldwide. So, Max Müller Bhavans is its name in India, in honour of the German philologist and Indologist Max Müller.

The Goethe-Institut, founded in 1963, offers a comprehensive German program from absolute beginner (A1) to advanced (C1/C2) levels. The CEFR has six levels: Goethe-Zertifikat A1 to C2.

In addition to Standard (Intensive and SuperIntensive) classes, it also offers customised courses for children and business employees.

Foreign language courses fees in India: 15000

22. Instituto Hispania

Instituto Hispania offers Foreign language courses in India. Instituto Hispania, founded in 1997 by Laura Benito, is one of India’s oldest private Spanish institutes. Currently, there are six locations in India. 

The foreign language courses with certificates in India are grouped into three broad categories and eight courses.

The curriculum corresponds to international Spanish proficiency exams such as DELE, D.I.E., and SIELE. It provides online programs, Spanish for children, and tailored training for individuals and businesses. Additionally, they assist with language job placement.

Foreign language courses fees in India: 15600

23. Institute of Foreign Languages and Cultures (IFLaC)

The Institute of Foreign Language and Culture (IFLAC) is a second Bangalore-based institution that offers Foreign language courses in India.

Select your language and broaden your horizons! In Bangalore, the language school offers Spanish, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Swedish, Japanese, and Chinese lessons.

IFLAC has both Indian and indigenous trainers. In addition, IFLAC Junior offers specialised classes for three age groups, 7-9 Years, 10-12 Years, and 13-15 Years.

Foreign language courses fees in India: 15000


The top 18 Foreign language courses in India are presented with the best details. You can research every University or Institute before enrolling. In person, you can meet them in the institute and finalize the tutor before payment of the fee. Eligibility to take up a foreign language course is a bare minimum i.e a school passing certificate and your identity proof details are asked for. 


A certificate in any Foreign Language is always an added advantage to your resume and thus creates many opportunities.

So, All the Very Best! Go Ahead…

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Q1. Is any Foreign Language tough to learn?

Ans. No, Not at all. As every language has got a beauty of its own. If you come to know the technique of learning the language, you will enjoy and excel in it. 

Q2.  Can I choose a career in the Foreign Language course?

Ans. Yes, Of course, as already opportunities like Translator and interpreter exist and many career opportunities have recently been created in the field of editing, proofreading, content writing, lecturing, tourist guide, and training. The opportunities are just unlimited.

Q3. What are the eligibility criteria to learn Foreign language training?

Ans. A school passing certificate i.e. 12th std with English as one of the subjects and a pass percentage in the entrance test to get admission.

Q4. Will I be fluent in a foreign language after completion of the course?

Ans. Practice makes everything perfect. Regularly attending the classes and learning the lessons daily helps you to be fluent and confident. Getting your doubts cleared by your trainers regularly helps you a lot.

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