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Why should you invest in DevOps Books? 

What if I say the one common approach of the most successful companies around the World is DevOps? Yes, you heard it right! The DevOps approach is used by top companies in their day-to-day activities to increase efficiency and productivity. Companies like Amazon, Netflix, Google, and Walmart use this method. To gain more insights and in-depth knowledge about the practices of DevOps that are backed by statistics and practical implementations you must read these books written on DevOps. 

So, What is DevOps? Why is it widely used?

For years or from the start of the software development, there were two teams, the developers and the operations.

  • Developers Team –  who plans, develops, and builds the software whereas,
  • Operations Team – Testing and implementation of the software built by the developer’s team 

While testing if there is an issue or a bug to fix in the software, the feedback is sent to the developer’s team

 So let’s see it with an illustration of how the process was before DevOps and after

Team A (Developer) is assigned to build software, so they plan, design, and build software and send it to Team B (Operations) while testing in the real environment they find an issue and a bug to fix, so feedback is sent to the Developers team. The Developer team is already moved to a different project and this is kept pending. So the issue starts, there is a lack of improvement, delay in delivery of the project and there is no time for improvisation. 

Hence to solve the gap and delay in the software development cycle the DevOps approach was adopted, which is nothing but a combination of development and operations functions to produce faster and more effective results and delivery of the software in the market. 

The benefits of implementing DevOps

  • Improved performance of the software 
  • Minimal cost of production 
  • Improvement in the productivity 
  • Reliability and scaling with minimum risks 
  • Improved communication and collaboration 
  • Increased efficiency and productivity 

So If you are interested in DevOps but not sure where to start? Or already experienced with this approach, but need new insights? We have got you covered with the Top 12 DevOps Books 

The 12 DevOps Books are categorized into 3 

  • DevOps books for Beginners 
  • DevOps books for Intermediaries 
  • And For Experts 

DevOps Books for Beginners 

1. The DevOps Handbook: How to Create World-Class Agility, Reliability, and Security in Technology Organizations

This DevOps book is for everyone who wants to learn everything about the process and the implementation of DevOps. The award-winning and best-selling handbook on digital transformation. The book has released an updated second edition with 15 new case studies and new content. A must-read book for everyone who works with technology. 

To get the updated version of this book, click here

Author EditionRatingsPrice
Gene KimJez HumblePatrick DeboisJohn Willis2nd edition updated and published on 30 November 2021 4.3 /5 – Good ReadsINR 2649 

Readers Opinion 

  • An excellent read for anyone wanting to “catch up” on modern DevOps (even from scratch).
  • Excellent introduction to DevOps practices with real-life case studies 
  • No matter if you are a newbie or an expert, this is the must-read book for everyone who works with technology 

2. Learning DevOps: A comprehensive guide to accelerating DevOps culture adoption with Terraform, Azure DevOps, Kubernetes, and Jenkins

This book will help you with a complete chapter on DevOps practices and tools for open source projects before getting to grips with security integration in DevOps. Moreover, you will also learn about the downtime reduction with blue-green deployment and feature flags techniques before finally covering standard DevOps best practices for all your projects.

To get the updated version of this book, click here

Author EditionRatingsPrice
Mikael Krief2nd edition updated and published on 31 March 2022 4.13 /5 – Good ReadsFor older versionINR 2974

Readers Opinion 

  • By the end of this book, you’ll have a solid foundation in DevOps and developed the necessary skills to enhance a traditional software delivery process using modern software delivery tools and techniques.

3. The DevOps Engineer’s Career Guide: A Handbook for Entry-Level Professionals to get into Continuous Delivery Roles for Agile Software Development: 

This is the best book for amateurs and intermediate levels. The book also covers the different job roles involved in DevOps. You will also find the skills required to become a DevOps engineer and the interview questions in the last few chapters. However, this book is for those who want to understand the role of the DevOps. 

To get the book, please click here 

Author EditionRatingsPrice
Stephen Fleming1st Edition, published Feb 2019Good Reads – 3.1 / 5INR 1213 

Readers opinion 

  • Easy to understand and best non programmers guide. A must read book for the newbies to the industry 

4. Effective DevOps: Building a Culture of Collaboration, Affinity, and Tooling at Scale

The book emphasizes on the importance of the change required inside the organization. The book covers all the topic mentioned in their title, numerous approaches for cultivating collaboration within teams, creating affinity among teams, encouraging efficient tool usage in the company, and scaling up what works throughout the organization’s variation points.

To get the book, please click here 

Author EditionRatingsPrice
Ryan Daniels Jennifer Davis 2016 Good Reads – 3.4 / 5 INR 1554 

Readers Opinion 

  • A rare book on this topic that begins with people and process, then moves to technology.
  • An excellent book on how to build a comprehensive culture adapted to the pressure of DevOps work.

Books for intermediaries 

5. Continuous Delivery: Reliable Software Releases through Build, Test, and Deployment Automation

The book helps you with the foundation of a rapid, reliable, low-risk delivery process of software. And also the book gives a wide introduction to the automated process “deployment pipeline”. With that, it also covers the organizational ecosystem. 

This book is for developers, systems administrators, testers, or managers, that will help your organization move from idea to release faster than ever.

To get the book, please click here 

Author EditionRatingPrice
Jez HumbleDavid Farley 1st Edition, published on Jan 2010Good Reads – 4.1 / 5 INR 3627

Readers Opinion 

  • Though the book is dated 10 years back, the ideas and principles still be relevant to the current technology and approach. The book did justice to its title and the author goes in-depth on “why continuous delivery?”
  • It’s a great book to either begin the journey towards Continuous Delivery or to refresh with the core concepts.

6. The Unicorn Project: A Novel about Developers, Digital Disruption, and Thriving in the Age of Data

DevOps books

This highly expected follow-up to the bestselling title The Phoenix Project takes an added look at Parts Unlimited, this time from the perception of software development. A story about rebellious developers and business leaders working together, racing against time to revolutionize, last, and thrive in a time of unparalleled uncertainty and opportunity.

To get the book, please click here 

Author EditionRatingPrice
Gene KimNov 2019Good Reads – 4.1 / 5INR 2178

Readers Opinion 

  • This is a gift to DevOps fans. The book filled the gap of the previous novel The Pheonix Project. This book helps you to learn about the ideals and methodologies in a fun way and with imaginative projects. 
  • Moreover, a must-read book for those tackling data-driven digital disruption, customer focus, and workforce empowerment deliver business value faster, better, safer, and happier.

7. Accelerate Building and Scaling High Performing Technology Organizations

DevOps books

 This book presents both the findings and the science behind the 4 years of groundbreaking research, including data collected from the State of DevOps reports conducted. And also to find a way to measure software delivery performance, and what drives it, using rigorous statistical methods.

To get the book, please click here 

Author EditionRatingPrice
Nicole Forsgren PhD,Jez Humble,Gene KimMarch 2018 Good Reads – 4.1/5INR 999

Readers Opinion 

  • This book is for anyone working in digital transformation to have a clear understanding on What works, what doesn’t and doesn’t matter. 
  • It also shows and proves with case studies that DevOps is faster, cheaper, and safer

8. Implementing Azure DevOps Solutions: Learn about Azure DevOps Services to successfully apply DevOps strategies

DevOps books

The book covers the tactic of designing and creating a successful DevOps environment and  how to implement continuous integration and continuous deployment pipelines on Azure. It also gives a deep understanding of  implementing security, compliance, containers, and databases in your DevOps strategies. By the end of this book, you’ll have gained enough knowledge to ensure seamless application deployments and business continuity.

Software developers and operations experts interested in deploying DevOps principles for the Azure cloud should read this DevOps book. This book will be helpful for application developers and IT professionals who have some background in software development and development techniques. An added benefit is having some knowledge of Azure DevOps fundamentals.

To get the book, please click here 

Author EditionRatingPrice
Henry Been June 2020Good Reads 4.2 / 5 INR 2974

Readers Opinion 

  • A good introduction to the topic and a thorough analysis of its more advanced techniques. 
  • The highlight of the book is the mockups that help you to prepare for the exam 

DevOps books for Experts 

9. Architecting for Scale: High Availability for Your Growing Applications

DevOps books

This practical guide offers methods for creating systems that can manage enormous amounts of traffic, data, and demand—without compromising the quality your consumers expect. It has been updated with an enhanced focus on new architecture paradigms like microservices and cloud computing. In order to meet customer expectations, architects, managers, and directors in engineering and operations teams will learn how to create systems at scale that are more dependable and streamlined.

To get the updated version, Please click here

Author EditionRatingPrice
Lee AtchisonJune 2016Good Reads 3.35 / 5 INR 560

Readers Opinion 

  • This book offers a succinct overview of current methods and ideas for creating web apps. The author defines the fundamentals of words like availability, scalability, risk assessment, and fundamental microservices principles.

10. Building Microservices: Designing Fine-Grained Systems, Second Edition

DevOps books

This revised second edition adopts a comprehensive approach to the subjects you must take into account when creating, running, and expanding microservices architectures.

The Author gives everyone from architects and developers to testers and IT operators a solid foundation in the topics through understandable examples and helpful guidance. The most recent methods for modeling, integrating, testing, deploying, and monitoring your autonomous services will be covered in detail. Real-world examples show how firms are currently able to maximize the benefits of these structures.

To get this book, please click here 

Author EditionRatingPrice
Sam NewmanSeptember 2021Good Reads – 4.2 / 5INR 1600

Readers Opinion 

  • It will inspire fresh ideas for how to create microservice-based apps.
  • The pros and cons of each of the several aspects have been examined with numerous examples.
  • You will not regret you got this book.

11. Cloud Native Patterns: Designing Change-Tolerant Software

DevOps books

The patterns, methods, and technologies that distinguish cloud-native apps are presented in this book along with a mental model for them. You’ll begin to understand as you read that cloud-native computing is more about the why and how than the whereas as you go along. 

Developers can create durable, quickly adaptable, web-scale distributed applications that can handle high user traffic and data loads by implementing cloudnative designs. Learn these core guidelines and procedures, and you’ll be equipped to succeed in the cloud’s dynamic, distributed virtual environment.

To get this book, Please click here 

Author EditionRatingPrice
Cornelia Davis May 2019Good Reads 4.2 / 5INR 3240

Readers Opinion 

  • You will be given a broad overview of what makes cloud native applications function as well as numerous rather in-depth dives into it. Not only what these applications accomplish, but also the process through which they were created. Rarely you will see someone explain technology so effectively.

12. Measure What Matters: OKRs: The Simple Idea that Drives 10x Growth 

DevOps books

The advantages of OKRs are discussed in numerous first-person stories in Measure What Matters (Objectives and Key Results). This book discusses OKR history, basics, and structure while also introducing a new management paradigm based on CFRs, drawing on John Doerr’s time at Intel with Andy Grove (Coversations, Feedback, Recognition). 

Anyone interested in becoming a better manager or leader can benefit from taking a look at this, which includes numerous tiny case studies from a range of businesses.

To get this book, Please click here 

Author EditionRatingPrice
John DeorrApril 2018Good Reads 4 / 5 INR 517 

Readers Opinion 

  • Anyone trying OKR in their organization should read this book.  The best part is the case studies or stories written throughout the book. The useful resource section at the end  helps you set your own OKRs.

You can acquire accurate knowledge of the DevOps technique with the aid of a DevOps training course. Additionally, it helps you to understand the DevOps Tools and DevOps Delivery Pipeline clearly. The DevOps Stages, DevOps Lifecycle, and many other concepts are understood. Improve your proficiency in the DevOps workplace. 

Henry Harvin 

Become a professional by enrolling in Henry Harvin’s Agile & Scrum Academy DevOps Training course. Learn from industry experts with 15+ years of experience. Domain experts who have delivered more than 350+ lectures and 7000+ students have benefited from this course.

Key Features 

  • Projects: The ability to do projects in fields such as Configuration Management, DevOps Methodologies, and many more.
  • Assistance with internships to get practical knowledge of the DevOps training course
  • 100% Placement Guarantee, supported for One Year Following Successful Completion
  • Access to a variety of tools and techniques, video content, tests, and other things through online learning
  • Regular Bootcamps are scheduled throughout the course of the following 12 months for an exotic training course.
  • Free access to AskHenry competitions and hackathons
  • For the DevOps Training Course, receive a 1-year Gold Membership to the Henry Harvin Agile & Scrum Academy.
  • Get DevOps Training Course Certification from Henry Harvin, a Govt. of India Recognized & Award-Winning Institute.

Learning Benefits 

  • Develop skills in areas such as software development, the software development life cycle, devops tools, and others.
  • Learn how to investigate, evaluate, and resolve management issues.
  • Increases business savvy and dedication to process improvement
  • Using Ansible, Puppet, and Kubernates, learn the fundamentals of configuration management.
  • Clearly understand the Continuous Deployment concepts.
  • Develop your Git skills for software version control.
  • Candidates can increase their expertise to land a job as a DevOps Engineer.
  • Candidates can gain knowledge on how to use DevOps approaches and use Software Version Control.
  • After completing the DevOps Training Course, become a DevOps Engineer.

Course Details 

  • Duration –  32 hours, Two way interactive live learning period 
  • Fee – INR 22500 with EMI starting from INR 2500/month

Other Courses offered 

To sum up, reading books on DevOps written by experts is the best thing as you get extensive knowledge and new insights about the approach and also to gain an intensive training and professional knowledge you can enroll into the courses offered. Either way, DevOps is a great career option and it has a bright future it is a constantly evolving and ever-growing approach to delivering the desired outcomes. 

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Q1. Is DevOps a high-paying job?

An experienced Senior DevOps Engineer with 10-20 years of experience makes an average compensation of INR 20.9 Lakhs per year, while a mid-career Senior DevOps Engineer with 4–9 years of experience earns 14.2 Lakhs per year

Q2. Is DevOps a stressful job?

DevOps engineers have varied and distinctive skill sets, which makes it harder and harder to find competent ones. Although DevOps engineers’ pay and job openings are on the rise, they are also working longer hours and are therefore more susceptible to high levels of stress and burnout.

Q3. Is DevOps hard to learn?

DevOps is full of learning opportunities and difficulties; it requires not only technical expertise but also a solid grasp of both business requirements and complex technical issues. The majority of us are proficient DevOps experts, but we lack the time to master all the new techniques and knowledge.

Q4. Why DevOps books are the preferred choice by professionals? 

Ans: One might find numerous resources online but the DevOps books are always the preferred choice because these books explain the logic in detail, give a foresight about the actual circumstances, and share upgraded information about DevOps and related topics.

Q5. How do the DevOps books help the DevOps engineers?

Ans: These books cover a lot of cross-disciplinary skills the engineers are presumed to master. While there is so much that the book teaches, there are certain topics that are considered very important, thus, requiring more detail and simplified explanation. This includes topics such as cloud computing, application performance monitoring, AppDynamics, configuration management, IaC provision tool, and the CAMS.

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