Everyone knows what the job of surgeons and nurses is for every effective medical procedure. 

Have we ever thought, who takes care of preparing the tables and stretchers for the medical procedure? Who is answerable for the cleansing and sterilization of all cloth and instruments? It is all crafted by the Operating Theatre Technicians, (OTT).

They are the ones to take care of the Oxygen Supply, Medicine supply, drapes, surgical clothes, equipment,  and so on, and ensure everything is appropriately working and is accessible also. 

To put it plainly, it is the difficult work of activity theatre innovation that results in a fruitful methodology and wins honors for the surgeons, anesthesiologists, and nurses.

Unfortunately, we always overlook the Job of Operation Theatre Technician who is the unheard, unnoticed, unhonoured, yet the genuine spine of the surgical team.

Courses required to be an Operation Theatre Technician

There are many institutes which have different levels of courses. Henry Harvin is one such Edtech institute that provides certified OTT Courses.

The OTT Courses-

  1. Diploma in Operating Theatre Technician (DOTT) – 1-year course + 6 Months paid Internship.
  2. Advanced Diploma in Operating Theatre Technician (ADOTT) – 2 years + 8 months paid internship 
  3. Bachelors in Operating Theatre Technician (BOTT) – 3 years Course + 6 months to 1 year paid internships.

Operation Theatre Technician Books

The Operation Theatre Technician Books are of varied categories and are divided depending wholly on the courses taken up. Various courses have different sets of books. Some of the important books are mentioned below –

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I. Human Anatomy (Regional and Applied- Dissection and Clinical)– B.D Chaurasia (4 Volumes).

  1. Upper Limb and Thorax
  2. Lower Limb, Abdomen, and Pelvis
  3. Head and Neck
  4. Brain and Neuroanatomy

II.       Pharmacology- Tara .V. Shanbhag (3rd Edition)

III.      BioChemistry – D.M Vasudevan (7th Edition)

IV. Microbiology – Anju Dhir (Textbook for nursing students)

V.       Physiology – D.Venkatesh and H.H Sudhakar (3rd Edition)

VI.     Pathology – Aruna Singh and Poonam Bachetti (For Paramedical students)

VII.   Anesthesiology  – Ajay Yadav (Short textbook on Anesthesia)

The above mentioned are only the basics of Operation Theatre Technician Books.

A more elaborated and brief summary of each subject is further divided into several other books that are authored by Medical experts. They are also known as the

Top 10 Operation Theatre Technician Books and are mentioned below.

1. Operation Theatre Technician Handbook- by Henry Harvin

This, Operation Theatre Technician Handbook, talks about the different procedures and ways that are worked in an Operation Theater. It discusses the right administration of the Operation Theater and other needful morals that have been featured in this book. 

Operation Theatre Technician Handbook- by Henry Harvin is the handbook made out of the keen interest and involvement of many assorted medical experts from various paramedical fields for Henry Harvin Education and is named the Operation Theatre Technician Course.

This book is available on Amazon and can be ordered as per the link below –

This book provides easy-to-learn yet illustrated examples on subjects of Anaesthesia, Nursing, and much more.

Other Important features include:-

  • Helpful Information about Operation Theater 
  • Discloses how to deal with patients appropriately 
  • Simple and Comprehensive Content 
  • Immeasurably Important themes covered 
  • Helpful for every single clinical student.

Course Types, Benefits, Fees:

To Know More Information about Fee Structure please check it here:-


Cities in India offering the Operation Theatre Technician Course (OTT) –


Henry Harvin also Provide These Courses:

2. Basic Concept of Allied Specialities (Textbook for Operation Theatre Technicians) -Dr. Pramila Bhalla and A.L Agrawal

This Operation Theatre Technician book is planned according to the prospectus of the BSc course in OT Technology courses.

It covers fundamental Anatomy, Physiology, and Physics. It covers subtleties in sedation drugs, procedures, gear, observing, CPR, First Aid, ICU, nursing care, aiding medical procedures, garbage removal, medico-legitimate issues, the assent of medical procedures, and nitty-gritty information on CSSD. All themes are as per the most recent rules.

3.) Pocket Guide to the Operating Room (4th Edition ) – Maxie.  A.Goldman

This Operation Theatre Technician book is a pocket guide that presents more than 500 surgeries! Best-in-class modifications acquaint the student with new guidelines of greatness for the consideration of the careful patient in the perioperative climate.

For every system, you’ll find a definition, conversation, depiction of the medical procedure, readiness of the patient, skin arrangement, hanging method, instrumentation, supplies, and uncommon notes relevant to that medical procedure.

4.)Clinical Anesthesiology Medical Specialities -6th Edition – Dr.Ajay Yadav

This Operation Theatre Technician book focuses on the points asked all the more often in pre-PG assessments…

It is most appropriate for undergrad, postgraduate wannabes, and rehearsing anesthetists. It fills in as a somewhat late modification book for MD/DA/DNB understudies.

The text is separated into nine areas to build the solace of perusing. The main focuses are introduced in italics.

The Key focuses are given toward the finish of every section. Any place plausible, an outline of points has been introduced in a plain structure.

It has regularly experienced debates that have been attempted to be settled beyond what many would consider possible. 

It mentions the latest advances in medications, gear, and strategies that have been joined. Cardiopulmonary revival (CPR) rules depend on the American Heart Association (AHA), 2015, update.

5.) Surgical Equipment and Supplies (2nd Edition) – Colleen .J. Rutherford

This Operation Theatre Technician book is your go-to manual for the immense range of careful instruments and hardware utilized in the OR today.

This twisting bound text/chartbook conveys more than 725 full-shading photos, point-by-point particulars, and far-reaching inclusion you will not find elsewhere. 

Completely refreshed and updated all through to mirror the act of a medical procedure today, it’s the asset you’ll go to consistently.

6.) Surgical Instruments, X-Rays, and Operative Instructions – Ajay Agrawal, Neelabh Agrawal, and Sneha Agrawal

The Operation Theatre Technician book is exceptionally methodical and stresses well on the significant focuses identified with a pragmatic medical procedure.

It has four segments specifically metallic instruments, non-metallic careful items, X-beams, and employable advances.

All the data is outlined in a point-wise way, enhanced well with unique delineations that give a top to a bottom agreement and help in getting a handle regarding the matter better.

Notwithstanding the intensive inclusion of X-beams, the OT notes have been arranged remembering the most recent reports on different techniques.

Mental aides have been added which make this book a simple learning instrument for the understudies. This improvement makes the book interesting and first of its sort.

7.) Surgical Technology – Principles and Practice – Joanna .K. Fuller

This Operation Theatre Technician book features –

  • Thorough inclusion tends to all spaces of the AST Core Curriculum for Surgical Technology. 
  • Peruser’s agreeable composing style and association construct content from basic ideas, aseptic strategy, and the job and capacity of the careful technologist, to the claim to fame surgery sections. 
  • Reliable section design separates surgeries in a straightforward manner that assists you with understanding the vital components of more than 200 strategies. 
  • Experienced writer/counseling editorial manager group loans a broadness of involvement for a balanced and multi-viewpoint center around working room techniques and quality patient consideration. 
  • More than 1,200 full-shading delineations and clinical photographs rejuvenate ideas and systems. 
  • Powerful practice openings incorporate audit questions and contextual investigations toward the finish of every section, alongside extra survey questions and careful practice recordings on the Evolve buddy site. 
  • Learning goals fill in as designated spots for appreciation and as study devices in anticipation of assessments. 
  • Keywording shows up in boldface all through part conversations with key terms characterized and cross-referred to a back-of-book glossary. 
  • Key ideas are canvassed in a bulleted list toward the finish of every part conversation, to sum up, and survey section content. 
  • References and lists of sources give a posting of in-text and extra references of logical examination and best practices. 
  • Pathology supplement sums up the most normally seen neurotic cycles and arranges them by body framework. 
  • The new Robotic Surgery part portrays the most progressive gear and methods including careful robots. 
  • Extra abilities content incorporates patient arrangement, shipping, situating, and hanging. 
  • Extended inclusion of endoscopic techniques is highlighted in the Minimally Invasive Surgery section.

 8.) Understanding Anesthetic Equipment and procedures- Dwarkadas. K.Baheti and Vandana.Y.Laheri


Understanding Anesthetic Equipment -Jerry. A.Dorsch and Susan.E.Dorsch

This Operation Theatre Technician book is written by specialists with high scholarly qualifications, tendencies, and abilities.

It is divided into nine segments for a liquid progression of content with an engaged methodology; covering 49 parts, out of which 19 sections have been reexamined with the most recent data and 30 sections in ad-libbed design.

It gives knowledge into the fundamental material science just as the system engaged with the construction of different hardware utilized in anesthesia and basic requirements of the Operation theatre.

It helps in better understanding the strategies and procedures of controlling sedation. It is the only “sedation gear” book that incorporates DVD-ROM that fills in as a varying media helps for an unmistakable comprehension of everyday sedative techniques.

It is targeted towards students, postgraduates, and rehearsing anesthesiologists keen on a better comprehension of the rudiments of sedation hardware.

9.) Special Procedures and Sterilization Techniques (2nd Edition)- Vinod Pusdekar

This  Operation Theatre Technician book is a manual for surgical instruments and strategies, for undergrad and postgraduate students. 

Starting with the fundamentals of disinfection, the accompanying sections inspect various sorts of instruments and their uses in surgeries.

The last areas talk about stitch materials, ventilation, and sedation. Every section is given itemized portrayals in guide design and illustrative charts toward help learning Central issues.

It provides a thorough manual for careful instruments and strategies for undergraduate and postgraduate students.

It covers various kinds of instruments and their normal and more uncommon uses in a medical procedure and nitty-gritty depictions introduced in point design for simple agreement. It also incorporates over 255 pictures and outlines.

10.) Drugs Equipment in Anesthetic Practice – Arun. K.Paul

The principal objective of this book is to introduce the basics and uses of medications and equipment in anesthesia practice to the clinical students.

This book has been separated into two areas: the principal segment portrays the medications and the subsequent segment depicts the techniques.

Arun Kumar Paul BSc MBBS, DA, MS (Anaesth) Ex-Professor, Department of Anaesthesiology, Medical College and Hospital, Kolkata is a writer of a few books on anesthesiology.

Principal Segment consists of:

1. Antiepileptic Drugs 

2. Histamine and Antihistaminic Drugs 

3. Energizer Drugs 

4. United Pediatric Anesthesia 

Equipment Special Features: 

  1. Covers fundamental pharmacology and therapeutics of normal medications in current sedative practice. 
  2. Gives a complete wellspring of data on the nuts and bolts and down-to-earth employments of different sedative and related gear. 
  3. Written in a straightforward, compact, and straightforward organization. “

Career Opportunities in Operation Theatre Technician in India

The united medical services experts, OTT, are essential to the medical services framework. 

The medical services industry is the fifth biggest in India and is assessed to make more than 4 crore jobs available, and is set to twofold its labor force. 

The growth in the clinical field is many and the interest for trained Operation Theatre Technician experts is always expanding. 

Each emergency clinic that has a working venue requires all-around prepared OTTs. 

Experienced OTTs are likewise recruited for exploration, schooling, or mentorship. 

Subsequently, there’s a requirement for an Operation Theatre Technician.

With a degree in Operation Theater sciences, one can have a significant heavenly profession.

There are various roads to secure good work and dominate in this field, such as,

  • Emergency clinics 
  • Global wellbeing administrations 
  • Government wellbeing administrations 
  • Instructive establishments – Academics – mentor (school, colleges) 
  • NGOs 
  • A clinical collaborator in Nursing homes 
  • Deals and promoting 
  • Collaborator in private emergency clinics 
  • Nursing homes or private emergency clinics 
  • OTT experts can likewise get recruited in the deals and promoting and focal sterile administrations divisions of medical services offices.

Who is an Operation Theatre Technician?

An Operation Theatre Technician is a health science professional with skills in Operation Theatre Technology also known as Paramedical Healthcare Professional.

Some other professionals that belong to this category are – Radiography Technicians, Anaesthesia Technicians, Lab Technicians, etc.

Operation Theatre Technicians work widely with surgeons, nurses, and anesthesiologists. They help to keep ready and maintain machines and types of equipment needed for surgery and procedures, sterilize tools, arrange theatre tables, arrange surgery equipment, make technical arrangements, file related documents, provide technical assistance like monitoring, evaluate and assessing operational situations within the theatre, keep the surgeons and other staff well informed for any changes or updates during the duration of the surgery.

Responsibilities of an Operation Theatre Technician

Operation Theatre Technicians should have the significant information and knowledge to ensure quality patient care in a clean and sterile environment until the end of the surgery. They predict the necessities of the surgeons and react by correctly giving reasonable instruments. This is a task that requests extraordinary responsibility. 

The other responsibilities include –

  1. Transporting and shifting patients to and from the theatre, recovery rooms, and wards. 
  2. Helping with organizing, evaluating, and keeping the operation theatre clean for a medical procedure. 
  3. Setting up Oxygen supply, Anesthesia, life support ventilators, and other related gases. 
  4. Giving technical support to surgeons and nurses.
  5. Keeping track and supplying medicines and drugs needed during surgery.
  6. Maintaining and cleaning curtains, and all surgical uniforms and cloth.
  7. Preparing the patient for surgery by cleaning the incision place to cut. 
  8. Sterilizing and Disinfecting the surgical instruments, gloves, and keeping ready cotton, sponges, pads, etc.
  9. Tidy up and restock the surgical room, organizing surgical tools, supplies, and technical instruments as per guidance.
  10. Position patients carefully for anesthesia. 
  11. Handle samples taken for research and tests. 
  12. Offer help to patients in recuperation. 
  13. Clean and organize dressings and bandages toward the finish of a medical procedure.

More about OTT course

The DOTT , ADOTT and BOTT Course-

Depending on the various levels of study, years to study, and the course is undertaken, the candidates are accordingly provided study as mentioned below.

  1. Anatomy, Biochemistry, Pathology, Pharmacology, Physiology, Microbiology, are learned in brief.
  2. Training candidates to clean, maintain, sterilize and disinfect surgical tools, dressing tables, tools and equipment tables, clothes, instruments, and machinery.
  3. Handling Lab Equipment and the entire Surgical room.
  4. Managing, handling, and shifting patients as per surgeons in and out of respective operation theatres.
  5. Recovery room and care.
  6. Giving Anesthesia (Boyles Apparatus)
  7. Keeping ready Oxygen Cylinders, Ventilators, and other drugs for surgery.
  8. Cleaning and checking the availability of lights and cameras.
  9. Maintaining the surgery table, Diathermy, Sucker, Common General Surgical Operation, and Dressings.
  10. Computer Data Processing.
  11. Checking Oxygen Levels, blood pressure levels, and heart rate.
  12. Supporting Surgeons and Anesthesia professionals.
  13. Pre-operative Procedures.
  14. The course of Surgery Procedures.
  15. Post-operative Procedures.
  16. Patient support.

The curriculum for Operating Theatre Technician Course 

  1. Anatomy and Physiology.
  2. Coronavirus, Infection Control, and Medical Waste Management.
  3. Operation Theatre Techniques.
  4. Surgical Instruments.
  5. Supply of Medical drugs.
  6. Patient Care and Nursing care Management.
  7. Terminology of Operation Theatre.
  8. Medical Emergency.
  9. Anesthesia Equipment and Procedures.
  10. Ethics and law.
  11. Oxygen and Ventilators.
  12. Basic Computer Programming Skills.

Who is eligible to become an Operation Theatre Technician?

The candidate should have passed 10+2 with a minimum of 50% of marks in the Science Stream or completed a degree in Bachelors of Science (B.Sc) with Physics, Chemistry and Biology as the main subjects.

Remuneration for Operation Theatre Technicians

Operation Theaters in clinics, Emergency Care Departments, just as ICUs in medical clinics, are required for OT Technicians. For any activity theater to work without a hitch, OT Technicians are required!

The Trainee level Executives can acquire anyplace between Rs.10,000-Rs.20,000 each month. Notwithstanding, a meriting competitor can acquire more. 

New alumni can expect something at the very least Rs. 15,000 – Rs. 20,000. 

A very much experienced and talented individual can acquire more. The public authority is the model manager offering compensations between Rs. 30,000 to Rs. 40,000.

A comparable compensation range is presented by the main clinics in the nation where the technologists procure more than Rs. 40,000 

There is no cap on the compensation, with expanding experience, one’s compensation and advantages increment significantly. 

Numerous businesses likewise offer medical services benefits and different remittances to their workers. The Payscale for OTT can differ contingent upon certain elements like,-

capability, knowledge, and skills of the person, the experience of the expert, and the norms of the association. Many businesses offer medical care benefits and different recompenses to their workers. 


Doctors and Nurses are acknowledged for saving patients’ lives by performing surgeries, yet Operation Theatre Technician, who is important for the same, is overlooked and lacks recognition! 

If you are looking forward to taking a course for Operation Theatre Technician, do not hesitate more.

I have given you a brief about how nice a profession this is to opt for.

subsequently, at Henry Harvin Edtech, counselors encourage you to take courses in a field of your choice and guide you about the extent of that field.

The courses are made in such a way, that you get hands-on experience, and knowledge to manage the patients, all things considered, just after completing the course.

The experts assist you with getting what is best for you, empowering you to choose for instance, regardless of whether you should take admission in any of the one 1 year paramedical course or certificate courses in clinical after twelfth class, and also help you with internships.


Q1.  Why is a surgery room called an Operation Theatre?

Ans. Medical students were permitted to witness the surgery from a viewing platform.
The setup looked like a theatre, with the main Protagonist being the surgeon and the subject being the Operation on a patient. Therefore, the surgery room is termed as an Operation Theatre.

Q2. What is OTT?

Ans. OTT is a term used as an abbreviation for Operation Theatre Technician.

Q3. What is the Eligibility to apply for a course in Operation Theatre Technicians?

Ans. 10+2 in Science or a B.Sc degree is needed to apply for a course in OTT.

Q4. What is the highest paid salary of an Operation Theatre Technician in India?

Ans. The highest-paid salary for an OTT is Rs,70000 to 85000 per month.

Q5. Why do you want to work in the Operation Theatre?

Ans. This is a significant and remunerating profession. The staff in the Operation Theatre not just get to work with surgeons and help patients in, preparing them, protecting them during a medical procedure, and helping them recover.


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