10 Best Books To Teach English To Beginners In 2021 [Updated]

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How to teach English to beginners?

Teaching English to beginners is a big challenge. It doesn’t matter what your background and experience level, but you will also face a lot of problems. You will know that every student is different, and they learn differently. However, with some skills and knowledge, you will discover it. There are some best English teaching books. 

Teaching Books to upgrade your teaching abilities

First of all, you have to evaluate yourself. What kind of teacher are you? Are you a new teacher or a veteran teacher. For a new teacher, you can get benefit from all in one E.S.L. You should be teaching books because they cover all aspects. But for the veteran teachers, old methods also can be used. They can use some best books to teach English. It can also help them to be a good content writer in future. 

Who is your student?

Another essential thing to keep in mind while pursuing an E.S.L. teaching book hunt is that you should know your students. There are E.S.L. teaching books covering the methods of all teaching levels, age groups, and business testing. 

Here are some excellent E.S.L. teaching books which you can add to your bookshelf.

Action in E.S.L. teaching 

1. Learning Another Language Through Actions by James J.Asher. 

best books to teach English, English teaching books

James J. Asher is the founder of the Total Physical Response (T.R.P.) method in language learning, and his book is an excellent addition to the E.S.L. library. The technique behind T.R.P. is for students to recognize English faster. This method came back by Asher for the students to better understand the E.S.L. language. This is one of the excellent book to teach English to beginners 

Asher’s book might appear a little bit out of date as compared to the advanced technology. However, the methods are excellent and relevant. Your students will enjoy the teaching methods. With all the advancement in technology, it becomes challenging to keep the students eager and attentive, but due to Asher teaching methods, it has become more accessible. 

Here is the link to buy the book.

E.S.L. visual Activities of young learners

2. TEFL flashcard games for young learners by Chris Morgan  

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“TEFL flashcards games for young learners” is a perfect book for students and learners to self-teach English. This E.S.L. teaching book is a tremendous and exciting resource for young learners, and they will love it as it contains a lot of fun and exciting games. It can also connect with the students very fast. Your students will also learn new pronunciation, vocabulary, visual recognition, and grammar. It is one of the best books to teach English.

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All in one E.S.L. Teaching Books 

3. The Practice of English Language Teaching by Jeremy Harmer

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“The Practice of English Language Teaching” is a superb book for beginners. It’s one of the best books to teach English. Jeremy Harmer’s book is an excellent collection of E.S.L. topics for teachers, and it also discusses psychology in the classroom. The organization of the chapters is good, and they have a connection with each other. 

It also explains almost all the aspects of E.S.L. teaching books. “The world of English.” “Describing language,” “Describing Learners,” and “Describing Teachers” are the first four chapters. You will also find various activities throughout the book to develop your class syllabus and lesson plans. This book is a little costly, but keeping a book like this of 450 pages of material is a lifetime reference. The book also comes with a DVD containing classroom techniques.  

4. Easy TEFL guide to teaching English as a Foreign Language by T.S. Seifert

best books to teach English, English teaching books

The “Easy TEFL guide to teaching English as a Foreign Language” by T.S Seifert is all in one E.S.L. teaching book, which is very useful for the E.S.L. learners and E.S.L. teachers. E.S.L. teachers guide the paper discusses many areas of teaching which you need while teaching a student. Vocabulary, learning, listening, writing, and pronunciation are various sub-skills. There are also excellent chapters on controlling your students in the E.S.L. classroom, giving them correct E.S.L. material in the school. You should always have a vast collection of E.S.L. books in your bookshelf. It is considered as one of the best books to teach English. Having a book like this is worth it. 

E.S.L. teaching with online news

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5. Reading English News on the Internet: A guide to connectors, verbs, expressions, and vocabulary for the E.S.L. students by David Peterson

best books to teach English, English teaching books

The “E.S.L. teaching books read the news on the internet: A guide to connectors, verbs, expressions, and vocabulary for the E.S.L. students” is a great book to keep in a bookshelf. This book gives a brief idea of online news and articles and how the students can build grammar, comprehension, and vocabulary. The students might also start reading stories in English and might start asking a few questions. 

Spending some time with your students discussing online news articles is super fun. “The book Reading English News on the Internet: A guide to connectors, verbs, expressions, and vocabulary for the E.S.L. students” is excellent in the journey of E.S.L. teaching. It is one of the best teaching English books. 

Intermediate Communication E.S.L. Teaching

6. “Intermediate Communication Games” by Jill Hadfield 

best books to teach English, English teaching books

For intermediate level students building communication is an excellent approach. Jill Hadfield’s “Intermediate communication games” is an excellent book you can keep in your bookshelves. This book, published by Pearson, will lift the intermediate students to the next level of E.S.L. learning. Hadfield’s s book has a lot of activities and games which are liked by every student. “Intermediate communication skills” contain great guidelines for any student’s communicative abilities. The book also contains beautiful instructions with helpful teacher notes, which helps teach students in the class. 

It also has a lot of worksheets that help the students build a communication experience and knowledge required in real life. This book is a little high on price, but it contains material useful for the students. This book is one of the bestsellers. It is one of the best books to teach English as you all know that teaching English is hard. An excellent E.S.L. textbook can be an incredible asset. It will help you in lesson plans, set up games, productive activities according to different students. 

7. E.S.L. Activities and Mini- books for every classroom by Kama Einhorn 

best books to teach English, English teaching books

This textbook is fantastic and packed with many activities that teachers can use to teach in the class. Even if you are preparing a skilled person or a new one who has never spoken this language, it is useful for both of them. One of the best features of the books are mini, but they are not so much mini. Each chapter of the book supports and teaches the students who are beginners or early learners. These books have good content, patterns, and are predictable. It is one of the best English teaching books. 

This book comes with advice on how to run the class. This section has tips on how to make students feel comfortable in the initial days of the course. For example, on the first day of the class, pictures of all the students are taken. The whole class gets it with the name labeled in it. This picture is given to every student so they can remember each one and build a social foundation. 

8. Children E.S.L. Curriculum: Learning English with Laughter by M.s Daisy A. Stocker M.Ed & Dr. George A.Stocker D.D.S.

best books to teach English, English teaching books

In this book, the author knows the power of a good laugh, and they use it to learn for the children. We all know that laughter is a universal language. This book is composed of a student book, teacher guide, and practice book. This textbook is specially designed for kids who have never had any introduction to English. This set of manuals contains beautiful exercises and activities designed for kids to learn English in a fun-filled way. It is one of the best books to teach English. 

The best part of this book is formatting. The pictures in these books are enormous, which attracts the younger ones, and this makes the inside of the book best for young ones. There are a lot of tracing worksheets that help the kids to learn and write English words. 

As this book should have directions that focus on young learners, it comes with a lot of fun worksheets. These books also have oral instructions to help students listen to the English Language. For example, the coloring worksheets have directions that the teacher should read aloud to the students.it is also one of the best English teaching books for kids. 

9. Assessment and E.S.L: An Alternative Approach by Barbara Law

best books to teach English, English teaching books

Assessment is critical in the teaching and learning process. But the traditional methods do not always give accurate results. This is a bestseller book. As it is not an ordinary book to be used in the classroom, but it is an excellent resource for the teachers who are teaching E.S.L. students. In this book, the author mentions new methods of documenting and tracking the learning process. It is also considered as one of the best books to teach English. 

In this book, the author tells about the four themes of learning a language. a) real language b) integrated language c) whole language d ) facilitating environment. In this book, the author demonstrates the different assessment which goes in four different themes. 

Real language refers to a practical purpose. Students learn the language for factual purposes rather than just to please the teacher. It is one of the best English teaching books for the kids. 

10. E.S.L. Teacher’s Activities Kit by Elizabeth Claire 

best books to teach English, English teaching books

The book was written in 1998 by Elizabeth Claire. This book has many things to offer for the teachers, and it is perfect for the E.S.L. teachers that are starting. It has a lot of activities that are good for all ages.  

The most important part of the book is the portion written for a teacher that needs a step by step guide to start teaching. It also has a lot of clear instructions. It has various activities for all age groups. The activities include worksheets for playground games. This book is beneficial for those who feel shy about speaking English. This book also comes with a grammar checklist, and it also gives tips on how to run the E.S.L. classroom smoothly. 

Some textbooks are suitable for adults and teens; let’s see. You can see that each book is written by the professionals that have been in the teaching field for a very long time. They have a lot of things to tell. They also have a lot of teaching staff for both teachers and students. Some textbooks are good at writing, especially for kids. The author of these books knows that teaching kids and adults is one of the most significant challenges. It is one of the best English teaching books. 

Best E.S.L. Textbooks for Teaching Adults

#1. E.S.L. Classroom Activities for teens and Adults by Shelley Ann Vernon

Classroom activities are not only important for kids but adults too. In this book, the main focus is on classroom activities as well as grammar portions and fluency. The most important book is that it contains a large variety of games and exercises. In the introduction part, the author tells about different learning styles—it also various activities for different age groups of students. 

The most important part of the book is creative writing and games, which are essential for students’ advancement. It also gives new material to the students. It is also one of the best books in teaching English to beginners. 

#2. Compelling Conversations By Eric H. Roth

In this book, the author helps the students to improve their fluency and conversation skills. This book focuses primarily on English speaking and the oral aspects of learning English. As we all know, the most significant difference in teaching kids and adults is that the adults need not only learn English but also in conversation with other E.S.L. students. 

Each chapter in the book has a theme. This book is all about critical thinking. This is also one of the best books in teaching English to beginners. 

#3. English the American Way by Sheila Mackechnie Murtha M.A, Jane Airey O’Connor M.Ed

This is one of the bestsellers. The author divides the Whole book into fun chapters like, “Taking a Drive.” and “Dining In style.” They use the topics to learn the grammatical aspects of the book. 

The best part of the book is that they do not feel shy from teaching Americans Idioms, slang that they use in their day to day life. 

This book also gives stress on pronunciations. The author generally uses pointers in the books. 

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Things to keep in mind

The most important thing is that books do not make a good teacher. Only they are used as a reference. Supplemental exercises are important.T.V shows, and Movies are also excellent sources of learning. 

Now, I will give you some tips on how to teach English to Beginners.

Alphabet blocks abc on wooden table Premium Photo

Teaching the Basics – Start with Alphabets 

  • The most important thing you should do is start with the alphabet and numbers. By teaching alphabets, you create a better foundation.
  • Start with the alphabets and always start with “A.”
  • Ask your students to work on numbers. Create a worksheet on which they can practice.
  • Do not push them too hard.
  • Use flashcards with the alphabets written on that. Flashcards make learning very easy.
  • Learning the alphabet might be easy for them, whose native language is English.
  • This will help in teaching English for beginners.

Teach Pronunciation –

Teaching pronunciation is very important for beginners. You can keep focusing on complicated sounds. 

  • The “Th.” sounds are a little tricky and pronounced differently.
  • The “R.” sound is also a little difficult for many E.S.L. learners.
  • The “L.” This is another problematic sound for the beginners—especially people from East Asia.
  • The “H.” The sound is also a difficult one for mainly Spanish speakers because in Spanish “H” is silent.

Teach noun –

Teach your students noun. After learning alphabets and numbers, move to nouns. 

  • Start with the familiar objects available in the classroom.
  • After the class move to everyday objects available in your city, for example, car, buses, house, tree, etc.
  • Include the use of everyday objects in your day to day life, E.g., food, phone, electronic gadgets, etc. These small things will help in teaching English for beginners.
  1. Explain how adjectives modify nouns – Explain to the students how adjectives modify the noun. It will be helpful to teach adjectives right after the nouns because nouns are used exclusively with the adjectives. Adjectives change other words.
  2. Teach Verbs – Teaching verbs will be very useful to your students. Verbs describe an action .example; to speak, to walk, etc.
  3. Teach that adverbs modify verbs, and adjectives – Adverbs allow you to add extra details to your sentence. Modifiers also change the meaning of the verb.example of adverbs is slowly, happily, easily.
  4. Explain tense and articles – After explaining them, nouns, pronouns, adjectives, and adverbs make them understand tense and articles. It will help them to phrase the sentences.
  5. Make use of Phrases – One of the most significant ways to teach your students or encourage them is to use phrases.
  6. Teach them basic sentence construction – After teaching your students nouns, pronouns, adverbs, adjectives, articles, phrases, you should teach them how to construct the sentences. This is very important as it will encourage their writing ability and reading ability. These are some best techniques on how to teach English to beginners.

Best Teaching Practices 

  1. Encourage the students to speak only English in class – One of the most significant ways to encourage the students is to speak only English in the class. This will make their English more fluent.
  2.  Provide Verbal and written instructions – Always give some homework or activity to the students. You should always provide both verbal and written instructions.
  3.  Monitor the progress of the students – You should always follow your students’ work. By this, you can see where they are doing well and where they are struggling. If you are teaching in the classroom, then walk around and ask questions, if you are taking online classes, then send messages or email to the students.
  4. Promote different modes of learning – The various methods of learning are;
  • Employ writing
  • Suggest listening.
  • Use speaking
  • Try to use all modes of learning.

Through these simple techniques, you can encourage the learning process in students. 

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There are some English Language Teaching Books for Teachers. You can have a look!

  1. Cambridge Handbook of language teachers.
  2. English for Academic Purposes
  3. Cambridge Language Assessment
  4. Studies In Language Testing
  5. Cambridge Language Education
  6. Council of Europe
  7. Cambridge Teacher Training and development
  8. General Books for Teachers

So, why are you waiting for ! Go and grab your best books to teach English

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