Benefits Of Learning the Korean Language

Korea is considered, one of the most populated countries and thus the Korean language is known as the 13th most commonly spoken language all over the world. The Korean alphabet is known as Hangul. The language is considered one of the toughest languages to learn. But with the help of Korean language Books and online platforms learning can become easier.


In recent times not only the economy of Korea has been boosted but also the country gets famous for its Pop culture, Music, and Dramas. Music bands like BTS, EXO, and many Korean series have worldwide followers. Knowing the language helps to understand the content more easily.

Moreover, many Indian companies like Wipro, TATA Motors, and L&T started their business in Korea. Similarly, some of the Korean companies rooted their business in India too. In this scenario, earning the language will pave the way for better job opportunities.


In addition, Korean beauty products are worldwide famous. Korean beauty Influencers are globally recognized and followed by millions. And thus due to all these reasons, the Korean language gained importance and the majority of people started learning it. 

Here, In this blog, you will get to know the Top 12 Korean Language Books, which will help you master this language. 


Korean Language Books

A Book is a gift that you can open again and again; every time you open it you will learn more. So the best way of learning a new language is to have a Good Book related to the matter. Here is the list of the Top 12 Korean Language Books which will help to enhance your skill in the Korean language.

1. Korean from Zero

Author: George Trombley, Reed Bullen, Myunghee Ham, Sunhee Bong.

Publisher: Yesjapan Corporation

Edition: 5th edition

No: of Pages:  362 pages

Available: Amazon

About the Book

The book is written by Mr.George Trombley, a Professional Interpreter, combined with 3 other fellow writers, Reed Bullen – a Korean linguist, Myunghee Ham – Korean Teacher, and Sunhee Bong – a Language Enthusiast.

Grammar is the toughest part of learning a language. To speak a language fluently, without any grammatical mistakes is not an easy job. So this book is especially for all those beginners who feel tough to learn Grammar in the Korean Language. Another attraction is that Graphics are used to describe the grammar parts. So it will be more interesting.

In addition, the main feature of the book is, it includes ‘Sentences’ that are useful for day-to-day life along with 600 new words. About 90 Adjectives and Verbs, Bilingual Glossaries in English and Hangul, and an Integrated workbook are all added advantages of the book.

Furthermore, To become eminent in the Korean language, good pronunciation is also inevitable. Therefore an Audio Mp3 of the book is also available on their site. If you are in search of Korean Language books at the beginner’s level, this book will be a good option.

2. Yonsei Korean – 1

Korean Language Books

Author: Yonsei Korean Insitute

Publisher: Yonsei Univ Pr

Edition: Bilingual edition

No: of Pages: 181 pages

Available: Amazon

About the Book

Korean Language Institute in the Yonsei University, one of the top universities in Korea publishes this book. A series of Books has been released by the institute based on various levels.

  • Beginner Level – 1&2
  • Intermediate Level – 3 &4
  • Advance Level – 5 & 6

The main focus of the book is to develop Communication Skills. Are you a newcomer in Korea and Struggling with the native language? Do grab this book. Basic Korean conversations which are essential for

  • Greetings and Self Introduction
  • Finding out Directions 
  • Traveling
  •  Purchasing items in a Shop etc

All these are well explained in this Book.

Moreover Knowing a language means you should be able to Read, Write, Listen and Speak in that particular language. Yonsei Korean – 1 is one kind of book that not only helps to master these abilities but also deals with correct pronunciations.  Along with that, Vowels and Consonants in the Korean Alphabetic System are also described in the book. That’s why this book should be definitely on your list of Korean Language Books.

3. Learn Korean With Classic Short Stories

Korean Language Books

Author: Hye – Min Choi

Publisher: New Ampersand Publishing


No: of Pages: 160 pages

Available: Amazon

About the Book

Patience, Time, and Effort are needed to learn a Language. If we only read language and grammar books, sometimes it can turn boring. In that case, a better option will be reading story books in that particular language. “Learn Korean With Classic Short Stories”  written by  Hye – Min Choi is the best choice. The book comprises 32 short stories, which take you through the culture and history of Korea.

Moreover, expressions used in the stories are based on Real life situations. Along with that, sentences, conversations, and phrases in stories will get stuck in the reader’s mind as it is easier to remember. So reading stories will be the best idea to master a new language rather than simply byhearting grammar and words. 

Another specialty of the book is Bilingual Texts, both in Korean and English. So a self-study of language is possible. The difference in the meaning and usage of Words in the two languages can find out easily. In addition, an audio file that consists of the pronunciation and expression of each word used by natives in normal life is also available.

4. Essential Korean Vocabulary

Korean Language Books

Author: Kyubyong Park

Publisher: Tuttle Publishing

Edition: Second

No: of Pages: 384

Available: Amazon

About the Book

Kyubyong Park, author of ‘500 Basic Korean Verbs’ is an editor by profession wrote this book. Do you want to speak Korean just like a native speaker? or Want to develop your Vocabulary? This book will be a perfect choice. Although the book is suggested for Intermediates who have little knowledge of the Korean language, beginners can also have a look.

The book consists of 8000 common words and several phrases in 36 subject areas. Also, the book holds a sufficient list of Vocabulary that helps to pass any proficiency test in Korea. So it will be a help to students or job seekers, who are not natives of the country to have hands-on Vocabulary.

Also, the phrases and expressions used in the book are similar to the local language of Korean people. Apart from that, authentic Korean words with examples are provided. All these help a person not only to improve their vocabulary but also to have fluency in writing and speaking in Korean.

5. Korean Made Simple

Korean Language Books

Author: Billy Go

Publisher: Lightning Source Inc   

Edition: Bilingual Edition

No: of Pages: 348

Available: Amazon

About the Book

Learning a language by reading a book written by a language translator who teaches the Korean language online, Sounds good right? ‘Korean made Simple’ is a book authored by  Billy Go who is a Professional language Translator. There are no benchmarks or age bars set for the book. Anybody,  who has an interest in Korean Language and History can have this book.

You can enjoy 20 fun lessons with 1000 words in this Book. At the end of each chapter exercises along with answers, are provided. This helps us in practicing and self-analyzing each and every section. Moreover, Special notes for advanced speakers are enclosed. This will eventually help them to refresh their grammar and sentence concepts. 

Pronunciation is also a part of a Good Speaker. Speaking a language with the correct accent is essential. So  An audio version of the book is available, which will help the readers to pronounce the words correctly.

6. Kpop Dictionary

Korean Language Books

Author: Woosung

Publisher: Createspace Independent Pub  

No: of Pages: 154

Available: Amazon

About the Book

Woosung – the book’s author has several titles, in his name as a Columnist, Blogger, Copywriter, and Leading Expert in National Branding. But through all these titles, his main aim is to promote Korean culture all over the world.

At present, a Korean Wave is Flaunting everywhere. More and more people getting interested in Korean Dramas and Music. This book is especially for them. People depend on subtitles for understanding the series. But it will naturally affect the flow of watching. So ‘Kpop Dictionary’ is a book that deals with all those real-life conversations in Korean Dramas and Series. It will be very beneficial to Korean music and drama lovers.

Apart from that, A proper vocabulary of words and their origin are covered in the book. It will take the readers to past years of Korean History. This book is not only a dictionary containing a plethora of words but also a reference guide, that helps the readers to understand more about Korean culture and dramas.

7. Korean For Dummies

Korean Language Books

Author: Jungwook Hong

Publisher: For  Dummies  

Edition: First Edition

No: of Pages: 384

Available: Amazon

About the Book

Considering the top 12 Korean Language Books, how we can avoid the book ‘Korean For Dummies? written by Jungwook Hong. Jungwook Hong is the founder of the Korean studies Organisation at the University of Virginia and has also been a creator of the Korean Language Program.

The Book mainly focuses on Basic Communication words that are necessary for Business and Travel Purposes. The prime advantage is that it explains Conversational tones and business etiquette. At certain times, especially for  Business and Career opportunities learning a language will be a necessity more than an interest. That’s why sometimes it turns boring. So In this book, the Author makes sure to explain the content in a fun way, to make it more entertaining.

Phonetic spelling of Korean words, Useful Idioms for day-to-day conversations, and Practice sections are all briefed in the book. Moreover, A small dictionary and a CD which has recorded Korean dialogues, are added complementaries. This will eventually help to improve listening and speaking skills.

8. Korean Stories For Language Learners

Korean Language Books

Author: Julie Damron, Ryu Eun sun   

Publisher:  Tuttle Publishing

Edition:  Bilingual Edition

No: of Pages: 192

Available: Amazon

About the Book

The two creators who put their heart and soul to write this book are two efficient ladies. Ms. Julie Damron – Head of the Department of Asian and Near Eastern Languages at Bringham Young and Ms.Ryu Eunsun – A Teacher in  Korean Language.

Folk tales are always fascinating, they lead us to the Traditions and the Culture of a Country. About 42 Folktales in a bilingual format are included in the book. Texts in both Korean and English version is available. So that, a reader can enjoy the story without any stuck. In Addition, each story is followed by Notes, Grammar points, Vocabulary, and Practice sections. Thus a reader can improve his or her vocal and writing skills by completing each chapter.

Another specialty of the book is, as the reader improves his or her skills in vocabulary, the complexity of the narration also increases. Altogether, by reading this book a non-native, not only can learn the Korean language but also have an insight into Korean culture.

9. Let’s Speak Korean

Korean Language Books

Author: Fandom Media  

Publisher: New Ampersand Publishing

Edition: Illustrated  

No: of Pages: 138

Available: Amazon

About the Book

Fandom Media is a Gang of writers who write about various topics related to Korea. And the book ‘Let’s Speak Korean ‘ is one of their publications. Speaking skills are more important than reading and writing. This book is especially for all those beginners in the Korean language who faces difficulty in grasping the language. 

More than 1400 Expressions and words from 21 different topics are included in the Book. Pronunciation of each term and its meaning are provided in English. In addition ‘Grammar Guide Marks’ are included in the book which will help the readers to understand the correct meaning of sentences used in the Book.

Another major attraction of the book is ‘Audio Tracks ‘ by Native Speakers which will be helpful to know the exact ascent of each word. In addition, A section dealing with the usage of ‘Hangul’ in the alphabet of Korea is also part of the Book. Altogether each nook and corner of the Korean Language System is Covered in the Book.

10. Living Language Korean – Complete Edition

Korean Language Books

Author: Jaemin Roh  

Publisher: Living Language  

Edition: Unabridged 

No: of Pages: 304

Available: Amazon

About the Book

Are you in search of a single book that leads you from a Beginner to an Advanced Level in the Korean Language? Then ‘Living Language Korean – Complete Edition’ written by Jaemin Roh should be your ideal pick. Well, the author is a Teacher by Profession at Boston University and also the head of the department of the Korean Language Program.

The book comes with a complete package of,

  • 4 Books – Contains 46 lessons, which comprise Practice Sessions, Notes, and Grammar. 
  • Audio CDs – Covers Audio exercises and Dialogue which will improve speaking skills.
  • Free language Lab – A completely free online section that consists of Games and Quizzes. It will add fun to learning the language.

Other than this, the book uses a simple form of grammar which is beneficial for both beginners and Advanced learners. All these make the book special from other Korean Language Books and considered one of the best-selling books in the Korean language.

11. My First 500 Korean Words

Author: TalkToMeInKorean 

Publisher: Longtail Books 

Edition: Bilingual 

No: of Pages: 496

Available: Amazon

About the Book

Do you have a confusion about, how to start learning the Korean language? This book will be the right choice. The book consists of 500 basic words and expressions that you should know in the Korean language. If you have a dedicated 50 days and have the interest to study about 10 words per day, then you are at the right place. You can grasp 500 Korean words in your vocabulary within this short time. Along with the 500 single words, its associated phrases and words are also mentioned.

The book is focused on everyday communication words which are narrated in the form of short stories. Review sections and activities are combined at the end of each story. So it will be easy for a learner to recall and remember. To make the learning more entertaining, quizzes and puzzles along with images are provided. Audio Clips related to the book are another advantage. All this helps the readers to reinforce what they have learned and get better at the Korean language. 

12. Korean Grammar For International Learners

Author: Ihm Bin Ho, Hong Po Kyung, Chang In Suk 

Publisher: Yonsei University Press

No: of Pages:442

Available: Amazon

About the Book

If you are in a hurry of learning the Korean language, then this book is not your cup of tea. As this book is designed for elaborate learning to have a complete understanding of the Korean Language. In addition, the book  Korean Grammar For International Learners’mainly focuses on advanced-level learners who have a basic idea of the Korean alphabet.

There are several books in Korean to understand Grammar. But this book is something different. Rather than focusing on parts of grammar like verbs, adjectives, and nouns, this book emphasizes simple examples to describe them. Detailed sentences and several examples will be more helpful for learners to have a complete idea about grammar. Moreover, the usage of simple phrases to explain the concepts are also an asset.

So all these are the top 12 Korean Language Books that help you to develop Korean language skills. But sometimes efficiency in a particular language will be a requirement, especially for job or study purposes. Non-native speakers should undergo some proficiency language tests in certain circumstances.

In that case, if you are looking for an Institute that offers training in the Korean language Henry Harvin will be the best option. Here are the details.

Korean Language Course Of Henry Harvin.

Henry Harvin provides one of the best online courses in the Korean language. The institute has trainers who have more than 11 years of experience. The Korean language course curriculum of the institute includes training in the Basics of grammar and Sentence formation.

Features of Course Curriculum

There are 3 levels of the course structure.

  • Beginner 1 & 2 – 56 hours
  • Intermediate 3 & 4- 56 hours
  • Advanced 5 & 6 – 66 hours

Other features are,

  • Two-way live interactive classes.
  • Guidance over the 3 levels in the Korean language test ‘TOPIK’[Test Of Proficiency In Korean].
  • Practical experiments over the Live projects.
  • Internships and Certification.
  • Bootcamps for one year even after the completion.
  • 1-year gold membership with the Language Academy.


To put it into a nutshell, a fascination with Korean dramas, Music, and Culture is inclining nowadays. Irrespective of language barriers people love to enjoy and explore new trends. Not only for jobs like Translator and BPO but even for traveling majority of them intends to study the language. In this scenario learning a language like Korean gained importance.

Learning a language by reading a book will help to strengthen our vocabulary and grammar. It will also improve memory and imagination power. Moreover, the Korean language is considered one of the toughest languages. So it is better to learn it gradually with lots of patience and time. And surely a book will be a better friend for that.

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Q.1 What is the name of the Korean Writing System?

Hangul is known as the official Writing System of Korea.

Q.2 Does it take time to learn Korean Langauge?

The Korean language is considered one of the hardest languages to learn, but with time, effort, and proper guidance it can be learned.

Q.3 Is learning the Korean language useful?

Knowing the Korean language is not mandatory but if you want to travel, have study plans, or want to do any business over there, it is beneficial.

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