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French Language books are not only about novels and short stories. Before approaching a french language, learning only written and media content does not lay a foundation for your thirst. 

How to become a new normal reader of french language books?

Language learning obviously improves our cognitive skills. In addition to that, you can use your achieved proficiency in professional, passionate, and personal affairs. The basic steps for approaching a language are listed below for you.

  • Learn the basics from the alphabet to phonetics.
  • Read the fundamental books rooted in basics.
  • Trail and error in usage of the language in writing, listening, and also speaking.

How can I achieve these steps?

As Federico Fellini quoted

   “A different language is a different vision of life”

Federico Fellini

Keep these lines etched in your mind, and enroll in a good language learning academy. Probably according to the convenience many academies provide flexible learning. 

Popular among them is Henry Harvin Language academy, they have one of the finest curriculum and relevant training methods for the french language.

Initially, you can consider their materials to be the pioneer french language books for a reason of acquiring your fundamentals.

‘Voyons voir’(Let’s see) about the top french language books! 

Are you a beginner? The textbooks denoted below will help you.

1. Myrna Bell Rochester’s- Easy french

Considered to be the popular best-selling french language book, Easy french is a step-by-step guide for a beginner. This book has a speedy approach instruction set that will make you learn the french language in a short span of time.

This French language book is an eye-catcher on online shopping sites. According to the importance and priority, there are more than 250 verbs and split into different modules for convenient learning.

Additionally, the Easy french textbook has the basic elements necessary for a starter in the case of vocabulary and grammar. Be loyal to yourself buddy! there are many exercises post each module along with solutions. So practice incorporated with learning is not a concern here.

Need to find where the Easy french step-by-step guide french language books is available.

The website is named Vitalsource and has a dual option of buying and renting books. Another application called bookshelf will be useful not only for the particular french learning book but also for many other language contents.

2. John Demodo and Emmanuel Dusseau’s Alles Viens

Alles viens is an exclusively old French language book aimed to train school students of french origin. But it acts as a great initiator in learning the french language for non-native learners.

Features of Alles Viens

Content designed in this french language book is of well-engaging lessons and colloquial terminologies. Want to be fluent after reading this book?

Well, it is not the destiny of this book but it will make you proficient in many aspects. It contains clues and using these clues you can learn novel vocabulary. 

Multimedia for french learning Books

The major drawback is there is no audio for listening to pronunciation but it has multimedia flashcards that will help you to attain the understanding of nouns and adjectives in one go.

This flashcard contains images and short videos for better perception of the particular words.

The above approach will make you close to the accents and words with which you are not familiar.

How does Flash card in Alles viens french language books works?

When you click on a word, it will pop up an image or video which has its elements of grammar, alternative words, and pronunciation audio.

After watching videos and using sufficient card learning you can appear for quizzes available and also other criteria such as speaking and listening can also be developed. In addition, these tools are available in the Operating systems of Android mobiles and iPhones.

These great features make Alles Viens a great book for French learning.

3. Micheal D.Oates’s Entre Amis

Entre Amis French learning book is a very engaging book consequently embedded with great graphical representations. This future makes Entre Amis preferable over many other french learning books.

The specialty of Entri Amis French language book

If you already have vital knowledge of the French language, it appears a great source of development. In case you are just started to learn, even though the book is very much useful.

Oral interactions are the prominent future of Entre Amis, it will analyze each different learning with the intensity of the performance.

Drawbacks of this French learning book

You are definitely in need of a learning partner to reflect your learning skills and vice versa. So a dual mode of convenience is sometimes a difficult task.

Apart from the above concern, this french language book prepares you for a real-world interface of the french language with the help of its vocabulary and Phrases.

Finally, Entre Amis has its own place in the list of French Language books in the way of its positive factor.

4. Jean-paul and Rebecca Valette’s Contacts

Contacts- Langue Et Culture Fransices is undoubtedly a great french learning book for beginners. 

Elements in Contacts french learning books

This textbook contains great visual illustrations that make eye catchy for a starter. Incorporated with many cultural pieces of evidence makes you gel with the learning process.

It helps you finely with pronunciation in a wide range.

At the end of the book, you will be getting a French to English Dictionary which makes this french language book a handy one.

Listening is a concern for you. Better keep the assistance of audio to support your learning while using Contacts.

Are you an intermediate in the french language?

This stage of french language learning is a bit challenging, so choosing a good learning material and content along with a companion of your frequency will help you to achieve a high of learning.

In this phase apply the skills of learning advanced grammar and relatable phrases to use in addition to that many varieties of words usage is a mandatory factor for you.

Listed below are some french learning books related to the medium level of learning.

5. Simone Renoud and Dominique van Hoff’s En Bonne Forme

En Bonne Forme’s french learning book mainly focuses on the usage of the french language in reading comprehension, writing formats, and speaking accents.

Positives of En Bonne Forme french book

Plenty and varieties of  Idioms are drafted in this textbook which enhances your learning ability to a new dimension if you are a foundation user of the french language.

Slang and dialects are other factors that rises when you intend to speak the language to a native french speaker. Here various slang usage is available to make yourself trained for development in the french language.

If you need troubleshooting for your advanced vocabulary implementation, probably, En Bonne french language book will be a lifesaver for your thirst.

The specialty of this french learning book

En bonne forme’s grammar is a reference for all french language contexts which will be useful for you in long run.

Another great functionality that will be useful for you is the Rules and tenses of the french language.

Without a doubt, En Bonne Forme is the best initiator for your intermediate journey towards learning the french language.

6. Mise En Scene

Cheryl Krueger, Elizabeth Dolly Weber, and Brigitte G Martin Jointly drafted a brilliant masterpiece french language book that is Mise En Scene. This book is a puppet for people who are fond of cinema and this book relates the fun of french language learning through french movies.

Highlights of Mise En Scene French Language Book

Here you are exploring the french language along with the artistic approach of french filmmaking and the history of french cinema.

Although it is not a linear way of french learning, you can get a generalized view of the usage of words and it will enhance your french language listening skills along with the visual language.

How can we learn the language along with movies?

This textbook consists of scenes from different ages and films of french culture and art. Parallelly to the scene of a movie we will get to comprehend different phrases and vocabulary usages.

Not only the above factors we will be attracted to the french culture through scene learning which is an added advantage.

So if you are a person who is passionate about art and entertainment you can easily increase your intensity of french language proficiency with this Mise En Scene french language book.

7. Bette Hirsch and Chantal Thompson’s Moments Litteraires

 Moments Litteraires french learning book is an anthology approach that is very much favorable for an intermediate user like you.

What is an anthology?

The anthology is a collection of short formats in any form of content. In this french learning book, the anthology perspective is a collection of great literature masterpieces from french authors.

How to learn with anthologies in french language learning?

Here in this french language book, you can develop your language fluency. If you are an ardent reader of books, that approach consequently makes your level up to an extent and makes your reading comprehensive process easy.

Technically this book uses simple sentences in grammatical order to make your understanding capability upright.

 Bette Hirsch and Chantal Thompson’s Moments Litteraires is the last stop on your mid-level journey in french language learning.

After these all journeys through the above-listed book, Dear friend now you are advanced learning.

How do we approach the Advance levels of french learning?

As you are half done, now we have to smudge and dodge our language skills to the level where we can compensate for a social life as french native people. Now you have to concentrate on your phrase usage and dialects. 

Grammatical expression, vocabulary usage, and writing skills would be the major element you have to consider for the advancement of the french language.

Listing out a few french language books which will help you out in advance learning.

8.M.Grevisse’s Le Bon Usage

Le Bon Usage has a prominent place in french language textbook listicles. Huge drafted textbook, probably you have to peep and explore more than 1700 pages and sharpen yourself for a journey in mastering the french language.

As one of the oldest french language books released initially in 1936 has multiple revised editions which makes the textbook itself the master of all textbooks.

Recently an online version is also been released which is reliable for a struggling person like you if you are subjected to a work-life balance war.

Advantages of Le Bon Usage French Learning book

A person like you may struggle really hard while learning the french language from the initial stage crossing a mid-level journey and landing up in a master format.

Do you have doubts in any perspective of French language usage?

If no! Am damn sure you have to take a U-turn to revisit the past journey?

If yes! My friend beat your chest you have achieved something great in this french language learning process.

Le Bon Usage has answers for your doubts even if it is a simple doubt or even a harder one. All the answers and content of the texts are arranged in such a way it is very linear to approach and make you are learning in a very useful and organized manner.

9. Monique L’Huillier’s Advanced French

From the name itself, the Advanced french language book has a detailed approach for its content and also an easier style of learning. You can read this french learning textbook quite faster than other advanced level french textbooks.

The similarity of advanced French book with Le Bon Usage

They both have 70 percent of the same content, but Advanced French takes a simple approach to understanding the topics, and its deep analysis for you which will help you in relaxing your muscles in learning.

The simple approach is due to the authors who are not native french persons rather they are Americans, so one learner absolutely senses the difficulty of other co-learners. 

Elements in Advanced French language book

The textbook contains more than 650 pages, still, it falls under normality and you will feel it because it is a standard size for textbooks.

It contains various vocabulary, phrases, and a bit easier lessons to learn.

From the above paragraphs, you can easily feel the Advanced french learning book is an easy mover in your advanced level language travel.

10. Nouvelles En Francis

Published by new penguin publishers, Nouvelles En Francis is a collection of some famous short stories which will be useful for you in understanding the french language literature with the reading pleasure of the short stories.

Once you complete the mid-level of french learning, obviously you can read french. So it will be a very casual reading task which will chisel your fluency of language with respective to Moments Litteraires, does in the intermediate list.

Elements of Parallel text french language book

They have short stories both in English and French.

Mostly the parallel text has, many other versions and editions if you read humongous.

By comprehending your reading skills, you will achieve the greater aspects of mastering your French language skills through this Nouvelles En Francis french language book.

11. Mastering French Vocabulary

Wolfgang Fischer & Anne-Marie Plouhinec’s mastering French Vocabulary is a thematic approach, here you will achieve a different approach to delve deep into the grammatical and phrase approaches.

Take away from Mastering French language books

After reading this french language book, you will get an in-depth knowledge of grammar and it incorporates more than 5000 words and phrases which will give you a great measure of the intensity of mastering the french language.

This french language book is to be with you always which will be useful for you in long run.

12. Barron’s 501 French Verbs

This french language book is absolutely a guide for your french language master journey. If you forget some french words or grammatical elements you can change pages of this book for your memory recovery.

Highlights of 501 French Verbs

Grammatical techniques of tenses, phrases, and all other grammar factors are highlighted in this french language book. This book will apparently become a member of your personal library.

 Thus your journey of mastering the french language through books will eventually end up on a feel-good path.

    Are you willing to learn the French language in India?

          Below you can find one of the best language academies for learning the french language.

An academy enriched with great expert instructors and content in addition to the reliability of learning Henry Harvin is your single-stop solution.

Henry Harvin Learning Academy

Henry Harvin french learning academy

 A bundle of options with well-arranged learning modules and training with certifications which is globally acclaimed makes Henry Hervin a paradise to learn the french language courses in India.

Since it is possibly an online study pattern, thoroughly makes it accessible and reliable in all major cities. Let’s have a skim on the different language courses they provide and their specification.

French language course in Henry Harvin

If you are looking out for a complete level of proficiency, Henry Harvin language academy has a lot of stories to tell. After completing your course in french you will be able to achieve a multi-dimensional approach to texts and writings.

Course details for the french language

Course proficiency range from A1, A2, B1, B2, C1,  C2, and the learning hours ranges from 56 plus hours to 66 plus hours.

  • Industrial experts in the french language will be your teachers and more than 300 lectures along with practical training and placement assistance also be provided.
  • A practical approach for all levels of the french language and extensive training for the modules were also provided.
  • E portal access for a lifetime on the language material.
  • Recorded videos are also available in the student portal.
  • 24 by 7 assistance for any concerns is available.
  • Gold membership in Henry Harvin’s language academy for 1 year.
  • Hackathons and boot camps are conducted simultaneously.
  • 100% Placements provided.
  • French language and implementation training along with a practical approach is provided.
  • Learning modes are basically online interactions via online platforms.

Fee structures

According to the proficiency variations the fee structure ranges from Rs. 12500 to Rs. 17500

In addition to all the above-mentioned, candidates will be tasting the fruitfulness of doubt-clearing sessions, internships, boot camps, gold membership, accessibility to a learning management system, and mentor assistance.

From all the above information, we can land a decision on how convenient Henry Harvin’s learning academy is. Although it will be the best option to learn The French language courses in India and also in most major cities through online reliability.


By summarizing the above french language books, you can analyze how to subject oneself to french language learning. From beginner to master level, through french learning books. The stage where you learn alphabets initially and then you will take a shift towards the grammar.

After that, you eventually up in literature and culture at your master levels. Preferably textbooks will be always your enhancements in french learning in your future usage. Take time and develop your cognitive skills by learning different languages.

Henry Harvin also provides these courses

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Q1. Are french textbook essential for learning the french language?

Ans. Obviously yes, you have to learn and practice the things which you are trained to be. Each learning phase has particular textbooks to sharpen your skills in each stage.

Q2. Can we get familiar with the french language in the intermediate stage?

Ans. No, it is not a good option because being trained with vital knowledge. If you want to use the french language proficiently learn it step by step to achieve that perfection in using language.

Q3. Shall we give priority to movies and podcasts for master-level learning?

Ans. If you are confident in that aspect no one can stop you. But you have to be great in technically approaching grammar and flexible in using phrases in comprehensive writing. Media kinds of stuff can help you to comprehend your speaking skills to an extent.

Q4. Are there any exams for proving proficiency?

Ans. Of course, there are some exams like TCF ANF is the french exam available in India. To attain proficiency there are 6 stages you have to master.

Q5. Is the french language difficult to learn?

Ans. Not at all, it is far more intermediate compared to German, Spanish, and Japanese. If you are a professional in English you can be involved in french language learning very promptly.


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