GMAT Preparation Books – The New Talk Of The Town

The Best GMAT Preparation Books 2022 are brewing among college pass-outs and freshers as a golden opportunity to shape their careers. Hence when the business world is looking for Trained  Business Managers, an aspirant should hone the skills such as – 

  • Problem-solving capacity
  • Adequate information management
  • Basic thinking aptitude

Therefore a significant investment in the Best GMAT Preparation Books is essential. Thus out of the many, those worth the money are a lot about confusion. Hence the research is quite prominent. Therefore this time-consuming method has been made easy (in the following blog) through reviews of the content and the key features of the 15 Best GMAT Preparation Books For 2022.

15 Best GMAT Preparation Books For 2022, Knocking at your doors are the following

1. GMAT Official Advanced Questions:


This book has been prepared by The Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC). Therefore its contents are too necessary.

  • 200Quantitative Practice Questions
  • 150 Reasoning Practice Questions
  • 100 Verbal  Reasoning Practice Questions

All these questions are from past GMAT Exams. Hence all these questions cover medium to hard to very hard levels.

2. Manhattan GMAT Strategy Guides (10 Books):


This set of books helps build a strong foundation of concepts for students. Hence this book is all about 

  • Separate guides are available for each specific weak area.
  • The premium contents covered are a detailed and specialized explanation of topics like

  • Number System
  • Fractions and Decimals
  • Percentage Word Problems
  • Algebra 
  • Geometry; etc

Hence these books are meant for patient beginners. Therefore it’s written for those who want to develop a strong backbone in the most in-depth and comprehensive manner.

3. Kaplan GMAT Prep Plus:  


 The most standardized guide in the advanced category of Best GMAT Preparation Books is  Kaplan GMAT Prep Plus. Therefore the structure of its content covers four sections ie;

  • Verbal
  • Quantitative
  • Analytical Writing
  • Reasoning
  • 1200 Practice Questions

  • Six complete-length exercises with exam like interface
  • 200 online question bank 
  • Kaplan Video Workshops
  • The practice of specific Quants topics, with a thorough assessment

Therefore, we can say that the revised, reviewed, and updated version of this book,2022 (both offline and online) are enough to instill confidence in the aspirants.

4. PowerScore GMAT Reading Comprehension Bible:

There are a great many “How To’s” related to the section on Reading Comprehension. PowerScore GMAT Reading Comprehension Bible is one such answer to successfully tackle the traps in this section set by the GMAC. But how is this achieved? Let’s have a look

  • Passages, questions with explanatory concepts
  • Substantial discussion throughout the book for a strong foundation 
  • Prototypical techniques and approaches to attend to the questions appearing over the years

Hence this advantageous training of the aspirants, makes this book a complete – “Go For “ 

5. Mometrix GMAT Secret Prep Book:


Strategical handling and the thoroughness of the critical information is a requisite before sitting for this examination. Thus complete mastery of the principles, procedures, and vocabulary ( the favorite section for the paper setters) is an important part of preparation. Hence this book illustrates

  • Practice test questions with detailed explanations
  • Step-by-step video tutorials over difficult concepts
  • Tips and strategies for best test performance in all the four sections
  • An overview of 

  • Analytical Writing
  • Integrated  Reasoning
  • Quantitative Aptitude
  • Verbal Aptitude

Hence we can consider Mometrix GMAT Secret Prep Book another arrow in the quiver.

6. 30-Day GMAT Success: 

How I Scored 780 on the GMAT in 30 Days and How You Can Too!


Struggling to find the time to study for the GMAT but unable to? Here comes the guide 30-Day GMAT Success: 

How I Scored 780 on the GMAT in 30 Days and How You Can Too!

 Hence it’s one of the most awaited books authored by Brandon Wu. This book is highlighted with the self-tailored study plan. Some of its points to beat up the time constraint are

  • Added Integrated Reasoning section for the latest GMAT tests
  • Expanded Verbal and Maths section  with detailed advice
  • An easy reference Math terminology section
  • A list of idioms
  • A lot of practice questions on Quantitative and Verba aptitude

This simple yet genius work by Wu has proven to achieve a score of 780+  for many aspirants.

7. GMAT Foundations of Verbal: Practice Problems:


This book is particularly designed for those who struggle with the basics of Verbal Aptitude. Hence one can have an access to its powerful online resources and immense practice sets, question banks, and interactive lessons. Thereby it mainly focuses on

  • Foundational grammar ie; parts of speech, sentence structure, etc
  • Strategies related to

  • Sentence Correction
  • Critical Reasoning
  •  Reading Comprehension
  • Easy to follow examples

The content of this book is the work of 99-percentile achievers of GMAT.

8. GMAT Math Workbook:


This is another book by Kaplan that comes with a money-back guarantee. Hence this book has been adapted by keeping in mind the aspirants who can score the highest in the Quants Section of the GMAT. It increases the chances of success by emphasizing on 

  • Detailed answer explanations on questions of all types 
  • Test-taking exercises to enhance skills in tackling the tricky GMAT questions
  • Strategy sheet illustrated with important formulas and tips
  • Over 300 practice questions 
  • Online assessments

Best used with Kaplan’sGMAT Verbal Workbook in Kaplan’s GMAT complete set.

9. GMAT Analytical Writing: 


GMAT Analytical Writing provides its readers the solutions to real argument topics. Hence by identifying the strengths and weaknesses of an argument one can easily 

  •  Evaluate
  • Create alternatives, and
  • Plausible explanations for claims in arguments. 

Thereby achieving a successful career in Management through these exclusive features

  • Sixty samples to analyze an argument while writing an essay
  • Designing the prewriting samples to help the candidates understand the argumentative point of view
  • Simplified methods to respond to the product
  • Scoring tips on argument tasks according to the GMAT guidelines

10. Princeton Review GMAT Premium Prep. 


Since practice makes a man perfect, with the use of this book the students can increase their scores perfectly. It helps the students as it is streamlined along the real GMAT paper structure. Not only those aspirants who want a drill session, looking forward to a decent score but others too can use this book for the exam-like interface. The premium version of this book has been launched in the market with its key feature

  • Six Computer Adaptive Practice Tests
  • Review and various Techniques
  • Online tools to help understand the approach to the questions

This book has remarkable features and therefore it is a profitable investment.

11. Manhattan Prep’s GMAT Integrated Reasoning and Essay:


This is a compilation of the Integrated Reasoning and Analytical Writing portion. It’s a book with an in-depth analysis of concepts and their explanations in detail. The provisions of this book are mentioned in two sections ie;

  • This book discusses crucial time management 
  • Problems related to IR and Essay writing are discussed strategically
  • The additional online practice is another benefit of going through this guide

This book though easily available on Amazon is quite pricey, but looking forward to acing the GMAT, this much of investment sounds reasonable.

12. Nova’s GMAT Math Prep Course


This book is the Best GMAT Preparation  Book. Its specialty is that this book is not full of tricks for every question. Thereby this book aims to explain Mathematical concepts through a few pages followed by too many examples. About a minimum of 1.75min/problem is enough to put a brain under extreme stress. Therefore practicing this book, one can perform well. Some of its advantages are 

  • Twenty Three chapters with a complete review of GMAT Quantitative Aptitude 
  • The practice module comprises of 

  • 600 Exercises 
  • 164 examples (arranged from medium to very hard level)
  • Diagnostic test measures

  •  the strengths and 15. weaknesses of the student 
  • Improvement of the weaker part.

This guide explains the concepts of Quants with clarity and simplicity. Therefore keeping the candidate preparation ahead of the clock and at the top

13. Manhattan Review’s GMAT Analytical Guide :


Apart from other Manhattan guides, this material is one of the best kinds, the Best GMAT Preparation Books 2022 . Thus we can say that it’s the best analytical guide with all the strategies discussed for perfect essay writing. In this book, there are a lot of sample essays. These samples are critically assessed so that the aspirant may have a clear idea of the strengths and weaknesses of the arguments.

14. Kaplan GMAT Verbal Foundations 


This book takes us back to our school’s basics, a completely,tutor-led approach. The book is dedicated to the usage of 

  • Grammar
  • Style
  • The concepts required to master Verbal Section

Therefore such a book on Verbal Foundations is a reasonable cost-worthy investment.

15. Kaplan GMAT Premier:


This book by Kaplan is dedicated to improving preparation by writing about the best approaches to a puzzling question in the GMAT paper. It provides an edge to the reader over his competitors through elaborative concepts by

  • Online resources
  • Expert guidance, step by step
  • Past years test specific data

In addition to these 15 Best GMAT Preparation Books, one can also try out management courses online. Henry Harvin provides various certificates as well as a full-time MBA program at affordable prices. If one wants to learn more about the Henry Harvin courses can have a look at the links provided.


As a candidate, one can easily go through the list of 15 Best GMAT Preparation Books and pick the best book or the Henry Harvin course online. However, the main part is to sketch out a study plan and go through only one or a maximum of two books or Henry Harvin’s online course as per one’s capability. Since success primarily depends on perseverance along with best strategies and a lot of practice with time management, acing GMAT can be really easy.

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FAQs :

Ques 1. Can the use of an old edition of the GMAT Official Guide series be a sensible strategy? 

Ans The 2022 series offers more questions and features, but the questions within the old edition can still be a useful study guide. 


Ques 2. Is there an eBook version of the GMAT Official Guide 2022 series?

Ans The eBook version of the GMAT Official Guide 2022 series is delivered through VitalSource Bookshelf. Online Question Bank is also provided. 


Ques 3. What is the difference between the GMAT Official Guide 2022 series and other GMAT preparation books in the market?

Ans The GMAT Official Guide 2022 series are the ONLY study guides that feature real questions from past GMAT exams, offered exclusively by the makers of the exam


Ques 4. What is the Online Question Bank and how to access it?

Ans The Online Question Bank is an online tool allowing users to create customized practice sets through questions in the GMAT Official Guide series. Each title in the GMAT Official Guide 2022 series has its separate bank or inventory of questions. 


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    The best GMAT preparation books to read in 2022 are the sole focus of this article. Continue reading to learn how to use the GRE study plan to ace your upcoming GRE. Thanks, HENRY HARVIN

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    Read these best GMAT prep books, including general guides and resources focused on specific sections of the exam.

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