A book is a collection of pages bound together and protected by a cover. That is used to record information in the form of words or images. Is this sufficient? To comprehend what is a book? If you would like to figure as a content writer. There are a variety of courses available to learn about content writing.


However, a crash course will not prepare you for a career as a Content Writer. To learn this, you will need to study various content writing Books.

We recall our early years. To get the solution to a question, we had to read a lot of books. It’s the age of Google and YouTube. In today’s age, the scent of a new blank book is like losing its gentle touch.

If you would like to be an honest content writer. You have to read a content writing book. That will assess your content writing quality, structure, utility, and readability. It’s a pastime to read. There are still tons of individuals who like to read. Those who are interested in working in the profession of content writing might check out the books listed below.

You must read these books:

1. Content Writing Handbook 2021

Author- Kounal Gupta CEO, Henry Harvin


This is a fantastically wonderful novel. This is a book that everyone should read. In the content writing course, we learn a lot. However, remembering all of the details is challenging. If we want to be a good writer, we must first learn how to write. We need to understand the syllabus. This isn’t possible. This content writing book was written by Mr. Kounal Gupta. He goes over each point in great detail. This book will be beneficial to beginning writers who have not yet completed a content writing course. Essentially, this is a 43-chapter book. Each chapter is powerful in its own right. The following are a few key aspects to consider:

  1. Language skills
  2. Introduction to content writing
  3. Common grammatical errors
  4. Internet skills
  5. Different content types and their formats
  6. 14 types of writing
  7. SEO writing
  8. Social media
  9. Policy and procedure writing
  10. How to earn online
  11. Guidance for a job interview

And so many elements were explained during this book. I might suggest this is often one of the great content writing reference books for all folks. where we will see many elements explained under one roof. Like- sorts of writing, the way to check our grammar, our tone while writing, copywriting, language skills, a way to do research, draft and present our content, structure our sentence, content formats online and offline, technical things, How we will improve our English? Mr. kounal Gupta has given many references within the book to cross-check ourselves. The author Gave references to few writers so we will read those books. to know their writing styles. Explained our tone while writing. like- joyful, serious, humorous, sad, formal, informal, optimistic, pessimistic, horror. While explaining each element he gave reference sites, where we will check ourselves. I strongly recommend reading this book once. it’s useful for both new upcoming writers and also as writers. This book will assist you to enhance as a writer. This content writing book is out there offline and online too. you’ll read a short glimpse of this book on kindle. 

2. Content Writing 101

Author- Joice Carrera

This is a book of experience sharing of the author. How she grows as a content writer. due to the informal tone, this book has its own uniqueness. She worked hard in her life to become an educator. After a successful career in teaching, she had to left her job. due to family and child responsibility. She had a passion for writing poems and stories from her childhood. She wrote many poems, stories. But not chosen this as a career. She didn’t like marketing. She loved her job quite any. How circumstances change and she has got into the content writing field. As she has no knowledge of the way to write content. This content writing book is often an aspiring book for upcoming writers. Journey of the author as a writer. Besides sharing an experience she gave numerous examples to elucidate. what’s content? what’s SEO? Why you get paid less? How to Build your portfolio? Grow your career. Basically while explaining the content writing concepts author shares her experiences. Who wants to read the journey of experience will read this book.

3. Content Writing step-by-step

Author-Joseph Robinson

Nice book to read because the author wrote step-by-step instructions. the way to write content that becomes a successful entertainer of the web audience. Information is worth reading. The author maintains a really light and proficient tone that creates the reader’s comfortable. He was explaining step-by-step. sort of a new writer could also be confused about what’s content writing and what’s copywriting? Then the way to start writing? What are the important factors? What things we should always confine mind while content writing? what’s the importance of SEO? How do search engines work? Why? How we will hold the visitors? what’s the career of content writers? Seems readable but I found his literary genre traditional. Nowadays people want bullet points to draw in. They cant give a longer time to read. most are busy with their life schedule. Overall good content knowledge but time-consuming.


 Author- Ann Handley

She wrote this book because she was having trouble finding writing advice as she was growing up. What are the content marketing rules? What exactly is content? What can I do to make an impact? And so on. In this book, she shares her 25 years of expertise. As a result, fresh aspiring writers learned about what they had learned, collected, curated, and discovered in their 25 years of professional content writing and editing. The author has had a difficult time establishing a career in content writing. Her efforts were rewarded with a nice result. Every sentence in the book states, “If I can accomplish it, so can you.” The book is well-written, with long sentences. So many concept corrections. Overall, the reader should practice patience after finishing the book

5. One-hour Content Plan

Author- Meera Kothand

The author divided the work into three portions. As an example, you will lay a foundation of information in the first portion of the book. You’ll learn three key methods for coming up with content writing ideas in the second portion of the book. The book’s third section will provide you a clear picture of what your brand voice is used for. You’ll have a clear idea of what to make? When should it be made? What will be the end result? These are the most important factors in the book. As the author discussed those themes with varied contents, it was very easy to understand. The audience is enticed to read this book with catchy titles. Although the author has articulated good topics, he has done so in a lengthy manner.

6. Blog Writing

Author-Anthony James

The focus of this book is on content creation blueprints. This will assist you in taking your blogging to the next level. The author goes over the fundamentals of content writing in great detail.

Content planning

Power-packed headline creation

Three secrets for curating and rewriting great content.

14 types of content

Content marketing tips

The author presents the above themes in an appealing manner. She presented numerous examples from her regular routine. To describe content factors that compel a person to consider content authoring seriously. He never forgets the actual content tags while providing these daily routine examples. Overall, a well-written book with interesting topics. The language is simple to comprehend.

7. Self-discipline for writers

Author- Henry smith

Every author is unique. Self-discipline is one of the most fundamental components of writing; talent isn’t enough. We’d like to train constantly in our daily lives in order to become experts. Writing and reading will help you achieve your objectives. What are some of the most typical difficulties that authors face? Lack of inspiration, attention, and self-assurance. The author makes every effort to clarify many topics like these. Every writer should set aside time to plan, set writing goals, and develop an article habit. Distractions should be avoided by everyone. A community of writer buddies is formed by new and aspiring writers. Similarly, the author listed a number of things that every writer should consider. to make a substitute In his work, an upcoming writer-author mentioned a couple of the above issues. The author explains everything in a kind manner, making us feel at ease as we read. Every aspiring writer should read this book to improve their writing skills. On Kindle, there’s a free sample copy. Every aspiring writer should read this book, based on my overall reading experience. to make our journey more pleasant.

8. The Successful Author Mindset

Author-  Joanna Penn

This book is about the emotional rollercoaster of being a writer. the way to affect issues. This book is split into three parts. The first part goes through potential issues, you’ll face while writing. The second part tackles all issues after you publish your book. Basically, it says what problem you face as a writer. The third party says some tips for your author mindset. The author covers many contents, the journey of a writer. Like your inner critic, fear of failure, handling family, friends, writers group, continue learning, handling fans, etc. overall after reading this book seems like the author is sharing his own experiences.

9. The Scribe Method

Author- Tucker max and Zach obront

This book is especially for brand spanking new writers. Who wish to publish their own book. Author explains all the procedure step-by-step, prepare to write down your book, position of your book, outline your book, write your book, edit your book, finish your manuscript, design your book, publish your book, reference material. during this book. Author taught us everything we’d like as a writer an excellent book. Language that author use is extremely simple, easy to know . While sharing all tricks and tips. he’s sharing his own experience too. which can help readers to know all the method.

10. Successful Self-Publishing

Author- Joanna Penn

This is a guideline for self-publishing. this may help new writers before you publish, the way to format an ebook, before you print, the way to print books? What if you would like help to publish on audiobook, marketing principles. Here the writer is sharing her experience to self publish 27 books on fiction and non-fiction. Overall nice book to read because the author shares her experience. From bottom to top like- what proportion you’ll get paid? etc.

Throughout this blog, I want to offer my personal experiences. I’d like to recommend a few content writing reference books to everyone. As a result, I will have to read all of these novels. And I can honestly tell that reading these content writing books taught me a great deal. Although all of the books are distinct, I definitely suggest Mr. Kounal Gupta’s book because the author has covered all of the themes in one volume. He also provides reference books and websites with us in addition to each element. As a content writer, this will also be beneficial. Not only that, but he goes through each subject in great depth. The book’s language is extremely simple to comprehend.

Recommended Reads

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Q-1.  Can I be a writer without a degree?

Yes, you may be an excellent writer, but you must have a strong desire to write. Reading and discovering new things is a hobby.

Q-2. Is a writing degree a must-have?

No, A college diploma isn’t required for success. Many authors, on the other hand, have a formal education in writing, English, advertising, communications, journalism, or Professional Writing.

Q-3. Is content writing hard?

Quality material that is both useful and entertaining is critical to any website’s success. Writing content, on the other hand, is challenging. It might be difficult to choose what information is most important to share with your audience. Simply put, in order for your website to be effective, it requires content.

Q-4. Which writing style is best?

Ans- 8 Tips for Improving Your Writing Style
Clear and simple writing is a sign of good writing.
Choose your words carefully.
Shorter sentences have more impact than longer ones.
Use brief paragraphs in your writing.
Use the active voice wherever possible.
Proofread and edit your work…
Speak in a friendly, conversational tone.
Read works by well-known authors. 

Q-5. How can I Practice Writing?

Ans- The Six Basic Rules of Writing Practice
Keep your hand moving at all times. If you want to check your email, do a chore, or get something, don’t move your fingers from the keyboard or put down your pen.
Don’t be concerned with spelling, punctuation, or grammar.
Let Go of Control…
Don’t think about it…
Don’t be afraid to go for broke.

Q-6. How can I Write Fast?

Ans- 13 Tips for Becoming a Faster Writer
Make it a point to write every day. Writing is like a muscle: the more you use it, the stronger, leaner, and more efficient it becomes.
Pick a topic for your essay.
Make a rough layout…
Collect information.
Remove all sources of distraction.
Set a task for yourself
Set a timer for 15 minutes.
Make changes afterward.

Q-7. How do you Write Catchy Content?

Ans-10 Tricks for Creating Catchy Content
Tell stories. Storytelling is an important part of the corporate world.
Keep an eye on things. Being aware of the world is the first step toward good writing.
Maintain a journal.
Write whatever comes to mind.
Use straightforward language.

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