Content writing books may seem a bit confusing at first. After all, can somebody learn to write engaging content with the help of a book? The answer cannot be simple yes or no. Of course, somebody needs a basic understanding of language and grammar. But content writing is no longer about just structured writing with accurate grammar and precise language. The content has to be compelling enough to engage readers from all walks of life. A comprehensive content writing book can actually illustrate this art with the help of real-world examples and case studies.

There is another dilemma — the marketplace is full of ‘best content writing books’. So, how to pick the correct book for honing your content writing skills? The truth is that every person may not face the same set of challenges and no one book can help you solve these challenges. However, a comprehensive content writing book will try its best to cover different types of content and have detailed illustrations and examples to provide clarity on each aspect of the content. Henry Harvin’s Content Writing Handbook is compiled and shaped by our extensive experience of handling learners from different backgrounds during the Content Writing Course. The best book for content writing will always be in tune with the emerging trends and contemporary industry requirements.

In a time tested world that is overwhelmed by the content of all types — short and smart, clickbait headlines, fake news, Twitter streams, Instagram feeds and gifs and videos on Snapchat — the idea of focusing on content writing books doesn’t appear to be conventional and pedantic as writing matters all the more now, not less. Our content is our currency — it tells our clients what our identity is. 

Content writing books also help individuals for a superior comprehension of what they are searching for. It results in rapid career development. Anyone can turn into a content creator and writer if they have a creative and novel style to pull in clients to grow the association. Since acing the art of writing relies on reading, you need to stay updated and continuously read to tweak your abilities.

What is the need for a comprehensive Content Writing Book in 2020?

The content writers are the people who love to peruse and compose content or both. Everyone and anyone who loves to write is always hoping to locate the correct books, the tried and trusted books composed by confided in aces. So they keep on looking. 

Although there are plenty of best content writing books, it is once in a while that you discover a content writing book that addresses your heart and gets to the center of what you’re battling with at that moment. It transforms you. It changes your writing. It transforms your life and thoughts. Isn’t it? So the significance of getting acquainted with a comprehensive writing handbook must be perceived now. 

Another important reason for the launch of a comprehensive writing handbook is the effect of the novel Covid and the rapid digitalization across all spheres of our lives.

There are various types of books about writing. Some teach the mechanics of language, grammar, and style. Some train about story structure, the frame of mind, and approach while others educate on how to be a writer by exploring the unique inner life.

But what better than having all the three types in one comprehensive writing handbook? To improve your content writing aptitudes in the quickest and best manner, you should comprehend what you need to develop as a writer at present and pick the appropriate book to help.

Presenting Content Writing Handbook 2020

‘Content Writing Handbook’ is not like any other content writing book; instead, it’s one of its kind. This book begins with two fundamental crude materials to compose any content — language abilities and internet skills. 

Once you gain an understanding of these two aptitudes, the book moves towards shaping your abilities to write 30+ content types, followed by learning tips and strategies for content development. At last, you will also learn how to earn online work from home through content writing.

‘The Content Writing Handbook’ is the result of spending over 200,000+ hours in looking for and understanding the difficulties of 36,514 people over a period of 6 years towards composing. 

This was further reduced to burning through 5,500+ worker hours in giving content writing coaching to people from different backgrounds through a famous content writing course from Henry Harvin Education — a Certified Digital Content Writer (CDCW) course. 

From Creative Writing, Technical Writing, Research Writing, SEO Writing to composing E-Books, Emails, and White Papers. This book covers them all! 

Some of the content which you’ll adore about the book is:

  1. An in-depth explanation of content writing
  2. Abilities that one must polish to write content
  3. The tips and best practices to write content effectively 
  4. The different formats of content creation 
  5. The various content writing tools and how can one use them to his/her advantage
  6. Prepares you for content writing interview by guiding you through a list of answers to the questions asked
  7. Helps you to land content writing positions online

‘Content Writing Handbook’ consolidates tips, stunts, formats, procedures, and best rehearses that can help any individual who wants to write content just by committing 60 minutes to every subsection. And if you spend just 1 hour every day for 32 days at a stretch, you can easily finish the book! 

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Wrapping it up

Reading content writing books is significant because it builds up our musings, gives us interminable information and lessons while keeping our minds dynamic. Henry Harvin® Content Writing Handbook 2020 is definitely the best book for content writing if you want to leverage the endless opportunities in this multifaceted domain. They can hold and maintain a wide range of information, stories, contemplations, and emotions dissimilar to anything in this world. 

The Content Writing Handbook’s significance to assist us with learning and comprehend things cannot be underestimated. 

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