Teaching English can lead to a prosperous profession that takes you worldwide. English is in high demand, and students of all ages are eager to study it. Even though some countries let native speakers teach without a degree or certification, a TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) course can enhance employment chances and income. It can equip you with the tools you need to become a more effective teacher for your students. Here is the list of TEFL course in Mumbai.

This Blog is about the Top 10 TEFL Certification courses in Mumbai. In this list, however, we have included both online and In-Class TEFL Certifications. To clarify, only 4 institutes in this list have their training centres specifically located in Mumbai.

TEFL Certification


The Certification in Teaching English as a Foreign Language or more popularly known as TEFL has become a mandatory requirement when it comes to teaching English worldwide. As a result, in today’s competitive job market more and more organizations and teaching professionals are opting for TEFL Certification.

Here Are Some Of The Factors Responsible For Creating A Huge Demand For The TEFL Certification. 

  • TEFL Certification can be completed online.
  • The duration of the course is less.
  • The minimum qualification for a TEFL Certification online is High School Diploma. But for In-person TEFL Certification a Bachelor’s Degree is required.
  • TEFL Certification courses are cost-effective as compared to other courses.
  • TEFL Certification makes you eligible in teaching school students as well as working professionals.
  • No prior teaching experience is required.
  • TEFL Certifiers tends to offer you better placement assistance. Especially, with local schools as well as abroad.

120-hours TEFL / TESOL Online Certification Course

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List Of The Top 15 Institutions Offering TEFL Certification Course

1. Henry Harvin Education (TEFL Course in Mumbai)

Henry Harvin Contact No: +91 9891953953 | Chat on WhatsApp with Henry Harvin

The first spot in the list of the top 10 TEFL Certification Courses goes to Henry Harvin Academy. In this Covid 19 pandemic, when it comes to TEFL Certification, the first preference for you is an online course.

Henry Harvin Academy’s Online TEFL Certification Course has earned immense popularity among aspiring teachers and teaching professionals. Specially, who want to pursue their career as an English Language Instructor outside India.

In Mumbai or worldwide, the course holds a great value in this field. In addition, the institute provides you a lifetime placement assistance. They have the best international jobs in EFL teaching.

Henry Harvin Academy has connections with the top organisations and an international teacher recruitment firm. This makes it easier to ensure you the best opportunities across the globe. The AAEFL (American Association Of EFL) Certification provided here is considered to be the highest authority certification. This will give you an extra edge worldwide.

  • DURATION – 120 Hours (8-12 Weeks)
  • COURSE FEES – $599
  • For further details, please visit the website: Henry Harvin TEFL and TEFL Online

Henry Harvin TEFL Courses fees:


Cities in India Where Henry Harvin Course is Provided:

Delhi Mumbai Chennai Hyderabad Kolkata Bangalore Pune

Other Henry Harvin Courses:

Also check this Video :-

2.  Asian  College Of Teachers 

Contact No. + 91 9739615888

In the list of Top 10 TEFL Certification Courses, the second spot goes to the Asian College Of Teachers.

The institute provides you both online and In-Class TEFL course in Mumbai. This course has In-Class TEFL Certification in Mumbai. After completion of the course, you will receive the ACT Certificate. The Certificate is globally recognized and accredited by TESOL Canada.

After qualifying ACT, you can also appear and successfully pass the TESOL Canada Exam. However, you will be charged an extra exam fee for the certificate. In addition, you can also get the TQUK certification from England, at an extra fee.

  • DURATION – 120 Hours (Comprehensive program) and 3 Weeks In-Class Certification Program. As a student, you are also eligible to observe teaching practice sessions of 8 hours and more.
  • COURSE FEES – 45,000 INR is for In-Class TEFL. 14,500 INR is for Online.
  • ACCOMMODATION– Both A/C and Non A/C rooms will be available to you as a student. During the 3 week stay in Mumbai, you will get all the facilities.

3.  AP Teacher Training Institute  

Contact no. +91 98317 71327

AP Logo

In the list of Top 10 TEFL Certification Courses, the third spot goes to the AP Teacher Training Institute. International TEFL Canada has formed this organisation with APTTI. It will give you the best exposure in the ESL teaching world. The institute provides you both In-Class and Online Certification.

Frank Moffatt is the co-founder and CEO of APTTI. He has been a certified member of the TEFL/TESOL community since 2004. Frank has also designed the TESOL/TEFL  curriculum for them.

In addition, the institute has Lawrence Wayne Duplessis as a member. He is the Academic Head of TESOL/TEFL. The instructors are constantly developing new courses. They keep in mind the international standards as well as high demand for specialised teachers.

  • DURATION – 150 Hours (3 Weeks In-Class) and 120 Hours/4 Months(Online) is the starting range. It goes upto 540 Hours/18 Months.
  • COURSE FEE – 45,000 INR (In-Class) is fixed. 12,000 INR (Online) is the starting range. It goes upto 40,000 INR.
  • ACCOMMODATION – If you are an outstation candidate you will be given required assistance. As per the institute’s representative in Mumbai during the course.

4.  London College Of Teachers

Contact no. +91 93305 67686

In the list of Top 10 TEFL Certification Courses, the fourth spot goes to the London College of Teachers.

International TEFL Canada together with the London College Of  Teachers as their institutional partner has formed this organisation to offer a globally recognised TEFL Certification course to the aspiring candidates like you in the field of ESL .

We have two familiar faces in the LCT team. They are respectively Frank Moffat as Group CEO and Lawrence Wayne Duplessis as an Executive TEFL Mentor. In addition, we have Monty Meyer as Honorary Executive. He is currently teaching English to the students of Thai origin through digital methods.

London College Of Teachers has association with several well recognised professional institutions. Moreover, their approach is to give you, a holistic training experience with a thriving career in India and abroad.

  • DURATION – 150 Hours / 3 Weeks full time of Classroom Program in Mumbai. For Online starting range is 120 Hours. It goes upto 480 Hours.
  • COURSE FEES – 50,000 INR (INCLUSIVE GST) for Classroom Program. For Online starting range is 17,000 INR (with GST). It goes upto 44,840 INR (with GST).
  • ACCOMMODATION – If you are an outstation candidate you will be given required assistance. As per the institute’s representative in Mumbai during the course.

5.  American TESOL Institute

Contact no. 1-877-748-7900

American Tesol Logo

In the list of Top 10 TEFL Certification Courses, the fifth spot goes to the American TESOL Institute.

The institute has numerous accreditations and memberships in various institutions and government organisations . ATI is thus capable of giving you placement worldwide with ESL jobs. As a result, ATI has trained more than 10,000 teachers worldwide .

ATI is also providing a TESOL/TEFL Blended program in collaboration with Asian College Of Teachers. The program will cover for you all the fundamentals of ESL and EFL teaching. The course has 100 hours of theory and 20 hours of classroom training. You will get a dual certification.

The Institute also offers a special Thailand Project in Bangkok. In order to avail this opportunity, you have to take their TEFL Certification Course. It comes with a guaranteed short term teaching job in Thailand. Cost (1490 USD).

  • DURATION – 120 Hours/3 Weeks for both In-Class and Blended Course. But for Online course the starting range is 80 Hours. It goes upto 200 Hours.
  • COURSE FEES – 45,000 INR (with GST) for In-Class Training and for Blended Program it is 40,000 INR(inclusive of taxes). But for Online course the starting range is 25,000 INR. It goes upto 45,000 INR.
  • ACCOMMODATION – To clarify, if you are an outstation candidate then you have to pay separately for the accommodation.

Check Out The Global Ranking For Best TEFL Certification

6.  International TEFL Academy 

Contact no. +44 (0) 2045 402 099

In the list of Top 10 TEFL Certification Courses, the sixth spot goes to The International TEFL Academy. The Academy does not offer an In-Class TEFL Certification Course in India. The ITA online course has been accredited by TQUK. It has also been awarded a Level 5 status by Ofqual in England.

Students under 18 are not eligible to enrol directly online. So if you are under 18, then you have to submit a young teacher’s essay. You also have to speak to an ITA Admissions Advisor. In addition, this course features live lectures and webinars as well.

The faculty comprises of highly qualified university level instructors. Some even hold a Phd degree. The instructors have experience in online education. As a result, you will find the instructors to be well acquainted with the use of online applications such as Moodle and WebEx.

  • DURATION – The duration for the two online course is different.
  • 170 Hours /11 Weeks TEFL Course – In this course you have to complete 20 hours of live practice teaching beside your course on your own. This will qualify you for the certification.
  • 4-Week Intensive Online TEFL Course – In this course it is 40+hours a week. 10 Hours of Live Practice Teaching (Virtual)is included in the course.
  • COURSE FEES – $1899.00 is for the 4 week program. For the 170 Hour Certification it is $1399.00.

7.  International TEFL and TESOL Training

Contact no. 1-800-490-0531


In the list of Top 10 TEFL Certification Courses, the seventh spot goes to the International TEFL and TESOL Training.

The institute has been teaching professionals and aspiring teachers like you for over 20 years. The only In-Class Training centre located in India, is in Kolkata. So if you live in Mumbai, you have to do the course online.

The courses are validated by Lamar University, the Paris College of International Education, and Siam Technology College. As a result, you will receive two documents. Along with your TEFL Certificate, you will also receive an official transcript. It is from the Paris College of International Education.

  • DURATION – 60 Hours is the starting range for online certification. It goes upto 550 Hours. But for In-Class Training it is 4 weeks.
  • COURSE FEES – $199 is the starting range. It goes upto $999. But for In-Class Training it is $1590.
  • ACCOMMODATION – The cost will vary from $200-$300 depending on the facilities. Accommodation fees are however, not included in the course.

8.  i-to-i  

Contact no. +44 113 205 4610

In the list of Top 10 TEFL Certification Courses, the eighth spot goes to the i-to-i institute. The trainers have more than 25 years of experience in teaching English abroad. The institute has trained more than 210,000 TEFL teachers.

The courses here are UK Government regulated. It got 4.6 star and international recognition. However, the Institute doesn’t have a centre in India. So if you live in Mumbai then you have to do the course online.

  • DURATION – Level 5 Online TEFL Courses ranges from 180 Hours to 300 Hours. Similarly, for Level 3 Online TEFL Courses the duration ranges from 120 Hours to 300 Hours.
  • COURSE FEES – Price ranges from $349.00 to $1,295 (For further details and special offers please visit the website). 

9.  The TEFL Academy

Contact no. +1 347 434 9694

TEFL Academy Logo

In the list of Top 10 TEFL Certification Courses, the ninth spot goes to The TEFL Academy. The Academy’s Level 5 TEFL course in Mumbai provide students like you, with accurate knowledge of the TEFL industry. The trainers are DELTA qualified and EFL Professionals.

The Academy is accredited by Ofqual. It is a UK Government regulated awarding body. As a result, you will get a Certificate equivalent to a Higher Diploma. It is also equivalent to CELTA and Trinity CertTESOL qualification. Moreover, the institute gives internship opportunities as well.

The institute has launched a new program called 10 Hr Teaching Practice Webinar course. The course will educate you about the classroom management skills. You will also gain 6 hours of peer-to-peer teaching experience.

  • DURATION – Level 5 TEFL Course consists of 168 Hours and free 30 Hours of top up course in teaching young learners.
  • COURSE FEES – US $530 is for Level 5 TEFL Course. US $160 is for 10 Hr Practice Teaching Webinar course.

10.  Intesol India

Contact No: 9674933512

Intesol India Logo

In the list of Top 10 TEFL Certification Courses, the tenth spot goes to Intesol India. The institute has completed 23 years of teacher training.

The Institute has centres in Bangalore, Chennai, Kerala, Pune, Guwahati, Delhi, Coimbatore, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Odisha and Bangladesh. To clarify, the candidates living in Mumbai has to take the course online.

Intesol India is accredited by ALAP. It is a UK based international ELT Awarding Organisation. However, if you want to do a course from this institute, a Degree is mandatory.

  • DURATION – 120 Hours/6 Months is for Online TEFL Course. 140 Hours/3 Weeks is for In-Class TEFL/TESOL program.
  • COURSE FEES – 15,000 INR is for Online courses. 50,000 INR is for the In-Class course.

11. Bhaskar School of English language and Conversation

Contact no. 9891464748

It is one of the most well-known and renowned schools in the capital. The Bhaskar School of English Language & Conversation Institute provides an excellent curriculum and first-rate facilities.

They only provide a TEFL course offline; thus, students who wish to take it will have to travel to Mumbai. The Institute’s strongest characteristic is its close attention to each student.

More focus is placed on vocabulary, grammar, and personal development at Institute. Students undergo a rigorous session on Voice & Accent, Hard Skills, Social Skills, Personality Development, and Interview Techniques. Pronunciation and English fluency are frequently emphasized in English classes.

The Bhaskar School also teaches students how to compose dictionaries and has the best TEFL course in Mumbai.

12. British English Academy for the English Language (BAFEL).

Contact no. +91-9212779992

BAFEL, the British Academy for the English Language, is, without a doubt, India’s most renowned institution where one can study the finest standards of the TEFL course from the top instructors.

BAFEL Mahavir Enclave Student Recommendations |

The exclusivity lies in the fact that BAFEL is designed not only for students who want to learn the fundamentals of the language or succeed academically – whether in high school or college,  but also for employees who work in private or public organizations and desire fluency and complete command of English. They have the finest TEFL course in Mumbai.

13. My TEFL

Contact no.  1.917.580.3653

MyTEFL offers TEFL online certification courses in Argentina, Spain, Thailand, and India. The 120-hour TEFL course taught is accredited and accredited.

My TEFL online course fees in India are 45000; in Argentina, they are $1980; in Spain, they are $2195. 

They provide internship opportunities in Argentina, Thailand, South Africa, and Myanmar. However, they are paid positions, which is not indicated in the course fee.

This training also destroys the appeal of being valuable and poorly planned. This will prevent this course from ranking among the top TEFL course in Mumbai.


Contact no. +01 424 645 5957

The 120-hour online TEFL course in Mumbai curriculum provided by ICAL TEFL is self-paced and internationally recognized. The 120-hour TEFL online course fees in India are  $270, and they claim to offer placement evaluations.

The class has no prerequisites, and students receive their credentials via electronic delivery at the end of the course.

However, neither the analyses nor the website provided sufficient evidence of accreditation and assured job support.

A learner can select a TEFL or TESOL category certificate after the course, and the program claims to be internationally recognized and accredited. The course does not have a final exam, only assessments and assignments throughout, which is highly unusual since I am unsure whether this is how a world-class TEFL certification program is intended to be conducted.

15. Oxford TEFL 

Contact no. +34 931 74 00 62

Oxford TEFL is ideal for teaching a TEFL course in Mumbai. Their instructors are experienced and Diploma TESOL-certified.

Oxford TEFL provides continuous assistance. They can assist with visa applications. In addition, they offer a paid internship program and career services for life.

This is a teaching practicum program. It is a classroom-based training program with a duration of 130 hours.

Oxford TEFL is one of Europe’s most renowned teacher training programs. By fostering an environment of open communication, they believe that learning to teach is an essential task. They regard teaching as an indispensable craft and professional ability. This talent is gained through classroom instruction and practice. Oxford TEFL has demonstrated its commitment to students by inventing and enhancing its course through a constructional method.


Q.1 Can I take a part-time TEFL course in Mumbai?
Ans. Yes, there are TEFL classes offered part-time. You can also enroll in a part-time CELTA course, which normally lasts three months and requires two weekly evening classes as well as some Saturday sessions.
Both full-time and part-time courses have benefits. But part-time TEFL classes are less stressful and offer you time to read more and take in the criticism and information you get.
Q.2 Can I take an intensive TEFL course in Mumbai? Is it effective?
Ans. Actually, intense TEFL courses are not always preferable for obtaining certification to longer or online-only programs.
Typically, an intensive course has a 4-week full-time TEFL course and a longer term as a part-time TEFL course and/or online course. Even while a weekend course only offers 20 hours of training as opposed to the 120 hours that the majority of employers prefer, it is still an intensive TEFL course.
Q.3 Can I work in China with the help of a TEFL course in Mumbai, even though I don’t know English?
Ans. If you want to teach English in China, Mandarin is not a requirement. However, we would always advise prospective TEFL teachers to pick up some basics in the language of their host country in order to adapt to local life as well. The majority of TEFL employers are keen for their teachers to use only English in the classroom.
Q.4 I am not good at grammar. Can I enroll in the TEFL course in Mumbai?
Ans. It is not necessary to begin your TEFL training with a thorough understanding of English grammar.  
As part of the TEFL course in Mumbai, grammar is a part of the curriculum. The instructor will help you get a good grip on all the basic topics of English like grammar, vocabulary, and many more.

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