Complicated, easy, fun, beautiful, intriguing, and a favorite of all, the English language has been enjoying the limelight for ages. But there is a difference between the older times and the present era, in terms of English-speaking skills. Technology is at its best and almost everything uses a certain kind of technology. Language is no different!


Today name a language and you would find reference books, audiobooks, kindle editions, and many more but the most preferred and loved choice is the applications. In recent times, there are plenty of learning apps doing the rounds serving one or many purposes of language learning. Out of these, many apps focus on the conversational part of a language. English as a language has seen wider accessibility and acceptability after these apps came into existence.


English speaking apps are the most browsed and downloaded apps all around the globe. This shows the need of learning English for varied purposes like higher studies, professional needs, cultural interests, and business opportunities.

List of Top 12 English Speaking Apps

Below is a list of the top 12 trending English-speaking apps for studying anywhere anytime!

1. Duolingo

Learning is fun with Duolingo!

Registered with 300mn+ users in the world, this English-speaking app is the most engaging language learning platform. Whether looking for practicing or excelling in English speaking, Duolingo offers effective content 100% free. Duolingo makes English-speaking learning AI tailored.

The app focuses on improving vocabulary, and grammar, with different quizzes catering to the needs and enabling English speaking practice. Consistency, practice, and perseverance are the key areas that the app focuses on while helping the user to practice English speaking. For making a strong foundation in English speaking, Duolingo is the best choice. Apart from English, Duolingo offers 19+ languages.


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2. FluentU

Light up Language Learning!

This English-speaking app stands out from the crowd for its personalized learning lessons. The learning sources at Fluentu comprise movie clips, music, literature, advertisements, and scripts making it one of its kinds of learning material.

The best part is that every content has a subtitle and a parallel translation, making the language easy to comprehend. The flashcards help to get used to the vocabulary and then in turn implement t while speaking English.

The learning at FluentU is personalized as it considers the learner’s accessed algorithm to provide more filtered content. With a 14-day free trial experience, FluentU also offers monthly and yearly subscription that gives access to a vast range of content in the app that helps in enhancing English speaking skills. The app also offers to learn 10+ languages.


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3. Babbel

Listen, read, repeat!

With more than 10 million subscribers Babbel gets you speaking fluently and that too easily. The interactive recorded sessions cater to beginners as well as advanced-level students. English speaking gets an all-round training with activities of short time intervals that fits into the hectic daily life schedule.

Fill up the blanks with a prompt oriented around daily-life routines to help to enhance routine English-speaking skills. Babbel is a good English-speaking app to track the development of learning the language.

Free trials or subscription, learning comes with a choice that suits all, at Babbel.


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4. BBC

When favorite meets fantastic!


The best package for learning to speak English brings to us BBC English App. With daily updates, transcripts, fun topics, and quizzes user gets a lot of practice in English speaking. Listen to or watch each lesson at your convenience.

Every day a new lesson is updated on the app which means relevant content available at the fingertips. From children to theatre enthusiasts, the official BBC learning app has so many variations to browse. Pronunciation workshops, grammar classes, lingo hacks, stories, dramas, and reviews help users to keep a check on their English speaking level.


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5. Cambly

Easy learning through conversation!

Cambly has emerged as a powerful English-speaking app. The most salient feature that Cambly offers is that there are separate apps for kids and adults. The customized learning at Cambly takes care of the age and area of specificity while making the learning experience fun and interactive.

A basic subscription gives users access to unlimited resources, and lessons that are designed to enhance English speaking skills. The brains behind the courses and study material are the certified trainers who bring along their own experience many years and thus the empowerment happens effectively.


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6.      Rosetta

Beyond memorizing and translating!

Rosetta Stone’s English speaking app focuses on feedback while speaking and resolve the issue then and there.

The core lessons emphasize brainstorming rather than memorizing. Easy-to-understand, easy-to-practice stories polish the English speaking skills of users as well as native speakers.

The speech recognition feature in the app works on improvising your accent. Overcoming the language barrier is made easy with Rosetta Stone. This app has been trusted by top organizations for its approach to learning.


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7. British Council

British Council English app is associated with HM Queen Elizabeth II and offers a variety that helps users to speak English fluently.

The apps are different for kids and adults. The app comes with videos, lessons, quizzes, games, and speeches that enhance the learning experience.

From general to business English, using this app would help you master the English-speaking skills for any purpose.

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English Grammar

8. Busuu

Learn on the go!

Busuu English speaking app has a free version and a paid version as well. The app has a compilation of dialogues and speeches that help in enhancing language learning.

The most striking highlight of this app is it allows you to get your work checked by native language experts who are certified. The other salient features of Busuu include advanced grammar lessons, tailored content, study plan, and chat with native speakers. This interactive feature helps in getting hold of the native accent very easily.

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9. Memrise

Speak as the locals do!

With more than 40mn+ subscribers, Memrise is easy as it makes everyday life easy. Audios, videos, phrases, long texts, and textbook material are the benefits of learning English with Memrise.

Memrise remains in your memory for a longer time as the flashcard method creates a deep impact on language understanding. The app boosts your vocabulary list with improvisation in pronunciation. Whether you choose the free version or the paid, learning is comprehensive and effective.  

It has also received the prestigious Editor’s Choice Award for the best learning app.


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10. LingoDeer

Attractive and interactive!

LingoDeer is the most amazing English-speaking app. Writing, speaking, reading, and improvising the learning are the key areas in which LingoDeer focuses.

Awarded by Google Play Editor’s Choice Award, LingoDeer has more than 10 million learners.

This English-speaking app focuses on explaining the complexity of language most thoroughly. The audio lessons work like talk-along lessons and help in understanding the correct usage of grammar and words while speaking.

The flashcards built up a memory that wouldn’t fade easily and pops up while conversing. Key grammar concepts and quizzes keep a check on the language understanding.

 Learn while you become a storyteller! English speaking can only be enhanced when you speak a lot and speak correctly. A narration-based exercise in the app is interactive and impactful.

This app gives you study reminders, silent study mode, VIP support, and a cross-device usage facility.

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11. italki

Practice the native way!

The best way of learning is where the tutor and the student connect through a single app. Noticable, Italki provides the best platform for practicing English speaking.

You get the right to choose a tutor based on their experience, their cultural background, and more. The app has 8000+ tutors connected 24*7 to support the users. Trail lessons are a bonus!

You pay for what you learn. This gives a chance to the users to decide how much they want to spend and on which topic.


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12. Daily Dose of Language

Free daily dose!

Daily dose of language app is an innovative app for practicing English speaking.

Cultural points, phrases, mini-lessons, and grammar are covered through this app on daily basis. The audio and video content in the app targets the speaking and pronunciation of English. How to say section in the app talks about the situational-based conversation.

The free app gives access to the daily dose of English-speaking skill enhancement. The paid version gives access to Pod101 in multiple languages.


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Henry Harvin English Speaking Course  

 Henry Harvin Language Academy offers the best English-speaking course.

The leading academy for skilled-based learning leads the online learning platform with its exceptionally well-designed courses and add-on services. As the academy is affiliated with EFL, MSME, UKAF, UKCert, PMI, and is ISO 29990:2010 certified this adds up to the value of the academy.

Hands-on experience with practical-based learning helps the learners to attain language proficiency under the guidance of expert trainers. Henry Harvin has been known for its extensive yet comprehensive curriculum which is industry-relevant.

The course follows a 9-in-1 training methodology that involves training, projects, internship, hallmark certification, placement assistance, e-learning tools, boot camps, and hackathon followed by a 1-year gold membership.

The levels of English speaking course

The six levels from A1 to C2 of the English-speaking course focus on a range of pointers. Beginning with self-introduction, focusing on simple grammar, learning to comprehend complex information to conversing fluently in English, these modules cover it all and more.

On completion of the English-speaking certificate course, the learner becomes confident, fluent, and masters the ability to speak the global language. This course sets the fundamentals for English language proficiency exams.

Benefits of Using English Speaking Apps

In today’s world knowing English has become a prerequisite across the job industry in various sectors. With the kind of busy life and multiple commitments people have, people look for services that come in handy and are easy to navigate.

Following are few benefits of using English speaking apps:

  • Get a customized and enriching learning experience
  • Learning process becomes easy and convenient to imbibe
  • Enhance your speaking skills at your own pace
  • There is something for everyone as these apps cater to varied backgrounds and cultures
  • Irrespective of the age, the apps are well-equipped to train one and all
  • These user-friendly apps fit well in the restricted time constraints for students and working professionals
  • With good communication skills, professional hikes are certain to happen
  • Pointwise explanation of the speaking guideline helps in understanding the practical usage
  • Best of all, affordability makes the studying reasonable

Language of Importance and Opportunities

Endless are the opportunities and the richness English adds to your skills. Facts that are too accurate to be noted and make English speaking and the language a truly important one, learning it brings along immense opportunities.

  • Widely spoken with approximately a 1500million+ speakers worldwide
  • Travel and cultural experiences are not restricted to only a few words
  • Deep understanding of art and culture
  • Get noticed by millions of business organizations
  • Correct usage of words and grammar project an impressive personality in the workplace
  • For running the business, English speaking skills play a big role in communicating and decision making
  • English helps in understanding the untapped potential of doing business
  • Become a part of growing GDP by becoming a multilingual
  • Being a bilingual or multilingual, increase your chances to earn more and get more business by using your spoken English skills
  • Immigrating to a better job market opens door to various openings and opportunities
  • Future is going to value human connection. Become an Influencer and inspire more people with your excellent communication skills

History and Facts

Dig a little and you would be fascinated to know what makes the English language and English-speaking skills interesting!

  • Old English and French are the biggest contributors to English words
  • Shakespeare alone is credited to add 1000+ words to English vocabulary
  • Every second hour a new word is added to the English vocabulary list
  • English has the maximum words contrary to any other language in the world
  • The longest English word has 46 characters
  • The official language of travel by sea and air
  • Regular english speakers know somewhere between 20,000 to 35,000 words half of which they are unaware of
  • English language-based podcasts are the most followed ones
  • The crosswords are the best exercise to test English level


Commonly it’s understood that learning a language is only about knowing it. The vocabulary, grammar, common phrases, and technical words are enough to know the language. Ultimately the true strength lies in the ability to speak fluently and as a native.

For this English-speaking apps are a boon. The level of interaction, examples, and accessibility of the apps make them the number one choice of language enthusiasts. Get access to one of these apps and unlock the native English speaker in you. Happy conversing!


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Q.1 Why English speaking has become the need of the hour?

Ans: Depending on the kind of job profile one is in or the job which one is aiming for, speaking English takes them one step closer to the goal. English has now become the language of the business. Thus, achieving success needs a medium and that medium is the English language.

Q.2 Which academy offers an all-inclusive English-speaking course?

Ans: Henry Harvin Language Academy has designed a course especially for working on English speaking skills. In fact, the academy also has a PG program in TEFL. But the English-speaking course works rigorously on making you a native and fluent speaker. This course is the most searched and chosen attributing to its live interactive sessions and 9-in-1 course module.

Q.3 Why communicating in English is an important skill for students?

Ans: During the academic years, students don’t focus on their communication skills. However, when they enter the job market, they land up in the dilemma wherein their qualification speaks volumes but they lack communication skills. Understandibly, fluent conversation helps students to crack the interview and if they are looking for entrepreneurship.

Q.4 Why English-speaking apps are gaining popularity?

Ans: 21st century has certainly changed the way learning happens. English speaking apps are gaining massive popularity as it gives freedom to acquire and enhance anytime anywhere!

Q.5 Do these apps help in reducing mother-tongue influence while speaking English?

Ans: With correct pronunciations, practice material, and focus on the tone and pitch of the language, these apps work wonders to reduce the mother-tongue influence to a greater extent.

Q.6 How to choose the best English-speaking app?

Ans: Time to learn, accessibility, limitations, the approach of learning, parallel conversation practice material, and interaction level are some of the factors that should be taken care of while choosing an English-speaking app.

Q.7 Does learning from an app help?

Ans: Apps are known to improve the conversational part of a language learning to around 50% as they follow an interactive approach


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