Introduction to creative writing topics

Creative writing is the art of making things up. Your Imagination acts as a tool. Creative writing topics are wide and varied. Writing is not confined and restricted to specific topics or genres. Creative writing topics have taken wings far and wide and literally fly around every area and horizon possible. It is unfair to break the wings of imagination and imprison. The writers have a license to create content in almost every genre possible and widen the spectrum for readers. The mantra,’ Content is the king’ emphasizes the significance of the Creator. The role of creative writers in this regard is unparalleled. The power of writing is such that,” If you get the right words in order, you might change the world.”

There are many modes of online and offline Creative Writing courses available that offer Creative writing topics. Henry Harvin’s creative writing course needs a special mention among all these as it is very beneficial for all budding creative writers. Let’s explore now.

Henry Harvin Creative Writing Course

Henry Harvin

Harvin Harvin’s creative writing course is designed to facilitate fellow learners to learn the art and master it very efficiently. Here you can learn different types of creative writing like fiction, poetry, plays, movie and television scripts, songs, speeches, memoirs, travelogues, personal essays, etc. At Henry Harvin, your innate and instinctive skill will take the lead and bring out the ‘creative writer ‘in you. Henry Harvin believes that the power of writing is such that,” If you get the right words in order, you might change the world.”

Scope of learning creative writing at Henry Harvin

Creative writing, as the name suggests, stems from an individual’s creative expression. Does it sound ridiculous to learn creative writing? The answer is a clear ‘NO’. Moreover, an individual can fine-tune their acquired skill. As a result, produce great and original work. However, taking up a course on creative writing doesn’t guarantee you an instant ticket to a high-flying job. Yet it sharpens your problem-solving skills and helps you wade through various genres of creative writing. It keeps your infinite creative juices flowing and walks you towards self-expression.

Creative writing topics or prompts

Creative writing topics or prompts help the writers 

  • Give an idea or a potential topic to write about
  • Offer a set of instructions on the next course of action
  • Act as a trigger to set the writer’s imagination run riot in working on any form of writing like poetry, fiction, non-fiction,copy-writing, blogging, journaling, etc.
  • Warm-up to relax the muscles, thaw the frozen imagination and stimulate the mind to focus on the ultimate with complete confidence.

Key Features of Henry Harvin 

  • Henry Harvin’s Creative Writing Training and Course ranks number one in India by ‘The Statesman’ with Gold Membership. This is one of the key highlights of enrolling here.
  • Creative writing is offered in a few other cities as well to cater to many aspirants achieving their dreams. Aspirants can avail of this course in cities like Mumbai, Hyderabad, Indore, Jaipur, Chennai, Delhi, and Noida.
  • Henry Harvin Creative Writing Course ranks number one in India by India Today.

Aspirants looking to explore the Creative Writing field, can definitely take up Henry Harvin’s Creative Writing Training Course and benefit largely.


Here are a few types of creative writing explained and creative writing topics suggested.

Other related courses at Henry Harvin

1. Flash fiction or Microfiction

  With the onset of social media and Instagram quick posts, writing, as such has become instant and fast. This proves Shakespeare’s proverb,” Brevity is the soul of wit”.correct. The high demand for quality content in very less time has made it imperative for writers to create quick, interesting, highly creative, and imaginative content to attract readers. Therefore, it is important for writers to come up with quick, quality content to match the readers’ expectations.

Flash fiction or micro-fiction comes in handy to the writers at such times. This type of fiction is typically characterized by very short stories consisting of only a few hundred words. In Flash fiction, the writer directs the focus on the narrative’s movement. Firstly, every sentence and every word is expected to reveal something to the reader that they weren’t aware of earlier.

Secondly, flash fiction is expected to hint at a larger backstory than what’s evidently revealed on the page. Flash fiction has been there around for centuries in the form of Aesop’s Fables or collections of folk tales. This form of writing promises a lot of scope in creative writing topics as well. It has garnered a lot of attention in recent times from writers and publishers. As such, the form of flash fiction is not very well-defined. In the general consensus among writers and publishers, it is agreed that content between five and thousand five hundred words is flash fiction. Writers of all genres, including literary, romance horror, science fiction, fantasy, thriller, and suspense make use of flash fiction. They have created amazing works of art in under thousand five hundred words. You could try your hands on flash fiction with unlimited creative writing topics like

Concept of feminism- is it exploited or used appropriately?

2. Short Fiction

 Short fiction as the name suggests, is a piece of fiction that has a limited number of words, a few characters, and a single theme.

Nowadays, short stories are in demand by magazines, newspapers, blogs, and anthologies and many of these publications pay authors for their short stories. Most importantly, you can earn a handsome amount per word writing quality short stories than by publishing a novel.

The literary markets for short stories are literary magazines, anthologies, contests, etc. Nowadays, publishers are inclined to accept shorter pieces for their issues. The fact is that most readers aren’t ready to read a lengthy piece of prose on a very small smartphone screen. By creating a large impact on readers with a small number of words is what many editors are looking for. So, don’t try to encapsulate an entire event or day. Instead, home in on one interesting aspect of it by creating a slice-of-life vignette.

The character studies also form an integral part of this type of short fiction. Literary journals are looking for writers to help the public and media become part of the conversation. Moreover, writing a story from an individual’s perspective will invite the readers’ attention. The creative writing topics in this genre could include a variety of ideas ranging from weird ideas similar to

What will I do if Dracula or a werewolf is your next-door neighbor”?

You can take up the challenge of writing from a different perspective. Ensure to impart freshness to the themes you are dealing with. By introducing lots of twists, you can make sure to offer something new or present unique ideas to your readers.

3. Personal Topics/ self-reflection and story-telling

 In this genre, you have the luxury to flex those writing muscles. By writing on a few chosen subjects as many experiences can turn into creative writing topics and gain perspective on your life. The subjects may not be vast and varied, however, your creative wings can take shape and run riot. The creative writing topics may range from a simple idea of 

Your pet dog wants to go on dating and asking you to make arrangements for the same.

If you gain the ability to change an uninteresting/ sad phase of your childhood into a lovely and rosy chapter, what would that be?

The possibility of enjoying life without a smartphone and the internet.

Share your nostalgic experiences of re-visiting the place you loved as a child with your parents now.

How will you manage this situation?

Many of the above ideas suggest that a personal reflection can shape creative writing topics.

4. Weird and funny creative writing topics

Weird and funny ideas have always taken the front seat in the case of creative writing topics. Moreover, since this genre allows the license to reflect on whatever ideas you come across, everyone is in love with this. The creative writing topics could range from anything silly to strange and weirdos. There can be an allowance in everything possible and taking logic for a toss is very much common.

Why do people love pastries, icecreams, and chocolates And you aren’t fond of them at all?

5. Creative Writing Topics for Travelogues

A travelogue, known as a travel blog belongs to the category of creative writing. This is an area where your imagination runs riot. You can make the best use of vivid descriptions of the outer world to bring out the inner creativity in you. You will come across many creative writing topics in this genre. Your individual experiences of travel can be creatively documented which can be very inviting and entertaining to the readers. Your creative writing topics can range from 

If you had an idea about the impending pandemic in 2019. You are offered free travel across the globe to the cities of your choice without any restrictions, how would you have planned?

Reflect on your nostalgic memories whenever you visit your ancestral hometown as a child.

6. Creative writing topics for Mystery writing

Mystery writing has always kindled the curiosity of readers across humanity. The element of suspense or what happened next or what will follow is what makes this type of writing a sure hit among readers. Unarguably, the ever-fresh popularity of this genre. The creative writing topics for this genre are unlimited.

A senior lab technician working in one of the deadliest labs in the world handling the most dangerous pathogens goes missing with the deadliest sample. What’s in store for humanity?

A scientist working on a dangerous, secret invention for mankind gets kidnapped by terrorists and is facing a life threat. Will he escape from the jaws of death?

7. Creative Writing Topics in Memoir writing 

A memoir is a non-fictional, written account of events and memories in the first person about the author’s personal, real-life events.

These personal accounts can be made interesting by your own creative twists. Understandably, Creative writing topics in Memoir writing are a welcome addition.

The creative writing topics can range from

Memoirs of a fitness freak 

A memorable & extremely fun-filled Road Trip as a child with your cousins and other family members for a wedding. 

creative writing topics
Source credits: Hannah Olinger on Unsplash

8. Creative writing topics  in Horror writing

Horror writing is similar to the genre of speculative fiction. The end goal is to create an eerie, dreadful, scary, or repulsive feeling among the readers. To create a spooky feeling in your writing you can create your own creative ball rolling. The creative writing topics could be like

  • Every night in your house, a scary, stranger comes alive out of the mirror and scares you to death. However, you are unable to recount this horror to anyone as no one will believe you for sure.

9. Creative writing Topics for kids

Creative writing topics for kids is probably one of the most interesting genres to explore. As kids themselves are highly creative, the writers are at a vantage point in making an impressive mark and excelling. Unarguably, an area to master.

The creative writing topics range from simple things to their favorite things.

10. Creative writing topics on Health and Awareness 

  • 9. Your reflection on the first flight experience, for instance, the fear during take-off landing and the mixed feeling of joy and fear.
  • Fantasy creatures coming to life and what would be your experience?

Creative writing topics on Health and awareness is an upcoming trend these days. In keeping with the trend, it is highly imperative to incorporate ideas related to health and fitness into creative writing topics. Therefore, Creative writing topics based on General, Psychological Awareness find a significant place in writings today.

The creative writing topics could include

  • Binge-eating culture and its consequences on one’s health.
  • The sedentary lifestyle of the current generation and its ill effects.
  •  Instagram &cyber-bullying, body-shaming 
  • Have we lost our humanity in the era of social media?

A few bonus topics are on your way !!

11. Creative writing topics on general topics

There are numerous creative writing topics that flood today’s market catering to general audiences like

  • Is Internet-free life possible at all?
  • Are utopian life goals possible to achieve in today’s scenario?
  • Concept of feminism- is it exploited or used appropriately?
  • Would you like to go back to the olden times of writing letters & meeting up with friends in a humble place personally?
  • Can/ should youngsters change the fat(c)e of politics?
  • Remote working -boon or bane?
  • What is your spirit animal?

12. Creative Writing topics in Journal writing 

Journal writing is an act of informal writing. They take a few forms like personal or creative. Journals mainly record thoughts and catalog thoughts as they occur to them.

Few creative writing topics in this genre are 

A journal on your family members what you like the most in them and a few things you want them to change to better themselves.

A journal on things that need your attention urgently to correct your mistakes.

13. Creative writing topics in poetry

Poetry is a literary genre that evokes a concentrated, imaginative experience or a specific emotional response through chosen language, sound, and rhythm. This is probably the best genre to creatively explode to the maximum extent possible.

You may include creative writing topics of any decent subject possible. They are in similar lines like 

You are set on the tallest mountain-top amidst flowers, and moving clouds and get an eagle’s eye view across. How will you compose a poem on this creative writing topic?

14. Creative writing topics in Blogging

A blog is often informal, discreet, diary-style text entries or posts. Blogging is trending these days and is a great way to incorporate creative writing topics and be a successful blogger. This genre includes topics like travel blogs, food blogs, personal blogs, business/corporate blogs, fashion blogs, etc.

The creative writing topics range in any of these and many more like

Your experience on an unknown island as you are cast away.

You have arranged for a live cooking show which promises a rich and varied menu in a five-star hotel. Unexpectedly, a couple of your helpers don’t turn up owing to ill-health. Now you are in soup. How would you cook up a story with this?


Creative writing is a form of writing where imagination takes a front seat to serve its purpose through imagination, innovation, creativity, etc. Most importantly, it is vital to keep the creative juices flowing. This ensures creative writing topics and ideas are always in demand. This article aims at providing such an aide for creative writers to overcome the writer’s block and sail comfortably and swiftly across the ocean of imagination.

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1. Is creative writing important for a writer?

 Yes, it is an essential ingredient for a writer.

2. What are the types of creative writing?

Poetry, plays,songs,memoirs,personalessays,fiction,etc.

3. What are the four writing styles?

Persuasive, narrative, expository, and descriptive are four writing styles.

4. What are the elements of creative writing?

Suspense and conflict, figures of speech and points of view, rhyme and rhythm, setting and scene, form and structure, diction and dialogue, plot and theme, etc. are few to mention.

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