Books have always been considered a man’s best friend and also a source of indefinite knowledge. The phrase has been taken seriously and proved right by Henry Harvin Education as they have come with some very interesting books that are relevant to today’s time and can really give you an insight into some of the most interesting topics and relevant information about the career choices that are doing the rounds. These books are written after a long research work so that your readers can get benefitted from them. These books by Henry Harvin Education are available on

Books by Henry Harvin

1. Creating The Creative Writers

Creative Writing is the new boom in the professional world and with the coming of the pandemic, the demand for Freelance creative writers has taken a sharp plunge. Creating the Creative Writers’ is a book by Henry Harvin Education definitely can help its readers understand the nuances of the field of creative writing as it is the result of thousands of hours in comprehending the challenges of the field. It stems out of a very popular course from Henry Harvin Education namely the Certified Creative Writing Specialist Course. ‘

Creating the Creative Writers’ is an accomplished book that gives you out-an-out tips, tricks, templates, strategies and best practices that can help an individual to write and give them new wings to fly. The creative writing book covers all important aspects of creative writing from Forms of Creative Writing, Mastering the Process of Creative Writing to Understanding the Future of Creative Writing.

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2. The Human Body Bluebook

The Human Body Bluebook’ by Henry Harvin is another masterpiece that incorporates, illustrated analysis of structure, functions and disorders of the human body. This book gives a complete insight into topics such as Importance of Anatomy and Physiology, The Structural Level of Organization, The Cell, Tissues, Digestive System, Respiratory System, Skeletal System and many more interesting topics that will make you stick to your seats.

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This book is the result of the research and hard work of individuals who have spent a lot of time and effort in developing this great book that gives you a tour of the Emergency Medical Technician Course offered by Henry Harvin Education.

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3. Content Writing Handbook

Content Writing Handbook is a great book to have a big leap into your content writing career or if you want to explore the new world of content writing. This book will surely develop your language skill and internet skills that is a must to start with content writing. This book has a vast knowledge that the writer wants to share with the readers that can make them skilled in writing more than 30 content types and also give them complete insight into the fact that how to earn online.

You will get a piece of complete knowledge from the basics that would include what is content writing, the skills required for effective content writing, important content writing tools and their usage and many more. Definitely worth every penny as it is developed by spending a big chunk of time doing the research and gathering important information about the book.

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4. Operation Theatre Technician Handbook

‘Operation Theatre Technician Handbook’ is surely for the ones who are interested in the medical field and thus, is decorated with easy to understand, and illustrated examples. It also covers important topics such as Anesthesia and Operative drugs, Nursing Care and Management and many more. This book is the outcome of the vast experience of the writer that has been gained after a lot of research to make the endeavour fruitful.

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5. Medical Laboratory Technician Handbook

Henry Harvin has come up with the ‘Operation Theatre Technician Handbook’ that is full of illustrated examples and covers topics such as Anesthesia and Operative Drug, Nursing Care and Management and many more interesting topics that surely needs your attention if you are interested in knowing more about the medical field. This book is a great source of knowledge and can surely hold the readers’ attention for long. A must on your checklist!

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