Many countries still believe that imparting education in their home language. But, few countries like Kenya, India, and South Africa promote education in English which can be beneficial nationally and internationally.

South Africa has 11 official spoken languages which include English as a second language. But, currently, their priority of education is in English and rapidly used in many cities of the South African schools.

Most of the people in South Africa preferred English as the language of instruction at all levels of education. Children do not speak English as their first language but want to undertake their final education in English. 

Most of the schools in South Africa offer their native language of instruction in the first three grades and then shifting to English in the fourth grade. Some schools use English as the language of instruction from the first grade. 

English has become the language of status and economic growth for South Africa within the country as well as international communications. The solid knowledge of English opens social and economic doors for South African learners and an important tool for economic growth for the lowest income groups.


The quality of English education received from the South African teachers who are second- language speakers, and their English is different from the trained & qualified English teacher. Thus, there will be a difference in the vocabulary, words to express the thoughts, grammar and teachers find it difficult to explain the concept. This deprives the learner to to express themselves with advanced vocabulary.

This leads to an increase in the demand for trained and qualified English teachers in South Africa. There are various digital platforms available to learn and teach online English. There are two ways to teach English online. The first option is to find your students and teach via skype or some other platform and the second option is working with the company, they will find the students for you, and as per your schedule, you can teach the students with proper remuneration.

There are few English online courses like TEFL (Teaching English as a foreign language), TESOL (Teaching English to speakers of other languages) and ESL (Teaching English as a second language) provided by the institute/companies. 

The length of the course would be at least 100-150 hours of scholarly coursework and 6 to 20 hours of live teaching training to the ESL students. The expense ranges from $500 to $1500 according to the coursework, practical learnings, and occupation uphold. 

I will provide readers with the top 10 companies who teach English online in South Africa.

1. Henry Harvin Education

2. The TEFL Academy

3. I-TO-I

4. Cambly

5. Palfish

6. Amazing talker

7. IQBar

8. First Future

9. ITutor Group

10. SayABC

Also, I will provide the following parameters for selecting the best online platform to learn English for South Africans

1. Authenticity of Accreditation and affiliation of TEFL Companies

2. Duration of the TEFL course

3. Fees for the TEFL Course

4. Internships and Job opportunities provided by the TEFL company

5. TEFL course modules and curriculum

6. Tutors accreditations

1. Henry Harvin Education

Henry Harvin Education is the number #1 ranking institute for the best TEFL certification online course. It has AAEFL (American Association of EFL), the highest standard accreditation around the globe.

Henry Harvin offers 120 hours of online learnings which accentuation 11-course modules like English language teaching skills, managing class environment, digital technology for teaching, business English & so on. 

Henry Harvin’s TEFL certification course has an affordable fee with astound benefits like free access to Henry Harvin LMS platform, lifelong support, and accreditation, enhance confidence, unique and original lesson plan, class, and time management techniques, and so on.

Henry Harvin has proficient and AAEFL trained teachers who understand the learner’s psychology, develop the capabilities to think out of the box, and innovative ways to connect with the students. They nurture the most effective teaching skills and methodologies. 

Henry Harvin has a partnership with ministries of education, private schools, universities, and international schools across the globe which gives access to the most highly paid jobs and boundless job opportunities from all over the world like Asia, Europe, South America, Africa, etc. 


Address: 355, Serrano Drive, CA-94132, United States-85253

Email Id: [email protected] 


2. The TEFL Academy

The TEFL Academy provides the best TEFL online course across the globe. It has received government affiliation from the United States and the United Kingdom. The DEAC (Department of Education National Accreditor) is the United States accreditation and Ofqual accreditation from the United Kingdom government.

The TEFL Academy offers a Level 5 TEFL Course with a duration of 168 hours. The main aim of the TEFL academy is to provide accurate information about teaching and learning skills. Apart from 168 hours of learning, TEFL Academy provides 30 hours of top-up courses in teaching for young learners and teaching English business. It also offers 6 months of access to an online campus.

All the trainers in the TEFL Academy have experienced EFL professionals and DELTA, qualified assessors. The modules of the course cover curriculum planning, teaching vocabulary, English grammar, English speaking and writing, classroom management, etc. 

The course fees are affordable to pay i.e. US$265 and the TEFL Academy also provides TEFL internship. It also gives the opportunity of TEFL Volunteering and support in finding a job across the world.


Address: Everything TEFL LTD. 616 Corporate Way, Suite 2-4279 v=Valley Cottage, NY 10989

Email ID: [email protected]


3. I-To-I TEFL

I-To-I online TEFL offers level 3 and level 5 TEFL Certification Course which has high quality and is recognized by schools and employers across the world. This course is regulated by Ofqual and affiliated by ODLQC (Open and Distance Learning Quality Council). Ofqual regulated means the course is monitored and control by the external bodies. It also gives assurance to the employers that you have got the top qualification and guaranteed jobs. ODLQC is an independent body that monitored the quality of knowledge.

The Level 3 TEFL course has the option of online as well as classroom learnings. The duration of the online course starts from 120 hours to advance the level of education in level 3 is 300 hours in the fees range between US$140 to US$260. The duration of the classroom course starts from 120 hours to 300 hours in the fees range between US$275 to US$425. 

The curriculum of the level 3 TEFL course in teaching young learners, English grammar, curriculum planning and implementation, teaching business English, support from qualified DELTA tutors. It covers theoretical cum practical practices.  

The Level 5 TEFL Course is the advanced level of the TEFL course. It is also called the Level 5 diploma course for the same. The duration of the course starts from 180 hours to 300 hours in the fees range between US$400 TO US$520. This level 5 course has an advanced

level of classroom teaching with a duration of 200 hours to 320 hours in the fees range between US$600 to US$750. 

The level 5 TEFL course is regulated by the government and high quality of job opportunities and boost your earnings. The well-designed curriculum covers all the modules of level 3 at advance level by well-experienced and qualifies tutors from DELTA.

The I-TO-I TEFL provides paid internships in Thailand, Vietnam, China, also provides job opportunities in different countries like South Africa, Asia, Europe, Japan, Latin America, Middle East, China, South Korea, Italy, and Japan.


Address: i-to-I 2, Chantry House, Victoria Road, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LSS 3JB, United Kingdom                    

Email ID: [email protected]


4. Cambly

Cambly is the online platform and IOS / Android App which can be download from the play store and App store. To become a teacher with Cambly, does not require any qualified training or TEFL certificate. This is because Cambly does not provide a professional teaching environment for the learners. 

Students can get access from Cambly teachers via skype or any other chatting virtual platform. The requirement of lesson planning and curriculum designing is not essential for this platform. The learners can choose the teacher as per their professional needs from Cambly App and start learning.

Though Cambly is not the platform where a professional degree is required, start your career in teaching English online and earn extra dollars. But, before applying, read all the rules, regulations, and requirements to become a part of Cambly. It is very easy for South Africans to learn and teach English through Cambly.

The modules of the course are 1) Basic fundamental of English which includes basic, intermediate and advanced level of conversation 2) Professional development which includes business English, presentation skills, how to prepare for the interview 3) Express yourself includes keep a healthy mind and healthy body, how to raise the children, how technology is changing our lifestyle and our internal growth 4) Exam preparation includes IELTS speaking from part 1 to part 3, Mocks tests, TOEFL speaking.

All the above courses are divided into two parts, for organization and other is for kids. The course fees start from US$0.17 a minute to US$ 10.20 an hour and each course has 4 lessons to 18 lessons which include Basic to Advance level.

Cambly teachers are domain experts and native speakers from the United States, Canada, Australia, etc. Learners have to click the button as per their professional and academic needs and connect with the professional tutor and start learning English online.




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5. Palfish

Palfish is an educational digital platform with an interactive application, can be accessed from iOS and Android where students and teachers can connect through their phones or tablet. Palfish at present has the fastest application process in the education eco-system. 

Palfish connects ESL teachers with those students who want to learn English as per their convenient time. This platform is a good opportunity for students to learn English in their free time as well as for the English teachers to earn extra income.

Though Palfish is based in Beijing, China, you have to work as per the timing of Beijing from anywhere across the world. There are categories of Palfish teaching 1) Regular teacher or free talk/live streaming and 2) Palfish official course instructors. All the Palfish teachers are regular but once you become an official teacher for Palfish official kids course, you will be called a certified Palfish Official course instructor.

Palfish’s Regular English Teacher has the following credentials

  • Effective English Fluency
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Passionate for teaching
  • TEFL Certificate
  • Creative and effectual

Palfish’s official course instructors have the following credentials

  • Experiences and Domain expert
  • Native speakers from the countries like United States, Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Ireland
  • TEFL, TESOL, CELTA certified teachers
  • Available online more than 10 hours
  • Neutral language speaker

Free talk and live streaming have one-on-one classes with no specific curriculum and time constraints. Tutors can teach multiple students at the same time as per the requirement of learners and convenient time of students and tutors. Palfish official kids course has one-on-one classes using Palfish official curriculum. 

The fees for the regular teacher course start from US$12 to US$20 an hour, which can be decided by the teachers. The fees for Palfish official kids’ course are US$22 per hour. 

The following video takes you through how to install and run the Palfish App on your mobile. It is a very comprehensive video!



6. Amazing Talker

Amazing Talker is a digital education platform as well as a mobile application that can be accessed from iOS and Android. Amazing Talker is the platform not only for the English language but other languages too like Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, German, French, Thai, Italian, etc.

Amazing Talkers offers an English online course in a very flexible way. Learners have to choose the tutors as per their professional and academic needs. They can glance at the background of the tutor, reviews, testimonials, qualifications before selecting the tutor and enrolling for the course.

You can choose the lesson as per your requirement and select the best tutor as per their qualification and teaching experience, fix the time slot as per your convenient time mentioned in the Amazing Talker App. You can reschedule the time slot for up to 12 hours before your class.

Through Amazing Talker, students can enhance their language ability, build confidence, opportunity to learn abroad. Adults and professionals can acquire knowledge through Amazing Talker and develop their personal as well as professional growth. Younger children develop a good command of the English language with one-on-one teaching.

Amazing Talkers has well qualified and domain expert tutors. Tutors undergo a thorough approval process and trial teaching session with Amazing Talker. Amazing Talker also undertakes additional training for tutors to strengthen their teaching and communication skills. Amazing Talker takes regular assessments of the tutor for the best delivery to the learners and students.

Amazing Talker charges the fees as per the credentials of the tutors. The fees range between US$11 to US$30 per lesson and sometimes it may raise as per the requirement of tutors. The amazing talker does not have course fees. The deciding factors for fees are in the hands of the tutor.



7. IQBar

IQBar is an educational digital platform where you need to register yourself to learn English online from expert tutors. IQBar is a United Kingdom-based company that offers English and phonics lessons to young learners, students, and adults.

IQBar offers basic English language online classes as well as online premium academic classes for IGCSE, IB, and A-Level students. The duration of the English, phonics, and Exam preparation online classes is 25 to 30 minutes and 1 hour for premium academic subject mentoring. 

The tutors of IQBar are well qualified and domain expert in their field. They are TEFL certified native speaker tutors and have one year of experience in teaching. IQBar also conducts one-hour seminars for the group of 20 to 50 students on cultural and seasonal topics with a quiz-like format.

IQBar has tutors who can guide the adults for the right choice of career path and university. The tutor will support the application process of the university, choosing a course, guiding students to move to another country and adapting to the new culture.

IQBar fees range between 5 pounds to 7 pounds (approx.) for 25-30 minutes English and phonics classes, 9 pounds to 13 pounds for a one-hour seminar, 10 pounds to 15 pounds for one-hour university consultation and 15 pounds to 20 pounds for one-hour academic subject mentoring. 


Address: Suite 6, 2nd floor, Church house 1, Hanover Street, Liverpool, L1 3D9, 

Email ID: [email protected]

8. First Future

Future is an educational online platform that works differently from other companies. 

First Future is a unique platform who do not conduct classes for individual student or adult. But it has collaboration with large, medium and small schools and language academics.

First Future teach online English language to a group of 20 students via broadcasts and students to sit in their classroom and interact with the tutor and learn English online. Every teacher has an administrative support team for assisting in communications with the students and schools.

The tutors of the First Future are TEFL/TESOL certified teachers with authentic pronunciation and should have three years of teaching experience. The tutor should have knowledge of child psychology, pedagogy, and passion for teaching.

First Future has more than 4000 professional who has teaching experience and they are native speakers all across the globe like United States, United Kingdom, Australia, etc. First Future conduct a strict hiring process before engaging the tutor like reviewing a resume, qualification, personal interview, demo lecture, etc. 

The course material is design with the help of partner schools and as per the needs of the schools. First Future offers English listening and speaking skills, English thinking methods, correct pronunciation, western cultural knowledge, new technology development, etc. The tutor charges US$ 18 to US$23 per hour.


9. ITutor Group

ITutor is the digital educational platform which offers online English teaching from qualified tutor all across the native speakers. You can access this platform from a computer or IOS and Android mobile or tablet. 

ITutor provides the professional tutor as per the needs of the learners and at flexible timings. Each tutor is supported by the expert IT and admin team who can assist in case of any technical or administrative queries. 

ITutor provides online English teaching to preschool or kindergarten students, elementary students, teenagers, university students, working professionals, managers, parents and retired workers.

ITutors group has TESOL/TEFL/TESL qualified teachers with a bachelor’s degree. The tutor should have a minimum of one year of teaching experience and should be passionate about teaching. The tutor should give a commitment of 5 hours a week to ITutor Group and should have IT knowledge.



10. SayABC

SayABC is an online digital educational platform which is available on Windows computer as well as a mobile application. You can get access from IOS and Android mobile and tablets. It is the fastest growing online English platform to teach small group classes from age 5 to 12 years.

SayABC is two years old company and has 1000 plus educators, 5000 students, 100 plus books, and a library and received 3 educational awards. The curriculum was designed in collaboration with Cengage and National Geographics.

SayABC has a different teaching style, exciting information about the real world with visual images and videos, to encourage young learners to learn English. The curriculum covers language presentation and practice, music and games, Videos, cultural values across the globe, storytelling, etc. 

SayABC is an interactive platform with pre-loaded National Geographic lessons and fees for the lessons are up to US$17 per 40 minutes. You can select the tutors as per your requirement and start your lesson as per the time slot mention on SayABC digital platform.

The tutors of SayABC are ESL/TEFL certified teachers, native speakers with a minimum of one year of experience in teaching English, hold a bachelor’s degree, and are well versed with computer application. Before engaging the tutor, SayABC reviews the application of the tutor, qualification certificates, his/her credentials, face to face interview, demo classes, orientation, and sign the contract for teaching English.



I hope, all the above information about 10 companies who are teaching English on the digital platform through windows and mobile Applications (IOS and Android) will be beneficial for South African learners. All the qualified and experienced teachers are available on these platforms who impart their knowledge across the globe. You can select the best one from these 10 online platforms as per your needs, budget and exposure. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I find the right English tutor?

You can browse tutor profiles on the company’s website or in the App like qualification, expertise, experience which can meet your requirements.

Do I require a bachelor degree to teach English online?

Few online platforms do not require any degree but for few reputed companies, require a bachelor’s degree, TEFL/TESOL certification and experience in English teaching.

How can I become an online English tutor?

If you are a native speaker, TEFL certified and experience in English teaching, you need to apply online and go through the hiring process as per the company’s policy.

What is the minimum Mbps internet connection is required for online learning and teaching English?

Minimum 10mbps internet connection is required to conduct and learn English on a digital platform.

What equipment do I need for online English learning?

A desktop or laptop with a web camera, IOS or Android mobile or tablet, headset with microphone, high-speed internet for audio and video streams.

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