Teaching English Online has become a sought after job as people from every nook and corner of the world want to communicate efficiently to be more marketable and amass more recognition. Therefore as an English Language teacher, you always have an opportunity to reach out to these eager students from the comfort of your home. And of course, there is an innate desire in every human to be one’s boss. And if you are wondering how, and is apprehensive about how to go about it, read the whole article before embarking on the rewarding career of online English Teacher and the importance of having the best resources for teaching online. 

It is rightly remarked by Carly Fiorina, “Human potential is the only limitless resource we have in this world.”, However, to become super successful in teaching English online, you need to spice up your grit, determination, and aptitude (for teaching English) with the right technical paraphernalia, a reliable online portal, vital marketing resource, and a meticulously developed teaching stuff. The identification of best resources for teaching English online is a necessity.

Necessary Equipment Required in Best Resources for Teaching Online

1. Laptop/Desktop:

For teaching comfortably a laptop or desktop with an updated operating system (Windows 7/Mac OS 10.x) and the latest version of Flash is required. Your laptop/PC should also have an HD Camera and a microphone. It is also advisable to have a headset and receiver as the one built in your laptop or PC may not work correctly. 

Few companies allow you to teach online with an iPad or even your smartphone, but I guess a laptop /PC is more convenient. 



2. Internet Connection:

A high-speed internet connection is essential if you want to teach online. Most of the companies recommend at least 20 Mbps speeds. It’s not like you cannot have a session with a slower internet connection, but if you want to have an interruption-free session, you need to have 20 Mbps download speed. 

One way to manage internet speed issues is to have an ethernet cord that will help you connect directly to the router and reduce the hassles due to connectivity issues. 

However, even if you have bought the best machine and the fastest available internet, sometimes it so happens that due to certain external matters (storm, power cut), you cannot connect. For such an untoward situation, it is always advisable to have a backup internet source. This source may be your mobile net, and you can connect through a hotspot.

Indispensable Technical Gears in Best Resources for Teaching English Online  


3. Video Gears- Best Resources For Teaching Online:

Psychologists view that we learn better when we can see and hear the teacher who is teaching as we can connect psychologically/emotionally with him /her. Visual cues have a long-lasting effect on our memory. Thus video clips of lessons are crucial. For that, there is an array of gadgets available. 

The first one, of course, is our Smartphones. Technological advancements have made smartphones more sophisticated and all in one device, but it still lacks the vitality of high-end camcorders or speakers. However, for a novice, it is a wonderful tool. Just to make it a bit more convenient, you can get a tripod stand and start filming your lessons. 

The next improved device is Camcorders. With this device, you can record a full 45 to 90 minutes video. However, if you want to teach comfortably and want to hold live sessions, webcams are the best choice.

You only need to learn certain essential things about the shooting, e.g., the positioning of the camera and the settings. 

Best resources for teaching, teaching English online

4. Audio Gear- Best Resources For Teaching Online:

Good quality audio is significant for online teaching. To ensure that the students are not distracted by unwanted sound or low voice quality, you must invest in an audio sound system. 

The built-in mics are not reliable, so you need to purchase a stand-alone mic. 

The best place to shoot your videos is definitely outside the house, especially in the early morning, as the light is incredible and perfect for filming.

But you Need to Keep in Mind a Few Points before you Record the Session. 

– The speaker must look presentable and not overwhelming.

– The background should be pleasant

– Avoid shadows of objects in your video.

You need to be very particular about the lighting so that the speaker and learning props are easily visible if you are planning to shoot indoors. 

Once you have shot the video, you need to edit it suitably to make it student-friendly and appropriate for your lesson. Some of the efficient video editing software are AppleiMove and Corel video studio pro. You can also take help from Windows movie makers and Shotcut. But if you are looking for a more affordable video editing tool, do take a look at Filmora or Adobe premiere elements.

Some Vital Equipements in Best Resources for Teaching English Online

5. ESL 

It is one of the most popular sites which provides wide-ranging online teaching resources. The website offers interactive English teaching resources, which often derive from current affairs around the globe. 

To access their supplies, you need to be a member and pay around $55 per year. However, there are short-duration subscriptions available. 

They have around 500 ready lesson plans to suit your requirement and more than 2000 printable images and flashcards to support your lesson delivery. In addition to this, to make teaching English more straightforward and less apprehensive, they break down the lessons into simple themes, such as role-plays, grammar-related stories, etc.

6. ESL 

It is another sought after website for teachers who are experienced in teaching English online or have developed some teaching materials and curriculum of their own. This site has thousands of handy worksheets, power-point presentations, and online exercises. You can download any item from your website only when you contribute something from your curriculum.

The site has arranged the printables for online English teaching quite suitably, and you can choose from vocabulary, reading, writing speaking, and listening skills. Their worksheets are often based on the interactive method of solving them.

The website also offers an updated forum for teachers to learn, share experiences, and get advice. 

Best resources for teaching, teaching English online, resources for teaching English online

7. LanternFish (BogglesWorldESL) 

This has dozens of engaging worksheets for young learners. They have English language-related games and vocabulary exercises for beginners to intermediate students. The ultimate vocabulary-building worksheets and flashcards are the forte of this site. 

They help adults develop writing skills through a large no. of creative writing prompts, and the site also offers specific ESL worksheets for adults. 

8. Busy 

It is one of the most beautiful sites for teachers teaching English online. There are scores of worksheets available for download, which are free of cost and do not even require you to sign up. Though they do not charge any fees, you can buy their entire library at just $100. 

One of the essential offerings of this site is its ice breaker and warm-up activities. They are designed in a way to help the child open up and get interested in learning. 

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9. Randall’s ESL Cyber Listening Lab 

This site offers excellent listening exercises. To teach English online, you have to focus on listening activities. By listening to the content, the child can add to his vocabulary, comprehend the language, and improve his pronunciation. 

The listening exercises of this lab are segregated according to their difficulty level. Usually, each lesson includes a 2-minute audio clip followed by a quiz, questions related to the lesson, and advice to investigate the topic further. This helps the child learn and explore. 

This online lab also has 20-minute ESL vocabulary lessons and longer videos that are suitable for advanced students.


You should take a look at if you are looking for reliable material for teaching English online to advanced students. They have lessons that are interactive and are available in many languages. TED is an excellent option for homework and self-study.

11. Rachel’s English

Proper pronunciation is essential when it comes to learning English. To help you guide your students for correct pronunciation, you can take help from Rachel’s English. The site has video clips that focus on pronouncing individual sounds(American) and demonstrates the mouth position. 

12. Word List

For more specific and focused pronunciation lessons, you can also refer to Word List. If you want to teach English online successfully, you have to develop the speaking skills of students; this website helps. 


13. The Internet TESL Journal 

While planning your lessons, you are sometimes stuck with the flow; the Internet TESL Journal helps you develop or collect numerous questions regarding any particular topic and help you carry on the discussion. 

14. English with Jo

A similar website as the TESL journal is English with Jo. But her website, in addition to topic-related questions, gives you a list of idioms, relevant vocabulary, and expressions. This is a supportive site for pre-intermediate and intermediate students. She also has incorporated audio clips for self-study. 

15. Perfect English Grammar

To develop writing skills, you, as a teacher of the English Language, would emphasize sharpening your students. To help you with exercises and interactive learning material, there is a website called Perfect English Grammar. The site provides proper elucidation of grammar topics, self-correcting tasks as also infographics on many issues to help learners understand by viewing the lesson. 

Best resources for teaching, teaching English online

16. Practical English Usage

If you want a printed reference book for developing grammar lessons, you can refer to Practical English Usage, written by Michael Swan and published by Oxford University Press; Third Edition printed in 2009. 

17. Phrasal Verb dictionary

Another site that comes in handy when teaching English to intermediate and advanced students is the Phrasal verb dictionary. It is quite challenging to think of an example on the spot, so this site comes handy while teaching the complex topic of phrasal verbs. 

18. The British Council’s Teaching English 

The following website is excellent support for beginners. It is full of articles, downloadable lessons, videos, and much more. To gets tips and connect to other teachers, you can join their Facebook page and draw inspiration to begin teaching English online. 

19. Breaking News English

As the name suggests, deals with current affairs. It has lessons which are related to the latest happenings around the world. You can choose an activity or even a short reading whichever suits you. 

To make your online teaching sessions more interesting for young students, you can visit Film English and download some topic-based audio and film clips for free. Relatable exercises and activities follow these clips. 

20. Cambridge University’s TEFL course Wing

It has free resources for teachers teaching English online which includes sample tests and exercises on vocabulary which are best for exam preparation.

Besides collecting exercises and lessons, you need to make your screen more appealing and attractive for learners. You can try out Glogster or for electronic posters etc. 

And of course, if you want to set up your classes, there are platforms like Moodle and Udemy, which will help you give shape to your aspirations of being an online English teacher.

Lesser nitty-gritty to make online Classrooms Look More Comfortable Therefore Making Online Teaching Effective

Best Resources for teaching , Resources for teaching English

21. Desk and Chair:

As you are expected to spend some quality time teaching English online to faraway students, you should look for an informal seating arrangement. It should be such that your physical exhaustion is less, and you can deliver your lessons without much botheration. For that, you can buy yourself a comfortable chair with a proper backrest, and a table kept in such a way that you have enough leg space. Your body language affects your delivery of online sessions.

21. Proper Lighting of Your Online Teaching Classroom:

Appropriate lighting is essential is an essential part of the best resources for teaching online. It helps your students see your lip movements to acquire speaking skills; it helps them look at the teaching material to understand them. Moreover, proper lighting gives a professional touch to your online English classroom. 

To light up your online classroom sufficiently, you can use overhead lights or a desk lamp. If that is not enough, you can have a selfie ring light or even professional photography lights. 

And now, let’s go to the Next Point on Our List;

22. The Classroom Background.

A clean, simple colorless experience is ok. Still, if you manage to make it more attractive with related charts and pictures (especially for young learners), your online classroom gains a point over others in terms of popularity. You can even use props to make your lessons more attractive and interactive. If you are on a tight budget, you can select stuffed toys as accessories to make your stories and recitation more lively.  


23. Positive reinforcement

At last, it is advisable for you as an online teacher to encourage your students with rewards. Positive reinforcement goes a long way to motivate young children to put in their best. For reward ideas, you can look up YouTube.  

These are all that you need. But don’t forget to set up your classroom before you face the interview board of a prospective employer or in you are about to start your classes get your paraphernalia ready before the first session. 

Resources for Creating your Website to teach English Online

Website Designing

You might have dreamt of starting your own online English sessions, so why not try. For that, you need to have a name to reach out to your prospective clients. The first step to kickstart your classes is to create your webpage or a website.

One of the coolest places to get the domain name of your choice is GoDaddy. And for hosting your website, you can visit Blue host or Site Ground. The latter is a bit expensive but worth it. 

To make your site look good, you can watch out for great themes from ThemeForest.

Only creating a website is not enough to get business; you need to market it properly to boost your efforts. To make yourself known for teaching English online.

Active Campaign

You can try Active Campaign (email marketing). It is a fantastic site to start with as per the reviews of its users.


Another website that provides marketing support is LeadPages. This site helps explicitly you design and develop landing pages for your website. 

Once you create your website, you need to collect and keep your resources (both teaching and electronic) ready, as I have already discussed. Of course, try and make your classes as energetic and interactive as possible with your personal touch. 


Now, at last, when you have set up your classes, you need to find out the most convenient method of getting paid by your clients. Paypal is the best tool for payment and is present in almost every country. However, you need to figure out the most suitable tool for payment. 


To Conclude

Teaching English online has emerged to be a rewarding career, and many talented teachers are opting for it. It is fine to be hesitant in the beginning, but do not give up. You can flourish as an English teacher online. If you have any doubts, you can connect to thousands of professionals who are successful online English teachers, educating lakhs of students around the globe. Read through the experiences and tips by stalwarts in this field, and you can see the change in yourself within no time.  But before you get into this venture, always gear up with the best resources for teaching online.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q-1. What are the basic types of equipment I need to teach online?

For teaching online, all you need is a functioning computer, a fast internet connection, video conferencing software, and a webcam.

Q-2. What is the best app for online teaching?

The five popular apps are Google classroom, Educreations, Instructables, Evernote, and Socrative. 

Q-3. How do you teach online?

First, you need to get some basic online teaching equipment, set up your environment to attract students, prepare your lessons in advance, and deliver them with confidence. Make sure you maintain individual dignity in class. 

Q-4. What internet speed do you need to be a virtual teacher?

You need at least a 20 Mbps download speed to teach online. Do not bother much about the uploading rate. You can test your internet speed through 

Q-5. How much do online teachers earn?

On average online English, teachers earn anywhere between $10 – USD 40 per hour, depending on their level of qualification though there are many platforms like VIPKID who offer base rates and incentives.


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