Are you keen to become a content writer? Are you interested in content writing? Do you want to know which content writing courses are best in Kochi? In this blog, I will answer all your queries.


Content writing is the potential career option for those who love to write and have a respect for the industry. A content writing career offers excellent economic returns. Globally content writers are getting attractive packages for writing different types of content for a different company, websites, and brands.


If you are willing to work hard and want to become a successful content writer, then such content writing courses help you to polish your writing skills and shine like a bright star in the field of content writing.

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8 Best Content Writing Courses in Kochi

1. Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin ranked the top #1 content writing course. Henry Harvin CDCW(a Certified Digital Content Writer) ranked #1 content writing course in the industry. 

Benefits of Henry Harvin Content Writing Course

Post Graduate Program in Content Writing

Ranks Amongst Top #5 Upskilling Courses of all time in 2021 by India Today

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  • Learn 30 different content types and earn online.
  • Earn prestigious Digital Content Writer Certification from Henry Harvin.
  • Skill to translate mind into phrases that attract readers.
  • Experience expert content writing as per the present industry standards.
  • Develop important language skills to write for global clients.
  • Technical expertise in launching primary websites and personal blogs.
  • Graphic skills to layout newsletters, logos, PPTs, etc.
  • Gain superior studies talents on the way to write on any topic.
  • Develop talent to identify the potential audience character for your content.
  • Build a powerful content strategy to attain and interact with your target audience.
  • Know a way to steady freelance projects from India, the UK, US, and keep away from the threat of terrible dept in international payment.
  • Globally recognized CDCW Certification.
  • Monthly brush-up sessions
  • The up-to-date and extensive study material
  • Recorded videos of every session
  • 100% placement and internship assistance 
  • The Henry Harvin CDCW course is globally recognized by the UK Cert, the American Association of EFL, UKAF, MSME, Content Writing Association in India & Govt. of India.
  • Henry Harvin offers both online and classroom courses.
  • 32-hours of comprehensive content writing training

Course curriculum

  • Module 1: Language skills
  • Module 2: Internet skills
  • Module 3: Business and Marketing Writing
  • Module 4: Content Strategy
  • Module 5: Technical and Research Writing
  • Module 6: Academic Writing
  • Module 7: Creative Writing
  • Module 8: Earn Online and Get Global Projects

Also, Henry Harvin Provides these Courses-

Medical Writing Course

Medical Writing assists you to apply the principles of clinical research in evolving clinical trial documents. Moreover, it elucidates research inferences, product use, and other medical information. Medical writers mostly work with doctors, scientists to indite the latest health updates. It entails the development and production of digital documents that specify medicine, healthcare, and drug development. 



  • Henry Harvin has come up with novel techniques to teach the learners about medical terms and equip them with the explicit information of current health news.
  • It also inculcates medical writers about disease management, medical reference, and gathering. Furthermore, it will give you comprehensive knowledge about medical writing courses.

Research writing Courses

Research writing is a type of write-up that deals with the analysis, interpretation, and argument based on in-depth research. Henry Harvin enumerates different concepts of research writing to the learners for the expedition of their prowess. Research writers investigate topics thoroughly and, experimental verification upshot the conclusion.


  • Henry Harvin conducts effective research for the candidates to reach the epitome of research writing. Moreover, it creates a powerful introduction. Research writing course polish and master your competence as a Researcher.
  • It helps you to make aware of ethics in scientific communication and genres of research writing. Furthermore, it explains the importance of scientific research.

Academic Writing Course


Academic writing is a clear, concise,and structured write-up that is based upon evidence. Its main objective is to aid the avid reader’s understanding. The style of writing is formal however, it is not complex. It explains ideas or research findings to expedite your prowess. Academic writing courses give clear communication for better understanding and knowledge. Henry Harvin teaches you the different ways of academic writing.




  • Henry Harvin gives tricky ideas to explore more in academic writing. It provides both classroom and online options to learn at your own pace. You will be able to write different types of content like study materials, academic guides, e-learning, instructional design, a question bank, courseware, etc.

Course Types, Benefits, Fees:

Content Writing Course Fee Structure please check it here:-

Henry Harvin Provides Content Writing Course in these Cities:


Check out Henry Harvin’s other courses:

Henry Harvin® Content Writing Course Ranks #1 in India by Higher Education DigestPrime InsightsYugasaBest Course NewsItalicsReviews ReporterThe TribuneIndia Today.



UDEMY is getting recognition with the aid of using leaps and boundaries due to its multi-subject courses accessible on a unique platform. It permits you to study according to your convenience. 

Udemy has a huge selection of courses with the benefit of industry experts across the world. Their training is very attractive and comprises video lectures, tasks, and downloadable materials. Udemy also provides free courses. They have a good user interface. 

Currently, the bestseller courses of Udemy under the content writing category are:

  • “Ultimate Web Content Writing Masterclass”+ Power words eBook.
  • “Quickly and Easily Create Content for the Web” is the best design with ample examples to teach you the correct way to write powerful content to create traffic.
  • “How to Write Great Web Content- Better Search Ranking. This course teaches you how to write content that drives enterprise boom and enables you to form your virtual presence withinside the ever-increasing semantic web.
  • “Start a Successful Part-Time Content Writing Home Business”, this course will help you to set up and run an online content writing business.


Coursera is another online learning platform that is multilingual and multi-subject.

The courses are supple and affordable. You can learn many skills from their humongous range. Learn from the best trainers online and begin from scratch,  transitioning your manner to a well-paying career.


Coursera has language filters, stage(beginner, intermediate, or advanced) partner universities, skills, and mastering products.

The top-rated courses for content writing are:

“The strategy of content marketing”. This course is offered by UC Davis University of California. This course has a score of 4.5/5. The course educates about the content marketing ecosystem, content marketing strategy, the strategic context, types of content, and lastly a way to manage your content.

There are more than 100 different courses under the content writing subheading.


Skills upgrader is one of the best institutes that offers content writing courses in Kochi.

Skills upgrader’s content writing courses will train you on how to outstrip in writing material.

Skills upgrader’s courses are a good mix of content writing and content marketing, a rewarding job that is pretty high in demand.

The training is exclusively online. The teachers are highly qualified with strong teaching skills. That makes this institute one of the best content writing institutes in Kochi.

Key Features of Skills Upgraders

  • Highly expert faculty.
  • Skills upgrader offers lifetime support to the students.
  • The skill upgrader provides an up-to-date module.
  • Skill Upgrade provides worth INR 40,000 free digital marketing and content writing tools to students.
  • For an extensive application, these tools are very important.


The online idea lab is the next-gen institutes with operations all over India, the USA, and Canada. They have a huge line-up of exclusive training that includes, digital marketing, Content creations, Amazon web services, Python, and some brief courses.

Under content material creation, they have classroom courses, online and boot camps.

You may select for weekend batches or weekday batches. The course encompasses the foundation, advance, copywriting, technical, creative, and instructional design.

The three main modules of the Foundation content writing course are:

  • Content research
  • Content writing 
  • Content creation

The sub-modules include:

  • Digital marketing fundamentals.
  • Basic competitive analysis.
  • Reading and analyzing content.
  • Fundamentals of visual content.
  • Common grammatical errors.
  • Content writing and ethics.
  • Content writing tools.
  • Proofreading and Editing
  • Writing viral content.
  • Freelancing as a content writer.

Course fees are different for online and classroom courses. The institute offers a copious amount of practical experience. It offers lifetime professional support for its candidates with an active alumni network. In this course, you will learn how to use various free and paid tools like Grammarly, Canva, Feedly, Hemingway, Google Trends, etc.

The online idea lab provides placement assistance to all the candidates. Throughout the course, they provide several assignments and activities to emphasize the creativity of the students.

The course modules are updated regularly. The institutes have a brilliant infrastructure for offline classes.  


IIEDM stands for Indian Institute of E-commerce and Digital Marketing. IIEDM has centers in Mumbai.

The Advance content writing course at IIEDM includes:

  • The art of writing(narrative and its importance, basic grammar rules, tone of voice).
  • Understanding the reader.
  • Writing for the digital medium(technical, copywriting, creative writing).
  • Different types of writing(for social media, websites, blogs, banners/ads, etc).
  • Proofreading, editing, and rewriting.

They have the best team of faculty, per batch has a limited number of students with flexible batch timing.


This institute offers many courses, including content writing. The content writing certification course includes all types of content writing and WordPress website designing also with soft skills. The training is given by industry experts. Timing is flexible with weekend and weekday batches. 

The Digital Academy 360 content writing program includes:

  • 16+ modules with fifty-four hours of classroom education.
  • There are 2 certifications, two live writing assignments, and 10+ tools.
  • The institute offers placement for freshers and working professionals.
  • An internship opportunity is available.

This course provides direct experience on various forms of content writing. This course improves your research ability and helps in obtaining command over the language.

8. ECT

ECT or Education and Career Times is a training institution recognized by the government of India as a start-up. They have courses in content writing, digital marketing, communication skills, and personality development.

The ETC Content writing courses include:

  • 32-hours of classroom/live education and fifty hours of practical videos and e-learning.
  • The period of the course for 3 months.
  • The course includes four live projects and eight assignments.
  • They offer 100% placement assistance.
  • The institute also ensures work from home job chances with lifetime support.
  • The modules include an introduction to content writing, improving vocabulary, writing tools, common grammar errors, tips, and techniques, business writing, creative writing, technical writing, academic and fiction writing.
  • The course also gives an understanding of how to publish your book.

The ETC has a YouTube channel with videos on content writing. You can explore and go through their website for more details.

What is Content Writing?

Content Writing Courses

Content Writing is the process of drafting, writing, and editing web content, generally for digital marketing purposes. It can contain writing blog posts and articles, scripts for film and podcast, as well as writing content for a unique platform, consisting of tweetstorms for the tweeter or text posts for Reddit.

Introduction of Kochi

Kochi is a beautiful city of Kerala, also known as Cochin. Kochi is the big port city on the south-west coast of India. Kochi is also known as the “Queen of the Arabian sea”. Kochi is a part of Ernakulam district, many industries are there. The literacy rate is 100%, highly developed social structure, good transport facility.

Kochi is known as the industrial, financial, and commercial capital of Kerala. 

Kochi is a highly populated city in Kerala with better connectivity. Transportation facilities allow locals to commute to places. And, Cochin International Airport is one of the most active airports in the country.  It has a tropical monsoon climate which attracts many tourists.

A beautiful city with beautiful places. The tourism industry is one of the main industries in Kerala. Education facilities are well developed in Kochi.

7 Best Content Writing Tips

Content Writing Tips

Although there may be no secret formulation for writing outstanding content material, these are some tips that can help to enhance the quality and quantity of your writing material:

Check For:-Instructional Design Courses in Pune

  • Write a Head-Turning  Headline

The headline decides whether the audience will read the rest of your work or not. Writing a good and impactful headline is a challenge, but it’s very important for good content. If your headline is impressive and having a spark then the audience loves to read the rest of your work.


To reach the desired result, you should design a headline that spurs interest, spark a sentiment, or encourage the audience to find out more about your topic.


  • Do Your Research

Content Writing Tips

You must have immense knowledge of the subject you are writing about, particularly in the B2B market. Include data, statistics, and metrics to create credibility and support your claim. 

Check For:- Instructional Design Courses in Bangalore

  • Use Call to Action

You should give a simple call -to- action that describes the purpose of your content and provides the audience with a context.


  • Optimize Digital Content

The excellent digital content frequently consists of a short paragraph, sentences, and bulleted lists.  Optimize your digital content using up-to-date SEO practice and content strategies.


  • Edit Your Content

Editing is the most important part of content writing, even experienced writers can make sloppy mistakes. For correct and accurate work, it’s necessary to edit your draft.


  After finishing the draft go back and check your work, are there any mistakes or errors if yes then edit your draft. Editing improves your work.

Check for :- Instructional Design Certification Course

  • Write in a Unique Voice

Always write content in a unique voice, because your content is the voice of your organization and it should be unique. It’s essential to align the voice of your writing to your target audience, brand persona, and business goals.


It’s important to write for your audience, select words that have a unique voice, and a great impact on your audience. You can easily convey your message with your writing.

Check For:- Instructional Design Courses in Mumbai

  • Be Creative

Always remember there are several tips to improve your writing skills, but your creativity and creative thoughts are the most important things to write good content.

Content Writing Tips

Being a content writer it’s essential to have a creative mind, creative thoughts to write your content in different ways. Use your writing abilities to create blogs, infographics, DIY articles, debate topics, images, news articles that are appropriate to your business.


Recommended Read:



Effective content writing is not an easy job, it needs good writing skills, knowledge of SEO, hard work, and full determination. You can improve your writing skills with these content writing courses in Kochi. Content writing is one of the most rewarding careers at this time and these content writing courses will help you to be a successful content writer.




 How do I get paid higher for writing?

 Best ways to increase what you get paid are to:
1.   Develop your writing and prove your experience in an in-demand niche.
2.   Create and publish portfolio samples that demonstrate expertise and show clients what they can expect.
3.   Move to per-project writing rates for transparency.
4.   Demonstrate reliability and professionalism throughout your dealings with clients.

      Is content writing a good career?

 Content writing is a great career option offering many opportunities and is in huge demand.

   What is the purpose of a writing portfolio?

Writing portfolios are used as a tool that reflect on strengths, weaknesses, personal goals as well as those specified by the teacher, the individual writing process, and more.

How will I become a good SEO writer?

Make your keyword a part of your title / heading and write content based on what your target audience wants.

Why are editing tools useful in writing?

Editing tools help to identify errors in the written article and minimizes grammatical errors.



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