Top 10 Content Writing Courses in Bhopal: 2021

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If you’re looking for content writing courses in Bhopal, you’ve come to the right place. The below list will help you choose among the top content writing course providers.

1. Henry Harvin

When it comes to the best content writing courses in Bhopal, Henry Harvin has to be at the top of the list.

With the ever-increasing competition in the content writing spectrum, Henry Harvin leads the race for its high-standard services.

Henry Harvin provides an instructor-led content writing course with 32 hours of extensive learning. Learners get the chance to learn with professional writers with 10+ years of experience, earn Herny Harvin alumni status, and become a part of 18,000+ eminent alumni networks worldwide. Multiple batches with multiple trainers are available, and learners gain unlimited repetitions of the certified digital content writing course during the membership period.

Major Takeaways

Post Graduate Program in Content Writing

Ranks Amongst Top #5 Upskilling Courses of all time in 2021 by India Today

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Monthly boot camp sessions to brush up on concepts

Learn 30+ content types and earn online.

Earn 1-year Gold Membership with Writing Academy

Guaranteed Internship

Weekly Job support.

Recorded Live Sessions

Bank on real-world content writing projects during the training.

Up-to-date downloadable study materials.

Earn globally recognized CDCW certification.

Develop required language and technical skills for launching personal blogs and websites.

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2. SEO Aim Point

SEO aim point is another good choice when choosing a content writing course in Bhopal.

SEO aim point known for its first introduction of Digital marketing in Bhopal provides good quality writing service.

The learners are well trained in SEO, PHP, and digital marketing. The training professional are well-adverse with knowledge of web development, web designing, web marketing techniques and SEO and provides the learners with the best practices to bank on real-world projects.

SEO aim point focuses on its learner to be digital-friendly in terms of its writing process and technical knowledge, develop reader-friendly content, strengthen brands, and write rich content for articles, blogs, press, and blog descriptions. Trainers are readily available to solve problems and give the right professional advice. Emphasis is given on practical learning and engaging the learners in projects to help in the immediate application of the knowledge.

Major Takeaways

The course answers some of the requisite questions for becoming a good content writer-

How to make the content SEO-friendly?

How to write an effective title?

How to use keywords in the content?

How to write social media content for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter?

How to draw the attention of the audience?

How to add the right tone to your writing?

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Content written in a notebook

3. Talent Spiral

Talent spiral, an IT company, quipped with resources since 2010 is a well-known content writing course provider. The company has gained acknowledgment for the global presence in providing technical and digital solutions to organizations and institutions. 

Staffing, creative portfolio designing, building startups, SEO, and digital marketing are some of the services provided by Talent Spiral.

 This content writing course is best for professionals, university students, and interns.

Major Takeaways

Understand how to create quality content for the website

Understand readers and their needs

Learn Web Formatting Tools

Learn different writing styles

Equip with the knowledge of SEO, CSS, HTML, and CSS.

How to boost Search Engine Rankings through content writing course techniques.

Understand SEO-friendly content.

Best for beginners.

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4. LEADS: Content Writing Training Program

LEADS Division was developed in 2006 with a combined contribution of the content industry, human resource training, and field of management. They provide customized learning development services to specific organizations and institutions, which aims to provide superior L&D units for companies.

LEADS works on getting the best out of the learners by honing their core skills and competencies and providing tools for their growth. LEADS help build career paths and achieve excellence in the learner’s field of expertise.

Major Takeaways

Provides easily comprehensible learning by turning complex concepts into simple explanations.

Opens the opportunity to apply learning in your job.

Experienced industry practitioners providing knowledge on the concepts learned and skills practiced by your peers.

Provides opportunities for project-based and need-based writing both to the employees and the alumni.

Increase proficiency in writing clearly and to the point.

Write informative and easily comprehensible content.

Enhance ability to research.

Best suited for aspiring writers, subject matter expert who wants to express their subject matter expertise better, help to create quality content, and entrepreneurs to strengthen their business.

Provides certificate after the completion of the course.

10.  Provides internship

This is 12 weeks course with six modules.

MODULE 1: MODULE 1 covers the fundamentals of writing.

MODULE 2: Module 2 deals with discussing the career opportunities in writing, learning the writing process, and understanding guidelines. The learners learn about reader-centric writing and how to avoid plagiarism.

MODULE 3: Module 3 deals with grammar, paraphrasing; developing skills of comprehension, critical reading, and pre-writing. This module teaches to generate clear and easy-to-understand content.

MODULE 4: Module 4 covers editing, proofreading, rewriting, and communication with Graphic Artist.

MODULE 5: Module 5 will teach writing for web and publishing project work. 

MODULE 6: Module 6 discusses career development opportunities for writers.

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5. Udemy

Udemy has become a rising platform in the online educational community. Many learners all across the world are signing up with Udemy to get a hands-on experience of different subjects. Udemy has 15 centers in India. The fee is affordable. The online learning platform has skilled instructors on board who make sure to bring massive changes in the learning process and enable the learners to grasp the concept quickly and easily. It provides both free and paid tutorials and has a user-friendly interface.  Browse the website to get a complete idea of the content writing course and select a course as per your preference.

Udemy provides services such as copywriting, content marketing, writing, blogging, web content, business writing, writing editing, creative writing, SEO, marketing strategy, freelance writing, digital marketing, social media marketing, freelancing. Visit the website for information on time, cost, and style of courses.

Major Takeaways

Learning the difference between the terms like content writing, copywriting, and content marketing.

Learning how to write content for a website.

Learning how to write content for the About Us Page

Learning to write a blog step by step and the practices required to write a great blog post.

Writing content that sells.

Developing writing skills for eCommerce or other types of businesses.

Affordable price for every trainer-led course

Downloadable resources

Best for freelance content writers, digital marketers, website owners, online entrepreneurs, and marketing students.

Work on assignments for effective execution and understanding.

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6. Nest Soft

NestSoft is also a good online content writing course and is also a well-known online course provider in Bhopal providing good writing services for a while now. Nest Soft offers long-time tech tools and promotes essentials facilities along with training.  The course is best for learning copywriting and the process of SEO mechanism. So if you aspire to become a copywriter, Nest Soft is highly recommended.

Major Takeaways

Learn to write effective SEO-friendly content that drives traffic

Learn the skills to enhance the ranks for your website.

Nestsoft keeps up-to-date with the market situation and brings relevant content.

Google authorized personal

Guaranteed top page position (SERP) Work on famous portals/ brands.

100% guaranteed leads and visitors.

Learn from SEO Experts on e-commerce sites.

Learn to write quality content for social media pages, blogs, websites, etc.

The course covers web content writing, blog, article writing, technical writing, social media content, and copywriting.

7. All India Information Technology Association

This content writing course founded by a group of people with IT and ITES stakes is a non-profit organization that promotes Research and Development in the field of IT. Institutes, corporate, industries, entrepreneurs, and students corporate globally through various National and International government bodies/associations and work towards achieving a common aim of fostering leadership, sustainable growth, and safeguard the interests of the IT industry.

This content writing course is best for Academicians, IT professionals, and students to nourish their potential through high-quality training. AIITA believes in a diverse cultural study where technology acts as a bridge of communication.

The content writing course provided by AIITA enables the learners to appropriately and efficiently communicate by systematic writing that is easily understandable by the readers.

Major Takeaways

Affordable prices

Documentation process

Document development life process

Microsoft Word

Technical writing

Technical writing tools

Grammar and editing

Adobe framework


Macromedia robot help

Snag IT

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8. LYDEN learning’s and teaching

If you are looking content writing course online and have not yet thought of LYDEN, then you must plunge into learning about the course benefit without a second thought. LYDEN is an industry-leading development center that strives to bring an impact on your future. 

With this content writing course, you will step into the future with all the skills and tools required to bank on the best of job opportunities.

This is 32 hours of a training program with a CDC certification. The learners are further benefited with monthly brush-up sessions, recorded video sessions, guaranteed placement, and downloadable study materials for future use.

This content writing targets to improve each area essential to become a content writer. Turning thoughts into words, learning the technical aspects of writing, and creating innovative content is so much required in standing out and LYDEN makes sure to look after each of these important aspects in detail.

Major Takeaways

Acknowledge 30+ content types and earn online

Provides professional content writing certificate

Develop the skill to translate thoughts into words Enhance the writing skills to write for international clients

Learn graphic skills to design PPT, logos, newsletters, etc.

Improve research skill to write on any topic

Identify target audience and write reader-friendly content.

Enhance efficient content strategy to achieve your TG.

Learn to get freelance projects from India, the US, UK and avoid getting into problems of poor payment and fraudster.

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9. Advanced Content Writing From ETC

ETC or Education and Career Times is the only content writing course that is government certified. Being identified by the government ETC becomes one of the best content training courses in India. It is a three-month course with 32 hours of live/classroom training along with 50 hours of useful videos and eLearning.

Major Takeaways

.Provides 7 assignments to make learning easy and practicable.

. Live projects

. ETC makes it a fun study course for the learners by inducing fun quizzes and activities.

100% placement assistance. work from home opportunities

Affordable cost

Certification on completion of the course

Learn writing tools, tips, and techniques, various writing topics, and monetize your writing.

With the placement opportunities, it becomes easier for the writers to immediately bank on the writing world by getting into jobs quickly. The search job space is spared by a placement guarantee. What makes it worth learning is a worthy job. Monetize your writing with ETC career support.

10. Skills Upgrader

Skills Upgrader has to make to the list of content writing courses in Bhopal. Skills Upgrader has the right mix of teaching content writing and content marketing. If learning the process of writing is important, learning its marketing is equally important. If you are looking for upgrading your writing standards, Skills Upgrader is highly recommended.

If you are looking for an online educator, Skills Upgrader is highly recommended. With trained professors and a student-oriented learning approach, this content writing course has marked its place in content writing course providers. If you’re a student or a business, you’ll be highly benefited by the content structure. The trainers make sure the learns are aware of the all essential skills required to make content seen in the market.

It provides the learners with content composition and lifelong support. This means students can seek Skills Upgrader anytime in their career for guidance, or if the students feel to relearn the modules

Major Takeaways

1. Learning a new writing format

2. Up-to-date Course Module

3.  16 hours of live classroom training

4. Lifelong support

5. Provides professional certification

The given list of content writing course providers will help you skim through the best content writing courses in Bhopal. Each of these options will help you upgrade your skill and help you lead the race. Go through the details of each course and enroll in the courses that suit you the best.  So what are you waiting for? Don’t be late and immediately launch yourself in the best of learning sessions with the professionals. This is the best time to start writing and start earning. The digital world is taking the lead and in no time it will serve to be the best-earning platform. Place yourself on the professional front as quickly as possible. With the increase in the demand for content, the demand for writers is scoring high. Learn the essential skills to the top of the field and make it your career.

Here is a short overlook of what content writing is all about. Learn about all the elements of content writing before you apply for any course. This will help you decide better.

What is Content Writing?

Content Writing is a process of writing content for websites, or social media pages to attract an audience that either tells a story or sells a product in the digital world. Content writing harbors knowledge of effective SEO practices and writing content with appropriate writing and editing skills. Articles, blog posts, scripts for podcasts or videos, etc are the elements of the content writing world. With everything going digital, it is important now than ever to have strong writing skills to communicate with a larger audience. Organizations and businesses must have a digital presence to increase their service value.

Importance of Content Writing

As Bill Gates says- “Content Is King”. Content will always continue to be the king unless it is of top quality. To write clickable, readable, and attractive content is making a content writer successful and not all can do it. It requires incredible creativity, a sharp mind to understand the reader’s needs, and necessary technical skills.  Content writing can be summed up as influencing the readers to read more of your content with the right information. Quality content will have readers flocking at all times.

Influence of Content Writing on the Digital World

The Digital world is taking the power over everything else more rapidly and fiercely. You will not find anyone who does not spend a considerable amount of time on their phones. The online presence of both the content providers and readers is increasing day by day. On the heels of this discussion, writers are gaining more success writing digitally with appropriate writing and technical skills.

Digital Marketing activities are dominated by content. Quality content on websites has seen driving more audience. Compared to any other form of communication, content writing connects with the audience better and provides them with the necessary background information. Quality Content has become a cornerstone for digital marketing and SEO.

So if you are planning to make content writing your career. Then go ahead. It is a good career choice in terms of both demand and finance.

Essential Components of Content Writing

1. Writing content for different purposes.

2. Writing reader-friendly content

3. Writing attractive headlines

4. Use of keywords to generate traffic

5. Writing for social media platform- FB, Twitter

6. Finding the right tone and voice for the organization.

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Any great content course provider helps answer the following question-

How to write high-quality content?

To write high-quality content- research well, choose your perspective, use different content forms, have a backlog of content ideas, edit well before submitting, and measure the content SEO performance with required tools.

How to write different types of content?

The key to writing different types of content is in increasing the ability to research. Building research skills enables the writer to broaden the writing spectrum and enhancing knowledge in general.

How to use keywords within content?

Use the primary keyword several times in the first couple of sentences or the first paragraph. Next, sprinkle the keyword and its variation throughout the content. The best practice is to use latent semantic indexing keywords instead of exact keywords.

How to attract the audience?

The only way to attract an audience is by writing relatable and reader-friendly content.

How to write reader-friendly content?

To write reader-friendly content-
A) Use short paragraphs.
B) Avoid using fluffy words.
C) Research Well.
D) Keep the content simple
E) Write an attractive and clickable title.

How to make write clickable content?

To write clickable content-
A) Write an attractive headline
B) Add value to your content and keep it simple.
C) Use photos or video to enhance creativity.
D) Include Call To Action.
E) Post content at right time for the right audience.

  How to choose the right voice and tone for the content?

To use the right voice and tone to the writing, it is crucial to understand the type of audience you are writing for, acknowledge the reader’s needs and sell an idea or a product as per the reader’s choice.

How to generate traffic?

1. Get to Social Media
2. Advertise.
3. Use Long-Tail Keywords.
4. Upload content on LinkedIn.
5. Start guest blogging
6. Invite writers to guest blog on your site.
7. Use Internal links.
8. Make sure your site is responsive and fast.
9. Build a sense of community.
These are some of the points you must follow to generate traffic for your content.
of the points, you must follow to generate traffic for your content.

6. How to write an attractive title?

To write an attractive title-
a) Begin with a working title.
B) Keep it short and accurate.
C) Use catchy words.
Title survey tools are very useful in writing an attractive title. Headline Analyzer, CoSchedule  Headline Analyzer, BlogAbout by Impact are some of the SEO Headline Analyzer tools you must have.

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