Doesn’t having a group of people you can rely on make you feel less tense? That’s what a team is all about. Having a team is like having a Swiss army knife, you have people for every challenge that you encounter. Keeping this in mind, Team Management is the Junior MBA skill to improve upon.

Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.

Michael Jordan

Bringing together a well-rounded team with qualified members is a challenge in itself, but managing a team is in another ballpark. 

Team Management is not just one skill, but a combination of skill sets like delegation, leadership, patience, trust, etc., which enables a team to work as a single unit. If a team doesn’t work properly, the team members start feeling more burdened, and the team is doomed to fail.

Here are some reasons why you should consider honing your team management skills:

1. Increased Productivity

It is obvious that the amount of work you alone can complete doesn’t compare to what a team of talented individuals can achieve. It brings out the best qualities of each member of the team to the maximum.

In a team, since each person has a specific role, you are able to focus solely on that task. You are free to devote more time to the chore at hand, thus increasing the quality of work. 

Teamwork consists of discussing and coming up with new ideas to replace the old ones. This leads to better solutions and an overall improvement in the work done.

One of the best advantages of having a group of people to rely upon is the fact that if you are unable to complete a task, someone else can take over.

2. Constant Learning

Observing others work and watching them do what they are best at can light the candle of curiosity in you. You may be fascinated by what another person is capable of doing, and desire to have some knowledge of that skill.

You can also unconsciously pick up skills and attributes from your teammates while working with them for long periods of time. That’s the beauty of learning, you learn even when you don’t expect to.

Constantly learning is an important Junior MBA skill, and a life skill in general which will help you live a full life.

3. Contentment With Work

Working everyday may seem fatiguing, but with a group of people around who you enjoy working with, a job begins to feel like a gathering with friends. 

It has been scientifically proven that if you like doing what you do, you will always perform better than someone who doesn’t.

Bonding as a team creates a positive atmosphere, harnessing productivity and psychological well-being.

As a team manager, it is your job to reduce the number of conflicts that arise between the team members, and handle the ones that do arise quickly and peacefully.

Having a peaceful environment where everyone trusts each other is an essential part of working successfully as a team.

4. Competition

Whenever you are working in a team, there is bound to be some competition. You have to make sure that the competition is not of an unhealthy kind, which may tear the teams apart. 

Healthy competition motivates team members to strive to do better. This ultimately benefits the team and improves the quality of work.


The benefits of being good at team management as a Junior MBA skill are unfathomable.

A well thought out team management strategy will tremendously help everyone involved deliver good quality results.

We have discussed the importance of having a team and why properly managing it is essential for everyone involved.

If you have some free time this summer, you can start working on honing your team management skills, and also try out some fun summer activities.

Now, which skill will you be working on?

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