As we grow older each day, the pressure of college applications and increasing competition starts wearing off on us. We start feeling the need to do something productive in whatever time we get because whatever we do doesn’t seem enough to get into our desired colleges.


Summer is pretty much the only time when we get a break from the pressure of schoolwork and tests and a chance to do something extra and fruitful.

Summer schools are a great way to develop skills that you are going to need for college and beyond while also having fun and experiencing summer to its fullest.

Teenagers also gain a sense of independence and individuality that will help them in college and throughout their life as well.

So which summer program is right for you?


Here is a list of 10 exciting and educational summer programs offered by various institutions of Maine, USA.

1.Henry Harvin Summer School Academy


Are you passionate about learning? Are you interested in making your summertime newfangled? If yes, then move to the expedition of knowledge with Henry Harvin. Teenagers are the pillars of our nation.They have the potential to strive and achieve their destination. However, they need proper counseling to move ahead in their career. Henry Harvin gives a contemporary and productive approach to catch your dreams.

Henry Harvin gives a proper direction to your career path so that you cannot regret your future.

Well, it is a big challenge for the parents to mold their children towards learning. So, dear parents, no need to worry now because Henry Harvin is there to prop up you. Henry Harvin motivates learners and makes them inclined towards studies.

Henry Harvin is one of the iconic summer schools in Maine. Ponder the below courses to settle in your career. 

  1. Teen MBA Course: Henry Harvin offers you the best platform for business education. The trainers are well-qualified and supportive to gain splendid success in your life. It gives a myriad of chances to scrutinize business problems and solve them. Henry Harvin assists novice learners and arranges a small-sized batch for personal attention.
  • Teen MBA Course gives an excellent opportunity to rise in business by exploring more areas. Becoming a CEO is not a very difficult task as Henry Harvin makes the learners ready to face the challenges of the business world. So nothing can impede their journey as CEO. Learners can develop decision-making skills gradually. It is a foundation course to move to the next level of MBA.
  • You can think of becoming a successful CMO as Henry Harvin gives you the marketing tactics. 
  • You can be the future CTO with Henry Harvin as you can be equipped with the knowledge of technology.
  • Moreover, you can move to an exotic journey of CFO. You can boost up yourself after the apprehension of financial strategy. Other than Teen MBA Course,  Henry Harvin offers another option as well.
  1. Content Writing Course can elucidate the root of writing. You can get an incredible internship program and training for hands-on experience. Henry Harvin’s content writing course supports aspiring writers to comprehend the writing process. It provides you with a prominent platform to rectify and modify your writing prowess.

                      Hurry up, soothe your mind and embark on a writing journery with Henry Harvin.

  1. Technical Writing Course teaches the fine art of transforming data and information gathered through experimental work into technical documentation. Henry Harvin provides brush-up sessions to make you more confident. You can acquire detailed information about technical writing from well-trained instructors.
  1. Medical Writing Course Henry Harvin ensures the most relevant knowledge of medical writing to the students. Henry Harvin made the learner understand the most indispensable segment of pharmaceutical regulatory and medico-writing. Henry Harvin can assure you success in medical writing by providing well-qualified mentors.
  1. Digital Marketing Course can help you to scrutinize marketing strategies. It gives the most appropriate platform to understand the digital world.

 You can explore novel techniques to gather web traffic.

 It is the best time to make the best decision with Henry Harvin. 

You can research the progressive world of a career.

Give wings to your dreams and fly with Henry Harvin. Henry Harvin is here to give wings to your hopes and give a spark to your aim.

Henry Harvin also provide these Courses

Junior MBA course

Business Accounting and Taxation course

Data Science Course

Business Analyst course

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2. Early college creative writing program

This two-week summer program is for young writers and focuses mainly on reading and writing poetry. It is offered by the University of New England and teaches students how to improve their own writing skills while interacting with various poets and authors. The cost of the program is approximately $1400.

3. Summer field institute

this two-week summer program is offered by the college of the Atlantic and focuses on exploring the ecology, culture, and history of Down-east Maine as seen through the lenses of art, natural history, science, and the humanities. The aim of the program is to enhance the understanding and appreciation of the plant world and wildlife and enables teens to learn about the relationship humans have with nature. The program costs about $3750. For more information, check out their official website

4. Consider engineering summer program-

this program is offered by the University of Maine and is only 4 days long and is offered three times during the month of July. This course is specifically for the students passionate about maths and science. Designed for young engineers, it gives students the opportunity to work with the university faculty and professional engineers and teaches them the subject in a way they won’t learn in school.

5. Maine college of art pre-college program

If you have a talent and interest in arts, this program might be the perfect one for you. This three-week program allows students to study two majors from various subjects like animation, ceramics, fashion & textile designing, music composition, painting, photography and so many more and costs about $3500.  It’s a great opportunity to explore new subjects while developing more and better skills in your old favorites.

6. Acadia Institute of Oceanography

this two-week program is perfect for all the nature and animal lovers out there. This program engages students in various physical activities like snorkeling, hiking, and more and helps them understand nature and the various environmental problems we are facing in a better manner. The AIO introduces teens to the exciting world of marine science and gives them an experience they are bound to remember forever.

7. Sustainable energy leaders of the future

the main aim of this 4-day program is renewable energy exploration. It exposes students to the study of forest bi-products while letting them participate in various projects and field trips. It focuses on the use of forest ecosystems as a base for sustainable and renewable energy.  As a bonus, this STEM program is free for the students who qualify and is offered by the Hanover College in Maine. Check out this article for more details about this program

Self-made Engineering Leaders of the Future (SELF) for High School Students
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