“Learn a new language and get a new soul.”

                                                       -Czech Proverb

Teaching English as a Foreign Language has its acronym as TEFL. A language is often associated with its native speakers. A native speaker is one who is born in a particular place and is raised to speak the language of that place. The language spoken by a native speaker is most ingrained during the formative years.  The best TEFL certification after completing a TEFL course is sort after globally. It is also known in other forms such as, Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL), English Language Teaching (ELT) and teaching ESL (English as a Second Language).

The demand for the best TEFL certification online or in-person is one of the fastest-growing in the education sector. Due to the pandemic, the popularity of TEFL courses online has increased rapidly. So, if you are eagerly waiting to explore the world and have a command over the English Language, your search to get the best TEFL certification ends here. This article will cover all that you want to know as a prospective teacher. We shall also apprise you on TEFL courses online.

Students of a TEFL course online

What is TEFL?

TEFL is the instruction of English language undertaken to teach English to non-native speakers. It is wise to look for the best TEFL certification. It refers to the training courses and certificates that are a requirement by language schools and institutes that are open to hiring English teachers.


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What is TEFL certification? Why is it important?

A TEFL certification is a qualification for a teacher who wants to teach English abroad. It does not matter if the teacher is experienced or a fresher. The growing popularity to teach abroad has increased the urge to acquire the best TEFL certification. Language schools have thrown open their doors to TEFL certified non-native speakers as well. A person who is an excellent English speaker and has studied it in school and college as a medium of instruction is often a job based on the TEFL certification.   It is important for the following reasons.

  • To be eligible for teaching jobs – The minimum requirements to teach abroad are a Bachelor’s degree in any area and a TEFL certification. Sometimes even a degree is not necessary but an accredited TEFL certification will hold good.
  • Acquire essential skills – Often the best TEFL certification prepares you to gain the required skill to teach the English language. Lesson plans for foreign language learners vary according to their respective cultures and geographical location. It is also important to have a thorough understanding of English grammar concepts despite being a speaker of English.
  • An asset as a qualification for better job prospects – A TEFL certification stands out in job applications. At times, even if a TEFL course certification is not mentioned as a requirement, organizations tend to look for it in the resume.

Reputed schools with better benefits want to hire certified teachers. Certified teachers with the best TEFL certification qualify for teaching positions with more reputable schools. Higher salaries and better perks are always an attraction for job applicants.

What are the contents of a TEFL course?

Teach English Language Skills – A learner is taught how to teach the five fundamentals of learning a language: reading, writing, speaking, listening, and pronunciation.

  • Simplify concepts of English Grammar – Learn to simplify complex English grammar concepts for English Language Learners.
  • Systematic Lesson Plans – Lesson plans are taught to prospective teachers systematically. They are delivered to meet the criteria of classroom learning. Following these objectives improves understanding and promotes productive learning.
  • How to manage a classroom – Learn to manage your classroom, especially the behavior of students. This skill facilitates a sociable, fruitful, and safe learning environment.
  • To identify learning styles – Each one’s intellectual aptitude and grasping style varies. By identifying learning styles, the teacher can customize lessons to ensure effective learning of the language.
  • To create study materials – A learner is taught to research, adapt, and personalize study material and create a database of digital material. Text-based material is also a useful reference for classroom teaching.

It is advisable to take a reputable program and research the best TEFL certification that teaches specialized teaching strategies for teachers. The specialization could be of different genres like teaching Business English, teaching English to young children, teaching test preparation courses, teaching functional spoken English to Adults, and teaching English online according to the preferences of the learners.

Which is better, an online or in-person TEFL course?

When there were limited options to choose from, people chose classroom learning or in-person courses. In the new norm scenario, we have delved into a virtual world. There are many courses of repute that now provide TEFL certification online.  Taking a TEFL course online has become ever popular because of the convenience of doing it in your workspace. A TEFL certification online also has equal credibility. Learners still get adequate learning experience.

Doing a TEFL course online is for someone who wants to teach English abroad. When you can achieve this, it is most likely that you would prefer to stay in the comfort of your home and take a TEFL course online.

However, a TEFL course online or one that you attend in a classroom has clear benefits subject to your work-life balance and learning style.

   In-Person Class

 TEFL Course Online



Full- Time

Convenient to complete

Attend in person


Specific schedule


Location according to the Academy

In the comfort of your home or personal space

Practical teaching work which is productive

Same learning material but online

Difficult to fit into a busy schedule

Earn a qualification alongside your regular life 


More affordable

Is an online certification valid?

The credibility of a TEFL certification online is valid. Some of the best TEFL certification providers provide both options. These include some of the top universities in the world. Like most cases, there is the other side of the coin. Weigh the pros and cons of taking a TEFL course online, so that you are very sure before finalizing your mode of study.

A TEFL course taken in a classroom will get you that hands-on experience. It is a good idea to attend it in the country where you would like to teach. Lack of time and high cost are reasons for not enrolling for a TEFL course. If you face any of these constraints, then consider taking an accredited online TEFL course to get the best TEFL certification. online TEFL Course.

How to get a TEFL Certification Online?

The increase in the number of providers of TEFL courses online is phenomenal. There is an overwhelming demand by future teachers of English abroad who are hopeful of getting the best TEFL certification. Teachers of English Language who want to teach English to non-speakers living in their native country can make the most of taking the TEFL certification online.

It is a good idea to research and narrow down courses that are accredited. A TEFL course that has a high-quality program, includes live tutor support, career coaching, a well-rounded curriculum, credentials of the instructors, and good reviews is a good one to enroll in. A program that’s over 100 hours shows more authenticity and boosts your chances of landing a dream job.

Importance of getting the best TEFL certification

Teaching English abroad is a fabulous way to get a feel of the country you want to live in or experience and get monetary compensation for it in the form of a regular job, salary, and perks. This experience is going to be exceptionally satisfying. Despite the initial nuances, you are bound to tide over the challenges and become a pro. With the best TEFL certification, even if it is a TEFL course online, you will be well-prepared to take on teaching English in a foreign country.

Which certificate is better TEFL or TESOL?

First let us tackle the question, “What is TESOL?’ Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages or TESOL is typically referred to when teaching English to non-native speakers in Native English-speaking countries. The two courses are very similar with a few key differences. The most significant is that a TEFL course gets you ready to teach new learners to speak English when it isn’t their first language. These new learners are in non-native English speaking countries.

How Countries View TESOL

In the US, TESOL is used to teach English to non-native speakers in native English-speaking countries. In the UK, Canada, and Australia TESOL certification is recognized by their governments. TEFL is noted for teaching abroad. A TESOL certification has a vast curriculum and encompasses teaching methodology to suit the needs of students who live in both non-native English speaking and English speaking countries.

If you’re still wondering whether to take a course with the best TEFL certification or opt for a TESOL Certification, then consider your plans and your end goals before you make that choice.  They are usually used interchangeably and are both valid. Some schools do not look at them differently. Sometimes recruiters write their advertisement as “Qualification required: TESOL/TEFL Certification.

One difference between the two is about university-level studies. If you decided to pursue a degree in teaching English, you’d earn a bachelor’s or master’s degree in TESOL, not TEFL. In short, TEFL will prepare you to teach English abroad. TESOL provides you with the general skills to teach English abroad and in your home country.

A TEFL Certification Before You Apply For a Job

When you apply for jobs, check the employers’ certification requirements before you start your application. If you’re interested in teaching in a specific country, it’s important to assess the present-day employment placements to understand better the type of English teaching certificates language schools requires.

TEFL courses are more in demand for those who are in a hurry to be employable since it caters to those who are degree and non-degree holders. Due to the incredibly daunting schedule of many professionals, taking a TEFL course online became very popular. Online courses became popular when lockdown restrictions in many countries due to the global crisis the pandemic had caused.

To make it easier for emerging aspirants, we shall talk about the best TEFL certifications that are available for course in-person and to take a TEFL course online. Online courses enhance your position to become a teacher with an extra edge for in-person classes, online classes, or one-on-one tutoring. It is advisable to enroll in a reputed course known for the best TEFL certification is to improve your chances of getting a teaching job abroad.

If you care about your future students, you will seek to receive the professional training you need to become a professional-level English teacher. A TEFL course online also suits the purpose.

The best TEFL certification courses that prospective teachers can take are the following. These provide the best TEFL certification and project the advantage of taking TEFL courses online.

Henry Harvin TEFL Certification Online

1. Henry Harvin Education TEFL Academy

Henry Harvin Education has one of the best teaching programs for teachers who want to pursue teaching English abroad. This is undoubtedly an excellent TEFL certification online that will help you to improve the English speaking skills of non-English speakers globally. Henry Harvin Education entered into an affiliation with the American Association of EFL (AAEFL) to bring more credibility to its TEFL course online. The program is designed uniquely. You can make the grade by passing the exams in the first attempt.

The systematic and well-planned teaching methodology and course content facilitates knowledge and boosts the confidence of the student. The course also teaches you to study the psychology of the students and their learning abilities and styles. Practical aspects always play a major role for a teacher and student. Making a practical lesson plan helps you devise ways to gauge the learners without any biases. Time management and class management skills are incorporated into the course. The teacher-student connection is of paramount importance for seamless learning. This TEFL course online has been noted by many as among the best TEFL certification. Your chances of getting a well-paid job are very high. The following are important to note:

  • A 120-hour TEFL certification online course
  • Exclusive Learning Management System (LMS) access
  • Outstanding academicians
  • Job support
  • Best pedagogical practices
  • Immense career benefits

2. International TEFL Academy (ITA)

ITA provides accredited TEFL courses to English as a Second Language (ESL) teacher who wants a teaching English abroad program. It is great for future job opportunities. Its classes are held in different countries across the globe. The following is useful information about ITA.

  • TEFL certification online program is also available
  • 100+ hours course
  • Job advise upon completion of the course
  • 10 -12 hours per week for the online classes
  • Guidance from expert advisor to get started with the process of teaching abroad
  • ITA has more than 25,000 alumni who can help you with travel and teaching tips
  • You will be qualified to teach English without a degree in foreign countries.
  • Non-native speakers can teach in non-English speaking countries.
  • Experienced university-level instructors with an internationally accredited curriculum as teachers of the TEFL courses
  • Showing realistic plans by transparent guidance
  • ITA was the winner of the GoAbroad.com People’s Choice Award for Best International Education Organization in 2018
  • Certifies 5,000+ people per year to teach English overseas
  • Our certified teachers teach professionally in 80 countries worldwide

ITA also enjoys an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

3. The Language House TEFL

The Language House TEFL is mainly based in Prague and is owned by an American. This company has connections worldwide. Points to be noted:

  • TEFL certification course that has a duration of 4 weeks
  • With this qualification, you can teach without a degree
  • Opportunity to teach and learn in Prague
  • One of the noteworthy programs to teach English abroad in Europe
  • Award-winning TEFL course and highly recommended by its alumni
  • Hands-on teaching practices and effective post-course service
  • Learn how to adjust to a new life in a foreign country.
  • Job opportunity within a week after graduation
  • Intimate communal learning with a high emphasis on the individual’s success
  • A TEFL course online that gives TEFL certification online and on-site
  • Flexible start and graduation dates


  • Speak English Fluently
  • Be 21 years or older
  • University Degree
  • Prior teaching is not expected but can be an asset
  • Current students can apply

4. Maximo Nivel

 Maximo Nivel has one of the best TEFL certifications for teaching English abroad. It includes volunteer teaching and internships in Latin American countries like Costa Rica, Peru, and Guatemala. You need to have your travel plans and visa requirements in place before embarking on a course in Maximo Nivel.  The United States and countries of the European Union visa holders qualify for visas to these countries. Or you might have to visit the embassies of the country (which you have chosen to teach), located in your home country and apply for a visa. You can also join its accredited partner institute in the United States, Language Plus. This institute is authorized to issue the Certificate of Eligibility for Nonimmigrant Student Status (Form I-20) which is required to secure your F1 Student Visa.

Key areas of interest for prospective Teachers of English abroad:

  • A 4-weeks course along with a wide range of programs and an online TEFL certificate
  • You can opt for specialization and be a master in teaching English
  • Collaboration with several local schools and NGOs in Costa Rica, Guatemala, and Peru e.
  • You have to teach, make lesson plans, help in tutoring, and plan new games and activities.
  • These courses offer you 15-hours long practical classes along with observations of experienced teachers
  • 12 modules that include Learning and Teaching theory, Class management, Teaching Grammar and Vocabulary, teaching speaking/writing/reading/ listening, and assessing the learners

You can also have a special overview program for different International exams like TOEFL, IELTS, etc.

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5. i-to-i TEFL

i-to-i TEFL has been a training provider to potential ESL teachers for nearly 30 years. Almost 200,000 graduates have are teaching abroad around the world. This wide-reaching accredited TEFL program offers online and in-classroom courses around the world. It has a lucrative internship program and assists job placements in countries such as Spain and China. Future teachers with a TEFL certification from i-to-i are well-connected through this comprehensive course and as a result, have an expansive international network.

i-to-i is known for the following:

  • offers a diversity of accredited TEFL courses for ESL teachers
  • Future educators have a variety of options for how to launch their teaching career abroad
  • Provides adventure trips and paid internships
  • Appreciated by thousands of employers around the world
  • Partnered with 300 schools and institutions and has ensured a strong network
  • As part of the TEFL experience, learners travel to different countries like China, Vietnam, Thailand, and more.
  • Wide range of courses in which the 120 hours TEFL program is the most popular to get jobs in better schools with a higher payment.

Learners are eligible for a paid internship to Vietnam and Thailand. Most often, accommodation is provided to the interns. Since the cost of living is not high in these countries, prospective teachers doing the course get their certification and enjoy a relaxed holiday in a foreign country.

TEFL or TESOL online

Are Online TEFL Certified Teachers in Demand?

Learning English as a second language is in demand across the world. The growing popularity has increased the demand for online TEFL-certified teachers as well. There is an inclination towards the rise in the number of English language learners. This continuous growth in the years ahead is bound to have a positive impact on online learning. The convenience of taking a TEFL course online is one of the main reasons that more people are opting for it.


The field of TEFL/TESOL represents one of the fastest-growing in the field of education. This field presents thousands of excellent professional opportunities for teaching English abroad in all corners of the globe to native and fluent English speakers who earn their TEFL/TESOL certification. It is also nice to see the popularity of TEFL certification online. It is a good idea to take this opportunity and become a certified TEFL professional to boost your career. With the increase in the number of options, the world is your oyster.

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