Project Management Professional Certification, which is also known as PMP certification is a designation given by the Project Management Institute (PMI) to professionals who meet certain educational and skill criteria after passing a specific exam. There are many requirements that aspiring professionals should meet before applying for the certification. This generally includes the requirements pertaining to fee payment and eligibility, which is mandatory to apply for the certification examination.

Once an application has been accepted and approved, the individual must pass a long and comprehensive examination to become an authorized associate in project management. Although, this sort of certification is not necessary for many occupations and company positions but when it comes to project management jobs, PMP certification drastically elevates the chances of promotion and a hike in salary. 

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Value of a PMP Certificate 


This certification provides the necessary edge over the other candidates and proves the expertise and knowledge, which is vital to this type of profession. Moreover, this certification was devised to maintain a professional standard for the project management department spanning over different industries and locations. Obtaining a PMP certificate is one amongst the many ways that a person can prove his/her ability and dedication towards their profession directly or indirectly associated with project management.

What is a PMP Certified professional Expected to Know?

To be jack-of-all-trades is the new norm of the day. Hence, Individuals who have completed the certification successfully is expected to be accustomed to the common practices, ideas, challenges, and vocabulary relevant to project management. There are many project management skills, which are in great demand in industries, and a certified professional is expected to execute such skills for the benefit of the organization. 

Minimum Requirements for Application

Those who are interested and willing to apply for the Project Management professional Certification need to take the test.

They must meet any one out of the 2 sets of conditions. First set of condition includes that the candidates must have a minimum of 7,500 hours of project management experience and 35 hours of related education or have a relevant four-year degree along with 4,500 hours of expertise in leading projects as well as thirty-five hours of project management training. 

Preparing for the Examination

Proper practice and hard work are the keys to the successful completion of the PMP certification test. Generally, it takes 6 months to prepare for the exam. However, different candidates require different time span for successfully passing the certification exam. Some of the factors which affect the performance of the candidate in the exam are the educational background of the candidate, experience in the related field, mental capabilities, skills, etc. So, for some, it may take a few weeks and for others some months to achieve the same results.

Sections of a PMP Test

  • Project initiation
  • Planning 
  • Execution,
  • Observation
  • Shutting

Currently, the test includes approximately two hundred multiple choice questions.

Maintaining Your Certification

Professionals who pass the test and receive their certification have to maintain their professional level by continuously completing sixty skilled development units (PDUs) in every three-year. PDUs may be obtained through a range of activities like lectures on the topic, regular project management responsibilities, writing articles for publication etc.

Is This Certification Right For You?

If you are a carrier conscious person and want to develop fast in your project management profession, then you must have this certification, as it will enhance your professional growth. Moreover, keeping oneself up to date and at par with the industry definitely enhances your chances for promotion or shifting to a higher position.  

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