Introduction to Design Thinking

A Problem. How do you solve it? We deal with problems every single day. To get a solution, it is a process. Most problems are human-centric. Organizations incorporate the Design Thinking Training Certification Course by keeping it people-centric. Problems are tackled taking into consideration technological possibility and economical sustainability. This has increased the demand for Design Thinking programs. They are offered both online and offline. Enrolling in a Design Thinking course is a good way to start your career in this field.

Design thinking Course In Kolkata  facilitates this process. Creativity and innovation form a part of design thinking. Globally the best Design Thinking Courses are in demand and, one of the reasons is problem-solving. Organizations often put people at the forefront. Products and services are created for people. With this in mind, the best Design Thinking Courses are created. The Design Thinking Certification accessorizes the credentials of a candidate for a job position in any organization. Innovation, Planning, Strategy, and a variety of creative tools are used to overcome challenges.

1. Henry Harvin’s Design Thinking Certification Course/ Certified Design Practitioner’s Course (CTDP) Certification


Henry Harvin Education offers this very lucrative course and it is ranked  #1. The Design Thinking Certification and the CDTP Certification can be mentioned in your job profile and resume.

Key Features:

  • Globally Recognized Trainers
  • The trainers have in-depth knowledge and immense experience in training a  global audience
  • Lifetime Membership of Henry Harvin Management Academy after completing CTDP Course
  • 24 hours Instructor-Led + 50 hours E-learning+ 24 hours Instructor-Led Brush up sessions and Unlimited Access to resources
  • Guaranteed Internship with Henry Harvin or its partner firms
  • Job opportunities are offered every week
  • Henry Harvin Alumni Status
  • Students and Interns experience live projects while undergoing or after the training


The Design Thinking Certification at Henry Harvin Education provides unique advantages. It creates an impact and stands apart from other accreditations for the following reasons:

  •         Strengthen Career Capital
  •         Enhance Social Capital
  •         Manage Brand Capital
  •         Deepen Intellectual Capital

Key Learning outcomes are:

  •         Innovation- Led Growth and Strategy
  •         Journey Mapping, A Disruptive Business Model
  •         Human-Centred Design,
  •         Design of Services

The certificate is valid globally. Students can expect personal attention and a seamless learning journey until the culmination of the course.

Henry Harvin  Design and thinking course Fee

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Henry Harvin Design Thinking Course Ranks #1 by India Today

Henry Harvin also provides these courses

Cities in India where Henry Harvin Korean Language Course is Provided:

BhopalCochinBangalore, DelhiLucknowSuratOnline, Hyderabad, PuneMumbai

2. Advanced Certificate Program in Innovation and Design Thinking

Advanced Certificate Program in Innovation and Design Thinking

It is offered by IIAS FuturED.

The Key Highlights are:

  • Use design thinking principles to solve problems and generate ideas
  • An insight into SCRUM & AGILE methodology
  • Knowledge on how to build an innovation-driven organization
  • Real-time user-centric design projects are offered 
  • Design thinking tools and concepts are used for idea generation
  • Create a variety of products and services for ultimate customer satisfaction

Benefits of the Program:

  •         Implementing an innovative approach
  •         Develop working prototypes for the company’s needs
  •         Evaluate them in real-time
  •         Importance of feedback
  •         Identify core concepts of design thinking
  •         Perform financial analysis of the solution

3. Stanford Design Thinking: From Insights to Viability

Stanford Design Thinking

This reputed Course is offered by Great Learning and it has centres in Bengaluru, Gurugram, Mumbai, Chennai, and Kolkata. Choosing Stanford Design Thinking Course in collaboration with Great Learning provides a Design Course Certification that is world-renowned.

The following are a few highlights of this Design Thinking Course that stand out:

 Well designed to promote innovative thinking.

  • The faculty is recognized as one of the best in the world.
  • Learn from industry experts 
  • Live projects to gear yourself up to conquer the design thinking world
  •  Flexibility while learning from your comfort zone.
  •  It is a 12-week program. A sincere commitment of 3 to 5 hours a week.
  •  Constantly assisted in every step by an experienced design thinking facilitator
  • Weekly feedback and live interactive sessions
  • 10 assignments to assess your learning

4. Design Thinking – A Practitioner’s Workshop

Design Thinking – A Practitioner’s Workshop

This Design Thinking Course is offered by KPMG. It is a virtual course. Virtual courses are becoming popular just like it is with PMP courses.  Contact the KPMG office in Kolkata to do the workshop and get the required Design Thinking Certification.  The virtual workshop trains participants with the various methods and tools of design thinking.

Key Points to note:

  • Design Thinking concept is introduced as a way of life
  • Teamwork is encouraged.
  • Assessing the market, business and technical nuances enable the team to implement the concepts the right way
  • The latent needs of the customer are foremost
  • Calculation of monetary practicality
  • Risks are analyzed before applying the design
  • Case Studies, individual and group assignments
  • Facilitate Design Thinking Mindset with Design Thinking Strategy and capability
  • Understand the main concepts that include storytelling
  • Discover challenges and learn how to overcome them

Participants are awarded a Design Thinking Certification of completion by KPMG in India. Certificates will be issued within 30 days after the last day of the course and after the successful completion of the course.

The duration is for six weeks. It includes 10 live teaching sessions on the weekends, 6 individual assignments, and 1 capstone project. This course can be attended by professionals (mid-senior level) from across domains and industries. The types of batches that are offered are Corporate and Public. The progress of each individual is monitored by our instructors’. Minimum requirements to complete the course include 80% attendance, completion of all individual assignments, and the capstone project.

5. Bachelor of Visual Communication and Digital Design

Bachelor of Visual Communication and Digital Design

Ecole Intuit Lab which is in partnership with Techno India University, West Bengal offers this course. They do not offer a Design Thinking Course, however during the Undergraduate Degree, this course prepares you for diverse careers in design. They include Art Direction, Digital Design, and Brand Strategy all of which need Design Thinking to take the path to achieving a prosperous business.

This course which includes aspects of Design Thinking encourages you to recognize that technology and design co-exist. This partnership is a monumental transformation and world over and to be a part of this movement is extremely beneficial.

There are two internships and placements are offered in India, Europe, and America. This enables those who enroll in this course to gain real-world experience. The international workshops are conducted by those who are an authority in their subjects of expertise. They are adept at tackling multicultural design problems and make it worth taking this course. Exchange programs are also offered in France. The four-year program incorporates theoretical classes, studio classes, and an opportunity to experience real-world projects. The two industry internships prepare students for a creative career.

6. Design Thinking Course also known as Design Thinking Training

Design Thinking Training

This interactive Design Training Course or Design Thinking Training in Kolkata, India is conducted by  Unichrone Learning. It is one of the top Corporate Course Training Institutes in Kolkata. This Design Thinking Certification which you get at the end of the Design Thinking Course or Training follows a structured system.

Significant highpoints of this Design Thinking Course:

  •  Teaches you to handle obscure and complex issues
  •  Understanding human needs by putting across insights that are human-driven
  •  Incorporating a hands-on methodology in prototyping and testing.

This course by Unichrone, Kolkata, India facilitates an easy way of understanding the phases of Design Thinking. This unique aspect is offered in very few Design Thinking Course contents. Getting a Design Thinking Certification from Unichrone will only add value to your learning. Participants engage in applying the concepts and strategies to overcome challenges in the environment world over.

This Design Thinking Course aims at familiarizing participants to utilize the design thinking tools effectively and help them organize the Design Thinking process to think of innovating new products and offering services that are the need of the hour from time to time. It is activity-based,  hence classroom interaction is the most efficient way to conduct this training. A crash course on the line of this Design Thinking Course and a Design Thinking Certification is also available on-demand in Kolkata.

Key Features of the Design Thinking Course by Unichrone:

  •         3 Day Interactive Classroom or Group Training
  •         Reference materials designed by subject matter experts
  •         Highly qualified and experienced, experts and trainers
  •         A book with case studies
  •         Industry best practices and case studies

It is a Design Thinking Course and Design Thinking Certification that adheres to international standards. It has a flexible and convenient schedule for the Design Thinking Course.

Unichrone Training Benefits:

  • The Design Thinking Course curriculum delivers the requisite quality and efficiency.
  • The globally recognized Design Thinking Course empowers the beneficiaries of the Design Thinking Certification to formulate the project efficiently.
  • The option of taking the Design Thinking Course at your own suitable time acts as a huge advantage.

To be eligible for the Design Thinking Certification the following requirements are to be met by the participant:

  •         Attend the three-day Design Thinking Course
  •         Finish all aspects of the workshop and submit the group project

 Participants will be awarded a Certification of Completion by Unichrone Learning. Certificates acquired as a part of the Design Thinking Certification will be issued within 10 days of the successful completion of the course.

7. Design Thinking and Innovation

This Design Thinking Course that is offered by the Indian Institute of Management, Kolkata also goes by the name Design Thinking and Innovation. It is in person and for 4 days. Fruitful and novel ideas are the crux to assist continuous growth in society, trade, and other progressive ventures. Powerful innovations harnessed by commercial activities, personal and professional comforts, luxury, and other components to improve the way of life are brought about by Design Thinking.

This Design Thinking Course is a gigantic opportunity to acquire a Design Thinking Certification from a Premier Management Institute of India. Design Thinking is built upon the following vital constituents of improvisation that will certainly lead to progress in its entirety. Deep empathy with the consumers, high order and creative problem-solving skills, the ability to swiftly convert creative insights, and adapt to the changes that come out of it are some of the significant areas of focus while doing this Design Thinking Course.

 This Design Thinking Course combines two important aspects – the Design Thinking and Organizational Design. Creativity and the ability to innovate can be learned. Some have an inborn talent, but many others can obtain these essential Design Thinking Skills

The Design Thinking Course is aimed at:

  • Using a Design Thinking approach to creatively solve problems
  • Design structural processes so that your organization can embed innovation.


  • Understand the philosophy and broad steps in Design Thinking
  • Demonstrate the application of Design Thinking in basic product design
  • Understand the key aspects of organizational design to support innovations

Key Topics

The program shall cover the following topics:

  • Design Thinking – fundamental concepts
  • Empathic understanding, listening, and ideation skills
  • Leading creative teams
  • Design creative organizations
  • Managing stakeholders and the politics of innovation projects

The pedagogy that is integrated is focused on participant-centered learning

8. Design Thinking Course and Design Thinking Course Certification Offered by ImaginXp

Design Thinking Course and Design Thinking Course Certification Offered by ImaginXp

This Design Thinking Course will help you master the concepts of Design Thinking. The dominant procedure of problem-solving involves understanding customer needs in great depths. The patented 5D Design Thinking Framework is aligned with industry standards. This Design Thinking Course has content where the subject matter experts have framed design problems and each of them corroborates pioneering solutions. This Design Thinking Course and the Design Thinking Certification validates your expertise in business strategy and innovation. The training during the Design Thinking Course can be viewed as an investment in Design Thinking Skills. Spreading awareness of design thinking and driving the design thinking culture in your organization will certainly steer it to greater heights.

Learning Outcomes

  •         Understand the Design Thinking context
  •         Identify project stakeholders and regulate design problems
  •         Comprehend and define customer requirements
  •         Set actionable  and measurable goals
  •         Ideate workshops
  •         Increase engagement rates and create unique solutions
  •         Conduct and take tests
  •         Create quick interactive prototypes and mockups
  •         Encourage feedback from users to refine and optimize your product

It is significant to note that senior Industry Experts in UX, working with the best of brands are associated with us as Mentors. They train students with Industry ready toolkits.

9. Design Thinking Course – The Beginners Guide

Design Thinking Course – The Beginners Guide

Interaction Design Foundation Group, Kolkata offers this Design Thinking Course – The Beginners Guide

Important aspects that you will learn

  • To generate user-centric solutions
  • Apply practical design thinking methods with the help of method templates
  • Initiate a new working culture based on the design thinking concepts
  • Utilize ethnographic and analysis methods
  • Learn to prototype and test the same

The all-inclusive components and the ultimate goal of this Design Thinking Course are to assist you to design effectively. The Design Thinking Certification by Interaction Design Foundation adds value to your resume and gets noticed by recruiters. Through this course, you will cultivate a concrete awareness of the vital segments and approaches in design thinking. It is of utmost importance that the essential design thinking skills gained from this Design Thinking Course can be used effectively in your professional work life. There is a vast amount of useful material that is offered.

This Design Thinking Certification validates the high standards that are accepted internationally. The practical exercises build on one another to create a complete Design Thinking Course. The irreplaceable hands-on experience with the systems you encounter in this course will take your learning up a notch. The Design Thinking Certification has an unconditional requirement to complete the Design Thinking Course. Future employers ask for portfolios to prove your capabilities. Your work in the case studies can be a critical factor in your portfolio. The world of human-centered design is garnering a lot of popularity in companies. The Design Thinking Certification acquired after completing this Design Thinking Course will be a great career boost.

Why Interaction Design Foundation?

  • Gain an Industry-Recognized UX Course Certificate and use it in all your social media platforms or handles
  • This Design Thinking Course and Design Thinking Course Certification is favoured by prominent industry leaders
  • It is a beginner-level Design Thinking Course and most suited for anyone interested in becoming proficient at design thinking
  • Its versatility makes it one of the most sorts after Design Thinking Courses.
  • The Design Thinking Course in the Interaction Design Foundation is designed to contain comprehensive, evidence-based content
  • It also warrants that the learning curve is never too steep.
  • All stakeholders are given a chance to share ideas, seek assistance, and join our ever responsive forum to take care of social characteristics.

Participants learn and work with a Global Team of Designers. The course is free for members of the foundation. A flat fee is charged for any number of courses you want to take. It is a Self-Paced online Design Thinking Course with no deadlines. You have permanent access to course material for the duration of your membership. You can join the optional meet-ups in your city.

The duration of the course is around 18hours. Our experts and not machines grade your answers. This is one of the prime reasons that our Design Thinking Certification is credible. This course is popular and is the top 5 most enrolled courses.

10. Design Thinking Content Incorporated in its Sustainable and Ethical Curriculum

Design Thinking Content Incorporated in its Sustainable and Ethical Curriculum

The ESEDS School of Design is an exceptional and farsighted boutique school of up-to-date and modern thinking ethical design based in Kolkata, India. Design Thinkers play an extremely important role in our world now. There is immense scope in Design Thinking in the future as well. ESEDS believes in ethical and sustainable design and production. The design thinking concepts are applied here in a big way to bring out innovative methods to improve our daily lives.

  • An international standardized range of courses that includes the concepts of Design Thinking
  • Embedded with a holistic foundation
  • First international educational program in India to address the resolve of incorporating sustainable design into its curriculum
  • Encourages students to explore aspects of sustainability in developing design strategies for the future
  • Provides access to innovative materials and production techniques
  • Delivers an ecologically, ethically, socially, and economically sustainable design approach delivered throughout
  •  Focus on Textile innovation
  • Values cultural diversity and social responsibility of design and creative practice.
  •  Internationally trained trainers who are working professionals within their design fields.
  •  Modern professionally equipped studios and  Learning Resource Centre (LRC)
  •  Full-time access to the school facility
  •  Live practical design projects and Industry related field trips
  • Ethical ‘Fair Trade’ and sustainable industry practice and theory
  •  International guest speakers/lecturers
  •  Personal tutor support, placement assistance, and internship support
  • A design resource centre and library, Independent learning zone

The school follows the motto of “be what you say you are”. Through its sustainable policies, from sustainable furniture, chemical-free cleaners, and an in-house store supplying organic, up-cycled fabrics and chemical fee herbal dyes for their design students to use within their design projects. The concepts of design thinking are generously used in conducting these courses.


Understanding individual needs and generating the best ideas leads to design thinking. A plan, strategy, and practicality are significant in the process of Design Thinking. The five main concepts that are part of the process of design thinking are:

  • Empathize
  • Discover the Problem
  • Ideate
  • Prototype
  • Test

The various Job Roles that are offered to those who get the Design Thinking Certification after completing the Design Thinking Course are:

  • Design Coder
  • Design Entrepreneur
  • Hybrid design researcher
  • Business Designer
  • Social Innovator
  • Design thinking expert
  • Design thinking Strategist

Most people are not born with these skills. That is where Design Thinking Courses come in handy. It is a well-known fact that these days they follow a practical approach. Companies look for experience and how learning has been implemented. Keeping that in mind, the Design Thinking Certification is awarded after completing the Design Thinking Course and an internship. These internships are offered to students on live and ongoing projects to helps learners put their learning into the right perspective. 

The scope for design thinking has risen exponentially. They are in great demand and are hugely popular. The Design Thinking course certification provides a platform for lucrative, prospective job opportunities.

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Que 1: Why is Design Thinking important?

ANS: Design Thinking in an organization helps to steer the business in a positive direction through human-centric methods that are economically and technologically plausible. The main focus here is client satisfaction.

Que 2: I work in the Sales and Marketing department. Is the Design Thinking course good for me?

ANS: Yes, the Design Thinking course helps you to understand the client and the market better. The above list of top 10 Design Thinking courses in Kolkata can be used as guidance to choose the one that is most suitable for you.

Que 3: Can you give some examples of design Thinking?

ANS: The Design Thinking methodology is employed worldwide by many organizations. As an example, Netflix employed the Design Thinking method to start their online streaming services. They constantly upgrade their features to stay well ahead in the game.

Que 4: Is a Design Thinking Certification online worth it?

ANS: Yes, Design Thinking Certification online is worth the investment as it helps transform your career through the knowledge of numerous tools and innovations to drive a change in the overall performance.

Que 5: Is Design Thinking challenging?

ANS: At times, Design Thinking can be challenging as it involves innovations and human intellect to bring about the desirable change.

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