With the age of information and the world of the internet, we are launching a new scope of Instructional design. Instructional Design is defined as a systematic process. It is employed to develop education and training programs consistently and reliably.

Instructional Design course is a field of study that amalgamates education, psychology, and communications to produce worthwhile teaching plans for a determined group of learners.


In simple terms, ID is the process by which instructional materials, modules, lessons, or programs curriculum are well-designed to deliver the basics of the theory. The prominent way for learning and development for the people. Faridabad is the industrial hub of Haryana. It is the eighth-largest city in the world and the third-largest city in India.

Lets us have a glance at the top 10 Instructional Design Courses in Faridabad

 1. Henry Harvin Education

Henry Harvin Education makes an educated more skilled. It is one of the pathfinders in exploring professional and technical certification in India. It identifies the unique requirements of the Industry. So it is focused on the course to add value to the portfolios of professionals and students and enhance the knowledge base of an organization.

ID Course 

Henry Harvin’s Instructional Design course in Faridabad is ranked among the top 3 in India. This course provides mastery in identifying learning goals, conducting information processing analysis, and developing learning objectives The course contains 11modules and 2 complementary modules.

 Benefits of the Course

The learner can get the core benefits of how to design effectively. Completing the course in ID certification will open a large number of options for working both in the field of Education and in the corporate sector.

 The learner can add a skill to their career and also add huge value to their resume or freelance career, with the best ID certification in Faridabad

The learners can upgrade the profile with the global credential of a certified instructional design specialist. The learner can enhance their skills of developing a curriculum with 12 + projects.

They learn to identify the learners and customize a program that suits each learner. Henry Harvin writing academy provides total job assistance, one year of support for constant learning to upgrade their skill and e-learning.

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Course Trainers

 Henry Harvin’s instructional design course trainers are equipped with multidomain experience. The learners get training from expert trainers and their complete guidance. They set forth the practitioner project knowledge through experience. The trainers focused mainly on practitioner knowledge application.

Duration of Instructional Design Certification Course

The course contains 16 hours of live online classroom core sessions. The learners can attend unlimited batches for the next year from enrollment without paying an extra amount.

Fee Structure 

 One who wishes to showcase their mastery by using the hallmark of CD’snext to their name. They can enroll and the fee structure of the self-paced course is Rs 11250/.and the online class is Rs 12500/. They have partnered with financing companies to provide no-cost EMIs finance.

2. Symbiosis Centre for Distance Learning, Faridabad.

SCDL is one of the largest autonomous distance learning education institutes in India.SCDLprograms were recognized by AICTE.

SCDL has the ranking by course India in 2017, by careers 360 ratings 2012. by competition success review by outlook and by Maharastra governments.IT award for Human Resource Development through quality distance education.

Why Symbiosis?

 Symbiosis centre for distance learning is an education provider to top corporate and it is extremely high acceptance in the industry.

 SCDL provides an excellent range of programs like business management, IT management, cyber law, and digital marketing.

 Symbiosis world campus is in contemporary delivery styles. It is a powerful web portal. It is a combination of printed study books, online classroom learning, e-learning, and online faculty interaction.

It has a dynamic assessment system with a focus.

On employment opportunities and excellent student service.

The fee structure at symbiosis

Instructional Design course in symbiosis cost Rs 1800/. The period of the course is one year whether it is distance or correspondence. The postgraduate diploma in ID has recognition from UGC.

3. Udemy

Udemy is an online learning portal. The Instructional Designer is needed for developing an effective e-learning solution. This course focus on the foundation of Instructional Design for e-learning.

The learner can explore the theories, principles, methodologies, and techniques of online learning.

It creates interactive e-learning solutions for the learners.

By increasing learning effectiveness and decreasing costs, it focuses on strong knowledge and design skills.

 The Four Sections of the Course

The course has been divided into four sections

1. Instructional design with Basic elements.

2. E-Learning course sounds with designing instructional.

3. E-Learning course with interactive elements.

4. Advancing the learner’s skill.

Who can take this course 

The instructional design for the e-learning course will beneficial for an instructional designer at any professional experience. The learner can be beneficial for an Instructional designer looking for a career change or who wants to know the basics of e-learning. The learner who wants to refresh his skill or HR professional can pursue this course.

  Benefits of this course

Over 34 lectures and 6 hours of content which includes videos, articles, and templates, in the course. In a short period of time, every learner is able to build a professional, instructional sound e-learning portfolio.

4. Coursera

The instructional design certificate course from Coursera will ever be the best for the fresher, aspirant instructional designer, or professional. The main purpose of the course is to expose the knowledge of how to connect with the target audience.

Coursera believes that learning is the source of human progress. It has the power to transform our world from conflict to peace. Learning empowers us to change and grow and redefine what’s possible. They are partners with the best learning in every corner of the world. Coursera is a global online platform. The learner can access it from anywhere to online courses and companies.

 What Coursera offers

The world-class learning from experts. The learners can earn recognized credentials from leading universities and companies to achieve their goals. The learners can enjoy the high-quality curriculum in university degrees with affordable pricing and flexible scheduling

Even it has free courses or free trials.


 Quick learning of job skills and industry tools. The learners can gain new knowledge and master specific skills. For guided projects the average time commitment is1-2 hours and the cost starting at $9.99.

Of course, the average time committed is 4-12 hours, which is free of cost.

 The professional course from Coursera is unique.

A professional course from Coursera helps the learners to get job-ready for a demanding career field. The learner can earn career credentials and learners can apply their knowledge to hands-on projects that showcase their skills to get access to the career support resources.

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5. edx

Edx for learners propels their career to get a degree or expand their knowledge at any level.

 Edx for business upskills employees and builds a culture of learning.

Edx for educators expands their curriculum. through blended learning.

Vision of edx

The vision of edx every learner can access education without every learner can education without the barriers of cost or location. The learner should unlock their potential.

Features of the ID course

ID Course is the micro master’s certification course. ID course is based on the latest researches and advancements in the Instructional Design course field. It provides real-life course designing through an internship. Datamining technologies applied in ID. contemporary models and learning theories are the highlights of the instructional design course. Assignments and graded assessments lead to the completion of the ID course.

6. Creative Agni

Creativity is borderless thinking when it is clipped in the right places to fit the problem template then the result will be an effective and efficient solution.

 Creative Agni’s IDCD

The IDCD online program with a duration of 2 months,16 sessions of 1.5 hours each

Who should join

The professional who was engaged in designing and developing content for e-learning, training, and publishing. Good command of written English and basic computer skills are expected

The IDCD Course Methodology

  • Examples from the industry and real-life cases.
  • It is a project-based approach.
  • What the learners have learned will be implemented through Assignments.
  • The learners are able to create a design document and storyboard document.
  • They are also able to produce a Macro design template, course design template, and script templates.

The Training Programs

The Instructional design for senior professionals and trainers(IDST)

The Instructional design for Micro-learning(IDML) certificate training program

The gamification of e-learning and training( GeLT) online certificate program

Free 3 hour gamification workshop

Free Instructional Design primer(IDP) online workshop.

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7. Middle Earthr

In the area of HR and peopleManagement for the corporate sector –MiddleEarthr Hr is Asia’s leading training organization. Asia is the largest HR certifying agency. They have exceptional quality . Globalized and a practitioner approach to HR training.

Unique learning solutions

  • They provide unique learning solutions in all HR verticals in areas like 
  • Talent Acquisition
  • Performance Management
  • Compensation and benefits
  • Culture and od
  • HR A analytics in 20 cities globally

They provide a broad range of specialized HRMlearning initiatives. They offer unique consultation and training services to organizations in the area of HR skills for managers, compensation, and management, learning and development, talent acquisition, and organizational development.

  • Certified HR Analyst
  •  CertifiedCompensation and benefits manager 
  •  CertifiedOrganizational and development
  •  Certified HR business partnering 
  •  Certified Master training and facilitator
  • Certified learning and development manager.

8. Common lab India

Common lab India is impacted by rapid e-learning solutions. They convert the classroom materials like PPTS, PDFS, SME notes. They convert the legacy courses developed in flash and other software into HTML5 for mobile compatibility.

Course Benefit

Eight self-paced online courses. They are based on proven best practices developed through decades of experience designing and developing thousands of programs around the world.

What Will the Learners Get?

The learners will gain a robust online learning experience with examples, practice exercises, and assessments. The learners will able to access the course for 1 year with LMS

Why Should the Learners Attend?

The learners can gain expertise in designing performance which will enhance the courses in a variety of formats, like e-learning, microlearning, facilitated, and more. The learners get access to valuable downloadable resources like guidelines, templates, framework checklists, and more.


Institute of Distance and open learning. This IDOL stands for Instructional Design and online learning. It Can consider an all-in-one creative learning design agency.

How does IDOL Help?

The learners need to learn, transform and improve, so the business can thrive. IDOL helps the learners to accomplish their goals.

IDOL Course 

The IDOL course helps the learner to become a corporate instructional designer. It is designed to build a bridge between theory and the practice of corporate instructional design.


 The duration of the course is 8 weeks. This program is to create their job application assets. This can build a portfolio from scratch. IDOL  offers the master of Vyond animation software. The learners also master the IDOL process and the SME process. Added to this, they get the IDOL resume guide.

10. The University of Arizona Global Campus

 Online Bachelor of Arts degree in Instructional Design from the University of Arizona Global campus. The learner will synthesize learning theory with models for Instructional Design.

 This degree program enables the learners to evaluate technology and create and deliver high-tech instruction for e-learning in online environments.

Reasons to choose UAGC

  • Standardized test scores are not required enrollment like SAT, GMAT,or act.
  • In 5 weeks of class, the learners can take one class at a time, and still will be considered full-time
  • There is no application fee.
  • UGAC is WSCUC accredited.
  • They have a generous transfer policy. 
  •  Credit for work and life experience.

The Benefits of the Course

The online course in Instructional Design at Global campus includes learning theory, studies in assessment, adult learning, and virtual collaboration.

By completing the Instructional Design bachelor degree program the learner will be able to design instructional and training interventions and assessments online.

11. dreamer infotech
12. Sulekha
13. UrbanPro

The Significance of Instructional Design 

ID, it is essential to analyze and select the appropriate approach, methodologies, as well as technologies which is to maximize the learning experiences and knowledge that are transferred. ID is correlated with academics. It is vibrant to develop educational and training programs. Instructional designers are the architects of the course. As e-learning has obtained immense fame persists a huge variety of interactive media to improve learning and its objectives. 

The Fundamental Peripherals of ID

 Speaking of ID, several models and processes have emerged. The basic components of ID are analysis, design, development, and evolution.

The Representative Factors of ID

The Instructional must be well constructed so that it can be powerfully understood by the learners

Instructional must be always based on experiences and themes must make the learner understand and learn.

Instruction must be designed in a way to promote reasoning and filling the space.

Instructional Design models



3.Kemp Design Model

4.Agileor Rapid prototyping

5.Dick and Carey Model

6.Cathy Moore’s Action Mapping

7.Merrill’s First Principles of Instruction

Define “Instructional Design”

In short, we can call them the” architects’ ‘ of the learning experience.

They are responsible for the development of ID. They are people who take care of the field of education, psychology, and communication which are blended to create the most unique teaching plans for determined learners.

The Role and Responsibility of Instructional Designers

  • Instructional Designers play a vital part as they create and deliver educational and training material effectively and appealingly.
  • They create learning course content design and implement the instructional material for learners of all age groups. They must work along with experts and identify the target audiences.
  • They should visualize instructional graphics, the user interface. As well as they should take instructional research and analysis on learners.
  • They should visualize instructional graphics, the user interface. As well as they should take instructional research and analysis on learners.
  • They should facilitate learning through creating materials like audio, video, simulations, roleplays, games-etc. They should have the determination of the criteria which is used to judge learners’ performance and develop assessment instruments.

The essential skills of Instructional Designer

  1. Deep understanding of learning models
  2. Updating the learning technology
  3. The skill of presentation
  4. Good management skill
  5. The skill of weeding out the hurdles in learning
  6. Strong writing ability
  7. Virtual and artistic skills for interestingly presenting the facts


How  to become an Instructional Designer in 2021

In today’s world, there is an ever-growing need for Instructional Designer. The Instructional Designer in 2021is an efficient role in the process of learning. The Instructional Design needs to develop the capability of implementing theory and research processes to design learning materials that generate greater outcomes for a determined learner. As a professional Instructional designer, one must able to create learning resources for digital platforms or face-to-face learning environments. To be a successful Instructional designer first and foremost, one has to obtain the professional course certification.


The world has changed, due to the outbreak of coronavirus, Every company has shifted to working from home. All companies were able to get in touch with their employees virtually. In this pandemic Period Instructional Designer plays an eminent role. online learning, The digital transformation, a massive transition in the learning space had laid the pathway for the new profession-Instructional Designer, the reward returning profession.

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Q-1. Is ID course only for Instructional Designers?

Ans- No, people who are a/an
1. learning consultant
2. performance Technologist
3. Training and Human Resource Manager
4. Educational Technologist
5. E-learning developer

Q-2. What are virtual meeting tools?

Ans-1.Microsoft Teams

Q-3. What are the fundamental components of ID?

1.Learning task
2.Supportive information.
3.Procedural information.
4.Part -task practice.

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