Design Thinking Course is a process that helps to develop new technologies and products. It’s a methodology that requires brainstorming to solve difficult problems related to designing. It benefits designers to find complex ideas and solutions for consumers.”

Design thinking programs in Bangalore  processes are substantially used in education sectors, financial service, health and wellness sectors, and many more. The iterative process of design thinking helps the designers to interact with consumers in a consequential way to evolve unimaginable solutions and try to make them feasible and viable. Design thinking is a mix of rationale, ground-breaking creative mind, methodical thinking, and instinct to bring the thoughts that guarantee to take care of the issues related to customers with attractive results. It assists in carrying innovativeness with business experiences.


What is design thinking?

Design thinking is an ideology and procedure that strives to tackle intricate issues in a human-centric way. It caters to accomplishing pragmatic outcomes and solutions that are technically feasible, economically viable, and user desirable.

The ideology behind design thinking is to come up with inventive solutions. However, designers need to understand consumers’ perspectives to develop tangible products or processes as quickly as possible.

The design thinking process outlines the solution through planning, organizing, and systemizing the manner. However, the framework is divided into five step-by-step processes to bring the ideology of life they are Emphasise, Define, Ideate, Prototype, and testing. This process helps in monitoring consumers’ needs, generating new ideas, and turning them into prototypes.

What are the principles of design thinking?

Certain principles are important for design thinking. These principles are reflected in design thinking through innovations, methodologies, practical and meticulous tools, and frameworks.

Here are some of the most important principle of design thinking 

  • Human centricity and Empathy 
  • Collaboration 
  • Ideation 
  • Experimentation and iteration
  •  predisposition towards action 

Human Centricity and Empathy

Design thinking means finding solutions corresponding to human needs and their feedback. Innovations are made involving essential parts of technology and strengthening empathy with consumers.


Design thinking aims to diversify ideas and perspectives which escorts towards innovations. Design thinking builds alliances between diversification and integrity groups that may not generally collaborate 


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Design thinking is based on frameworks, A solution process that mainly focuses on ideas and their potential to generate solutions. Ideation is a core design thinking principle that is designated to encourage consumers to focus on the delivery of ideas.

Experimentation and Iteration 

Design thinking is also coming up with ideas; it’s an iteration to run those ideas into prototypes, testing, and making changes. It’s a preventive approach that evolves the repetition of principles to provide proposed solutions.

A Bias Towards Action 

Design thinking is an amazingly active way to deal with critical thinking, preferring activity over conversations. Instead of analyzing your consumer’s needs, design thinking urges you to think out of the box and bring potential solutions so that it can turn them into tangible prototypes and test them in true settings 

What is the Feature of design thinking?

Best Design Thinking Training Course In Mumbai issues require probabilistic arrangements that help an expert to get the solutions. However, it encourages the associations to acquire a competitive edge over their adversaries. Following are the benefits which bestow design thinking.

  • Discovering effortlessness in complexities. 
  • Having a lovely and stylishly engaging item. 
  • Improving consumer’s and end-users’ nature of involvement. 
  • Making creative, attainable, and feasible answers for certifiable issues. 
  • Tending to the real prerequisites of the end clients.

Here’s a complete video tutorial on design thinking to understand better.

What are the uses of design thinking Courses Online ?


Design thinking innovations can only be disciplined with the entity of the consumer’s experience. It’s rather a practice that is rigorously advanced with the help of practical and scrupulous tools, methodologies, and frameworks. It helps you learn the following uses:

  • How to upgrade the capacity to advancement? 
  • Step by step instructions to build up an assortment of ideas, administrations,  measures and so forth for consumers.
  •  Using assortment thoughts of advancement.
  • Changes through helpful information, singular experiences and to obscure thoughts into practicality.
  • Consumers interface by focusing on real prerequisites.
  • Various instruments are utilized by professionals for solving consumer issues.

Here Top 10 Best Design Thinking programs especially meant for aspirants in Bangalore

  • Henry Harvin Design Thinking Course Certification In Delhi
  • Design Thinking and Creativity for Business (INSEAD Executive Education)
  • Mastering Design Thinking (MIT Management Executive Education)
  •  Managing Innovation and Design Thinking by HEC Paris (Coursera)
  • Design Thinking Certification Program by Rochester Institute (edX)
  •  MIT’s Approach to Design Thinking (MIT Management Executive Education)
  •  Diploma in Innovation & Design Thinking (Columbia Business School)
  • Design Thinking and Innovation for Business (National University of Singapore)
  •  Agile Meets Design Thinking by University of Virginia (Coursera)
  • Learning Design Thinking (LinkedIn Learning).

1.Henry Harvin Design Thinking Certification course 

 Henry Harvin is one of the reputed institutes that have trained professionals and aspirants so that they can master their skills and gain confidence. It ranked no 1 for successfully training more than 3,00,000participants. Henry Harvin is one of the recognized institutes by most trusted brands – EDUGORILLA, Urbanos, Training 360, Google, and Trust pilot.

Design thinking course from Henry Harvin helps you gain exposure in identifying the root cause, generating solutions, developing business ideas, understanding core methodologies and frameworks.

Key points

  • The duration of the course is 24 hours with the live online interactive classroom.
  • Candidates receive a certificate after clearing an online exam. 
  • Constant support for the project with case studies along with monthly brush-up sessions for 1 year.
  • Acquire skills of problem-solving, critical thinking, creativity, leadership.
  • Learn to increase sales of your products or services and improve the market position of your business.
  • Earn the verified certification after completion.

Henry Harvin  Design and thinking course Fee

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Henry Harvin Design Thinking Course Ranks #1 by India Today

Henry Harvin also provides these courses

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2.Design Thinking and Creativity for Business (INSEAD Executive Education)

Design Thinking and Creativity for Busines logo


This course is specially designed for executives team leaders and professionals which helps them to understand and transform their thought process through decisive competence.

In this course, the aspirants can learn methodologies, creative thinking, innovations to build design thinking, and resonate experiences with consumers.

Key points

  • The duration of the course is for 5 weeks/4-6 hours per week.
  • Mastering the capabilities of acquiring startup ideas research and solutions.
  • Learning the principle of concrete practice that is visible by demanding consumers.
  • Understanding the options of inventive methodologies that are engaged with creative imaginative arrangements.
  • Earn the verified certification after completion.

3.Mastering Design Thinking (MIT Management Executive Education)

This is one of the crowd’s favorite Executive Education Programs offered by MIT. This course is designed to help the aspirants to recognize orientation modules, curriculum skills, users requirements, product specifications, prototyping, and financial analysis.

Key points

  • The duration of the course is 3 months /6-8 hours per week.
  • Inspect the concepts and parameters.
  • 128 Lectures, 3 Live Teaching sessions, Group Projects, Assignments and Capstone Project.
  • Earn the verified certification after completion.
  • Suggested resources and ideas to acquire experiences.

4. Managing Innovation and Design Thinking by HEC Paris (Coursera)

This certification course offered by Coursera helps you yonder methodologies and technique management to drive innovations at any stage. It helps the aspirants to develop various ideas for the development of organizations and companies. If interested, the aspirant can avail of Product Management Certification course which can be tailored into resume

Key points 

  • Duration of the course is of 6 months/6 hours per week.
  • Helps in building a framework.
  • Learn Strategic decision making and innovations to foster creativity.
  • Earn the verified certification after completion of assignments and projects assigned.

5.Design Thinking Certification Program by Rochester Institute (edX)

This course is offered by the Rochester Institute of Technology which helps the aspirants to expertise. This is one of the micro master programs which cover methodologies, techniques, generating solutions through creativity. This course majorly focuses on human-centric scrutiny. This is one course that covers complete program modules of 5 different courses.

 Key points

  •  The duration of the course is 8 months/8-12 hours per week.
  • The course elaborately obscures each concept.
  • It helps to amplify fundamentals and analytical skills.
  • To earn the program certificate, learners must successfully earn a verified certificate in all four program courses, as well as the capstone.

6.MIT’s Approach to Design Thinking (MIT Management Executive Education)

MIT’s Approach to Best design thinking Course In Bangalore will help you learn and understand the potential of technologies, requirements of people, necessities for acquiring success, and innovations. This course will help you to focus on the design thinking process and expedite industrial practices and bestow your skill sets.

Key points

  • The duration of the course is 2 months.
  • A program specially designed for the aspirants to expertise and attains valuable insight.
  • It majorly focuses on identifying consumer’s desires, financial and analytical analysis and consumer experiences.
  • The learning journey includes peering lessons, 62 videos, 4 real worlds applications, and 1 capstone project.
  • Aspirants will be awarded a verified digital certificate by Emeritus in collaboration with MIT Sloan.

7. Diploma in Innovation & Design Thinking (Columbia Business School)

This is one of the post-graduation diploma programs which helps you understand the various insights of ideation, implementation, tools, techniques, and innovations strategies. It even teaches how to overcome essential stints, validation of the idea, and how to prioritize them. The course is divided into four modules – Approach to Design Thinking, Breakthrough Innovation via Inventive thinking, Strategy in Innovation, and a Capstone Project.

Key points

  • The duration of the course is 9 months /4-6 hours per week.
  • Aspirants will be awarded a verified digital certificate by the Emeritus Institute of Management.
  •  Helps you learn and understand innovations for business organizations.
  •  Helps to grasp the skill of creativity, environmental sustainability, and consumer needs.

8.Design Thinking and Innovation for Business (National University of Singapore)

Design thinking and Innovation For Business course is designed by experienced professionals of the National University of Singapore, this course supplies comprehension and experiences to address human-centric approaches and business objectives. This course provides various templates and assignment programs.

Key points 

  • The duration of the course is of 2months/ 4-6 hours a week.
  • Introduction to identify fundamental problems and solutions for those problems.
  • Key principles of design thinking frameworks.
  • Strategies to develop solutions for multidimensional problems.
  • Acquire desired knowledge of tools and techniques to create new value propositions and business patterns.
  • Verified digital certification by NUS Business School.

9. Agile Meets Design Thinking by University of Virginia (Coursera)

In this program, the aspirants will learn to determine the process by focusing on testable narratives and implementing strong vantage points. The instructors will cover all the key points related to agile methodologies development of software using human-centric desires and prototypes.

Key points

  • The duration of the course is for 5 weeks / 2-3 hours per week.
  •  Learn to assess and clarify the pertinence of ideas and practices through agile advancement innovations. 
  •  Facilitate a coordinated effort utilizing stories and models. 
  •  The arrangement of talks is trailed by ordinary tests.
  • To acquire certification, aspirants need to clear their vital tasks and assignments.

10.Learning Design Thinking (LinkedIn Learning)

This one course persistently defines “customers are the priority.” This course is designed to understand the strategies, essentials factors, setting goals, concept-creations. After completion of each module, assessments are assigned to track the core knowledge of the course.

Key points 

  •  The duration of the course is 2 hours and 8 mins.
  • The tutorials are well planned with applicable models. 
  • Exercises are accessible for online practice.
  • The tutelage is divided into 4 sections.
  • The complete course and study materials are available for free.


  • Design thinking equips by creating enduring values for consumers.
  • It aims to solve concrete human-centric approaches. 
  • Design thinking tackles problems that are ambiguous to define.
  • Its iterative approach leads to innovative solutions.
  • It helps the industry to run faster by creating prototypes.

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Q1) Why is design thinking effective?

Ans1) Design thinking has a laser focus on the actual, human roots of a given problem

    2) design thinking provides a characterized, replicable methodology for an imaginative cycle.

 Q2) What is the 5 frameworks of design thinking?

Ans2 The framework of design thinking is broken into 5 stages: empathy, definition, ideation, prototyping, and testing.

Q3) What are the key elements of design thinking?

Ans3 The key elements of design thinking are human-centric, creative, iterative, and driven prototypes.


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