I love Mysore, and what’s amazing is that it has become the educational hub for higher studies. Mysore even attracts many foreign students every year. The city is very endearing and only grows on you. So if you want the best of all worlds, enjoying Mysore weather, its a rich culture and the delicious food, do stay on and study more. Hone your skills! Did you think of Design Thinking Courses? I will tell you about them. In this article, I will tell you the top 10  Design Thinking Course which you can do from Mysore. 

But before that, you may ask, how a Design Thinking course will help your career.

The Top 10 Online Courses are as follows:

1. Henry Harvin Education- Top Ranked Certified course


Henry Harvin is a top-ranked academy that has been rated as number one In the Design thinking Course In Mysore by Training’s 360. The details are as follows

  • They have both classroom and online courses( in 29 locations all over India, including Mysore) in design thinking. The course is called Design Thinking Certification Course (CDTP Certification) 
  • Training provided by Expert Trainers which includes guidance of Multi-Industry Exposure Trainers. They offer end to end support while focusing extensively on project knowledge and also practical training 
  • They provide job guidance and 1-year support of Management Academy which includes total job support, E learning access and 12 Monthly Brush Up Sessions
  • While doing the course you can Upgrade Skills working on 10+ Projects
  • Gain practical knowledge of Design Thinking Tools and also develop  your skills with constant learning over a period of 1 year
  • They have a globally Accepted Curriculum and Alumni Status
  • They are trusted by over 180 reputed corporates and 75 plus colleges. So their CDTP Certification carries a lot of weightage in the industry. 
  • Course duration- Classroom Training: 24 hr duration  
  • Live Online Training: 24 hr duration. Candidates are given a certificate after clearing an online exam after training.

Other reputed institutions offering design thinking course

There are several reputed institutions in India offering design thinking courses both classroom and online. All of them may not be certified, however provide a certification of participation on completion of the course. The course content is of top quality, as the trainers are domain experts. Other than this, experts from the industry deliver guest lectures. There is a lot of practical training involved. Most of these institutes offer certificates for participation.

Henry Harvin  Design and thinking course Fee


Media link

Henry Harvin Design Thinking Course Ranks #1 by India Today

Henry Harvin also provides these courses

Cities in India where Henry Harvin Korean Language Course is Provided:

BhopalCochinBangalore, DelhiLucknowSuratOnline, Hyderabad, PuneMumbai

2. Eruditus Executive Education

Eruditus Executive Education logo

The Indian Institute of Management Kozhikode (IIM Kozhikode) has designed a Professional Certificate Programme in Design Thinking and Innovation Management for industry professionals, in collaboration with the IIMK LIVE, which is set up with the support of the Science and Technology department of the Government of India. 

This programme focuses on 3 aspects namely: customer centricity (which is the core of design thinking), product innovation and building innovation as a culture. 

Course duration is 5 months. It will be conducted every Thursday from 7 pm to 10 pm 

Course fee is 1 lakh INR plus GST 

This programme is specifically designed for those  individuals whose main aim is to develop a systems approach to innovation in products and services. 

The programme will also largely benefit recent graduates, experienced professionals, business leaders and entrepreneurs with creative, design, customer experience, engineering, innovation, product development, strategy, R&D and UX backgrounds.

3. Stanford Graduate School of Business

Stanford Graduate School of Business logo

  • Stanford Graduate School of Business, offers a design thinking certification course. It is conducted online 
  • Course duration is 12 weeks 
  • Live interactive session by tenured faculty from Stanford Graduate School of Business
  • Weekly feedback and live interactive sessions with experienced course facilitator
  • Certificate of completion from Stanford Graduate School of Business
  • 10 assignments and a final reflection to synthesize what you’ve learnt

4. Indian Institute Of Management Bangalore 

Indian Institute Of Management Bangalore logo

IIM Bangalore offers a Live Online Programme in Design Thinking. 

Last date for registration: 13 Nov, 2020. 

Start date is 18 th Nov 2020 and End date is 21st Nov 202

This design thinking course is ideal for middle to senior level managers who want to hone their business and innovation skills by using design thinking. It is also recommended for management consultants offering services in design thinking services to client firms. 

Programme schedule: It is conducted on ZOOM platform as synchronous online live sessions. The learning environment is comparable to a face to face class. It also provides pedagogical tools that facilitate discussion based learning.

Sessions for this program will be held from 9.00 am to 1.15 pm in 3 sessions of approximately 1:15 minutes each with breaks.

Programme Fee

INR 76,500/- (+ Applicable GST) per person for participants from India and its equivalent in US Dollars for participants from other countries. Early bird discounts of 5% will be offered to those registering on or before 4 th Nov 2020. 

After the successful completion of the programme, the participants will get a certificate of participation, from IIMB.


QGLUE logo

QGLUE offers a certificate programme in design thinking,which is done online, using ZOOM platform. 

16 hours of live virtual workshop and 6 weeks of post-workshop mentored training. 

This design thinking course is more about a practical approach to design thinking rather than a theoretical one. 

Post the workshop, there is a 6 week sustained learning journey with D.Learn, which is a tried-and tested design thinking methodology to give the best results to businesses and global organizations. This is done by a regular follow up with participants over 4-6 weeks post the workshop through Skype/conference calls.


This is a two step certification programme.

Step 1

The primary “Certificate of Participation” is given after completing the 2 day workshop.

Step 2

The second “Certificate of Completion” is given after completing the post-workshop D.Learn project.

6. KPMG: Design Thinking Bootcamp

KPMG offers Design Thinking – A Practitioner’s workshop. The six-week programme will include 10 live teaching sessions, 6 individual assignments and 1 capstone project.

Course details

Duration: Online live teaching for 6 weeks which includes 10 live teaching sessions delivered on weekends, for 90 minutes each. There will be 6 individual assignments and 1 capstone project. Participants need to dedicate 4 to 5 per week.

Classes will be held batchwise. Batches are classified into 2categories namely:Corporate and Public, the location will be on KPMG approved virtual platform 


The progress of each participant is monitored by the trainers through case studies, quizzes and class participation.

Participants should have at least  80% attendance which is a minimum requirement for completion of course. They should also complete all individual assignments along with the capstone project. 

7. Indian institute of Management Ahmedabad 

Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad LOGO

IIM Ahmedabad offers a Design thinking course  as an open enrolment Course. 

Course duration is 1 month and course fee is 130200 INR plus GST

What is special about this programme? The answer is ‘Design Sprint’, which is a practical approach to the entire process of design thinking. Participants will first identify a problem, analyse it, brainstorm for ideas, gather key insights. Finally, by the technique of visualization and story-telling, participants will operationalise their ideas into specific solutions.

Participants who would benefit from this programme include:

Senior management incharge of driving innovation in their organisations

Strategy heads looking for a source of competitive advantage

Designers who want to rejuvenate and hone their existing skills

Managers and entrepreneurs aiming  to grow their businesses

8. SDI School of Design and Innovation

SDI School of Design and Innovation logo

The SDI school of design and innovation offers  a 11 months PG program in design and innovation. 

The course is divided into 3 semesters – Foundation, Specialization and Application.

The Guest lectures  are conducted by noteworthy influencers of the design industry like: Praveen Juyal who is  the Head of Design of Societe Generale Global Solution Centre, Anish Tripathi, the Vice President of Media.net, Abhimanyu Kulkarni, the CD of Philips Design, India, Soumitra  Bhat, the Director of Strategic Innovation, and Manas Karambelkar, the Sr. Interaction Designer.

9. Strategy Execution 

Strategy Execution  logo

The course is conducted by 3 different modes-

  1. E-learning can be booked online. The course  fee is INR 37000
  2. Public Classroom
  3. On-site 

This course is a highly interactive workshop. Participants will actively engage in a real-life business need, followed by the design-thinking process. 

Check out this Video!

Design thinking certification course from Strategy Execution

10. Seed Workshops  

Seed Workshops  logo

They offer Design Thinking Classroom Certification Training Course In Bangalore. 

Mr Avinash Purandare is the Facilitator for this Design Thinking Classroom Certification Training Course. He has 35 years plus of Industry experience in Electronics, Electrical, Engineering and IT industry. He is an alumnus of Stanford School of Business and also the head of Innovation Council Kirloskar Brothers Ltd.

Who should attend?

This program is for the senior management professionals of organizations who are responsible for providing solutions to the business problems in Marketing, Finance, HR , IT and Production.

Startup Owners for designing their business model.

Designers who wish to design customer-centric products and services.

Key Highlights

3 Days Classroom Training.

32 Hours of Instructor Led Training.

Real-world examples.

Participation Certificate after Training

The above are top 10 courses which can be done from anywhere in India.

Now, I will list the top design thinking certified courses across the globe which are available online. This is in case your budget permits, as they are expensive courses where the course fee has to be remitted in US$.

Top Design thinking certificate courses in the world 

  1. IDEO U offered foundation in design thinking certificate course 

  • Mode of study: Online
  • Duration: 2-3 months (based on 4 hours per week)
  • Price: $1,198 USD
  • Each lesson is explained with the help of short videos
  • Upon completion of course you will receive your downloadable certificate via email.

2) Cornell university Design thinking certificate course 

  • Mode of study: Online
  • Duration: 6 months (based on 3-5 hours per week)
  • Price: $3,600 USD

3)  MIT School of Management 

They conduct a design thinking course called Mastering Design Thinking. 

  • Mode of study: Online
  • Duration: 3 months (6-8 hours per week)
  • Price: $3,300 USD

4) The University of Virginia Darden School 

They offer a design thinking course and innovation specialisation .

  • Mode of study: Online
  • Duration: 20 weeks (four 5-week courses)
  • Price: $1,600 USD

5) Global Knowledge: Design Thinking Bootcamp 

  • Mode of study: Online or in-person
  • Duration: 2 days
  • Price: $2,295 USD

This course is a very dynamic one in which you can learn the actual process in 2 days.The live classrooms are  held in multiple locations in the United States, with sessions running at least once a month.

6) Innovation Training: Innovation & Design Thinking Facilitation Program 

  • Mode of study: Online and in-person
  • Duration: Variable
  • Price: $1,558.80 USD

This program is unique in the sense that it is called ‘ training the trainer’. You will be equipped to conduct a workshop of your own on completion of this design thinking course.

The program consists of online workshops, an online course that is the equivalent of a 3-credit university course, and two live meetings. You’ll complete a project to design and facilitate your own innovation workshop. After this, you will get your certificate. 

7) Columbia College : Design Thinking For Creative Problem Solving 

  • Mode of study: Online
  • Duration: 8 weeks
  • Price: $500 USD

This course is an affordable one for all.

8) Rochester Institute of Technology: MicroMasters Program in Design Thinking 

  • Mode of study: Online
  • Duration: 8 months (8-12 hours per week)
  • Price: $900 USD

This micro masters program comprises five individual courses, each taking six weeks to complete. You’ll start with Design Thinking Fundamentals before moving through each of the key stages in the Design Thinking process.

Participants must spend 8-12 hours per week for each program. To get the final certification, you will need to successfully earn a verified certificate in all five courses.

Think carefully and chose amongst the top ranked Design thinking courses


Think carefully which design thinking course is the best for you

So, I have given you the best available options to take a design thinking course, either from an Indian Institution, or online from other reputed places across the globe. You must think carefully and understand what your goals are before you select an ideal design thinking course for yourself. Think of what you want to achieve after completing the course, as it should meet your requirement. Ask yourself this question: Am I doing a design thinking course to enhance my career or am I doing it to bring the spirit of creativity and innovation to my organization? Some of the workshops and boot camps can be intensive and demanding. Therefore, make sure you can spare that much time.

How will a design thinking course add value to my career ? 

Design thinking course will add value to your career in the following ways:

  • This course will prepare you to apply design thinking to your problems in your workplace and make you think of user-centric and innovative solutions. 
  • This course will enable you to make use of practical design thinking methods in every stage of your problem, with the help of method templates
  • This course will empower you to take leadership measures like setting up a new working culture based on a user-centric approach, empathy, ideation, producing prototypes, and testing
  • This course will train you on the way to introduce ethnographic and analysis methods, such as interviews, focus groups, and surveys
  • This course will teach you the secrets of building prototypes fast and test them as well, thereby reducing risks and also accelerate organisational learning. 

So this course will give you the boost to have a very satisfying and successful career where you will learn and grow. You can get employed with the top names in the industry as you will bring the much needed design thinking mind to the table. In fact,the leading brands like Apple, Google, Samsung, and General Electric, have rapidly adopted the design thinking approach. Today, design thinking is even being taught at leading universities like Harvard, Stanford and MIT.

Why should I do any of these “Design Thinking Courses”? 

Watch the  this video

This is why you should think of a design thinking course.

I want to quote Steve jobs here. This is what he said. “Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.” 

In layman language, this is what design thinking means. Here’s another quote which describes this concept so well.

“The role of the designer is that of a good, thoughtful host anticipating the needs of his guests.” –Charles Eames

Tim.Brown the CEO of IDEO, defined design thinking. 

Design thinking is a human-centered approach to innovation that draws from the designer’s toolkit to integrate the needs of people, the possibilities of technology, and the requirements for business success.


How does design thinking make a difference in today’s world ?

Organisations can undergo transformation by thinking like a designer to develop new products 

Organisations can, by the process of design thinking, offer new services, develop new  processes and strategies to enhance their potential. 

Design thinking courses will motivate you to think out of the box

How did the need for design thinking arise?

We live in the modern world of technology where systems are interlocked . However the evolution of complicated technologies to facilitate living, ironically give rise to problems. We need to address these problems by thinking of solutions, in day to day life, Governments, business, educational and social organisations all face issues . So how do we respond to this? How do we provide support to individuals while making technological changes to improvise? Here is where design thinking comes in with a focus on a constant need to innovate in order to address customer issues . 


What are the steps in design thinking?

First and foremost, think about your customers for whom you make products or offer services. Think of their needs and frame questions about how to address issues they are facing currently .

Next step into the customer’s world and see for yourself what they really need. Gather inspiration to work further. 

Next step is to use this inspiration to generate ideas as solutions to the problems identified. 

The ideas you generate are then made tangible by converting them into action, which is building prototypes. This is the way to know what will work and what will not. 

Next is to test the prototypes and gather maximum feedback and perform the process of iteration. 

Last is to share the story with your customers, clients and everybody concerned, once you arrive at the solution and test the prototype.

Design thinking brings together Desirability (what people need to make their life easier), Feasibility which takes into account what’s technologically feasible, and Viability, from the economic angle so that it’s sustainable and worthwhile.

The five stages of the design-thinking process

Design thinking has a systematic approach to it. The whole process can be classified into the 5 stages as given below:

1. Empathize

In Stage 1, the designer observes the customers who use the products, taking note of how they use it and what issues they face. The designer maintains unbiasedness of knowledge, by not incorporating the prejudices, while the product was undergoing designing. S/he observes with complete empathy, by putting him/herself in the user’s place, so that s/he can step into their shoes and uncover the reality which consumers may not directly communicate. This sort of human approach is what one needs to be a successful designer.

2. Define

Stage 2 involves laying down the observations which the designer gathered from the previous step. After understanding these and thinking intently about the problems which the customers are facing, the designer comes up with clear solutions which s/he firms up to act upon in the future.

3. Ideate

The Stage 3 is about  ideating, which is also brainstorming with different members of your team. This session will allow more creative ideas to emerge and a consensus can emerge. Think of a lot of ideas and consider them. At the end of this stage you will be clear on what ideas you are going to be use and how you are going ahead. 

4. Prototype

Now in stage 4, collect the ideas, finalise them and then convert them to actual solutions. This is the was you create a prototype.  

5. Test

In stage 5, test the prototype to see how consumers react to it. Has it solved their problems? Is this a better design? All these questions will be answered in this test stage. A lot of feedback is collected. 

The entire design thinking process is an iterative one rather than a linear one. Even at this stage it is possible to make changes by testing the prototype to see if this is the one, or modifications are needed. The designer can go back to any of the stages as the situation demands, till he is convinced that a concrete solution has emerged which needs to be developed as a prototype . 

Now let’s look at some prominent industries which have used design thinking !

Design thinking needs a cross functional approach. We may think that design agencies like IDEO hire only  designers , but that’s not true. They do hire non- designers like chefs, engineers, social scientists, biologists and use their services in their project teams to add new perspectives which are valuable .

At WeWork, the innovation team is formed by a designer, a technologist, business strategist , engineers and other stakeholders.

Kaiser Permanente has used Design thinking to overhaul the shift system of the staff of the nursing department .

The Singapore government used design thinking to simplify the process for securing a work pass in the nation, easier and more approachable. 

Companies like Toyota, Intuit, SAP, and IBM have used design thinking to solve business related problems.

An example of a Design Thinking Project that comes to my mind is of my nephew, Aaswath Raman. He is a Materials  scientist at the University of California, Los Angeles. He used the process of design thinking to bring about a solution to the global environmental problem of climate change.  This article in Washington Post is worth reading and explains how he went about the entire design thinking process 

  • He identified the problem of emissions and heat generated by air conditioners which had a negative influence on our planet 
  • Then recognised the issue and defined the problem, by thinking of a solution which was to use radiative cooling as the principle behind his solution
  • Next, brainstormed with his team and firmed up on the idea of building a thin mirror like film engineered to maximise radiative cooling on molecular level. The idea was to use this film on building rooftops.
  • Based on this, he manufactured a prototype of this film 
  • Lastly, tested his film on roof tops of buildings 

Now his product is ready for commercialisation. This is a classic example of how design thinking can help improve lives and save the planet. 

What types of roles and industry benefit from design thinking? 

It is a fact that design thinking originated with designers, however now, it is widely used by people from all walks of life, hence, not designer specific anymore. Innovation is a part and parcel of all business types and life in general. Every professional, be it a manager working in a corporate, a government officer, an entrepreneur, or a school teacher needs to think like a designer to progress in their professions. So all need design thinking to become an innovative thinker and create opportunities for themselves to stay in the race. You are also in this race and hence need to consider looking at design thinking courses. I will tell you about the top Design Thinking Certification courses.

So isn’t design thinking the need of the hour? Isn’t it just awesome that you can make a difference to society? You can do it too. Take the first step by taking a design thinking course, with design thinking certification. 

In short, you must do your own research after reading the information given and decide which design thinking course you want to go for. Then, you must check out for reviews about courses and also speak to advisors from the institute before you sign up. Lastly, go through the websites, and keep questions ready for the advisors, so that all your queries are cleared. 

Wish you all the very best and happy innovation!

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Que 1 How do I develop Design Thinking skills?

ANS: There is a simple method to properly develop Design Thinking skills- doing a course that helps you master these skills. As a reference, you check the above list of Design Thinking courses in Mysore.

Que  2 What are the career opportunities in Design Thinking?

ANS: USER EXPERIENCE ( UX)  designer, Head of Product Design, Design Researcher, Service Designer, etc are a few career opportunities in Design Thinking.

Que  3 What are the career benefits of doing a Design Thinking course?

ANS: Design Thinking is an inventive approach to addressing human-centric issues and thus helps in creating tangible products and services with maximum client satisfaction. Design Thinking courses in Mysore help you to acquire the relevant skills.

Que 4 How can I earn a Design Thinking Certificate?

ANS:  There are many courses, as listed above among the top 10 Design Thinking courses in Mysore, which are certificate courses. Doing any one of the courses helps you get certified.

Que 5 What is the most important element of Design Thinking?

ANS: Ideation is the most important element of Design Thinking. Brainstorming, Mindmap, Sketchstroming, etc are a few of the ideation techniques.

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