According to studies 20% of the world’s population speak English as the official language and is also the leading language on the internet today, constituting 54% of the total stats.

However, there are several other countries where citizens still are hooked to their native languages. Slowly, they are acquiring the inclination towards learning and adopting English as their prime or secondary language through TEFL courses.

Majority of the onshore and offshore activities takes place in the English language and therefore, it becomes inevitably important to acquire the fundamentals of this language.

It is rightly said that Teaching is one of the most fulfilling and rewarding professions. The highest form of understanding comes only through teaching.

The role of a teacher plays a very crucial role in shaping up the lives of their students. It not only educates an individual but uplifts society altogether.

Teaching as a Career?

The current pandemic phase has brought in a whole new level of changes with both favourable and adverse effects. The severity has forced educational institutions, students and their teachers to continue imparting regular classes and lectures on the digital platform.


It is rightly said, “Where there is a Will, there is a Way.”

The rising trend of providing education online has increased the growth and teaching opportunities enormously. The one which was considered to be a hassle and path of hurdles is now becoming a new road to success filled with boundless opportunities.

Here is a list of reasons as to why choosing to teach is profoundly beneficial.

1. Transforming Lives

Teaching not only imparts a mere piece of information or data, but it shapes and transforms the lives of several students; emotionally, mentally and psychologically. It lays down a strong foundation for better prospects.


2. Learn while you Teach

When you are teaching to a set of individuals, you not only deep dive into the subject or the topic to deliver but also learn different methods and techniques to teach in the best possible way. You also learn to be patient and empathetic enough to understand the thought processes of students.

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3. Work Security and Holidays

Unlike other jobs, Teaching has a lot of added benefits in the profile. The profession is resistant to inflation or recession. Along with self-respect and dignified life, teaching as a profession fetches a fair amount of fixed monthly income with added perks depending on the position and term served.


You have a fixed number of work hours, say a 9-5 job which helps you have a perfect work-life balance. In addition to this, you get the benefits of a lot of paid breaks/holidays along with 2 full months in the summer as vacation time.


There are several retirement benefits schemes and plans that are applicable depending on the rules and regulations of the state and association.

4. Rewarding profession

When students achieve their goals with flying colours that is the most valued feeling a teacher can experience. The teaching profession is fulfilling and rewarding as you are helping shape the careers and lives of individuals. Your values and ethics directly impact the actions of a student.

5. Innovation and tradition

Teaching helps you stay connected with the latest innovations and techniques to promote the best ways of divulging information among students.            

You get to connect with teachers and other professionals to keep up your pace with the changing trends and technologies.


All these methods are applied in the traditional way of teaching in a classroom. For instance, the pandemic has forced all the educational institutions to shut down, but the process of teaching has continued to grow stronger and better through Zoom meetings and other tech sources. You get to maintain a perfect balance between innovation and tradition.



It is an obvious fact that Teaching is an art that requires a person to be well aware and informed about the subject matter before sharing the knowledge with their set of students.

There is no doubt that there are several processes, preparations, examinations, counselling sessions that takes place for someone to be qualified for the role of a Teacher.


Below are the steps that are typically followed to earn the badge of teaching prospects

  • Enrol into a bachelor’s degree program to focus on the specialisations within the curriculum.
  • To sign up for other relevant training that is important concerning the teaching profession as there is a direct interaction with many students.

Example: Personality Development Programs, Spoken English courses, Body Language programs, etc.

  • To take up internship programs at various institutes and at different levels to assess the strengths and weaknesses and accordingly work on it.
  • To register into various platforms that support the rights and functioning of the profession such as Teacher’s Association, National Council for teachers, etc. to have better access to different opportunities.

Nonetheless, teaching as a profession can be pursued even if you cannot fulfil the above criteria’s. All you need is passion and the right guidance which can be very well achieved through TEFL certification course.


TEFL is the acronym for Teaching English as a foreign language. In simple terms, it means teaching English to people in those countries where English is not their native or first language. For example, teaching English to students of China, where the native language is Mandarin.

Sometimes TEFL is also referred to as TESOL which is the acronym for Teaching English to speakers of other languages. Below is the list of few top class institutes which provides

TEFL/TESOL certification courses to pursue Teaching as your career.



Henry Harvin Education is one of the prominent training academies that provides the best TEFL Certification Course both online and offline (traditional classroom) sessions. It has been ranked No.1 in the training field by Trainings 360.

Along with TEFL, Henry Harvin offers courses of diverse nature that are trending in today’s global culture such as business writing, PMP certification, Agile PM certification, etc.

The TEFL certification course online you will not only enhance your teaching and communicating skills but will also help you in enhancing your core strengths and provide boundless opportunities.

The duration of completion of the course takes 120 Hours (Eight-Twelve Weeks), with 14 intensive modules of TEFL. Along with this, you will earn an internationally recognised certificate upon the successful completion of the course.

The actual fee of the course is $600 but the current discounted price is $299.

You get lifetime access to the LMS study material. Also, you will earn a globally recognised Hallmark CTRW Certificate of your name.


2. i-to-i

The pioneer of TEFL classes with a passion to train persons to be able to teach others. i-to-i has changed the lives of thousands by training and imparting teaching skills on a global platform and have been featured in the leading media houses for their great work and education programs.

You can opt for TEFL courses at various levels at i-to-i depending on your capabilities and requirements.

The duration of the course depends on the level you have chosen. It takes about 180-300 hours roughly to complete the TEFL online Level 5 course and takes about 120-300 hours for level 3.

The course fee ranges from $349 to $1,295 USD.


American TESOL Institute is an internationally renowned organisation that aims at teaching and training by providing multiple courses such as TEFL, EFL and ESL. They offer courses both on the online and classroom mode. It is a BBB accredited in the industry.

They have excellent training and supports graduates with guaranteed placements worldwide.

The duration of the course is between 80-200 Hrs. subject to the course type you have opted for.

The course fee is $350 – $750 depending on the nature of the course you select.


ITA was established in the year 2010 with teaching English as its prime objective. Today, ITA is a global leader in TEFL Certification for teaching English abroad as well as in online platforms. ITA has certified more than 30,000 + English teachers so far who are currently training and teaching in 80 different countries across the globe.

The TEFL training is categorized into online and onsite course structure which is mentioned below:

  • 11-week part-time online TEFL course
  • 4- week full-time online TEFL course
  • 4- week full-time North America courses
  • 30- hour advanced Speciality TEFL courses
  • In-Person TEFL course locations
  • Specialty add-on classes

 They accommodate a maximum of 20 students in the online sessions to maintain the highest standards of instruction. Normally the batches fill 1-2 weeks well in advance. The TEFL Certification course in Guadalajara, Mexico. The course would cost around $1,395.


The International Teacher Training Organization (ITTO is passionate about providing internationally recognized TEFL certificate programs for nearly four decades. It has great experience in the language industry and provides training sessions online as well as in different onsite locations.

It is also accredited by the Ministry of Education in Mexico and is a key member of various institutions such as The College of Teachers, IALLT, ACTFL, AMCHAM, and IATEFL.

 The course is offered at different levels:

  • Basic         
  • Standard  
  • Advanced

The course is between $1,295 USD – $1,495 USD

With additional benefits such as:

  • A TEFL Certificate which is internationally recognized
  • 100 hours/ 120 hours / 140 hours of course sessions
  • Personal mentor support and feedback by TEFL and TESOL experts
  • Various Job offers programs and assistance
  • Engaging and interactive videos


The bridge is a world leader in the field of language, education, and communication. With over 25 years of experience which not only fosters cross-cultural communication and language proficiency but also is dedicated to transforming several lives and activities.

The TEFL courses at Bridge are brilliantly catered in accordance with your preference and requirements. It is well structured into categorized into online, Micro-credentials, and classroom courses.

The basic Certification course (40 Hrs.) can be completed in a week or maximum within 2 weeks, whereas, the master certificate course takes at least 4 full weeks (120 Hrs.) There are other TEFL courses at Bridge such as the 12-week Bridge IDELT Online that are not self-paced but rather have a definite start and end date. Students work through week-by-week sessions as a cohort that is led by TEFL experts and instructors. The program is between the ranges $420 – $1,295 depending on the type of TEFL course you opt for.


International TEFL and TESOL Training provide several options for both online and in-class certification programs. This institute provides high-quality training programs with experienced staff and has affiliations with several recruitment companies worldwide.  They have robust documentation of the course material and informative videos in the online format. They offer several options to suit any situation as per your preference of time and schedule.

The online TEFL course is categorized based on the number of hours alongside with and without tutor support individually:

  • 60 Hour TEFL course
  • 120 Hour TEFL course
  • 160 Hour TEFL course
  • 220 Hour Master Package course
  • 250 Hour Diploma Course
  • 470 Hour Professional Package Course
  • 550 Hour Expert Package Course

The price of the above courses varies from $199 to $999 according to the curriculum you choose.


TESOL International Association is one of the reputed training institutes that offer extensive TEFL/TESOL courses to individuals belonging to different backgrounds. Their training structure not only allows being a certified TEFL trainer but also polishes your teaching and leadership skills.

The institute offers:

  • TESOL Certificate: Developing An Online Teaching Program
  • TESOL Certificate: Advanced Practitioner

TESOL Core Certificate Program

The most popular and comprehensive course is the TESOL Core Certificate Program which covers various facets of teaching. This is an intensive 140 hours/ 6-week training. The program fee costs $1,780 to $2,170 depending on the curriculum.


Uni-Prep is a highly reputed and recognized training academy that focuses on creating the best professionals from their TEFL/TESOL courses that are conducted both online and in-class; locally and internationally. They have various curriculum under one roof that caters best to your preference and interest. The course structure is created by instructors and experts have wider knowledge and experience in various industries.

You have the flexibility to choose from the below programs.

  • TESOL Certificate- 120 Hrs.
  • TESOL Diploma- 250 Hrs.
  • Unlimited Courses – 1 Year

The program cost can range between $195 to $999 (they are currently offering courses at a discounted price)


My TEFL brings over 35-years of teacher training experience through both online and onsite certificate programs. With one of the best mentorship and dedicated support staff, you will gain a great learning experience with a curve leaning towards progression and opportunities. 

The TEFL courses are typically divided into the online and onsite curriculum. The online TEFL is the most chosen one for which the details are stated below.

  • Basic Course – 40 Hours of TEFL Training  ($139 USD)
  • Intermediate Course- 60 Hours of TEFL Training ($189 USD)
  • Advanced Course- 80 Hours of TEFL Training  ($249 USD)
  • Professional Course- 120 Hours of TEFL Training ($299 USD)


With over 54,000 + graduates who are certified from 89 countries, Premier TEFL continues to be one of the pioneers in the teaching industry. Premier TEFL takes pride in earning 4.6 out of 5-star rating on Google and Facebook. And hence it is trusted and respected by employers globally. The courses are structured keeping in mind the kind of jobs you would want to get into.

  • Accredited Fast-Track (Best For Entry-Level Jobs)
  • Level 5 Ofqual-Regulated Regulated Courses
  • Specialist Teaching Courses
  • Blended TEFL Courses

The course fee ranges from $115 – $355 depending upon the curriculum you opt for.


If you are someone who is zealous about teaching and admire the idea of traveling to a new city to discover progressive opportunities, then enrolling yourself in a TEFL program can fulfill your passion and dreams. Teaching has always been an undyingly respected job profession. With the right guidance and a recognized certification, you can fuel your desires to meet your ends. All you need is an undying passion for TEACHING!


Q-1. What is the duration of the TEFL courses on average?

Answer: Most of the TEFL courses are 120 hours long. They usually are for a few weeks to a few months, depending on the curriculum and the institute. While some TEFL courses can be shorter, typically employers prefer qualified teachers with at least 100 hours of robust training.


Q-2. Do I need to be a graduate or have a similar qualification to enroll in a TEFL program?

Answer: Having a degree can prove to be advantageous in the process of hiring and pay scale discussion with your employer. However, not all TEFL academies have a mandatory clause of holding a bachelor’s degree.


Q-3. What is the average cost of a TEFL program?

Answer: The tuition fee for a TEFL program purely depends on the ranking and the norms of the academy. However, TEFL courses may start at around $120 and can cost as much as $3,000, depending on the nature and the number of hours the classes are held.


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