Online courses are convenient in today’s era.  It is a fact that online education increases student’ retention by up to 60% compared to offline classes. As we know,  “Pen is mightier than the sword.” English is a Global language, and it unlocks career opportunities. English Writing Course is gaining popularity.

There are various benefits of learning English writing online.

Online Courses are:

  • Convenient
  • Flexible
  • Education at home
  • More individual attention
  • Helps meet interesting people
  • Life-long learning
  • Financial benefits

Many institutes offer English Writing Courses.

Top Institutes for English Writing Courses

1. Henry Harvin Education

Henry Harvin is one of the largest multinational EdTech companies. Its founder is Mr. Kounal Gupta. Globally, it offers degree, diploma, and certification courses.

The English Writing Course offered by Henry Harvin can help a learner become proficient and confident in writing English and enhance their ability to read complicated texts with ease and speed.

This course has different levels according to the Common European Framework (CEFR):


A1: The Beginners Level—It covers Basic English Concepts, such as Simple sentences, words, and pronunciation.

A2: The pre-intermediate Level-It covers sentence formation, grammatical rules, sentence reading, and many more.

B1: The Intermediate Level -It covers reading and writing in English and the structure of sentences and phrases.

B2: The Upper-Intermediate Level covers the main ideas of complex texts and chapters.

C1: The Advanced Level– It covers complex texts and speeches. Learner gets excellent command.

C2: The Higher Level– It makes a learner communicate fluently and a highly competent speaker.

There are various benefits the Learner will get:

  • Live Online Interactive Sessions of 40 Hours (A1, A2,B1, and B2) and 50 Hours (C1 and C2 level).
  • An opportunity to write blogs, essays, social media posts, Emails, etc, as part of the course tasks.
  • Experiential knowledge by completing an internship
  • Govt. of India recognized Hallmark Certification
  • Placement support for a year
  • Tools and Techniques, video content, assessments
  • 52+ Masterclass for soft skills development
  • #AskHenry Hackathons and Competitions
  • 1 Year Gold Membership

2. British Council

Since 1948, the British Council has been operating in India. Its CEO is Scott McDonald. It emphasizes art and culture. They have connections from the UK and other countries.

It offers excellent English Writing Course for all levels.

This course has different levels:

  • A1: Short, simple texts about known topics and fill-in forms. This level includes messages, emails, and forms.
  • A2: Short, simple texts, notes and messages. This level includes messages, forum posts, personal profiles, forms, and emails.
  • B1: Simple connected text on familiar topics of personal interest. This level includes forum posts, reviews, messages, short essays, and emails.
  • B2: Write clear, detailed text on topics related to interests. This level includes essays, reports, reviews, messages, and emails.
  • C1: Write explicit, well-structured texts about complex subjects. This level includes essays, proposals, articles, reports, reviews, and emails.

The courses they offer assist individuals in writing what they wish to communicate appropriately.

3. Alison

Alison is an Irish online education platform that provides certificate and diploma courses. It has been operating since 2007. Its CEO is Mike Feerick.

The writing courses offer skills and different writing styles we need to convey our message.

For learners who need to improve their use of English and native speakers who want to work on their writing skills, the Intermediate English 308 course is the best. It has all the vocabulary we need for Job Applications and is a good English Writing Course.

4. Udemy

Udemy is an Ed-Tech Company. It provides an online learning-teaching platform. It is operating since 2010. Its CEOs are Eran Bali, Gagan Biyani, and Oktay Caglar.

It offers paid and free courses, and the paid courses are reasonable. Many teachers publish numerous courses on English Writing. After going through the curriculum of a particular course, learners can choose the course according to their requirements. It offers an opportunity to learn and teach by preparing for an English Writing Course.  

5. MasterClass

MasterClass is an online education platform based in America. On this platform, everyone can learn from the world’s best. It is operating since 2014. Its  founders are David Rogier and Aaron Rasmussen.

An annual membership gives subscribers unlimited access to instructors and classes across various subjects.

It offers  20 video lessons, each lasting an average of 10 minutes. Aspirants are free to learn whenever they are comfortable, either in bite-sized pieces or by watching all the videos in one go. Downloadable class guides are also available.

Various authors at MasterClass offer writing courses, such as Dan Brown, Neil Gaiman, James Patterson, and many more. Neil Gaiman is one of the best MasterClass authors. In his course, he offers 19 beautifully filmed lessons:

  • Introduction
  • Truth in Fiction
  • Sources of Inspiration
  • Finding your voice
  • Developing the story
  • Story Case Study- The Graveyard Book
  • Short Fiction
  • Short Fiction Case Study: “March Tale”
  • Dialogue and Character
  • Character Case Study: “October Tale”
  • Worldbuilding
  • Descriptions
  • Humor
  • Genre
  • Comics
  • Dealing with Writer’s Block
  • Editing
  • Rules for Writer
  • The Writer’s Responsibilities

Therefore, MasterClass is an excellent platform for learning English Writing.

6. Coursera

Coursera provides Massive Open Online Course. It is based in the US.  Since 2012, It is operating. Its founders are Andrew Ng and Daphne Koller.

Learners can learn at their own pace. Various universities offer various writing courses. One English Writing Course Lund University offers is Writing in English at University. Learners can complete it in 25 Hours. There are four modules in this course. They are as follows:

  • Introduction
  • Structuring text and conveying argument
  • Using sources in academic writing
  • The writer’s toolbox: Editing and Proofreading

It includes assessments and a Shareable certificate.

7. Saylor Academy

Saylor Academy is a non-profit initiative. Since 2008, it is operating.  It provides free, self-paced online courses.

The course catalog offers many writing courses. One such English Writing Course is ENGL210 Technical Writing.

It requires 86 hours to complete, and learners will get a free certificate to share.

Modules are as follows:

  • Audience Analysis
  • Internal Communication: Writing Memos and Emails
  • External Communication: Formal Letters
  • Using Visuals to Convey Information
  • Process Documentation
  • Writing Proposals
  • Communicating on the Internet

It is an excellent course for the Content Writers.


 English Writing Skills help one become a better communicator and improve reading, so writing applications, resumes, and cover letters is essential for securing a job. An English Writing Course is beneficial in catering to this need of the aspirants.

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1. What are the benefits of learning to write English?

Ans. There are various benefits to learning to write in English. These are as follows:

  • Ability to Explain
  • Serves as a Record for Future
  • It helps in getting a job in later life
  • Improve Communication Skills
  • Improve focus and connection with oneself
  • Increases knowledge

2. Is the English Writing Course challenging to learn?

Ans. If the student pays attention, practices, and receives regular instructor feedback, it will help him. Initially, the student may find it challenging to learn, but once a habit develops, it becomes easy.

3. Are online courses good for learning English?

Ans. Absolutely. Students get more attention online, and better learning takes place.

4. Are there personal benefits to learning to write English as well?

Ans. Yes. It helps recall memories, stores creative ideas, and gives voice to writers.

5. How can the English Writing Course improve focus?

Ans. We must connect our brains to our hearts when writing an article, essay, travel experience, or other piece.

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