Do you know English? Do you speak English? But get confused while writing English? Using what words and what place confuses you while writing? I think this blog can help you to know how to improve English writing skills.

For students and professionals in the workforce, writing is one of the most essential skills to master while learning English as a second language. That’s because writing leaves a permanent record of your language, unlike speaking exercises.

Eventually, mistakes can be seen easily in grammar, spelling, and word choices you make while writing. These kinds of mistakes can lead to securing lower marks for students. And in the case of professionals, clients or colleagues may judge you as a lazy or unreliable person.

One of the ways can be practicing writing regularly, to help you know how to improve English writing skills.

Reading is a receptive ability that draws on the learner to interpret the language input to which they are exposed. Whilst, writing requires people to genuinely produce their language and meaning. Writing can be challenging for everyone, even native speakers, for this reason.

Come, let us talk about some thoughts on why you need to know that, how to improve English writing skills

Sometimes you can speak a lot on one topic but when it comes to describing the same topic by writing you may find it a bit fussy. The reason can be that while talking we keep a fast pace and while writing we need to think about words, spelling, diction, and vocabulary.

Writing is something that you want to keep as a remembrance or memory or as proof for any document details. So, care and patience are the most important part of writing.

Some of the tips on how to improve English writing skills –

  • Read regularly

Reading as much as you can is always the top recommendation for boosting your English writing, just as we know that speaking and listening are strongly related. You will be able to communicate concepts in a variety of ways by doing this, which will help you improve your vocabulary, grammar, and sentence structure. 

For example – If you need to create a biography of yourself or a description of a property, it’s a good idea to read some previous biographies or house descriptions from books, brochures, the internet, or any other source you can think of. You can try writing your own after reading those that have already been written. You’ll see that it’s a lot simpler than attempting to write something from scratch!

  • Always keep an English dictionary handy

Your communication skills will improve since you will be able to look up terms to determine their exact meaning and acquire antonyms and synonyms to avoid repeating words or phrases. Keeping the English dictionary beside you can help you make out the words meaning or replacement of specific words easier and with efficient knowledge.

  • Keep reviewing your grammar

Even if you don’t have to “learn” grammar, working on grammar exercises will greatly enhance your English writing. Additionally, keep in mind that grammar is more crucial while writing than when speaking because writing is typically more formal and structured.

  • Make a habit of checking the spelling before and after writing

What do you think when you read anything written in your language that is rife with spelling errors? We usually write to have other people read what we’ve written, therefore poor spelling can ruin an otherwise engaging item to read. So, always keep in mind to spell check your writings as and when you write something.

  • Maintain daily diary in the English language

You can keep a note of each day’s activity of yours in a diary. Use the English language to write, this will encourage you to write every day and make it a habit. Additionally, as you are “writing to yourself,” you may feel satisfied and liberated. You are not required to use complex sentence structures; you are free to use simple ones instead.

  • Improve your ability to turn simple sentences into complex ones

There are basically five main sentence structures in English

  • Subject – Verb (Jian studies; My friend is eating )
  • Subject – Verb – Object (I like fruits; Aryan reads stories)
  • Subject –Verb – Adjective (Penny is happy; Jimmy is pretty)
  • Subject – Verb – Adverb (He speaks fluently; These chicks are everywhere)
  • Subject – Verb – Noun (My mother was a teacher, You are a painter)

You can expand the above examples like –

  • Jian, my sister, studies at home. My best friend always like eating. 
  • Mango fruits are everywhere during the summer. 
  • My mother, who stays in England, was a well-known teacher.
  • Learn to structure a paragraph

Always start your paragraphs with a topic sentence or a sentence that defines what you are going to write about. It is a helpful method to improve your English writing abilities. Continue with more supportive phrases: in other words, sentences that elaborate on the subject. You can complete the paragraph with a conclusion, which should be a summary of the points that you have made in the paragraph’s body. To write a complete body of the paragraph, learn to use transitions between paragraphs to indicate relationships between ideas.

  • Compose an outline

Even in a relatively straightforward composition of English writing, you must maintain some level of organization to deliver your message in a concise, organized manner. There are many various ways to compose outlines, and each one depends heavily on how you mentally organize your ideas.

  • Make an effort to have someone read what you have written

Take the help of a teacher, tutor, or native speaker to know the flaws in your writings if there are any. So that they can assist you with understanding and correcting any errors you may have made, including those in grammar, spelling, and the organization of your paragraph content.

You can take help on how to improve English writing skills by joining a famous institute in the education firm. The name of the institute is Henry Harvin.

Henry Harvin

Live online instructions to help students know how to improve their English writing skills. Henry Harvin is the top-ranked award-winning educational firm with many subject experts dedicated to the specific course. You will learn effective and efficient English language with complex sentences by the end of the course.

Key features

  • 9-in-1 courses including projects, internships, certifications, placements, e-learning, boot camps, hackathons, and gold membership are all part of the training process.
  • Subject expertise involves designing the curriculum of the English writing course to help each level of students to understand the basics of writing.
  • You can gain hands-on experience by indulging in multiple projects and assignments to help you learn the practical knowledge of writing efficiently
  • Live Projects, guaranteed Internships, weekly job support, recorded course videos, monthly Bootcamp sessions, interview techniques, and career services
  • And if you are not happy with the teaching in the first session of the course, you can ask for a refund of the complete money you have paid.

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  • English language course for kids
  • Business English Teacher course


I think this blog can help you know at least certain details of how to improve English writing skills. Try to emphasize these basic steps to uphold your writing skills on regular basis. 


Q.1 Why do we need to be cautious while writing?

Ans. We need to be cautious while writing, as it may be used as a record. If you are a student it can be checked by the instructors to verify your marks. If you are a professional then the client may remark on your work.

So, while writing you should use proper language with particular spellings and grammar details.

Q.2 How to improve English writing skills as a professional?

Ans. You can improve your skills through regularly reading and writing habits. You need to cultivate the habit of writing at least one page a day in English. This is one of the ways you can learn to write.

As a professional, you start drafting small emails, and messages and regulate your team before sending them to the client which can help you know if you have any flaws in your writing.

Q.3 Can I join some online classes for learning English writing skills?

Ans. Many people are looking for online classes for learning almost all subjects. Learning through online or offline classes is purely dependent on your interest in learning.

Adding to the online classes you also need to work from your end. For example, reading newspapers, magazines, novels, or any books. Keep writing your daily activities to keep a track of your writing scale.

Q.4 How to improve English writing skills as a student?

Ans. As a student, you can keep reading newspapers daily and write a diary of your daily routine in the English language. Keep learning new words at least once in 2-3 days and include that word in your writing. 

These kinds of small steps can help you improve your English writing skills as a student.

Q.5 Is online learning effective?

Ans. Yes, it is. Online is the latest trend of learning all the courses from the young age to old age people.

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