In every professional field, emails are the primary means of communication. Whether you are trying to reach clients, colleagues, or potential employers, they prefer emails. Therefore, it is essential to hone the skill of email writing to communicate effectively. In this article, we shall understand professional/business email etiquette in detail, along with email writing tips.

Email writing tips

Basic Email Writing Tips- First Build The Mindset

It is always better to up-skill yourself, an Email Writing Training will definitely help you. Because normally, no one in your peer group will tell you that crafting an email begins even before you start writing. So first, let us go through some basic steps to build the correct frame of mind before we begin with email writing tips.


1. Keep the outcome in mind

Keep in mind the call to action that you want the recipient to perform. This will help you write the message with clear intention. For instance, Is it a job application? Are you requesting a status update? Are you trying to schedule a meeting?

2. Who is your recipient?

Check who in the organization is designated to perform the outcome that you have identified. For instance, ask yourself, ‘Who will have the information I am looking for?’ This simple step will save time and effort and your job will be done effectively. 

3. Choose the tone that will be appropriate for the recipient

For any email writing, you need to tailor the tone according to the purpose. Furthermore, understanding the tone will help you use your words wisely.

For instance, the tone of the email sent to convey condolence will differ from the email sent to an employer to apply for a job opportunity.

Additionally, when communicating with an international client, it is essential to remember Cross-cultural sensitivity. It can help you make a positive impression. For professional guidance, one can always enroll in English Writing Courses In India.


Now let us delve into the best email writing tips for any professional.

10 Best Email Writing Tips

1. A good subject line

The subject line of an email should convey the purpose at first glance, and it should be worded clearly. If the subject is poorly written, the receiver will not even open the mail, as it is the first thing they see.

Also, remember your mail is one of the hundreds of emails trying to catch the reader’s attention. That means you have a few seconds to persuade the reader that your mail requires attention.

Furthermore, including a verb to describe the purpose is another way to grab the reader’s attention. It gives a preview of the content even before they open the mail. For example, “Feedback” or “Action required.”

 2. Appropriate greeting

Formal salutations like ‘Good morning, and ‘Dear’ when used along with the receiver’s name can help you build a connection with the reader. 

The next thing is to avoid using gendered terms like “Mr. / Ms./Mrs.”  It suggests that you have no idea who they are, making them quickly lose interest in what you have to say. 

3. The content to be clear and concise

The content in the mail should be as clear as your subject. The goal here is to structure the information in such a way that it will cover the necessary context and will be easy for the recipient to understand. 

Firstly, start the email with the action that you want them to take then follow up with the context regarding the required action. Additionally, do not write too long paragraphs. It causes the reader to lose attention as well as interest. 

Furthermore, if possible, write the content in bullet points. It can help the receiver understand the purpose and context clearly. Also, make sure to use the same font and font size throughout the content. 

4. Mind the etiquette

Always be respectful, and do not include quotes or words that might be considered offensive. Avoid using too many exclamation marks, it can create misunderstanding.

Emails are supposed to be formal. Hence, do not use emojis, they leave a bad impression. Similarly, writing an entire phase in the capital feels like you are yelling. Also, remember to thank the reader at the end of the email to express gratitude as they have taken the time to read your mail.

5. Remember to include a call to action (CTA)

A call to action is necessary to avoid confusion. After reading your email, the receiver should be clear as to what needs to be done. 

Remember, in today’s digital age, attention spans are very short. Using CTA at the end or the beginning of your mail will align the reader with the purpose of your mail.

Think of it like advertising a product. No Copywriter will submit their advertisement sample without CTA. You can choose a Copywriting Course in India to gain these skills. The same goes for email.

6. Check the attachments

Double-check the attachment you are going to send. Also, never put anything in your mail that could compromise you or your employer. Keep the attachments folder separate if you must.

On the other hand, not sending the report as an attachment after requesting feedback can be perceived as unprofessional. Hence be sure to double-check whether the mail is complete.

7. Check the CC and BCC fields

In general, avoid sending messages to an entire team if it is not necessary. In case you have received a mail to which you are replying, confirm if you are required to include other recipients and use “Reply All” sparingly. CC is visible to everyone who receives the mail, if you want to protect someone’s privacy include them in BCC.

 8. Use a professional account

The email address is the first thing any recipient will notice. So, it is necessary that any professional email is sent using a professional email address. For instance, an address like, “[email protected]” will not make a good impression. Moreover, it may also end up creating a bias. So, make sure to send professional email using a professional address.

9. Include your email signature

Add your professional signature at the end of your mail. You can include your full name, email address, and designation. Another key point is that it adds credibility and makes it easier for the user to reach out to you.

10. Proofread before hitting the send button

Spelling and grammatical errors can compromise your professionalism. Use tools like Grammarly to ensure correctness. If required, read the mail to yourself as if you have received it to check whether your purpose is conveyed.

Are you ready to upskill yourself?

Email writing tips

Get your certification in the advanced Email Writing Course. Learn and master the art of email writing, which is a must-have skill to rise in the current corporate world. Furthermore, this course will also open the doors to email marketing, as the certificate that you will receive will help you distinguish your profile with global credentials.

So, embark on the journey to up-skill yourself and stand out from the crowd with Henry Harvin. A reputable brand that has 900+ corporate clients and 210+ college partners, offering 7000+ live classes every month. Henry Harvin has also trained 4,60,000+, 6700+ Reviews, 7000+ Classes/Month, 97+ Countries. Additionally, it has also been a beacon of hope for individuals looking for a career change. 


To summarise, an email is not just about sharing information, it also shows your professionalism. Hence, mastering the skill of email writing will enhance your professional image and contribute to your overall success in life. Hopefully, the email writing tips shared in this article will help you draft your next email confidently.

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Q1 Are there any apps for email writing?

 Ans- Yes. There are many email writing apps available. Some of the best ones are Hemingway Editor, Grammarly, HubSpot Email Templates Builder

Q2 What is the best time to send an email?

Ans- This completely depends on the recipient. Normally, it is recommended to send it in the morning hours between 9 am and 11 am (keep the time zone if it is supposed to be sent internationally).

Q3 Why is my email going to the spam folder of the receiver?

Ans- Check if you have included sale-related words in your subject (ex: buy now or act now). Check if the subject line is too long or if it is in All Caps case.

Q4 Which fonts should I use to write professional mail?

Ans- The most commonly used fonts are Clibri, Arial, Times New Roman, and Helvetica.

Q5 How can I undo sending an email?

Ans- The undo send option is available on your screen for 5 seconds (this is the default setting). To adjust the setting, go to Settings >General. Here you can see the undo send option. Set it to 30 seconds.

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