Today’s authors are far different from the cliché of the writer who waits for inspiration while starving in their attic. The finest writers have received online training and experience in English writing courses online. Writers operate in a variety of disciplines. A quality writing course will have a qualified instructor and allow students to put the skills they are learning into practice. We’ve sorted through the top choices and assessed the top 10 online writing courses below to help you choose the best one for your requirements.

Our Ranking Criteria

The top online writing programs allow you to develop your inherent writing abilities into something that can help you advance in your chosen career. The greatest English writing course online will help you grow further than you could on your own. Moreover, it will build professional-level abilities that will enable you to land your chosen career, whether your goal is to create TV comedy scripts or write a book. The following factors were the foundation for our selection of the top courses.

Basic Ranking Parameters

Many aspects make a writing course the best. Instead, we examined several factors for each of the 74 online courses and considered them all when determining our final rating. We started to look at fundamental ranking standards, such as:

It’s time to complete: People prefer to spend less time in class than is required, even though it’s crucial to have the time you need to comprehend what you’re studying thoroughly. Our chosen courses range in length from less than an hour to a whole year, with some being self-paced.

Prerequisites are necessary: Anyone with a basic command of the English language can join and learn from any of our finalists because none of them requires any previous knowledge. It would be advantageous if you have prior writing expertise.

Flexible schedule:  All of our options offers flexible schedules. Since most people’s lives are hectic, logging into the course at a set time might be challenging. Our chosen courses provide you with the flexibility to attend the sessions and do the required work whenever it suits you.

A completion certification: A completion certificate is not required for writing classes. However, adding the certificate to your CV and LinkedIn profile is frequently advantageous if one is accessible.


Top 10 English Writing Courses Online

1. Henry Harvin (English Writing Course Online)

One of the best educational institutions in the nation, it offers both traditional and online courses. rated its certification as the top institution for English writing online. The English Writing Course online Curriculum will teach you English from scratch, beginning with sentence construction and paragraph writing.

The Henry Harvin® English Writing Course can help you become a proficient and confident English writer. It will also improve your ability to understand complex texts quickly and easily. You will be capable of swiftly writing lengthy paragraphs and sentences in English after completing the English Writing Course online. Professional speaking sessions with native speakers can assist you in comprehending the local word list and understanding their accents. Henry Harvin® will help you prepare for international English tests such as the TOEFL and IELTS.

Course Level

A1: The Beginners Level – This level has the Basic English concepts such as writing simple sentences for beginners, words, and pronunciation.

A2: The pre-intermediate Level – In this level, aspirants educate about sentence formation, grammatical rules, sentence reading, etc.

B1: The Intermediate Level – This stage will teach an individual reading and writing in English. Students will train to structure sentences and phrases in English.

B2: The Upper Intermediate Level – Under this stage, a student will gain an in-depth understanding of the main ideas of complex texts and chapters. The students will start speaking in English for a longer duration.

C1: Advanced Level – At this level of the English Writing course online, students will be able to deal with complicated texts and speeches. They will have a strong command of the language.

Course Highlights

  • Great opportunity to be part of the Henry Harvin writing academy membership
  • Brush-up sessions every month to revise the English writing course curriculum
  • Credentials for the Learning Management system, where you will get valuable videos, practice papers, quizzes, etc. 
  • Internship and 100 percent placement support  provided to all the writers
  • Henry Harvin®, a recognized and award-winning institution by the Indian government, offers certification for its English writing courses.
  • For the English writing courses, receive a one-year Gold Membership to the Henry Harvin® Language Academy.
  • Learn English Writing as per the Common European Framework (CEFR) methodology of the study 

2. Coursera

It collaborates with reputable schools and institutions to provide higher education courses. Many courses you take don’t count toward your college degree, but you can earn valuable credentials by finishing specialties. The five classes that make up the English Writing specialization are divided into three genres: the short story, the narrative essay, and the memoir. You’ll study how to create characters and situations, write descriptions, and develop your writing style within those genres, and then you’ll take a capstone course that will result in a finished story, essay, or memoir. You’ll have access to peer readers throughout the specialty who may offer feedback on your writing and suggestions for enhancements. Wesleyan University academics who have authored books and received training in the subject are lecturers for the course.

3. Udemy

Udemy, one of the more well-known brands in the online education sector, serves both paid and free courses and has more than 40 million students as of April 2021. As you could expect from such a large project, the items will be of varying quality. The Secret sauce of Great Writing stands out among the company’s many English writing course online. This site covers various subjects, from applying cosmetics to doing pilates. Although the paid ones are reasonably priced, there are several that are both free and charged. Access to these courses is available at all times. But this is not a recognized institution. As a result, the talents you gain here serve to highlight your newfound expertise and win you lots of admiration. There are several English writing courses online offered here. The writer can decide which option best fits them.

4. British Council, India (English Writing Course Online)

Since 1948, the British Council has been operating in India. In order to inspire young people’s creative potential, they put a heavy emphasis on art and culture. They support the development of the connection between academics and creatives from the UK and other countries. The British Council guarantees that its online English writing course online will assist individuals in discovering their writing voice. The individual must have an upper intermediate level (Grade B2) to apply for this course. They provide a variety of writing skills improvement methods for a three-week intensive course for seasoned writers and an introduction to English writing. The writer can develop a distinctive style thanks to this training.

The course covers various topics, including narrative development, background setting creation, dialogue writing, short story and poetry writing, humor, children’s stories, etc.

Moreover, the training will support the aesthetic expression of ideas. The knowledgeable instructors round out the program by dispensing information on the many writing idioms. They cater to both beginning and seasoned authors.

5. IGNOU, Indira Gandhi National Open 

The Indian government founded it as an open university. They offer high-quality, need-based programs at reasonable prices. Anyone with a 10+2 pass is able to apply for their English writing diploma. Their curriculum incorporates the many approaches taught at each step to guarantee that the students advance at their rate. Moreover, participants are encouraged to embrace English writing and comprehend artistic expression. The curriculum of IGNOU involves composing poems, short stories, articles, and plays. English writing Diploma is the name of the program (DCE). The course duration for English writing courses online is a minimum of one year and a maximum of four years.

6. Xavier Institute of Communication (English Writing Course Online)

This independent college offers a range of production and training services and is a professional media center. They provide an online English writing workshop for budding writers. Moreover, famous writer and creative editor Himali Kothari lead the course.

The candidates get various writing assignments to help them develop their perception and writing voice. Examining the writing of other professionals and amateur authors helps writers learn. Besides, they concentrate on various aspects of writing narratives and stories in both fiction and non-fiction. Xavier institution arranges workshops for their students to update their knowledge. It is a short course of 16 hours.

7. Writer’s Digest University

The Writer’s Digest University has been around for nearly 90 years. Since then, they have served as an inspiration for aspiring authors. They educate authors at various levels and encourage them to have a long and successful career. 

The experts educate authors of any genre through online classes, writing contests, and services to improve their writing voice deftly. Through their services, they bring poetry, screenplays, fiction, and non-fiction to life.

This institution organizes online writing workshops into various writing components. Every workshop addresses a certain subject, from getting started to getting a book published; they accomplish the end-to-end objectives.

Every writer may relate to the course, whether a seasoned author or a novice. Further, in this institution, Successful writers with established writing career share and coach the students.

8. MasterClass (English Writing Course Online)

The Shonda Rhimes MasterClass on writing for television is our top recommendation from MasterClass. Still, there are many more great choices for writers, including classes by Neil Gaiman, David Sedaris, and Joyce Carol Oates. Rhimes crams a lot of information into her 30 lectures, covering topics like how to write believable dialogue, script structure, and intriguing characters. But she also goes beyond teaching writing, talking about things like show running, editing, and entering into the business. You have access to a pdf workbook and the option to download the lessons so you can watch them offline with your annual membership to MasterClass. One of the biggest names in television today, Rhimes, is a captivating speaker who seems to enjoy sharing all the insider information that helped her to her current position.

9. The Writers Bureau

Incorporated in 1931, the Writers Bureau is a distance learning institution. They are experts in remote education and have taught countless people all over the world. They belong to the national association of authors and the institute of training and institutional learning (ITOL). This membership guarantees their success rate and quality. In addition to the online lectures, candidates also receive hardcopy course materials. Here you can get writing sales training. This institution provides individual attention to each aspirant.

10. Sri Aurobindo center for arts and communication

The Sri Aurobindo Centre for Art and Communication feels that writing can be taught to an interested person. Online and in-person training are both available here. Admission is only given to those who are really interested. An entrance exam ensures the elimination of all leisure writers. 

They hold indoor and outdoor activity sessions and use a more hands-on approach to eliciting creativity from novice authors. This extensive instruction enhances expression and fosters creativity. They concentrate on several writing subgenres.

You can create more imaginative and expressive works by fostering creativity and imagination here. Besides, renowned journalists, authors, and writers teach in faculties.


Different writing academies offer many English writing courses online, but the student’s comfort level and skill level determine which course is best for them. A novice should start by enrolling in several free online English writing classes. The student could gain insight into what will happen next by taking these courses. For the advancement in their knowledge, enroll in any of the institutions mentioned above where they will be able to gather more knowledge.

The novice should attempt writing and assessing their errors and challenges after studying introductory courses. It is simple to choose the type one wishes to go for once the issues or gaps are understood.

Certificate programs may be beneficial for persons who have previously written and are hoping to develop a second line of work based on their writing abilities or are attempting to improve their CVs. One can get a signed certificate and self-paced toward credits by contributing the required quantity. 

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Ques1. Are English writing classes beneficial?

Ans: English writing courses online are beneficial if you complete them correctly and produce and publish your short fiction or other works. Taking a course with other students and a knowledgeable instructor is advantageous.

Ques2.Are English writing courses challenging?

Ans: They can be difficult if you have not written much before since you’ll need to develop a regular writing routine and learn to accept criticism from other authors, even if it’s unfavorable.

Ques3.Does taking writing classes pay off?

Ans: If you choose a course from a renowned instructor that addresses a specific issue, it will help you to solve your problem. For instance, after taking a course on book marketing, my book sales and earnings gradually increased.

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