Our writing speaks about who we are personally and professionally, to improve the power of our writing need to have regular practice that enhances our skills and ability, the world wants to hear you, what you say, so start writing, write “what you know” and “write often”. We all know how listening is closely related to speaking, the same way reading is closely related to writing, read as much as you can. Here are a few tips or mantras that help you to become confident with writing, use proper sentences, build a strong foundation of grammar, and improve your English writing skills.

Here are 25 tips to improve your English writing skills.

English writing skills

There is a famous saying “If you want to be a writer, you must do two things above all others: read a lot and write a lot.” by Stephen King 


Tips on How to Improve English Writing Skills

1.  Use of new words


Reading can make you learn new words and explore the meaning and usage of that words in the sentence. Make a habit of learning new words daily and use them immediately in your dairy or day-to-day conversations or social media posts and do this as often as possible.

2. Read every day

Reading helps you expand your vocabulary, improve grammar and also sharpen a variety of writing styles, Cultivate lifetime reading habits like well-written essays, magazine articles, books,  nonfiction stories,  and technical books will help you in knowing unfamiliar words and deeper your knowledge base.

3. Learn word roots (Improve Your English Writing Skills)

A root is a word that carries meaning, there are 3 types of roots prefixes, base, and, suffixes. Prefixes come at the beginning, base in the middle, and suffixes at the end. Almost English word roots originated from Greek and Latin languages, word roots help us to know several other English words, thus improving our English vocabulary.

For example:- con + struct +  ion

                      Prefix    root     suffix

4. Use of thesaurus

A thesaurus is a tool that can use to search for new words, while writing we often use exact words but if we keep a thesaurus handy will have so many word choices that express and describes a thing in a more specific way, moreover, it increases our vocabulary. 

5. Usage of Five W’s

The 5 W’s stands for Who, Where, What, When, and Which question words, every writer follows the 5 W’s guidelines to gather and elaborate the information, which makes the topic more exciting and unique.

6. Keep a diary 

Keeping a diary improves your writing, write it down whatever comes to your mind it helps to relieve stress and helps you to maintain daily records in an organized way meanwhile, our word power vocabulary also improves.

7. Use of Tenses

Tenses play a prominent place in English grammar, mainly generalizing the ideas and time like the present, past, and future, learning, and understanding English tenses is the basic rule in English writing skills, one needs to pay attention while using tenses to make a proper sentence and form the correct context.

For example, Present Tense:- I am writing

                                   Past Tense:- I wrote

                        Future Tense:-I will write 

8. Check out for homonyms (English Writing Skills)

Homonyms are words that sound the same as another word but differ in meaning and spelling, knowing different homonyms will have a huge positive impact on English writing skills.

For example.  Allowed/Aloud                                         

Allowed:-means permission that something or someone is allowed                            Aloud:-means a lot of sounds, very loud

9. Avoid over usage of  “to be” Verbs

To be words are used to describe a place, thing, people, and ideas, they are, Are, am, is, was, were, been, and being. Which are important and necessary English Verbs, while writing we use them often, to reduce the number of to be verbs in writing there is a trick, making the person, or a place doing the action the subject of the sentence.

For example, He is handsome, he is a doctor devoted to his patients

                      The handsome doctor devoted himself to his patients

10.  Don’t use words that you don’t know the meaning of

Don’t use words that you don’t know the meaning of, and don’t pretend like you are a walking dictionary sometimes it may sound wired be very sure about the words and their meaning of it when you use them while writing.

11.  Use of Active voice and Passive voice

It feels strange to hear that sentences have “voices” Active voice and Passive voice. Voice is a connection between the subject and the object which is linked with a verb in a sentence. Usually, the writer prefers an active voice while writing.

In Active voice, the subject of the sentence performs an action that affects the sentence’s object.

In Passive Voice, the subject is acted upon as the subject of a sentence.

For example, Geeta cooked a good 

                       Food was cooked by Geeta

12.  Be attentive to false friends

 False friends are words that confuses often, words that sound similar but have different meaning in another language.

For example, become/bekommen 

When a german lady goes to an English restaurant and orders “I would like to become a steak, please.” Let me elaborate and clear the confusion. In german Bekommen means “to get”.

“I would like to get a steak, please.”

  I hope the confusion is cleared.

13. Avoid Uncertainty

Be precise in your writing, the sentences you write if it interprets in two different ways or it is not clear what you are referring to is called uncertainty, avoid such things be clear in your writing and let the audience/readers understand your writing.

14.  Know Who vs Whom

The difference between who and whom in your writing can make a huge difference.” Who” is used to refer to as the subjective pronoun, and, “Whom” is used to refer to as the objective pronoun. Who is used when he, she, they, come. and Whom is used when him, her, them comes.

For example, Who ate my chocolate

                      To whom do you want to talk?

15.  Linking Words

Linking words are called English connectors, which connect two different sentences or a phrase. Linking words make our writing more beautiful and natural. words are, however, yet, on the other hand, nevertheless, nonetheless, and instead.

For example, This hotel has the best room in the town. However, their staff is quite rude.

16.  Order of Adjectives and adverbs

Using adjectives in a sentence might be a nightmare for English beginners while using more than one category. The most important part is to follow the order of adjectives, and Adjectives are used before the noun.

For example, I have bought a red bottle.

Adverbs are the simplest to use but it has unique rules and orders to follow. The two important rules are, that they lead the adjectives they modify, and next, they placed them near the verb they modify.

For example, Pooja sings beautifully.

17. Know English capitalization rules

English capitalization is actually a very important rule in English writings, they are few rules to follow.

Capitalize the first words of sentences like Day, Month, and Holiday but not seasons. and capitalize the first word of a quote, and don’t capitalize after a colon.

For example, I will go to the temple on Tuesday, Do you want to come?

18. Know English punctuation marks

Types of punctuation marks used in English are Full stop(.), Comma(,),Question Mark(?), Exclamation Mark(!), Colon(:), Semi-colon(;), Apostrophe(‘), Speech Marks(“), Parenthe-sis(, – >), Ellipses(…), hyphen(-).

To improve English writing skills one should have basic knowledge about using punctuation marks and when and where to use in a sentence.

19. Know negation and double negation

Negation is a Grammatical term used to convey the opposite meaning of a particular word or a sentence. Negation words are no, not, never, didn’t, won’t, and don’t.

For example, I will come

                       I will not come

Double negation is known as adding two negative words in a sentence, double negation is not encouraged it is considered poor grammar and creates confusion while reading.

For example, He cannot go anywhere tonight.

20. Use of Indirect speech and indirect questions

Indirect speech is also known as Reported Speech which generally speaks about the past, and is not a person’s actual words that tell you what someone said, the reported verbs are. ‘tell’, ‘say’, or ‘ask’.It is a bit difficult in the beginning to understand the speeches, but gradually you can improve it

For example, He said you didn’t like the dress.

21.  English Quantifiers

English Quantifiers are used to specify the amount and quantity, it is used to give information about the number of something like how many, how much. English quantifiers are used before the noun.

For example, We saw lots of flowers.

                        John has plenty of friends.

22.  Avoid long sentences

One recommendation avoid long sentences and subordinate clauses try to use English connectors as many as possible you will see a huge difference in your writing and vice versa avoid using too many short sentences too, Keep it even-handed which makes your writing quite interesting.

For example, Dancing is an art you should master if you want to be in people’s minds. Your goal is to make the audience engrossed in it and feel it.

23.  Reread what you have written… twice!

The most important tip to all writers, reread your work and look for grammar, spelling, and vocabulary mistakes. Examine whether sentences used are too long or short, look for uncertainty in the text, homonyms, and false friends. Correct it before you publish.

24. Get a hand from Grammarly

Grammarly is a chrome extension that rectifies the errors like spelling, grammar, punctuation, clarity engagement, and delivery mistakes, and using artificial intelligence it will replace the errors with the appropriate ones and writing tips.

For example, Start a career as a English Teacher 

A basic error- Change the article

                      Start a career as an English Teacher

25. Transform your Reading list

 Need to diversify your reading list to get exposed to a wide range of Vocabulary, including the topics like natural science, Shakespeare, contemporary, politics, literature, history, and philosophy.

English Writing Skills

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Improving English Writing Skills is not a difficult task need to have a regular practice and should be keen interest in learning new things. Reading improves your vocabulary and grammar structure so spend more time reading books and articles.No one is born with great writing skills it requires proper learning techniques and skills. learning a variety of skills improves your writing quality and style in a shorter period.

Now it’s just a matter of improving your skills by giving the text more Structure and making the copy more crispy and readable with a conversational style. The utmost way of improving your writing skills is knowing your flaws in the first place and setting your mind to fix those flaws. The more you write, edit, and proofread the finer you will be.


Q.1 How can I improve my English writing skills?

Ans Practice makes perfect, so to improve your skills need to have a regular practice in writing and also in reading that helps in building your vocabulary so that you can express yourself and should know the basic knowledge about English grammar, and learn a variety of tools and techniques to increase the ability and skills that helps you to make confident in writing.

Q.2 How can I expand my vocabulary?

Ans. Read read read is the fundamental rule to expand your vocabulary, it is the easiest way to strengthen your existing writing skills. The English language is known as one of the voluminous languages which means you will never run out of words to write and use. So to expand it here are a few tips to keep in mind.
1. Use of dictionary and thesaurus
2. Playing word games like scrabble
3. Use of flashcards
4. Sign up for “word of the day” feeds
5. Use new words in your daily communication

Q.3 How can I improve my English Accent?

Ans One of the best practice to improve English accent is by speaking to English native speakers. Using correct pronunciation is an important part of learning any language, pronunciation is a physical skill making your mouth move in a new way and use different muscles. The best ways to improve your  English accent are.
1. Listening to authentic speech
2. Getting familiar with the phonetic Alphabet
3. Try some tongue twisters
4. Record yourself
5. Know new words with their pronunciation
6. Practice English 

Q.4 What are 10 basic rules to improve your English Grammar?

Ans The 10 basic rules of English Grammar are.
1. Use of Active voice
2. Use of Conjunction in a sentence 
3. Use Comma in a sentence to connect 2 ideas as one
4. Use of serial comma (Oxford comma)in a list
5. Use of Tenses according to the situation
6. Use of Verbs
7. Know the difference between countable and uncountable nouns
8. Build your vocabulary
9. Pay attention to punctuation marks mainly apostrophes
10 Learn heteronyms and suffixes

Q.5 How can I improve Prepositions faster?

Ans Prepositions are those words that connect to other words in the clause and are used before nouns and pronouns. Prepositions are in, out, on, at, by, of, for, under, and before. If u misuse these words in a sentence may be the listener understand what you meant. Hence these words are not important in a sentence but difficult part to learn and remember. Let us now know the tricks to improve prepositions faster.
1. Learn prepositions in a sentence 
2. Make the expressions familiar to you
3. Keep a document of prepositions to redressal 
4. Use Spaced repetition as a learning technique 
5. Use of visuals and colors to easily remember

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