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Hello Readers! Or should I call Needers? Yes! You may need some tips. That’s why you are here to read. I am sure that these Top 25 English Writing Tips will help you to bone up!



Writing is something that we all need in our day-to-day life. From a student to a high profile corporate professionals, everyone urges to write. May be compositions, letters, e-mails, articles, blogs….anything! If it is in our mother tongue, then no problem at all! But when it comes to the global language, English; many may stumble. Not because they don’t know English! But, they just need a small push that will boost their English writing. 

Still, some may feel that they need some help. They may want to attain perfection as such. Very well appreciated. Furthermore, seeking help from professionals in the field gives you a clear idea and a precise vision. For those, we have a very good English Writing Course at Henry Harvin Language Academy.

And for those who are much more confident, or want to try themselves first, before spending the money, here comes the English writing tips. I am pretty sure that you will get your push in these English writing tips. 

So, without letting you suppress your cravings anymore, we will go through the English writing tips with some explanation. 

1. Daily Read and Listen in English

You must be thinking, what a boring English writing tip it is! But believe me or not, this helps you in boosting your writing. Doesn’t matter, you are a beginner or a writer!! 

How to do it?

If you are a beginner or a student, obviously you will find it uninteresting. But, start to read small paragraphs and listen to small parts of English news or movies, daily. If you don’t understand, still ok. Slowly and gradually, you will start understanding and also remembering the new words. 

This English writing tip is also helpful to those who know English but can’t write properly. You remain in continuous contact with some spoken and written English. So, gradually you also start to get some confidence to write at whatever stage you are.

2. Maintain a Dairy.

The next among the English writing tips is maintaining a Daily Diary. On daily basis, you have to write something in English. 

How to do it?

If you are a beginner or a homemaker trying to learn; it can be one, two, or a few new to you English words. For students, it can be one of five, or ten sentences daily.

 Budding writers can write one small paragraph daily. In the beginning, you may not understand what to write about. It can be about simple small things around you or some simple thought or any person. But if do it patiently, you will find your last page of the diary miraculous over the first one! 

3. Comment on Social Media.

Ohh! Is it an English writing tip? It’s what we generally do anyways. Yes! That’s what my point is! But, henceforth you have to do it purposefully. 

How to do it?

From now onwards, whenever you will watch any video on youtube or read a blog or any FB post of your friends, comment on it. But, not that Nice, Good ones like blunt and charmless or unctuous words. On the contrary, you have to leave genuine, short but detailed comments. 

This way you will have at least one reader who will read as well as bother your expression of thought. You are his reader and he will be yours! And therefore comment thoughtfully and genuinely.

4. Use Small Sentences.

This is like a double-edged sword among English writing tips. But not to worry. Everyone can hold and wield it with some practice.

Long sentences are not easy to understand. They may be grammatically correct. But, many times, they contain two or more ideas. Readers will tend to lose interest if they don’t connect with it easily or get confused. So, remove clauses and make shorter sentences.

For Example:

I can understand her situation very well and so I am helping her by doing all her household stuff and also looking after her children.

This can be:

I can understand her situation very well. So, I do all her household stuff and look after her children to help her.

However, the reverse is also true. That means, that too many small sentences also make it monotonous. 

For Example:

She is a very small girl. She is very beautiful. She dances very well.

This can be:

That small, beautiful girl dances very well.

5. Small Paragraph Length

Similarly, this English writing tip is in the same light as the previous one. Too lengthy like more than half a page, paragraphs also, can not hold the attention of the readers. So, try to divide the paragraph into small sub-topics. 

 How to do it?

You can do it by putting sub-headings, and sub-sub-headings. Additionally, you can use bullets and numbering. 

6. Use Correct English Grammar.

Ohh! Brows up? Does it mean, you have to learn boring English grammar? Does it mean, this is the very first English writing tip that you would ignore?

No! Not that much! To start with you must know basic English grammar. Minimally, it should be Tenses, Capitalization rules, and Subject-Verb Agreement. That’s it.

For Example:

  1. We shift to Mumbai in 2007. (Tense)
  2. i will do it on monday. will you join me? (Capitalization)
  3. She dance very well. ( Subject-Verb Agreement)

These should be:

  1. We shifted to Mumbai in 2007. 
  2. I will do it on Monday. Will you join me?
  3. She dances very well.

Gradually, as you will progress in your writing, and according to your 

writing needs you can master the detailed grammar.

 7. Use Correct Punctuation.

Again, in the same token of the above, at least you must know Periods and Commas. Periods (Full Stops) essentially come after the completion of the sentence. So it’s pretty easy! But, commas are really tricky ones. 

There are many Comma Rules. But one basic rule is you should put it where the natural pause comes in your sentence. Comma-less sentence becomes a long breathless and monotonous sentence. It tires the reader and is not easily understandable.

For Example:

First I get up early in the morning after getting freshened up I do yoga believe me it’s energetic

This should be:

First, I get up early in the morning. After getting freshened up, I do Yoga. Believe me, it’s energetic! 

Once you are familiar with it, you can decide which comma style you want to use, that is, AP Style or Chicago Style. It’s your choice!

8. Avoid Repetition of Words.

Now, enough of basic English writing. Henceforth, the upcoming English writing tips are gradually turning towards the improvement and quality of writing.

So, coming to this point, repetition reveals boredom and monotonicity. Moreover, it flashes the poor quality of the content.

How to do it?

To avoid repetition simply, Use Synonyms.

 For Example:

Simply, as I have used in the above two sentences. I didn’t want to use the verb, ‘reveal’ even twice. So in the next sentence, I have used the synonym,’ flash’.

9. Avoid Use of Unknown Words.

Yes! It can happen. Many times it may be possible that some words you hear frequently. You don’t know the meaning or just guessed it. And because of that bombardment, or the urge to use new words to show your vocabulary, anyone can lure you to use. 

Similarly, as I have above-stated use synonyms. If you have the list of synonyms for a particular word, which is to be used when and where? You must know that.

How to do it?

Find out the exact meaning of the exact word or synonym and then use it. You can Google it, and it gives you all the facets of the meaning of a single word with its use in a sentence. Accordingly, you can think out whether this word fits in your sentence or not.

10. Use More of Active Voice.

For this English writing tip, you really get to know the voice of speech, that is, active or passive. Generally, we all come across general content to read or write. For example, in schools, essays, compositions, articles, blogs, etc.

For that, try to pen down in an active voice. Here, the passive voice seems very odd and unnatural.

For Example:

The things told by you, have been brought by me.

Do we use it naturally? No!

This should be:

I have brought the things you told me.

11. Use More Connecting Words.

Now, here comes the Hero! This, among all the English writing tips; increases the Readability factor!!

Connecting words, as the name; are linking words or phrases. They are also called transition words. They maintain the natural flow of the write-up. Without them, there will be lots of short sentences. The way like small children do. These transition words get our writing nearer to native English. 

Additionally, these connectors act as links between preceding paragraphs. It holds and takes the reader further to read. Moreover, using transition words, hamper the chances of a reader’s withdrawal.

For Example:

My son had his birthday. He wanted a bicycle. We went to the shop. We bought it for him.

This should be:

My son had his birthday and he wanted a bicycle. So, we went to the shop and bought it for him.

How to do it?

Make a list of transition words as well as transition phrases. While writing, try to incorporate those in a natural way. You can do it with a little practice.

This English writing tip will not only take your write-up to the next level but also, will impress your teacher or client, or reader! 

12. Pay Attention to Homonyms.

Down on the list, this English writing tip is quite interesting to pay attention to. But, it is equally dangerous! No. No! I am not scaring you. You will know it yourself.

Homonyms are similar-sounding words, that are Homophones; and words with the same spelling but different meanings. So, it is obvious that you should use the right homonym in right place in the sentence. Else, the sentence will lose its meaning. And the reader will confuse.

For Example:

Tale me the tail of tell.

Do you understand? Not at all!! Can you actually and exactly? No again! Because all homophones have different meanings.


Tell me the tale of the tail. 

Another Example: 

Similarly, there are words with the same spelling but different meanings like, Letter means written communication and Letters means alphabets. There are so many like this.

13. Skip Overuse of ‘To be’ Verbs.

‘To be’ verbs are basic verbs and of course! Are, equally important. Those small sentences are fine like those children learn to phrase in primary school. And that’s what my point is! 

Too many ‘To be’ verb sentences gives the feeling of a very basic level of content. And we are for learning some English writing tips for improvement. 

How to do it?

There are many ways, rather tricks to remove or reduce too many ‘To be’ verbs if used. The simplest and most common way is, to change the ‘to be’ verb to a stronger verb.  

For Example:

She was sad.

This can be:

She felt sad.

14. Avoid Vagueness.

Yes! It’s small but important among English writing tips. Many times it happens in our writing tempo, we write ambiguous sentences. The reader is not able to understand the exact reference point. 

For Example:

Geeta told Meena that she was a good dancer.

Here, who is a good dancer; Geeta or Meena? Is not clear.

This should be:

Geeta described herself to Meena that she was a good dancer.

15. Try to be Specific.

This English writing tip regards the word count. In many places, we have word limits to writing that letter or blog, or article. Sometimes we fall short of words and sometimes the word count exceeds the limit. Neither is good. 

How to do it?

For this, you need to remain stuck to the core topic. Avoid adding unnecessary information. Also, skip some details if they are too lengthy. 

16. Plan a Proper Format.

Furthermore, this next English writing tip is what is called ‘precision’. Whatever you pen down, a paragraph, or a long article; It must have a proper format. That means a good start, a precise main body, and a concluding end. 

An introduction takes the reader to the verge of your thought expression. There he realizes whether he will get what he wants from your blog or not. The middle part is your topic itself and the conclusion is just the summing up.

17. Introduction and Conclusion.

Moving ahead, this English writing tip is in continuation with the previous one. That is, the introduction and the conclusion must be interrelated to each other. The reader must get the feel of what we have begun with, we have summed it up. Moreover, this provides a sense of completion.

How to do it?

This is very simple and easy. Just before concluding, just go through the introduction and what exactly you have started with. Then conclude. This helps to maintain the tempo and the start and the end won’t be the poles apart.

18. PIn Point the Style.

This English writing tip is something that takes you to more specificity of the language used. It is very important to realize what you are writing; formal, informal, or creative. Accordingly, you must employ the style of the language. In other words; flowery, poetic language style is not acceptable in formal writings. Similarly, dry and monotonous language in informal or creative writing will make it a failure.

19. 5 ‘W’s.

In the chain of the English writing tips. This tip is about answering the questions. Yes! The five ‘W’ question words in English are, Who, What, Why, Where, and When. Even How is considered as a ‘W’ question word though does not starts with ‘W’.

Many times it happens that we get overloaded with the thoughts and points related to the topic. Due to this rush of thoughts; we may lose the sequence. Additionally, we go hazy despite the thought influx.

 The reverse is also true. Sometimes, we go blank on a topic. We have very less or nothing to write at all. 

In both the cases, answering these five or may be six ‘W’ words, sorts the issue to much extent. In the former one, it helps you to direct and limit the thought influx and expression. And in the latter one, it provokes your thought process.

20. Decoration of the Write-Up.

Hey, don’t get scared by this English writing tip. It can be applied to a moderate level of writing to scale up. Here, I want to regard it in the context of the normal write-ups and not the creative ones. So, don’t worry.

Decoration beautifies the thing and so does the language. In fact, you can express it in a better way sometimes. Language decoration emphasizes your ideas more prominently.

How to do it?

Here comes our first English writing tip in focus. Read a lot. Read daily.

Secondly, you can blend good phrases. And thirdly, you can incorporate quotes related to it. There are many ways to beautify the language. But, these are the ones anyone can apply for.

21. Write as You Talk.

Here, in this English writing tip, the level and quality of English writing don’t matter that much. So, don’t worry though you are good at writing but not that good at speaking English. It’s ok. 

The fact is when you write in a spoken language; the reader feels that the writer is talking to him. So, he gets automatically engaged.

How to do it?

The simplest way is to use calling exclamations like Hey. Use I and You also gives the sense of talk.

22. Put Yourself in the Reader’s Shoes.

Put yourself in the reader’s shoes in the sense that the reader should feel that the writer has written it, especially for him. The reader should feel that you are the person amongst them. Then only they will get sucked into your content. 

How to do it?

One way I just told you; is the previous tip. Secondly, be a reader of your own content and see whether you are getting connected or not. Else, if you can have any true reader friends then well and good. But, beware of fake suggestors.

23. Avoid Stinging Reader’s Feelings.

This one thing is for sure to remember. Always write in a positive and affirmative way. Presenting the point in a negative way to the readers; hurts their inner-self and demotivates them. They feel that what they want, they won’t get it from your content. So, they won’t read.

For Example:

In the above tip, I would have said that if are using too many ‘to be’ verbs, your writing is childish. By saying this, I am actually hurting the beginners. Some may think that if it is so then this blog is not for them. And without reading further they may leave. 

How to do it?

For this, you can use positive and affirmative sentences. Use the antonym of the negative expression and make it positive. 

Like, rather than telling you ‘ Don’t sting the reader’s feelings; I am telling you,’ Avoid stinging reader’s feelings’ This “Don’t” creates a stinging question in the reader’s mind as “ Am I that much bad to sting other’s feelings? Really?”  

24. Make it Attractive.

This English writing tip is simply what we use to do in our hand-written school projects. If more people are attracted, more are the chances to get it read.

How to do it? 

Pictures talk more than words. So, you can attract the readers by adding appropriate pictures. If you are writing on systems then you can also add videos. 

Besides visual attraction, you can mingle a small story or humor. Also, you can ask a question in the beginning or add some catchy lines…. Whatever! Ping your imagination here!

25. Proofread and Edit.

And the cherry on the top is proofreading and editing. It is the last but most important step and English writing tip as well. 

How to do it? 

Simply read thoroughly twice or thrice as per your confidence level. While reading only, you will be able to understand not only the mistakes but also the reader’s point of view.

Accordingly, you have to make changes to the content and edit it.

Summing Up

It is quoted that, “All good writing is swimming underwater and holding your breath.”  

Yes, agreed! Just like to be a good swimmer one needs practice and some tips, the same is for writing. And everyone wants to improve!

I hope all the above-stated English writing tips will be helpful to scale up your writing. Furthermore, you can also use these tips as your checklist to see which tips you are already following and where to edit and improve. 


On this note, I will take a leave. Best wishes and Happy Writing!!


1. What are the types of English Writing?

Ans. Creative Writing, Content Writing, Technical Writing, and Medical

2. I have learned in vernacular medium. Still, can I be a good English writer?

Ans. Yes! Why not? With proper guidance and practice, you will be confident enough to write in English. After that, to be a good writer, you just need to improve.  

3. I don’t understand what to write daily. What should I do?

Ans. You can write about any silly thing around you; a toy, a pen, a mobile, the room where you are sitting….anything at all.

4. I am not that good at English grammar. Still, can I be a good English writer?

Ans. Yes! Of Course!! Will will find a way. Moreover, you master at least basic English grammar and start writing. When you will be confident enough and as per your writing needs, you can slowly master the rest of the grammar. That’s it!


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