In the Digital world data is an essential tool for every company.  Data plays a bigger role in business strategy and decision-making. Data analysis tools are needed in every corporation and data analysis in various ways to help business development.

There are Various tools have been in data analysis and those can help predict the market situation, let see about the different types of data analysis tools. 

20 Data Analysis Tools in 2024

data analysis tools

1.  Tableau


The business intelligence agency uses Tableau as a powerful way to fast data visualization. Tableau has plenty of key features as follows: the use of interactive dashboards and a powerful way to visualize the data. A drag-and-drop interface that helps to interface the dividing dashboards, and an advanced way of data analyses on real-time data analysis. This tool helps to create reports and analyze business data. Tableau tools are used in the sales and marketing department to analyze customer data to increase sales growth.

2. Apache Park 

It is an open-source computer framing work. This tool helps with data processing on entire data analysis at the fastest level. The Apache Park tool has various types of features; this calculates the fastest way of data analysis, is easily usable for data analysts, helps the different kinds of departments, and is automatically adjustable for data errors during the analysis. a better way to calculate the collection of data. 

This tool is widely used in finance, retail, healthcare, telecommunications, and social media to analyze huge data.

3. Power BI

A Microsoft corporation developed the Power BI tool and the main aim of this tool is the business intelligence and visualization of the data. Hence the organizations get an understanding of the database, spreadsheets, and clouds. This tool also helps to analyze the data in fast and efficient ways. The key features of Power BI are data connectivity, data modeling, visualization, and data collaboration with other data sources. Power BI tools are used in retail industries to analyze sales data and healthcare sectors.  

4. SAS (Statistical Analysis System)

The SAS Statistical Analysis System is among the best analytical tools in various fields. The SAS Institute develop this tool for data management, statistical analysis, machine learning, data visualization, and business intelligence. This tool is applied for Risk management, fraud detection, credit scoring, regulating the problem of finance industries, scientific research analysis, and drug development in medical industries.

5. Python

Nowadays most companies use Python for data development.  This is the top-rated data analytical tool for business development. Python tool gives a simple way to develop the data analysis, automate work, and maintain more databases. This tool has libraries like Pandas and Numpy for data analysis. This tool applied for data extraction predicts the marketing situation of finance and retail industries and helps to develop AI tools.


This tool is an open-source application, you can easily access it to create the database wisely and maintain the data visually. Knime tool has plenty of features for analyzing the data: visual workflow design, integration of tools and libraries, data processing, machine learning, and predictive analysis. This tool is applied in pharma industry data analysis. finding the marketing strategy use of data analysis, and risk analysis for the financial sector.

7. QlikView

This is the business intelligence tool in one of the best data analytical tools. This data visualization tool helps users analyze data from various sources. This data integration tool faster way to process the memory data. QlikView has the feature of associating the data model, interactive dashboards, and data collaboration and sharing. This tool is functional in supply chain and logistics operations.

8. R Language

The R language is one of the most powerful data analysis tools.  This tool helps to analyze the data using statistical computing and graphics. This tool is widely familiar among statistical experts and data analysts for the use of analyzing the database. This language has a data analytical toolkit. This tool commits to analyze the data for the bio-chemical field, financial, and academic research.

9. Excel

Excel is the best data analysis tool from Microsoft Corporation.  This tool had a spreadsheet of different calculating functions, charts, and graphics and the VBA Visual Basic Applications. The features of Excel are powerful data analysis and VBA. this tool helps create financial reports, inventory management, and project management. 

10. Google Analytics

Google created this Google Analytics tool and this tool helps for monitoring website traffic, and web traffic behavior analysis. This tool also provides the features of audience segmentation, E-commerce tracking, and goal tracking.  Applications of Google Analytics are website performance optimization, digital marketing and advertising analysis, and website trafficking analysis. 

11. Jupyter Notebook

Jupyter Notebook is an open-source application of data analytical tools.  This application helps to make and share documents and also has codes, functions, data visualizations, and explanatory text. The features of this tool support over 40 other programming languages, including Python and R. interactive data visualizations, and help to create Easy-to-share reports. This tool is used for the educational purposes of data science and machine learning courses.

12. RapidMiner

RabidMiner uses extensive data science programming to create databases. This tool also helps with visual workflow design, Machine Learning, data preparation and transformation, and interactive visualization and interpretation. The applications of RapidMiner are customer analytics, predictive maintenance, and fraud detection.

13. Apache Hadoop

This is an open source and free usable tool for comprehensive works like framework and it is specially designed for better storage for processing data. The Apache Hadoop had the unique feature of distributing the storage for a huge amount of statistical data. Hence this specialty helps to tolerate errors, and store and handle the high level of database. The application of Apache Hadoop for big data processing and even help for cybersecurity. 

14. Looker

Looker is a big data analytical tool and business intelligence tool.  Most ongoing companies use the Looker tool for studying the market situation to make a decision. This tool collects the records in different ways like exploring, examining, and visualizing correctly. Looker has several features like data exploration, modeling, visualization, governance, security, and embedded analytics. The big companies analyze their huge data for the use of the looker tool for operation analysis. 

15. Talend

Talend tool is an open-source tool for data integration to create the right database. This tool manages data and collaborates with various systems and platforms. Talend tool offers data integration, data quality tools, data governance, cloud data integrations, and real-time data incorporation.  In the real-world application of Talend are data warehousing processes, data migration, and master data management.

16. TensorFlow

This is the free source of applications for numerical computing analysis. The machine language and neural network research use the TensorFlow tool. This tool features to support deep learning and machine learning models. In addition to a highly flexible system for numerical computation with draw flow graphs.  The TensorFlow tool has many uses in real time like image and voice recognition, text-based applications, and predictive analysis. 

17. SPSS

This tool for highly flexible and user-friendly for data scientists and this is the software for statistical evaluation and data control. SPSS helps with easy reading and interpreting statistics. The key features of SPSS are data management and statistical analysis. predictive analysis, and integration with other software. SPSS especially for the social science research analysis of the survey data and analyzing the financial data, forecasting sales. 

18. IBM Cognos

IBM Cognos is an inclusive software for business intelligence and data analysis. It helps non-technical employers easily access, analyze, and compile reports from corporate data. Cognos has the features of advanced analytics with interactive dashboards, automated report generation, and scheduling. Cognos helps to apply performance management and benchmarking, financial and operational reporting, and sales and market analysis.

19. Pandas

Pandas is an open-source tool of supports the Python library. Moreover, this Pandas tool is similar likes to SQL table or spreadsheet. The key features of the Pandas tool were a data frame, data manipulation, data cleaning, time series analysis, and data visualizations. Finance, health care, and scientific research fields use the Pandas for data analyses.


MongoDB is an open software designed by the NoSQL database for easy programming and calculation. The key features are high performance with indexing and replication of a flexible document-based data model. This tool applies to building web applications and services and storing and processing big data.

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Those are the top 20 data analysis tools are greatest data analysis tools for 2024. I hope you all understand about those tools. Those tools are very essential to build your data analysts career. Nowadays most corporations need employees, who have a masters in those tools. 

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1. What are data analyzing tools?

Ans. The tools of computer applications can be used to analyze, calculate, and integrate the database.

2. What is Excel VBA?

Ans. Visual Basic Application called VBA is used in MS Excel for analyzing and maintaining data.

3. How I learned these tools?

Ans. There are many institutes here to provide the data analysis tools course. You join and learn about those applications.

4. Which is the tool for the beginner level?

Ans. S Excel, Python, and R are the beginner-level tools.

5. If I learn this tool can I get a job?

Ans. Yes, if you can master any one of the tools, and you get a job.

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