In today’s world, English is the language for international communication, media, and digital platforms. If you are looking for a job opportunity abroad or want to explore the world, English is the most common language used for communication. English can help you to progress in your life personally as well as professionally.

Many countries do not have English as a primary language and widely spoken, that is why they have included English in their school’s curriculum and start learning English at a younger age. In these countries, there is a huge demand for skilled and experienced English teachers.

There is more opportunity for native speakers from the United States of America, Australia, United Kingdom, Canada, New Zealand, Ireland, etc. to teach English online. TEFL (Teaching English as a foreign language) online course is an internationally certified qualification for the tutors to teach English on digital and non-digital platforms all across the globe.

Massachusetts is a constituent state of the United State of America and it is the state of English native speakers. The TEFL certification course companies in Massachusetts are growing rapidly and open the door for native speaker tutors. Massachusetts state is the popular destination for learning and teaching TEFL courses.

While choosing the best TEFL online certification course in Massachusetts, you have to do some research work and make sure that the course which is offered by the companies has appropriate credentials and accreditations. Also, you should confirm the job assurance from the TEFL institute.


Authentic accreditation of the TEFL online course has a great value to get a proficient job in a reputed organization who will check your accreditation along with your certification. You should also review the testimonials, feedback from the TEFL institute which was shared by the alumnus.

As indicated by the worldwide norm, the length of the course would be at least 100-150 hours of scholarly coursework and 6 to 20 hours of live teaching training to the ESL students. The expense ranges from $500 to $1500 according to the coursework, practical learnings, and job opportunities.

The educator of the best TEFL certification online course in Massachusetts has a rewarding experience and domain expertise. The tutor of the TEFL institute provides practical training along with theoretical knowledge.

The best TEFL certification course institute of Massachusetts provides support for an internship, job opportunities, and placements. Before enrolling for the TEFL certification online course, review their website, ratings and attend their orientations which will help you to choose the right institute for the best TEFL certification course.

I will provide readers with the top 10 best TEFL certification online courses in Massachusetts

  1. Henry Harvin Education
  2. International TEFL and TESOL Training (ITTT)
  3. Greenheart Travel
  4. ITP Language Connections
  5. Bridge TEFL
  6. Robertson center for intercultural leadership (CIL)
  7. Teach away
  8. Boston TEFL Classes
  9. JVS
  10. Teaching house TESOL/TEFL Certification

The parameters for selecting the best TEFL certification online course is mentioned below:

  1. Authentic credentials and Accreditations 
  2. TEFL course duration
  3. TEFL course modules
  4. TEFL course benefits
  5. TEFL proficient educator
  6. Job support from TEFL institute
  7. TEFL course institute’s website and address

1. Henry Harvin Education

Henry Harvin Education is the number #1 ranking institute for the best TEFL certification online course. It has AAEFL (American Association of EFL), the highest standard accreditation around the globe.

Henry Harvin offers 120 hours of online learnings which accentuation 13-course modules like English language teaching skills, teaching process, phonetics, pronunciation, English grammar, vocabulary, English reading, speaking, writing, curriculum planning, managing class environment, digital technology for teaching, business English, etc. 

Henry Harvin’s TEFL certification course has an affordable fee with astound benefits like free access to Henry Harvin LMS platform, lifelong support, and accreditation. It helps you to enhance confidence with its unique and original lesson plan, class, and time management techniques, and so on.

Henry Harvin has proficient and AAEFL trained teachers who understand the learner’s psychology, develop the capabilities to think out of the box, and innovative ways to connect with the students. They nurture the most effective teaching skills and methodologies. 

Henry Harvin has a partnership with ministries of education, private schools, universities, and international schools across the globe. Qualified TEFL tutor from Henry Harvin get access to

these ministries. All the job opportunities at Henry Harvin are respectable, qualitative, and highly paid. Henry Harvin has boundless job opportunities from all over the world like Asia, Europe, South America, Africa, etc. 

To fulfill your dreams to teach English abroad, there are 6 steps which Henry Harvin Education can accomplish:

  1. Explore the different countries
  2. TEFL certification
  3. Visa support
  4. Accept the job as per your choice
  5. Aboard the flight


Address: 355, Serrano Drive, CA-94132, United States-85253

Email Id: [email protected] 


2. International TEFL and TESOL Training (ITTT)

ITTT has its own embossed TEFL certification with a unique number on it which is globally recognized by the employer or government department through the ITTT website. TEFL certification course is affiliated by Lamer University (USA), the Paris college of international education (France), and Siam technology college (Thailand).

ITTT offers different types of courses from Basic to Advance levels. There are TEFL online course, in-class courses, combined courses, online course bundles, specialized courses, teaching practice, and teaching English online.

The duration of the course starts from 220 hours (120 hours with tutor and video + 50 hours in business English +50 hours in teaching English to the young learner) to 550 hours of the expert package (120hours with tutors and video + 50 hours teaching business English + 50 hours teaching English to young learners + 50 hours teaching English online +250 hours TESOL diploma +30 hours certificate of teaching practice recognition)

ITTT charges fees in the range between US$349 to US$999 from 120 hours to 550 hours of learning. The curriculum of all the courses are well designed and as per industry standard terminology.

ITTT tutors of the TEFL certification course are native speakers, internationally qualified, and well experienced in the teaching field. They can understand the pedagogy, psychology of the students, classroom management, tactics, and problem-solving attitude.

ITTT has no direct affiliation with company bodies and institutes for providing job opportunities and placement. But global job opportunity links are available on their web

the portal which can be accessible to those who have done the TEFL certification course from ITTT.


Call in USA or Canada: 1 800 490 0531

Email Id:  [email protected]


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3. Greenheart Travel

Greenheart Travel offers a TEFL certification course all across the globe for those who want to explore the world and love to interact with different cultured people.

Greenheart Travel has certified TEFL course accreditation from TQUK (Training qualification the UK) and recognized and awarded by Ofqual. Ofqual is a British body, responsible for monitoring and maintaining the educational standard.

Greenheart Travel offers 11 weeks course i.e. 12 to 15 hours per week. There are 150 hours of online theoretical learning and 20 hours of students teaching training. Practical training will be with a group of 20 students which gives teaching exposure.

The module of the course covers teaching methodology, English language speaking, listening, writing, student teaching, classroom management, child psychology, pedagogy, lesson planning, etc.

Greenheart Travel conducts a TEFL certification course across the globe like Italy, Japan, Spain, Argentina, Costa Rica, and the Czech Republic. The tutors of Greenheart Travel are native speakers, well qualified, domain experts, and well experienced in the teaching field.


Address: 200/W, Superior Street, Suite 300, Chicago, IL 60654


4. ITP Language Connections

ITP provides a part-time and full-time TEFL Certification course. ITP has a license from the Massachusetts government division of professional licensure to operate as a private occupational school and offer accreditation TEFL certification in MA.

The duration of the TEFL certification course is 120 hours of class time spread over four weeks. TEFL certification cost ranges from $1000 to $2000 which is affordable.

ITP Language Connections provide hands-on experience to the tutor and allow teaching students. It provides 6 hours of classroom teaching experience and it also provides internship opportunities.

There will be no support in terms of placement and job opportunities. They do not have any collaboration with the colleges, institutes, and universities. But TEFL certification issued by ITP Language connection has weightage for applying in universities across the globe.


Address: 2001, Beacon street, suite 105, Boston, MA 02135


5. Bridge TEFL

Bridger TEFL has ACCET (US department of education) accreditation and is credited and recommended by ACE (American Council of Education). It provides offline as well as an online TEFL certification course. It is one of the best TEFL certification online courses in Denver.

Bridge TEFL offers three types of courses 1) International TEFL/TESOL certificate 2) Specialized TEFL certification in teaching English online 3) Other specialized certificate courses. Bridge TEFL has well qualified, trained, and experienced teachers who impart their knowledge through an online platform.

  1. The module of International TEFL/TESOL certification has 100 hours of a professional certificate, 120 hours of the master certificate, 150 hours of TEFL Diploma. There are 13 modules that cover English teaching, reading, writing, grammar, video tutorial, assignments, etc. and it will teach Advance level as the number of hours increases. The course fees are in the range between US$325 to US$1000 (as per hours of learnings)
  • The module of specialized TEFL certification in teaching English online has 60 hours of foundation in teaching English, 60 hours of advance level teaching English, 120 hours of teaching English with the certificate, 180 hours of teaching English with certificate and practicum learning, 210 hours of English certification cum Practicum includes 30 hours of teaching English as a freelancer. The course fees are in the range between US$200 to US$500 (as per hours of learnings)
  • The module of other specialized certification course has 60 hours of foundation in teaching English online, 60 hours of advance level teaching English, 30 hours of teaching English as a freelancer, 60 hours of practicum in English teaching, 60 hours of teaching English to young learners, 60 hours of teaching English to teenagers, 40 hours of teaching business English, 60 hours of teaching English in English, 40 hours of designing custom course, 40 hours of English grammar, 20 hours of guided teaching practicum. The course fees are in the range between US$150 to US$ 250 (as per hours of learnings)

Bridge TEFL has collaborated with universities, colleges, and corporations for teaching English online. So, Bridge TEFL provides job opportunities and internship opportunities to their learners.


Address: 225 East, 16th Avenue, Suite 120, Denver, C0 80203 


6. Robertson center for intercultural leadership (CIL)

CIL offers 120 hours of learning and provides 100% online and self-paced TEFL Certification course. TEFL certification course is run in with partnership with Teach Away, an international education company.

The curriculum is designed with 19 modules like components of language, the role of teacher, class management, effective classroom skills and management, reading, listening, writing, grammar, speaking, resources, games and materials, vocabulary & pronunciation, humans and culture, diver tools and so on.

The TEFL online course fees are $ 1095 and the duration of the TEFL course is 6 to 12 weeks with 2-3 hours a day. 

CIL does not have collaboration with any government body or university. So, placement and job opportunities are not available with this institute.


Address: International House of UC Berkeley, 2299 Piedmont Avenue, Berkeley CA 94720-2320

7. Teach away

Teach away has partnered with a North American educational institute (the University of Toronto and International house Berkeley for the TEFL accreditation. It is a 100% online TEFL certification course that has recognition all across the globe.

Teach away offers three types of course modules:

  1.  The 100 hours of TEFL course has six modules: Introduction of English Teaching, English Language skills, adapting subject-specific content, Lesson planning and delivery, managing teaching environment, resources, and study material. The course fees are US$995.
  • 120 hours of TEFL course have advance level of six modules: Introduction of English Teaching, English Language skills, adapting subject-specific content, Lesson planning and delivered, managing the teaching environment, resources and study material, and two specialization subjects. The course fees are US$1295.
  • 150 hours of TEFL course which have Advance level of eight modules: Introduction of English Teaching, English Language skills, adapting subject-specific content, Lesson planning and delivery, managing teaching environment, resources and study material, digital technology in the classroom, centered lesson and two specialization subjects. The course fees are US$1495.

Teach away has spent over 10 years of training and teaching. Teach away provides job opportunities from different parts of the world like Asia, Europe, the Middle East, South America, Africa, etc.


Address: Dover, USA


8. Boston TEFL Classes

Boston TEFL classes are a non-profit initiative of the AES world languages and cultural institutes. The course fee is affordable and partnership with the universities and corporate.

Boston TEFL classes offer 85 hours of coursework which includes 48 hours of theoretical learnings, teaching skills, and practices, and 37 hours of writing skills, lesson plans, designing activities, class meetings, and completion of homework. The course fees are US$500.

Rest 25 hours of practicum learning where 16 hours for online teaching to actual ESL students and 10 hours of live teaching to ESL students. Boston TEFL Classes provides individual training support and job opportunities throughout the course.

Boston TEFL classes have 9 modules:

  1. Writing an effective lesson plan
  2. Strategies for teaching grammar
  3. Designing interactive activities
  4. Linguistic topics
  5. Cultural learning
  6. Conducting assessments
  7. Classroom Management
  8. American English
  9. Knowledge about TEFL hiring and job opportunities

Boston TEFL classes provide support with writing resumes, preparing for an interview, evaluating, and potential opportunities across the globe.


Address: 90, canal street, 4th floor, Boston, MA 20114

Email Id: [email protected]

9. JVS

JVS Boston is a non-profit company that runs a TEFL online certification course for over 40 years. They have well qualified and experienced teachers all across the globe to teach English on the digital platform.

JVS offers TEFL certification Online Course in the 12 weeks of the program for 10 hours per week. It offers 40 hours of classroom learnings and 80 hours of guided and lesson planning. JVS has the option of classroom learning as well as online learning depending upon the learners.

The TEFL online course fees are US$2250. The criteria for enrolling in the TEFL course with JVS are a Bachelor’s degree from a recognized university.

JVS TEFL certification course has well design curriculum mentioned below:

  1. English grammar foundation
  2. Teaching theory
  3. Communicative language teaching
  4. Practical skills for teaching English
  5. Lesson planning
  6. Effective activity based teaching planning
  7. Curriculum designing

JVS provides job opportunities, internships, and volunteering opportunities to those who have done the TEFL course from their organization.


Address: 75, Federal street, 3rd floor, Boston, MA 02110


10. Teaching house TESOL/TEFL Certification

Teaching house TESOL/TEFL Certification course is developed and designed by CELTA (Cambridge Assessment English Certificate). It has universal recognition while indulging in the English teaching profession at different universities, schools, and corporates.

Teaching house TESOL/TEFL Certification course offers 140 hours of learning which includes theoretical as well as practical learnings. The criteria for enrolling for a TEFL certification online course are 18+ years of age and require secondary education.

Teaching house TESOL/TEFL Certification course provides workshops, demos, collaborative sessions, teaching process practices, teaching real students in the live and authentic teaching situation.


Address: 1, South market street, suite 4136, Boston MA 021090



I hope, all the above information will give you an idea of selecting the best TEFL certification online course in Massachusetts. After glancing at all the company’s website and supporting reference material of the TEFL online certification course in Massachusetts, Henry Harvin Education is one of the best and ranking #1 institutes all across the globe which provides you the authentic accreditations, coursework, and job support. The TEFL certification course can change your life personally as well as professionally. The certified TEFL educator can change the life of students by imparting their knowledge all across the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

Explain the difference between TEFL, TESOL, and TESL?

The acronym of TEFL is Teaching English as a Foreign Language), TESOL is Teaching English to speakers of other languages, and TESL in Teaching English as a second language). In practical terms, these three acronyms applied for teaching English abroad. The purpose is teaching the English language to non-native speakers all across the globe at all levels i.e. students, adults, teenager, professionals, etc

Are there any TEFL levels to become a qualified tutor?

A TEFL certification online course has three types of levels. No level, Level 3 and Level 5, to become the best TEFL certified trainer. It qualifies them to prepare the curriculum and a good opportunity to earn extra dollars in the teaching field.

Who can join the TEFL online course?

TEFL online course can be joined by anyone who would like to ponder in a teaching career. There are no specific age models or a specific instructive foundation needed to enlist for this course. Any specialized or business foundation individuals can change their field and abide in this field. This course is beneficial for those who would like to explore the different cultures of people, different places, and work from home. 

Do I need to native English speaker?

The requirement for TEFL jobs across the globe depends upon country to country and few countries demand English native speakers for teaching English.

Is it possible to take the TEFL course online as well as in person?

TEFL courses are available online as well as in person. But due to the current pandemic Covid 19, all the TEFL courses are conducted online and it will be great for the learner to study in your own space and schedule to learn and teach English.

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