Are you super bored during the summers? Do you want to do something productive that you can also add to your profile?


Well, then you’ve chosen the correct blog because here I will tell you about the perfect thing for you to do during summer – join a summer school!

What is a summer school and why should you join one?

You probably know that summer school refers to the classes that students take during the summer, outside of the regular school year. Summer school are often classes done through your high school, at a community college or local university, or through a program that includes classes, such as a summer camp. It provides a focused academic environment with smaller classes and fewer learning hours. Because the duration of the study is restricted, teachers usually set very precise study goals.

Top 10 Summer Schools in Washington

Washington is a lovely place filled with young students and a number of sublime schools. So, it can be confusing to choose a school to go to and build a new exposure. But worry not, because after reading this blog, you’ll know just which school you want to enroll in!

1.Henry Harvin Summer School Academy

Henry Harvin is an education brand that offers classroom or online classes for numerable courses. it also offers internships to students.

One of the best courses offered by it is the teen MBA course. This program is suitable for students of standard VIII-XII. Through this program, the student learns to improve their presentation and creativity skills.

Some of the courses provided –

  • Analytics Academy
  • Content Academy
  • Finance Academy
  • Law Academy
  • Management Academy

Course Link –

Also Check the Review of Henry Harvin Teen MBA Program

2. Lake Washington School District

Lake Washington School District is located between Lake Washington and the Cascade Mountains. The school offers various summer programs for students of all age groups.

Some of the programs for high school students are enlisted here-

  • High school accelerated summer math program
  • FuelEd Program
  • English learner program
  • Career and Technical Education (WANIC)

Course Link –

Lake Washington School District

3. Cascade Public School

Cascade Public School believes that all students are capable of success, and is committed to helping all students achieve their dreams. The school’s approach towards the students is centered on interdisciplinary learning, mentorship, and individualized preparation for college and career. It also offers summer internship programs for students.

Make sure to check it out!

Course Link –

4. Summer Academy Online

Summer Academy Online gives intellectually curious students the opportunity to pursue their passions and study with experts in the fields of journalism, media, politics, technology, arts, culture, sports, business, fashion, and more.

It offers various fascinating courses which are led by a professional faculty.

Some of the courses are-

  • Diverse Voices in Reporting
  • Inside the UN
  • Pop Music as Art & Business
  • Writing for Television

and many more! 

Course Link –

5. Brown University

Brown University offers pre-college summer programs for high school students. It has a pre-baccalaureate program, a STEM program for 9th and 10th graders, and environmental leadership programs to name a few. 

This ought to be unlike any stop on your journey!

Course Link –

Brown University logo

6. Stanford High School Summer College

Stanford is offering online-only summer courses that you can take from anywhere! These courses focus on providing intensive academic experiences for high school students in environments that promote creativity and collaboration with other students and instructors.

Students have to choose one specific course, and applications are reviewed for that course. 

Course Link –

7. Harvard University

Harvard has two options for high school students. One is a two-week non-credit experience called the Pre-College Program, while the other is a seven-week Secondary School program that allows students to earn credit for classes taken.

Course Link –

8. University of Washington

Summer Quarter at the University of Washington offers an enormous variety of courses and #— more than 1,000 courses in more than 100 fields of study. No matter what your goals or interests are, you’ll find a program or class to meet your needs and spark your interest to keep learning.

Course Link –

9. Washington University in St. Louis

They offer courses and programs for students of all ages and objectives. Summer courses are scheduled both during the day and during the evening, in-person and online, over five different sessions that run between the end of May and the middle of August.

Course Link –

10. K12 International Academy

K12 Academy gives you a great opportunity over the summer to catch up, get ahead, try a new language, or explore electives so that you can start the next school year strong.

They offer 20-day courses on a number of topics like World History, Algebra, Geometry, Veterinary Science, and many more. 

Course Link –

Some Tips for Summer School

Here are some tips to for an exciting summer school experience –

  1. Set your goals right.
  2. Don’t miss any class.
  3. Prepare for interactive learning
  4. Have fun! 


The perfect way for high school students to spend their summer is by enrolling in Summer School. But remember, let loose and enjoy!

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