The most cheerful months of the year when students have all the time in the world to have fun and enjoy themselves happen to be the most valuable months as well. Students have access to amazing opportunities to work on themselves during the summer holidays and learn new skills. It is a period of time when they can absorb so much knowledge apart from their traditional curriculum in schools. Most summer schools offer a variety of courses that cover a wide latitude of subjects. The average duration of such a course is around four to six weeks. With that being said, the following is a list comprising of the 10 best summer schools in Italy.

1.Henry Harvin Summer School Academy


If you can see dreams, you can dare to achieve them. Showing faith in yourself and striving for your aim will help you to reach the epitome of success. The prominent segment is, you should select the best academy. Now your wait is over if you are perplexed while choosing the Teen MBA Academy.

An exotic journey of Teen MBA course from Henry Harvin

  • Henry Harvin is one of the most iconic organisations in Italy. According to the learner perspective, it is the best learning platform for many courses. Henry Harvin assures grand success in business. It is among the top ten summer schools in Italy that can mould you from an amateur to an expert in the business world. 
  • Henry Harvin gives you the new methodology of the learning process. Business case studies are the reflection of real business. Different case studies are analysed to comprehend business studies in an in-depth manner. Henry Harvin owns fresh study materials and well-trained instructors.
  • They provide a conducive learning environment for our learners. The participants are motivated to expedite their efforts and given a clear picture of the business education.
  • Henry Harvin offers other courses such as content writing, technical writing, digital marketing, and medical writing etc which can enrich your summer holidays.

Content writing course helps us to write content effectively. It improves your writing skill. Henry Harvin provides the best platform to write effectively. Henry Harvin helps you to augment your performance in the writing field. It provides you with the best platform for a content writing course. They provide an internship programme for content writers to enhance their prowess in writing.

Digital marketing course is an emerging field. A fair amount of people are interested in completing this course. Henry Harvin gives you the best opportunity to advent your career and achieves success in digital marketing. 

Technical writing course is specific for every company. We need to know the technicality behind the trade. Henry Harvin helps you to get a foothold in technical writing. You can thrive in your career as you will be writing from your technical erudition. Give a perfect way to your career with Henry Harvin.

Medical writing course helps you to comprehend medical terminology.

The Medical writing course helps you to get a better understanding of pharmaceutical regulatory writing as well as medico-marketing writing. Boost up your confidence and build up a scientific approach. Be ready to become a certified medical writer with Henry Harvin.

Henry Harvin also provide these Courses

Junior MBA course

Business Accounting and Taxation course

Data Science Course

Business Analyst course

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2-University of Pisa Summer Winter Schools & Foundation Course

University of pisa

-University of Pisa Summer – Winter Schools & Foundation Course

The Summer School is a Landscape Design Workshop, planned for investigating the unpredictable connections between the built environment and the water, in its broadest significance of ecological resources, and in this way including ocean side, waterways, lakes and water resources . Understudies will be occupied with the advancement of a venture on a Tuscan contextual investigation, with the help of educators and guides of the University of Pisa and visiting teachers of other national and worldwide colleges. 

3. Italian Artistic Restoration Summer Course

Accademia di Belle Arti Aldo Galli – IED Network

Through the two week summer course that Accademia di Belle Arti ‘Aldo Galli’ offers, you have the chance to figure out how to give new life to artistic creations on canvas and on wood, as per the standards of contemporary reclamation. Its for 2 weeks 

4. Summer Course in Fashion Design

Accademia del Lusso-Milan, Italy

An escalated course that means to give essential information and strategies of the procedures engaged with Fashion Design. .The contents of the singular weeks are developed as independent units; therefore students can buy and attend single weeks according to the contents, their level of knowledge, and their needs. Its a 4 week course 

5. Summer Course in Interior and Showroom Design

IED – Istituto Europeo di Design Milan

Milan, Italy The course introduces the Italian design industry and current trends in interior design to enable students to develop the skills necessary to produce layouts for high-level showrooms and shops with an essential expressive value. Its a 3 week course

6. Summer Course in Car Design – An introduction

IED – Istituto Europeo di Design Torino

Turin, a city with a unique charm, a world-class benchmark for a new culture of food and research into environmental sustainability, is the centre of excellence and innovation in the automotive field. In this context, in line with the themes that characterize the knowledge and research of the territory, IED Turin offers you an education path, lasting three weeks, which is designed to make your curriculum more competitive, enriching it with new skills.

7. Summer Course Contemporary Art and Architecture in Venice

IED – Istituto Europeo di Design Venice

IED – Istituto Europeo di Design Venice

The course in Contemporary Art and Architecture in Venice: the Biennale Exhibition offers the opportunity to live and fully experience the event, providing the students with the appropriate reading keys to understand the relation between Architecture and Contemporary Art, through visits to the main art institutions and meetings with professionals operating in this market and system. Its for 2 weeks 

8. Summer School on International Trade Law

European University of Rome

European University of Rome

EUR Summer School aims to provide a wide and in-depth understanding of the legal implications of the most relevant issues of international trade both on a substantial and procedural perspective. The program combines high-level lectures and professionalizing training offered by professors, lawyers, managers and experts operating in the international markets. Its for 2 weeks 

9. Fashion Design and Pattern Making Summer Course

Istituto Modartech

Istituto Modartech

In this intensive two-week course, you will learn about traditional and innovative garment design methods with a creative and laboratory approach and how to create patterns for several types of garments.

10. Summer Courses in American Law in Rome

Temple University Beasley School of Law

The U.S. and EU form the world’s largest combined GDP, offering many legal job opportunities for those legal practitioners who have study abroad experience and international law course background. Philadelphia and other regional legal markets are no exception, where many employers value and come to expect international legal expertise. Studying in Temple’s Rome summer program will increase your competency in international law and job and networking opportunities.


Italy has some of the best summer schools in the world that offer a wide range of courses for personal development and improving skills in any particular subject. Students from all around the globe travel to Italy to get an immersive experience by closely studying and working with faculties and students of different cultures and backgrounds. Italy being one of the most culturally rich heritage provides students with an opportunity to learn about many cultural differences. Courses as such impart essential life skills to students along with practical knowledge of the subjects and a newfound respect for different people and cultures.

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