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What is Project Management?

Projects are pre-defined outcomes that we aim to achieve by following a series of processes/tasks. A Project outcome can also be a tangible target or result, which can not be measured easily. The success of a project is highly dependent on the planning and the execution of the tasks.

In any organization, it is essential to streamline a project’s work processes and optimize the use of the company’s resources- such as finance, manpower, and time.  Although organizations consciously try to follow practices to ensure the success of a project, they might unknowingly create hindrances in their own path. Here is where a professional for Project Management is essential in an organization.

A Project Management Professional or PMP applies the practices, methods, and various management skills towards the successful achievement of a project or target within the defined time span.  The processes are usually short term but the series of tasks are repetitive for each project in an organization.

If you are curious to know a few more details about Project Management and the related PMP certification online, browse through the FAQs given below.

Why to study project management?

Since Project Management is more specialized than general management and has major challenges, it is important to understand the techniques involved in the successful completion of a project in an organization.

There are two categories of Project Management Courses;

  • Certification Courses  that provide general training for people interested in directly pursuing Project Management as a career without certification
  • Courses that follow a structured curriculum as per PMBOK guidelines to help you prepare for the PMP Certification online exams.

The PMP certification requires an in-depth understanding of 5 process groups (with 49 processes) and 10 knowledge areas.

5 Process Groups of PMP
5 Process Groups of PMP
10 Knowledge Areas of PMP

In this article, I will focus on the various learning platforms that provide a PMP course online and in Coimbatore. All the course providers are registered with PMI and offer the required 35 contact hours for the PMP certification online.

#1 Henry Harvin Education PMP Course

Henry Harvin is a leading provider of courses related to skill development and industry-relevant higher education. The organization has certified PMP trainers with over 10 years of industry experience. The PMP course online by Henry Harvin also includes 9 case studies and industry examples.  Besides a competitive PMP certification online course, Henry Harvin also offers an internship program with live projects.

Henry Harvin PMP online course features

#2 Simplilearn

One of the best overall PMP certification online training organizations, Simplilearn provides a learning platform with an emphasis on business and strategic knowledge.  Founded in 2009, the organization includes various categories of PMP course online:

  • A self-paced PMP certification online course with access to the learning management system(LMS)
  • A blended course with an experienced instructor in addition to the online LMS
  • Courses aimed at corporate employees with a higher degree of customization

The PMP course online includes 8 industry case studies and mock tests according to the PMBOK guidelines. All the courses provide 24/7 learner assistance.

Simplilearn PMP course features

#3 BrainSensei

BrainSensei employs one of the most innovative approaches to a PMP course online. The learning platform uses an engaging and interactive story-telling (set in feudal Japan) method to explain the techniques of project management. The course includes 13 case studies or storyline challenges, as they like to call them. BrainSensei has a strong doubt-clearing network for the candidates, which includes support through a Facebook group and reminder emails. Their PMP certification course online boasts of a 100% pass guarantee.

The upside of BrainSensei is the highly interactive course content to ensure a person is engaged throughout. However, the downside is that the animated characters instead of a real-life instructor are throughout the PMP course online modules, which might be irksome for persons who do not relate to fictional characters and find it difficult to concentrate while learning. The time duration of 2 months makes it a quick but extensive PMP certification online course.

BrainSensei PMP course features

#4 PM PrepCast

PM PrepCast offers a wide range of educational training content as part of its PMP course online. You can access the videos through any internet device such as a tablet, laptop, computer, or smartphone. The videos are downloadable to enable an easy, relaxed mode of learning. PrepCast’s learning platform encourages understanding of the concepts through the 50 hours of videos that behave as a portable personal coach. The PMP course online is not only economical on your pocket but on your time as well since it lets you learn anywhere, anytime, and accessible from a range of devices. The general time duration of the self-paced PMP certification online course is 3 months.

PM PrepCast has 3 options for the PMP course online:

  • PM PrepCast Basic- only includes PMP exam training 
  • PM PrepCast Elite- includes PMP exam training and PMP exam simulation (+1600 Qs)
  • PM PrepCast Elite Plus- includes PMP exam training, PMP exam simulation, Study coach guidebooks, and PMP formulas
PMPrepCast PMP course features

#5 Master of Project Academy

With multiple PMP courses online, Master of Project Academy provides more flexibility in choosing a PMP certification online training that is just right for you. The range varies in content from 35 contact hours to 60 contact hours as well in the training technique.  Some of the courses are listed below:

  • PMP Certification Training – an economical self-paced course of 35 contact hours with +750 Qs and cheat sheets
  • PMP Online Class Virtual Training- Instructor-led live training sessions over 4 days, 35 contact hours, and numerous practice questions
  • PMP Certification Online Training Bundle (3 PMP courses online)- a self-paced course of 35 contact hours, +2100 practice questions, 7 sample exams of 25 contact hours, and cheat sheets
  • One-on-one PMP certification online Coaching- to get extensive knowledge about the PMP certification online, review your PMP application, clear your concepts through a doubt-clearing session, and get some guidelines regarding the PMP exam.
Master of Project Academy PMP course features

#6 Learning Tree International

With over 45 years of training expertise under its belt, Learning Tree International is one of the leading providers of a PMP course online. Learning Tree has a variety of courses aimed to help you attain the PMP certification online. The course content is gamified and interactive to maximize the focus level of the user. Learning Tree’s PMP courses are under the advanced level and hence costlier than those offered by other training platforms. The course categories include:

  • Blended Learning- 35 contact hrs self-paced course, available on demand
  • Instructor-Led- is a 5-day long course with daily exams and instructor email support
  • Premium Subscription- 5-day long course and available on-demand
Learning Tree PMP course features

#7 PMtraining

Established in 2004, PMtraining provides high-quality PMP courses online. They aim at offering competitive, highly-effective courseware through a blended approach of well-experienced team members and cutting-edge technology.

The different choices of a PMP certification online course offered by PMtraining are:

  • Live PMP classes- with 35 contact hrs, an online exam portal, and one-on-one access to the instructor. Can be accessed from any internet device.
  • PMP Bootcamp- on-demand course with 24/7 web-based access to study materials
  • PMP Practice Questions- unlimited access to +1000 practice Qs to create customized tests
PMtraining PMP course features

#8 Sybex (Wiley Efficient Learning)

A brand of the prestigious Wiley Efficient Learning, Sybex offers a time-efficient approach to learning with its short duration cloud-based training modules. The PMP course online is also available through a mobile app and is easily accessible. This ‘bite-sized-training’ is aimed at working professionals to maximize time utilization while maintaining focus on core learning outcomes.

There are two main options available for the PMP certification online:

  • PMP Exam Gold Review course- 25 PDUs,  online test bank, flashcards, and +14 hrs of video training
  • PMP Exam Platinum Review course-35 PDUs, access to mobile app and review guide

A unique feature of the PMP certification online course by Sybex is the Visual Progress Report, which allows the candidate to analyze the progress in PM skills throughout the course and address your weaknesses.

Sybex PMP Course features

#9 Synergy School of Business Skills Coimbatore

If instead of a PMP course online, you are looking for a good management training institute in Coimbatore, Synergy School of Business Skills is just right for you. Synergy is an initiative of the CADD Centre Training Services Pvt. Ltd. With over 30 years of experience in the training industry and multiple training centres across India, they offer comprehensive coaching for appearing in the PMP certification online exam. In addition to the training, they also provide assistance in applying for the PMP exam and individual advice post-training. Synergy provides a range of courses and you can enrol in the course that best suits your budget, time, and level of coaching required. The Benchmark Exam Portal developed by Synergy helps to prepare candidates for the PMP Certification online exam using mock tests. PMP course online is:

  • PMP Preparatory Regular- with 40 contact hrs (up to 8hrs/day) and mock tests

PMP Power Pack- coaching and mentoring program guaranteeing a pass in PMP exam with formula guide and mock tests

Synergy PMP course features

#10 LinkedIn Learning PMP course online

The PMP course online on the LinkedIn Learning platform is a short course by Sandra Mitchell. The course comprises over 6 hours of video along with numerous activities, quizzes, and exercises. Altogether, that provides 35 contact hours required for the PMP certification online exam. In addition, the course content includes a project file and a chapter-wise assessment. The PMP course online by Sandra Mitchell is ideal for beginners who need to get a good understanding of the PMP concepts.

LinkedIn Learning PMP course features

There are many more options for a PMP course online and due research is essential to decide which course is best suited to your requirements.

In case you have already decided to pursue PMP as a career and are determined to take the PMP certification online exam, please note that the syllabus goes under regular updating and a new revised PMP exam is launched simultaneously. The PMP course online provided by the training portals follows the current PMBOK syllabus and PMP exam version. The revised PMP exam will be launched in the first week of January 2021 and therefore the content of the PMP course online would be modified.

So, don’t make haste, enrol for a PMP course ASAP!


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