Have you ever tried to write anything? If yes, then you are sure going to love what is in here to read for you. Now, I do not know whether you want to be a writer or not. But, I can tell that you want to know more about your options. 

“You can make anything by writing”

C.S. Lewis

I find it very true. Writing is the beginning of everything. Even the beginning of your career. And, yes you are thinking right. By career, I meant your career as a ‘Writer’. 

When we usually talk about writers, most of us imagine novelists or poets. However, with the induction of new platforms to work, we also have modified our ways of working. 

Content writing , today, has found its major use and place in every imaginable corner. It is no longer just an art of creative thinkers; it is rather much more diverse and vast. With time, people have realized its importance and started implementing it to their daily jobs. 

Who is a Content Writer? 

Well, a content writer is obviously a person who writes, or more specifically, a person who is a whole package in one; from drafting the content to editing and proofreading it for publishing. 

Content writers generally have a background of English, Mass communications, or Journalism degree. But this doesn’t mean you can’t be one. Anyone with a basic knowledge of language and writing could practice to land in a well paying content writing job

All you need is a passion for writing and hard work to achieve your goals. 

To make it a little easier, here are the top 10 content writing career opportunities that you can aim to achieve.

1. Freelancer 

As an amateur it is always a smart idea to begin your journey as a freelance content writer. It explains as a self employed work which you can do according to your schedule. It has no obligations of 9 to 5 working hours. 

You can go for online, part-time, or full-time freelance content writing jobs . Your job would depend on the organization that hires you. It’s totally up to you to write for a single or multiple companies. 

Working as a freelancer you are required to write blogs, articles, site content, eBooks and many more. The clients’ demands are divergent and so you need to have an edge for substantial researching skills. 

  • Freelancing as a content writing career opportunity is well known among all digital platforms.
  • Most of the work you do would be related to publishing on an online website.
  • A brief knowledge about keyword planner and SEO (search engine optimization) is necessary to approach a better bid for your content. 

Always remember, for a starter looking for a freelance content writing job , money should not drive the motivation. It is very important for you to know that your content would take some time to gain credibility and mark higher values in the market. 

Every content writing job requires constant practice and regular effort. Some famous freelance websites include Fiverr, Upwork, LinkedIn, and RemoteOK.io.

2. Blogger

Blogging is like advanced level diary writing. Most people are aware of the idea about having a personal blog where one can publish contents of their interest or hobbies. 

Blogging as an online content writing job is little different from running an ordinary blog. You can work it as part-time or a full time blogger..

It ranges from personal blogs to corporate blogs where you promote an idea or a product or information related to some news. 

Owning a personal blog with a niche works wonder in case of blogging as a content writing job . It sells the idea of your blog which then gets advertisements. An ad in your blog becomes one of the main sources of your daily income. 

When working for a corporate or company blog, you follow their idea and promote their brand through your content. It gives you a full time blogger job. Such blogs follow a pretty simple structure so as to not confuse their customers. Main motives are highlighting the objective in a transparent way. 

In a personal blog, you can explore and test out various themes and designs to generate a unique profile. Also, not to overdo it should always be kept in mind while crafting your blog. 

You can start blogging as a part time content writing job in order to gain some confidence and experience. 

Some bloggers are nowadays turning into celebrated influencers who even collaborate with bigger and world renowned organizations. Isn’t it amazing!!

3. Copywriter

Another in the line of top content writing career opportunities is Copywriting. I would start it by telling you that it is one of the highly paid jobs in the field of content writing. I am not bluffing.

As a copywriter, you often write to sell. The whole idea focuses on marketing and advertising. It requires out of the box thinking. They aim to improve the sales of any company. It is written to create an impact using ATL (above the line) ads. 

You can work it up as a freelance or online content writing job or even as a part-time content writing job . The main goal of your content should be to promote the USP (unique selling proposition) of any product. 

Copywriting as a content writing job involves a lot of creativity which you can only learn by devoting a few days to compelling write-ups. Your content should be able to generate attention, attract the interests of the mass, sow the seeds of desire and finally ask the reader to take the action. 

A lot falls at stake for the businesses that are bringing their product in public and it demands to be delivered at its best via content you create. You must have heard this quote “an average writer writes, but a copywriter crafts”. 

Good news here is if you learn the tips and tricks of copywriting, your personal blog could excel and scale up in businesses. You can end up writing and selling your own products.

This is the whole objective behind all the content writing career opportunities . Many of them are interconnected and work around all your aspects.

4. Web Content Writer 

All the content writing jobs mentioned above combine together in the role of web content writer. I mean to say that working as a website writer, you have to combine blogging, copywriting, freelancing together into one platform. 

Let’s begin with more basic explanations. When you search for anything in the World Wide Web, the solutions you find are the result contents of website writers. 

They write on large scale websites. They create various types of contents like emails, blogs, reports, reviews, newsletters, information related things and many more. 

Web content writers can work for freelance content writing jobs or full time jobs depending upon their vision. One can easily find one by searching online content writing jobs for website writers. 

The job requires deep knowledge of SEO. You need to have a committed relationship with your keywords. Trust me, if you do not make good use of keyword planner, you would lose the game even without playing. 

To master the art of website content writer, you can probably make one of your own on WordPress.com.

It helps to create your website free of cost and is recognized widely which would increase your options of learning. Start by designing and setting up a theme for your site followed by selecting a niche to write about. 

If you manage your website well and are getting enough audience, the next step could be spending a little money on developing your site into a business profile. Here, you would earn based on your viewership and content visibility. 

Content writing career opportunities for web content writers are vast. I would like to introduce the term ‘ghostwriter’.

Most of the time web content writing is done in the form of ghostwriting where you produce content for your client without letting your name out as the author. So basically nobody knows that you have written it. 

There is a reason why it is always advised to keep a copy of all the works you have done so you can show them when asked about experiences.

5. Technical Writer

Don’t be disheartened after reading about ghostwriting. Search more about it and you will be amazed to know how much it pays when you become a professional. 

When I am talking about good payable jobs, here comes another one in the list of content writing career opportunities- Technical writing. 

Technical writers are high in demand in all the industries and are especially found in technical sectors. Before I tell you more about it, I want you to know that ‘NO’- it does not require technical skills but if you learn it, it is definitely an advantage. 

These authors indulge in directing and explaining about a subject. It majorly encompasses all documentations such as reports, white papers, handbooks, procedures, data sheets, proposals, manuals etc. 

Firstly, if you have a technical background, finding freelance content writing jobs becomes very easy. However, if you do not have one, it takes some time to get technical writing skills. I say it because technical writing needs fluency with digital tools and one has to be a grammar nerd. 

So, how do you increase your chance of getting the content writing job of a technical writer you ask? 

  • Step one could be reading high level documents by such writers. Never limit yourself to Wikipedia. You know it’s not credible enough. 
  • Second point is for both skilled and unskilled, that is to get your command in a particular niche. It is very much more important than in any other form of writing. 
  • Get yourself familiar with software tools which ease out the process of editing and proofreading your content. Technical writing is very specific in terms of smooth and clear formatting. Examples of tools – evernote, freemind, grammarly, jargon grader and hemingway. 

Technical writer jobs can be found under the searches for online content writing jobs or freelance content writing jobs . According to experts, there has been a positive shift in the graph for increase in technical writer jobs. 

Several technical industries have started hiring writers under part time content writing jobs just to make their content more supreme. Mega companies on the other side, have experts in technical writing to target their audience.

6. Business Writer 

Business writing should never be confused with technical writing. Although, both the writing styles follow few similar nuances but are broadly different from each other. Businesses globally have brought in the fierce use of content to create their brand image. 

Not just giga-industries, small startups now have started hiring freelance business writers to work as a fuel for their digital marketing. 

When you are reading business writing under content writing career opportunities , you need to believe its expanse in the market today. Also, it is not new in the industries. Business writers have been in work for a very long time. 

With the increase in usage of digital platforms, businesses have employed skilled writers from several freelance content writing jobs . This field also pays a comfortable amount of money. It does require having an active knowledge about business practices. 

The work of business writers as freelancers in online content writing jobs mostly revolve around content. Based on the organizations’ objective, they create, review, research, and edit the write-ups. 

On the other side, when you are a full time employee of a certain company, the work and skill sets would have to be updated. Yes, you will create content but also you will have to keep in mind various business aspects which play around your content. 

Before you apply for any freelance content writing jobs or set business writing as your content writing career, I would highly recommend you to read business articles published on mckinsey.com and hbr.org (Harvard business review). 

Professional business writers’ often deal with business plans, models, project reports, proposals, business letters, presentations, marketing, campaigns etc. 

  • Resume writing- Writing resumes, cover letters, recommendations, or experience letter would also fall under the content writing job of business writers.
  • Apart from this, resume writing alone is also among top content writing career opportunities . Resume writers are hired to develop exclusive profiles on LinkedIn or similar websites. 

7. Academic Writer 

Everyone could be called a writer if you go back to school days. Writing your homework, projects, assignments, lab manuals; all of it comes under writing. But still, you are not considered as a writer by society. The reason behind this is that professional writing differs from everyday writing. 

The next professional writing job is academic writing. This writing is very popular in foreign countries where students are graded largely based on their assignments. There are many part time content writing jobs where college students hire writers to work on their research papers or thesis. 

Academic writing to be precise incorporates scientific ideas and researches laid out to the public in layman language and is also known as scholarly writing. This writing follows a specific style of writing and a very formal vocabulary. 

Your need for working as an academic writer is for reviewing articles based on research that have been conducted and summarizing it. Sometimes you may also be required to edit and proof read any research or journal or dissertation. 

Online content writing jobs for majority of academic writers are available more as a freelancer. 

It might seem boring to work as an academic writer; still it is one the rapidly emerging professional writing in the market. This is why I made sure to add it under top content writing career opportunities .

8. Creative Writer

Definitely not a surprise!

The whole article about content writing career opportunities would be in vain without mentioning creative writing. This form of writing is loved by all the writers because of its wide diversification. 

But little do you know that to achieve success in this, you have to write every single day for years and years. Remember when our teachers used to ask us to maintain that daily journal. Well, creative writing is like writing that journal. 

Professional creative writers reflect their feelings, opinions, thoughts, originality and innovation in their writing. The words are used such to evoke the five senses of a reader. It is broadly divided into fiction and non-fiction writing. 

Freelance content writing jobs for creative writers has no end. Several websites provide separate full fledged courses for creative writing. The field in itself is limitless. Online content writing jobs for creative writers look for an edge of creative thinking. You cannot just write straight sentences into it. 

Talking about trends in creative writing, I would like to mention “HAIKU” which is mostly prevalent in social media. It is described as experimental writing. Another one would be “Flash Fiction” which is about writing short stories. 

The most famous content writing career opportunity within creative writing is of a published author. You cannot decline the fact that the published authors become talk of the town. Exceptional writing skills of creating a story based completely on experience or observation or imagination is developed over time. 

Journalistic articles, feature writing, screenwriting, drama, poetry, comics are the next sub-branches of creative writing. All of these also come under several content writing career opportunities for every enthusiast writer out there. So what are you waiting for??

9. Social Media Manager

Another promising content writing career opportunity is one of social media managers. Every business today is active on social media platforms. Social media marketing brings up their brand to a whole new audience. 

Business owners build their social media sites and hire people to manage their social networks to achieve active online presence. Social media managers constantly research, strategize, create, edit and publish high quality content to market the business. 

Freelance content writing jobs are flooded with the daily requirements of social media writers and managers. Content management and its channeling throughout the social media becomes the major task of the social media manager. It also includes managing advertising campaigns. 

Marketing tools like SEO come in proportional use when working for a social site. Social media writer could be one part of the content writing job ; however, most companies fit in this responsibility under the position of manager. 

When Searching for online content writing jobs , the job of social media manager can also go by title of digital marketing manager, community manager, or content marketing manager. 

Content writers are the priorities for the role of social media manager. It is also associated with creative writing when it comes to engaging the audience and generating customer demand. You do not have to have any management background for this job. 

The job also gives you full time salaried benefits.

10. Content Editor and Proofreader 

On all the above listed content writing career opportunities , editing is a small but most necessary part. Content without editing is just an ordinary piece which may lay by few readers. 

How do you make your content stand out in the market? You need to have or become the best of an editor and proofreader to set your goal to the final steps of achieving a great audience. After all, every writer writes for the public to read it. 

The job of editing and proofreading are not the same. Editing is where you take care of grammar, spelling, structure, flow etc. Proofreaders then take a final look before publishing the content. It is a saying, “every proof reader can be an editor but every editor can not be a proofreader”. 

The content writing jobs for editors and proofreaders thrives you to be well versed with grammar, SEO, marketing, sentence structure and editing styles. 

As a starter, you can find several freelance content writing jobs or part time content writing jobs where you write and edit your own content. This will help you to get the fluency with writing styles and numerous editing ways.


No one can really give you the experience of good editing skills at the beginning; if you are confident about your grammar and punctuation knowledge, you sure can go ahead and promote yourself as an editor. It is never wrong to sell your skills. 

Content editors and proofreaders make the content look more sophisticated and presentable. 

Media industries, publishing houses, brand companies; everyone is in need of an editor. Online content writing jobs are swamped with demands of editors and proofreaders with extensive skills. 


Content writing jobs all over the world have set a new trend. You can find tons of materials to read about content writing career opportunities in this era. 

When you explore freelance content writing jobs or online content writing jobs or part time content writing jobs , you are exposed to a whole new area of job prospects. 

Writer or not a writer, you do not have to be worried if you focus on improving skills. 

Content writing career opportunities today have no limits to its calling but you should be always aware about the negative aspect of the job. There is no shortcut. Many people write throughout day and night to polish their writing; several others fall in the trap of plagiarism. You have to be alert! 

Money making sets often dominate the force of current career builders and this is why many end up failing badly in the long run. I agree, once you learn your skills, you feel the rush to grab the first golden opportunity. Do not follow this lie. You need to give yourself enough time to master those skills. Then there is no stopping for you. 

So, start writing and no matter what, never give up!!

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