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When it comes to teaching writing in the myriad world of coaching institutes, programs and trainers while the content and technical writing is well served and overloaded with information about their respective courses, one form of writing that often gets overlooked is creative writing.

At first glance creative writing seems like a useless subset of writing from the career point of view. But delve a little deeper and one will find that this is far from the truth. 

But first what exactly is creative writing?

Creative writing refers to any writing that goes outside the bounds of technical, academic, journalistic or professional forms of literature typically identified by the use of literary tropes or with various traditions of poetry and prose and an emphasis on character development and narrative craft. Due to this loose definition even feature writing may be considered as creative writing even though technically it falls under the purview of journalism as the content of feature writing is typically focused on character and narrative development.

Creative Writing Institutes

Since not much is known about creative writing in India yours truly has undertaken to present the reader with a well-curated and carefully considered list of institutes that offer creative writing courses online. The internet has made possible globalization with an emphasis on ideas, thoughts and facts and nowhere is this more apparent than online learning.


There is a mushrooming of institutes online offering the moon. But one has to be careful and separate the wheat from the chaff. It is with this intention that the following list of institutes has been offered to the reader. So, without further ado, let’s dive into the world of online creative writing courses.

1. Henry Harvin Institute – Creative Writing Courses Online

This institute is the Numero Uno institute both in India and overseas when it comes to offering creative writing courses. Rating agencies have consistently ranked this institute number one when it comes to the quality of creative writing training.

Features of the course

The course offers seasoned trainers with ten plus years of experience and real-world content writing projects during the training. Candidates can also earn Henry Harvin alumni status and get one-year-old membership of Henry Harvin Content Academy and avail of E-Learning access which provides recorded videos, games, projects and case studies, brush up sessions worth Rs 6000 for one year for free in 12 monthly sessions, an internship with either partner firms or Henry Harvin guaranteed and job notifications every week.

In addition, one gets 24 hours of training, CCWS certification, access to the learning management system and add on supplements to effectively deliver projects like logo software, e-books, question-making software, CW guides and workbooks, mobile apps.

The goal of the training

The online creative writing course helps students unchain from their real-life boundaries, break the boredom in their thoughts, expand their vocabulary, use imagination beyond preconceived ideas and think fresh ideas.

The course teaches students to build a sequence of the story to its peak through creativity and imagination, form plots and subplots, form a backdrop towards a storyline and conceptualize a thought. The course intends to improve candidates’ techniques for writing by using idioms, dialogues, similes and metaphors

Eligibility for the course

The people who are eligible to join this course are students, housewives, content writers, retired or unemployed individuals, bloggers, professors, teachers and trainers, digital marketers, marketers, sales and business development professionals, and finally, anyone looking to polish his or her writing skills.

The curriculum of the course

The course curriculum is varied and consists of Initiating creative writing that includes understanding creative writing and writing styles, tones and their usage to build write-ups, Literary elements and techniques that comprise the structure of a story and creating images with figurative language, Creating stories that comprise building the narrative pace and writing hacks, Fiction writing that comprises writing prompts and writing your first book, and Scriptwriting that comprises an introduction to scriptwriting and how to write subtitles. 

Duration and fees

The duration includes 24 hours of training, 24 hours of brush up sessions, and 50 hours of E-learning access. The fee structure is dependent upon the type of training taken. For self-paced learning, it is INR 8,550 and for the live online classroom, it is INR 9,500.

Other Check Henry Harvin Courses

Henry Harvin Creative Writing Course Ranks #1 in India by India TodayThe Statesman

2. British Council Creative Writing Course – Creative Writing Courses Online

This premium Creative Writing Courses Online enables candidates to learn a variety of techniques to enhance creativity and improve their writing process. The institute’s syllabus is designed for those who wish to write creatively but lack proper guidance and supervision.

The institute’s experienced faculty and trainers keep this in mind and guide candidates in finding their appropriate writing style with flair. The institute’s lively and interactive sessions are exactly what is required to boost the writing of creative writers. However, this course is not aimed at those who wish to improve their technical or academic writing.

The Curriculum of the Course 

The institute’s syllabus is diverse and consists of developing story ideas into a plot, humor, creating characters and settings, surrealism, writing dialogue, getting published, writing short stories, children’s fiction, digital visual and traditional poetry, screenwriting, travel writing, and blogging and social networking.

Duration and Fees

The course duration comprises 36 hours of online classroom teaching and 14 hours of interaction and peer learning. All this will be facilitated through the institute’s online learning platform Edmodo. The course fee is INR 10,000 and British Council library members can avail themselves of a 10% special discount on course fees.

3. Lead Academy – Creative Writing Courses Online

This institute’s fiction Creative Writing Courses Online sets up candidates with a solid foundation for developing advanced skills and becoming a fiction writer. The institute is an online training company providing state-of-the-art training. The institute provides innovative online training techniques that help learners succeed in the job market and educate and enhance their skills.

Lead Academy works in conjunction with industry professionals with a proven track record to provide affordable high-quality courses to develop candidate’s practical skills and knowledge which will help them in the workplace. Upon successful completion of the course, candidates can obtain a verifiable certificate as proof of their qualification. This means that prospective employers can verify candidate’s qualifications at the institute’s website.

The institute’s fiction writing and creative writing course are formulated by industry experts to enable candidates to learn quickly and efficiently at their own pace and convenience.

Benefits of the course 

The course enables one to boost their career in fiction writing, have access to a tutor whenever candidates need it, deepen candidates knowledge and skills in their chosen field in hours, save money and time by studying at the candidate’s convenience, and study a course that has been designed by leading industry professionals.

4. USPs of Lead Academy – Creative Writing Courses Online

Lead Academy has several firsts which include lifetime access, studying in a user-friendly advanced online learning platform, getting high-quality e-learning study materials and online assignment questions, a transparent fee structure, a globally recognized qualification, available to students anywhere in the world, effective assessment frameworks for evaluation and instant feedback, round the clock customer support through email, and a completely self-paced course.

Eligibility for the course

The course is open to all academic students and there is no academic entry requirement for it. However, candidates must be over 17 years of age and have a basic grasp of numeracy, English language and ICT. This course is also open for anyone looking to accelerate their career in this sector and improve their job prospects and anyone wanting to gain in-depth knowledge of fiction writing.

Method of assessment

After completing the course, candidates have an option to sit for a mock test. Upon completion of the mock test, candidates sit for an online multiple-choice assessment. The assessment is done automatically and results are given to candidates immediately.


After sitting for assessment and upon successfully clearing it candidates will be provided with a verifiable certificate as proof of their newly got qualifications. Employers can view the qualification on the institute’s website.

5. Queen Mary Academy – Creative Writing Courses Online

This institute, an online training company, is committed to supporting development and learnings through state-of-the-art techniques and online training programs. The institute has tied up with industry experts who comprise the faculty and trainers of the institute. The institute doesn’t believe in flashy visual tricks and gimmicks, but rather supplying quality content in the form of interactive and engaging courses to ensure that learners get the necessary skills required that they need in the workplace.

Covering everything needed to boost one’s Creative Writing Courses Online career, the institute’s industry-recognized certification includes 12 comprehensive modules that candidates can learn at their own pace, environment and time. Whether candidates are looking to enhance their employment prospects, climb the career ladder or boost their CV with essential skills, this course is an initial step towards earning an internationally recognized certification.

Benefits of the course

The institute provides the most in-demand skills for today’s workplace, award-winning customer support, and is partnered with the biggest accreditors in the world. The institute also provides candidates round the clock access to the learning portal, allows candidates to learn from industry-leading experts, receive a globally recognized certification at the end of the course, and qualified tutor support and excellent customer service.

Eligibility for the course

The institute’s Creative Writing Courses Online is for learners of all levels with no specific enrollment requirements. Candidates must be over the age of 16, need a commitment to learning, have basic numeracy and IT skills and knowledge of the English language. The course has been designed for learners looking to gain the credentials and skills to fast track a fulfilling creative writing career.


Upon completing the Creative Writing Courses Online candidates will get a certification that validates their newly gained skills. This certification is accepted globally. The certificate is available both as a PDF and hard copy. Candidates can add the certification to their resume giving them a head start in their chosen profession.

Duration of the course 

The course duration is one day.

6. Symbiosis – Creative Writing Courses Online

This institute is acclaimed in India and offers a one-year diploma course in creative writing called the Diploma in Creative writing in English (DCWE). This is both an online and distance learning program that entails that all the study material is posted to candidates wherever they are and thus candidates can study this course from any location within India.

Eligibility for the course

To be eligible for the course candidates need to have secured a minimum of 50% in the English elective in both the 12th standard as well/either in graduation.

The curriculum of the course

The institute’s curriculum is detailed and comprehensive. It comprises the expressive self which includes relating to your family, responding to your environment, and responding to issues and concerns; experiencing the word which includes reliving and recording spoken words, the interview and visual stimulants; creative lives that include the travelling storyteller, on the cutting edge and reflecting the times; sources of creativity that includes the right approach, sight, smell and taste encounters and emotions and the living journal.

Duration and fees 

The institute’s creative writing course has a duration of one year and fees of INR 35,000 and INR 1,200 for the application form.

7. Sri Aurobindo Centre – Creative Writing Courses Online

This prestigious institute in New Delhi offers one of the best courses in India for creative writing. The institute offers both online and offline training in creative writing. It has so far had a very diverse background of clientele which has been the secret sauce of its success, as this leads to a diverse cocktail of thought and idea.

Some of the people who have attended this course so far have been doctors, engineers, software developers, bureaucrats, You Tubers, pilots, students, businessmen, undergraduates, management consultants, activists, accountants, lawyers, publishing house editors, journalists, fashion designers, teachers, homemakers, etc.

The institute has fine-tuned the course and got in well-known faculty who love teaching creative writing. The institute covers different forms of creative writing such as prose, experimental pieces, poetry, travelogues, novels, journalistic articles, short stories, plays, flash fiction, screenwriting, non-fiction books. The institute’s Creative Writing Courses Online is packed with a lot of practical things to do so that candidates can test and experiment with what they learn. The institute offers both indoor and outdoor creative writing workshops. The course comprises plenty of practical assignments designed to impart the necessary confidence, discipline and skills. 

With a limitation of seats, there is an entrance exam ensuring that only genuinely interested candidates partake in the course.

Benefits of the course

The course has several benefits including getting candidates to write better, think creatively, learn how to listen better and use the senses, get an interesting idea, use the imagination, construct plots, build interesting characters, improve communication and expression, explore different genres, pick up interviewing skills, think creatively.

Eligibility for the course

To be eligible for the course candidates must have a good command of the English language, basic computer skills, basic writing ability and must be over 16 years of age.

The curriculum of the course

The course’s curriculum is diverse and includes discovering the joy of writing, pitching to publications, ways to tap creative potential, rewriting, essentials of creative writing, editing, strategy and style, scripting for documentaries, how to get ideas, investigative and interpretative writing, developing an idea and expanding it into a story, writing tools and techniques, systematic plan to improve style and content, writing for media: print, television and online, film criticism, working with prompts, travel writing, stream of consciousness, non-fiction, different types of writing, fiction, developing characters,  and short stories.

Duration and fees 

The training duration of the institute’s Creative Writing Courses Online is 3 months and the registration fee valid for one year is INR 1,200. The online course fee is INR 19,000 plus applicable service tax. The offline course fee is INR 24,000 plus service tax.

8. UDEMY – Creative Writing Courses Online

One of the finest institutes in online training Udemy also offers a superb course in creative writing. Its Creative Writing Courses Online is a practical and fun way to get candidates excited about creating their works of creative non-fiction, fiction, drama and poetry the four main genres of creative writing.

Specialized skills, writing techniques and literary devices will be covered to help candidates share their own writer’s voice, and perfect and discover it. Review quizzes after each lesson and authentic writing assignments test the candidates’ grasp of the subject matter along the way.

Course Features

The course comprises 43 video lessons. Each video lesson is broken down into video lectures that include a quick writing assignment aligned with the day’s goals, a practical application project, a lesson covering an area of course content. Additionally, 37 online review quizzes are covering major concepts, graphics, assignment sheets, notes or outside resources provided for every lesson and 12 hours of video lessons.

Goals of the course 

The course aims to become familiar with the four genres of creative writing, create scaffolded examples of a variety of writing styles, apply writing techniques for success, evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of writing projects, and examine a multitude of writing concepts to relate to your writing.

Eligibility for the course

Anyone who wishes to write and has a creative streak can apply for this course.


Udemy’s Creative Writing Courses Online has a diverse curriculum that includes getting started with fiction, it’s all about character, types of plots, six more elements of fiction, seven topics for fiction writers, developing your characters, writing the story and more terms, creating descriptions and outlines, word choice and feedback, crafting your ending, reshaping reality, linear narrative, poetic concepts, narrators and advanced techniques, using another’s voice, the abstract poem, satirical poetry, narrative poetry, Japanese poetry, writing the ode, writing your sonnet, sonnets, poetry for podcasts, your poetry portfolio, developing dialogues, thinking visually, format and variety, writing the monologue, and fixing common problems.

Duration and course fees

The course comprises 12 hours of video lessons but as learning is self-paced there is no fixed duration for it. It costs INR 385.

9. Coursera – Creative Writing Courses Online

One of the finest online training institutes in the world, Coursera offers splendid Creative Writing Courses Online. This course, offered by Wesleyan University through Coursera, covers short stories, memoirs, and narrative essays. After completing the course candidates will master the techniques good writers use to compose a bracing story, write in a fresh descriptive style populated with memorable characters in an interesting setting.

Candidates will constructively evaluate and analyze peer writing. Coursera’s Creative Writing Courses Online are designed for everyone from the short story writer to the aspiring novelist.

Upon completion of the first assignment, learners in each course will receive up to a 30% discount on their first purchase from Scrivener to use their writing software and an 80% discount from Coursera’s sponsor Write-Bros. In addition, learners who complete an assignment will receive a 30% discount at the online writing community Scribophile.

Hands-on Project

Every Coursera course includes a hands-on project that has to be completed to earn the certificate. If the specialization includes a separate course for the hands-on project each of the previous sub-modules has to be completed first to start the project. 

Features and Benefits of the course

The institute offers several benefits including shareable specialization and course certificates, grading programming assignments, self-paced learning options, graded quizzes with feedback, course videos and readings, graded assignments with peer feedback and practice quizzes.

When candidates finish every course and complete the hands-on project, they will receive a certificate which they can share with prospective employers and their professional network.

The curriculum of the course 

The institute’s Creative Writing Courses Online has varied content which is subdivided course-wise. In course one, the craft of plot, candidates are introduced to the most challenging and elemental part of the story, the plot. Candidates learn what keeps it moving and how it manipulates our desires, expectations and feelings. Candidates examine the choices storytellers make and learn how to outline and structure a plot, pacing’s and reversals, discuss the narrative arc and connect the end, middle and beginning.

In the second course, the craft of character, candidates discover how to bring to life and build complex characters, unforgettable and vivid characters, study the choices writers make to bring all characters to life and perform written exercises to create a variety of characters and develop a variety and writing and pre-writing techniques. Candidates will learn to use their own life experiences and people they know to create characters. 

Duration and course fees

Coursera’s creative writing course has a duration of six months and is free to enrol, although there may be hidden costs when candidates select a specialization. 

10. The University of British Colombia and Ed Ex – Creative Writing Courses Online

Ed Ex, through the University of British Colombia, offers superb Creative Writing Courses Online on novel writing. Led by professors and international best-selling authors from the University of British Colombia’s creative writing MFA program, the institute offers courses right from conception of a novel to completion. 

 Candidates will learn outlining of a novel through hands-on weekly exercises as well as insights from real-world practices of accomplished authors which will enable them to grasp the core elements of fiction writing necessary to build an outline. Candidates will learn the basics of storytelling architecture, world-building and character development. Candidates will work extensively on their won creative project and be subject to peer review. The course draws on established authors’ work habits to help writers get a blueprint for a successful draft.

11. IIM Skills
12. ProWritingAid Academy
13. The Novelry’s Online Writing Courses

Features of the course

The course has several benefits/salient features including providing candidates with the elements of a successful novel-writing plan and outline, the dynamics of how conflict and character interact, how to build a story using the tool of story structure, how to move from outlining to writing a draft, and an overview of common story weaknesses and problems. 

Candidates will watch instructor videos, readings and interviews with authors. Every week there would be regular group discussion topics, at least one assignment, and a question and answer podcast providing instructor feedback.

Eligibility for the course

Candidates eligible for the course include professionals and aspiring writers, teachers, writing groups, and anyone who has ever dreamed of writing a novel.

Course Curriculum

The institute has a varied curriculum that is subdivided by time into several weeks. Week one includes an introduction to the course, what an opening can accomplish: first sentence, paragraph and page and writing as layers of decision making; week two includes how to build character, conflict and antagonism, and world-building; week three includes applying the lessons of character to an understanding of the motion of the story, transformation of character and the analysis of various kinds of structure with concrete examples and the internal journey and its accompanying concepts; week four includes the three-act structure from screenplay to novel and scene design in-depth, week five includes the relationship between reading and writing and structural analysis tools and how to use them; week six includes ending and how to get there, treating writing like a job, producing a workable writing plan that fits your life and schedule, how to work from the outline and deal with setbacks, and dealing with writer’s block and procrastination. 

Duration and course fees

The course is a six weeks course and the price of the course is INR 21,602 to enrol. There may be further costs but this is out of the purview of this blog. Interested candidates can find out further costs by contacting the institute directly.

Southern New Hampshire University 

The institute’s online bachelor’s in creative writing program is meant for those who have a passion for storytelling and who want to maximize their writing. The course offers four concentrations in different genres in creative writing. All classes are delivered online by esteemed faculty. In addition to being accredited the institute ranks with US News and World Report as the 92nd best regional university in the north of the US.

The institute’s unique Creative Writing Courses Online degree features four writing workshops, including an advanced workshop in which candidates will complete a polished piece in the genre of their choice.

In the course, candidates will develop their writing skills alongside students from across the country. Together candidates will participate in workshops, producing content and presenting it to peers for discussion and review.

Benefits of the course

In the course, candidates will learn how to appreciate and analyze literary style, structure, genre and form, create advanced work reflecting the training, and employ the techniques and conventions of candidate’s genres to produce their work and produce creative work in a variety of genres. Candidates will also get exposed to the benefits of the institute’s powerful network of 2 lakh students, staff and alumni that can support candidates well after graduation. With this nationwide alumni network, candidates can tap into several career and internship opportunities.

Throughout the program candidates will learn from published writers, established literary critics, professional editors, and publishers in the institute’s primary writing genres: fiction, poetry, non-fiction, and screenwriting. After getting the necessary skills from the program candidates will be ready to work in several professions including journalism, filmmaking, editing, publishing, and copywriting.


The institute has a diverse curriculum that includes the module of fiction writing that comprises new media: writing and publishing, advanced fiction writing workshop, and intermediate fiction writing workshop; a module on non-fiction writing that comprises new media: writing and publishing, non-fiction writing workshop, advanced non-fiction writing workshop and intermediate non-fiction writing workshop; a module on poetry that includes new media writing and publishing, poetry writing workshop, advanced poetry writing workshop and intermediate poetry writing workshop, and a module on screenwriting that comprises new media: writing and publication, introduction to screenwriting workshop, advanced screenwriting workshop, and intermediate screenwriting workshop.

Duration and course fees

The institute’s Creative Writing Courses Online is a one-year course and has a tuition fee of $960 per course or $9,600 annually. Additionally, US armed forces on active duty and their spouses receive a 30% discount and their tuition fees are $675 per course or $6,750 annually. Financial aid is also available for candidates from underprivileged backgrounds and weaker sections of society.

Both non-fictional and fictional works fall into this definition, including poems, short stories, biographies, and novels. In academic settings, creative writing is separated into poetry and fiction classes, with a focus on writing in the original style, as opposed to imitating pre-existing categories such as horror or crime. Writing for the stage and screen – playwriting and screenwriting – are often taught separately but also fall into the category of creative writing. In short, creative writing consists of poetry, plays, fiction, lyrics, personal essays, speeches, memoirs, and scripts.

More about Creative Writing

To sum up, creative writing is a sort of writing where the purpose is created through using innovation, imagination and creativity to tell a story through strong written visuals with an emotional impact such as novel writing, short story writing, and poetry writing. It is often seen as the opposite of academic or journalistic writing.

Creative writing has some underlying themes to it such as a unique plot, character development, visual descriptions, point of view, dialogue, imaginative language and emotional appeal. All these elements should be brought into use while undertaking creative writing as they significantly upliftment the tone and character of the piece.

Career prospects for Creative Writers

Publishing houses are always on the lookout for those who possess the ability to express themselves through the power of words, as well as those who have a passion for writing and a vivid imagination. The career prospects of creative writers are great in both electronic media and print. Creative writers can work as freelancers also.

Professional creative writers are hired by television and radio agencies for scriptwriting as well as by media companies. Leading newspapers, online article publishing portals and magazines are always in search of talented creative writers to provide unique and compelling content for their platforms.

In light of all this, creative writing cannot be dismissed offhand as a hobby course and can provide a very distinguished platform for a flourishing career as a writer. The only criteria, therefore, for a Creative Writing Courses Online is a passion and zeal for writing and a desire to push the boundaries of creativity.


Once thought of as nothing more than a hobby class, creative writing today has numerous career prospects like the media, journalism, publishing, novel writing, script writing for films and documentaries etc. If nothing creative writing can also help in several unrelated fields like character development, writing prompts, helping you think in new ways. Creative non-fiction helps develop communication skills. Short stories can teach you how to make succinct points. Creativity is a key part of human existence. Without it, there is not much difference between homo sapiens and animals. Writing skills, honed with discipline, are a part of liberal arts and offer the chance to see the world from a new perspective. Creative writing can do you wonders even if it doesn’t get you a career.

It is with this thought in mind that this list of institutes has been carefully curated to give readers and budding creative writing candidates the best possible information on such institutes. It is very important to choose the best institutes with the best faculty and the best facilities to make a mark in the field of creative writing. Happy reading and Au revoir!

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1. What is a creative writing course?

There are many definitions of what a creative writing course is depending upon the ultimate aim of the course. Some courses emphasize how to make money by becoming a freelance writer either full-time or part-time.
Others will concentrate on improving your writing irrespective of whether that writing is going to be published or not. All Creative Writing Courses Online should concentrate on the fundamentals of writing such as deciding where and when to write, rules to develop and good style and avoid common mistakes, how to start your writing, getting the basics right, writer’s block and how to overcome it, personal qualities such as perseverance, confidence, determination, resilience and self-organization, developing your imagination, how to develop your powers of observation and the benefits of reading widely.

2.  Who should take Creative Writing Courses Online?

Anyone who wants to improve their writing, whether you want to write the next bestseller in the world, or a column in a prestigious national newspaper, or simply memoirs for your grandchildren, should take up creative writing. But creative writing could be just a hobby or to earn a living.
If done for the latter purpose, people must partake in a course that includes how the publishing industry works. This includes analyzing and finding markets, setting yourself up as a freelance writer, layout of manuscripts, methods of keeping track of work sent out accepted or rejected, selling your work, contracts, lending rights, copyright, royalties and agents, and contacting and sending work to publishers.

3. How does one start Creative Writing Courses Online?

One must constantly read and read more. This is to get the hang of creative writing. Continuously keep writing. Have a perspective and opinion on things of public importance. Try a writing workshop. Use literary devices. Embrace rewriting. Finally, know your audience. These eight tips will help one start writing.

4. What are the eight elements of creative writing?

The eight elements of a novel or story are character, tone and style, setting, point of view, plot, theme and conflict. These elements form the backbone of a good short story or novel or even script writing. Those writers who have mastered these eight elements can analyze and write stories much more effectively.

5. What are the challenges and obstacles of creative writing?

Some of the common obstacles faced while doing Creative Writing Courses Online are dealing with writer’s block, not getting enough rest, not feeling creative enough, not possessing requisite self-confidence, being isolated frequently, having financial and money problems, and not being productive enough. 

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