What is Content writing

  • Expression of ideas into written content to convey a message
  • Fresh, well written content for the internet will help in building large audience who will read the content.
  • A large audience will help increase website traffic.
  • Increased website traffic helps in building business or brand.
  • Brand or business will can generate leads and increase sales.
  • Increased sales means availability of work and earning money

What do you learn in Content writing Course

  • Learn different types of sentences, tones, grammar, and punctuation
  • Improves literary and written skills
  • Learn unnecessary repetition of content
  • Polish research skills by searching for different topics
  • Increase website traffic by optimizing the content
  • Write blogs,website pages,articles,newsletter,Scripts, White paper,E-commerce,Creative writing.
  • Become an influencer on social media platforms
  • Learn different aspects of digital marketing.

What are the requirements

  • English[ speaking and written]
  • Grammar
  • Spellings
  • Organizational skills
  • Communication skills

What is in the curriculum

MODULE 1 [ How to improve language skills]

  • Introduction to seo content writing
  • Tones of content.
  • Styles of content
  • Rules of grammar,spelling,punctuation.
  • Thesaurus/content spinning software.
  • Content formats.
  • Flow and presentation of content.
  • Referencing of content.

MODULE 2 [How to improve internet skills]

  • Research online
  • Use google to crack the internet.
  • Learn article directories and article spinning software.
  • Cover page design
  • Copyright checking 
  • Content for public domain
  • Blogging on wordpress, blogspot, bloggers
  • Set up themes/use logo themes
  • Set up template
  • Content tags and categories
  • Google keyword planner and keyword research.
  • Google analytics and alexa rankings.
  • Distribution of content through social media.


MODULE 3 [ How to do creative, business, technical, medical, social media, SEO, book, blog, copy and white paper writing]

  • Article spinning
  • Social media posts and blog posts.
  • Summaries and reviews of books
  • Learn copy writing, landing pages, Ebook, Dix guides and manuals,fiction and creative writing
  • What is ghostwriting
  • Grant and proposal writing
  • Writing  for magazines and newsletters
  • Recipes and product description
  • Cover letter and resume writing
  • Technical guides
  • SEO writing

MODULE 4 [How to do academic and research writing?]

  • Prepare question banks and workbooks
  • Design courseware and study material
  • Write manuals,tutorials and academic guides
  • Write project reports
  • Write white paper
  • Write research papers and thesis reports

MODULE 5 [How to improve communication and content strategy?]

  • Create effective content
  • Strategic vs non strategic content 
  • Creating content for social media
  • Promote brands with strategic content
  • Building of user experience
  • Understanding of target segments
  • Create target audience through case studies
  • Core management concepts and its implementation

MODULE 6 [How can you earn?]

  • Choosing the right projects on content writing
  • Write proposals, white papers.
  • Setting deadlines for project completion
  • Software for hourly tracking
  • Collect payment through ESCROW
  • Withdraw dollar amounts to indian banks through paypal

Who can take this course?

  • Sales marketers, digital marketers, business development professionals.
  • Business owners, entrepreneurs
  • Teachers, Professors, Trainers.
  • Content writers, Bloggers.
  • Housewives, retired personals.
  • Corporates
  • Students

What are the learning outcomes? 

  • Earn online by writing different content types
  • Improve professional content writing and language skills
  • Learn to write for international clients.
  • Learn website making skills to create blogs
  • Design newsletters, PPT, Logo with improved graphic skills
  • Improve research skills to write on any topic.
  • Identify target audience for content.
  • Learn to get freelance projects from India and abroad.

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What is the course duration?

  • 1month/32hours Classroom session
    • Sunday classes [ 8 hour class each Sunday]
  • 24 hour online brush-up session
  • 50 hour E-learning access.

Why Henry Harvin Content Writing Course?

  • Henry Harvin is ranked no 1 in Content writing course by Training 360
  • Seasoned industry experts as trainers
  • Work on live projects during training
  • Get access to study material and e learning
  • Post training brush-up session
  • Internship opportunities
  • Get free access to content writing tools
  • Weekly job opportunities
  • Become a Certified Digital Content writer from Henry Harvin Education with Hallmark of CDCW next to your name.
  • Get Content Writing Course Online.
  • Get add on supplements like Logo Software, E books, Question making software, CW guides and workbooks, mobile apps.
  • Be distinguished Henry Harvin alumni.

nd gigs at the same time without someone breathing down your neck and bossing you around to complete your task.

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  14. The blog is well written and broad as far as the topic of Content writing is concerned.

  15. The blog is well written and broad as far as the topic of Content writing is concerned.

  16. The blog is well written and broad as far as the topic of Content writing is concerned.

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